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System: Storeroom

Site Storeroom – Global Storage Electric Motor Shaft Rotation

Standard 50HP (and above)

Inspection method and Direction of improvement Know-Why (Why is improvement

evaluation standard (when required) required?)

All electric motor shafts Keyways should be in the Parts reliability measures that will promote
50HP and above must proper position according to proper shaft rotation and maintain the integrity
be rotated 450˚ (1-1/4 the quarter you are presently of the spare.
turns) every 3 months in.
(quarter). .

Ensure all motor shafts Jan-Mar 12 o’clock position Rotating the shaft 450̊ (1-1/4 turn) every
are positioned to visibly Apr-Jun 3 o’clock position quarter keeps lubricant properly distributed
show the position of Jul-Sep 6 o’clock position (prevents caking and/or corrosion) as well as
motor shaft keyway from brinelling/damage of the bearings.
the aisle way(s). Oct-Dec 9 o’clock position

Use either strap or

spanner wrench to turn .