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I. Complete each of the gap with an appropriate tense or form of the verb in brackets: (0,15x10=1,5
Dear Keith,
How are you? What have you been doing recently? I’m sorry I (1) ___________(write) for a long time. I (2)
(move) away from Torbay eight months ago. I (3) (work) in Oxford since
September. I (4) (work) as a receptionist in a computer company. The work is quite
tiring. I (5) (stay) with Lucia, a girl from work, at the moment. The house used to be
her parents but it’s hers now. I (6) _________ (buy) my own flat. Flats are more expensive in Oxford than in
Torbay and I haven’t got as much money as I need. I (7) _________ (look) at about twenty-but I (8)
(find) the right one yet. But I (9) ________ (look)! I’m sure I (10) (find) one soon!
(11) you___________ (be) to Oxford? It’s famous for its university but there are lots of other
things I like about it. There’s one thing I prefer about Torbay-Oxford has too much rain. I (12)
(want) to go for a walk yesterday but it (13) (rain) so I (14)
(go out) . You need to have an umbrella here! In fact, it (15) (look) as if it’s
going to rain again!
I will stop for now. Please write and tell me your news.

II. Correct the following sentences by changing the underlined words: (0,10x5=0,5 points)
1. I know him since we were at school together.
2. The service was terrible; when our dessert arrived, Paul still ate his starter!
3. I have met some interesting people on my holiday last year.
4. It’s a long time since we don’t see each other.
5. Excuse me, do you wait for someone?

III. Complete each gap with a word derived from the words in capitals: (0,10x5=0,5 points)
1. As a student I’m still dependent on my parents.
2. Many people are still worryingly of the facts about AIDS.
3. After several attempts, he finally passed his driving test.
4. According to a recent study the best are born, not made.
5. The white rhino is the second land mammal in the world.

IV. Report the following sentences starting with the words given (Reported Speech) 1 point

1. “I just don’t know what to do as the news has come as a complete shock”
2. “I will call you as soon as I get there”
3. “How long are you staying?”
He wanted to know
4. “Take your things and leave!”
5. “He went out at 10 o’clock yesterday morning and nobody has seen him ever since”
6. “Did you do anything special last week?”
7. “I am seeing the doctor next week”
8. “I have passed the exams with high grades.”
9. “It may rain tomorrow.”
The weather presenter
10. “When do you go to fitness classes?”

V. Rewrite the sentences using MODAL VERBS in the correct form: 1 point

1. I ‘m sure he didn’t make so many mistakes.

2. It was not necessary for them to give us all the details and they didn’t.
3. I’m sure she has seen us.
4. It was a mistake not to take his advice.
5. It wasn’t necessary for Paul to stay up all night. The exam he was studying for was cancelled.
6. It’s possible that they are having a reunion tonight.
7. Perhaps Tom is at home.
8. Why didn’t you tell us?
9. I’m sure he isn’t the thief.
10. A visa is mandatory if you travel to the USA.

VI. Underline the correct verb in these sentences. 1 point

1. When we were at school, we had to/ought to wear a uniform.
2. You don't have to/mustn't wear your seatbelt during the whole of the flight.
3. Helen can’t have stolen /must have stolen the money from the office. She didn’t come in to the
office on the day it was stolen.
4. You need/must be a member of the library before you can borrow books.
5. I don't need to/shouldn't wear glasses because my eyesight is still quite good.
6. We weren't allowed to I wouldn't talk to our partner because it was an examination.
7. We needn't have I couldn't have ordered so much food as nobody was hungry.
8. She didn't need/needn't have to take any money because her friend was going to pay.
9. When I first came to Madrid I could I couldn't speak only a few words of Spanish.
10. Did you have to/Must you have your hair cut before the interview last week?