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13th October, 2018

Chief Samuel Adebayo DAYO

The Balogun Ijo,
St. Luke’s Anglican Church
Japara, Ijebu Igbo

The Olori Ilu of Imope Ijebu, Chief TIKI Adesujibomi Omotayo, the Olori Afusat
Omotayo and the entire good people of Imope Ijebu congratulate our distinguished
Brother and his amiable Wife on their installation and investiture as the Balogun Ijo and
Iya Ijo of St. Luke’s Anglican Church Japara, Ijebu Igbo respectively.
Our distinguished Balogun, you are such an inspiration, your life and everything about
you is an embodiment of testimony. May Almighty God endow you with the spirit of
wisdom, the gift or right judgment, the spirit of knowledge, understanding and unbiased
Surely you have a large heart with love and courage. Your hope is always alive, you
never give up on things or on anyone, you are charitably credible, kind, generous,
tolerant, broadminded, considerate, sympathetic and very forgiving.
Our dear Balogun, once again, we specially congratulate you and your amiable wife the
Iya Ijo as you are both endowed with the Church leadership titles.
May Almighty God continue to use your family in His vineyard.
Longevity, soundness of health and sharpness of wisdom to lead is our prayers for you
and your wife.

Olori Ilu TIKI Adesujibomi Omotayo DBA, FMSMA, MP, COP