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MCT/MST Lesson Observation #1

Student teacher’s name: Khulood Mohammed Grade Level: 2

Unit/Lesson: Date: 17/10/1

Competency Area E G S M U
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Professionalism *
Planning for learning *
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Implementing and Managing Learning *
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Assessment *
Reflection on Practice *
Overview of the lesson: Connection was made to previous lesson. The teacher reviewed the
day’s objective which was for students to be able to infer that repeated addition is the basis for
multiplication. The lesson was modeled by the teacher on the board using pictorial
representation. Various students were called to the board to solve some problems. Students
were praised and rewarded with stickers. After Various problems were solved on the board with
the teacher’s help, the students transition into their group activity. Different leaning styles were
used for the during the lesson and various grouping from whole class to groups of three to four
and individual work. Bright slides were used of different objects to demonstrate repeated
addition for the visual learners. Explicit explanations for the audio learners and students did work
Group size were kept to a minimum and all the students were working collaboratively.
Activities were differentiated and they were all in alignment with the lesson’s objective.
Lesson was assessed

Areas for development: The assignments and questions focus more on the lower part of bloom.
Students need to start working on the higher part of bloom where they can create, for example, a
product with various dimensions involving repeated addition. They can also analyze various
patterns and decipher the repeated addition involve in the pattern.
Work must be challenging to the students
Focus for next lesson:
Challenging work