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AAWC Lesson Reflection (Completed after EVERY lesson taught)

Select (S):
Identify a lesson and what standards are you addressing.
The lesson was about division into equal parts. Furthermore, by the end of the lesson students will be
able to model division as equal sharing.

Describe (D):
What were you trying to achieve in your lesson? to make the students understand how to do a model of
division into equal parts.
What did the students do?
- In the opening students used prior knowledge like division to answer the numbers story
related to the new lesson which was about division into equal parts.
- The students answered some questions about the lesson on the board
- After that, they did the first activity which was groups work like each group had work sheet
and pictures inside the envelop so, they answered the sheets questions by used the pictures
and divide it depend on the questions.
- Then, they did the second activity which was individual work like each level of students had
different type of worksheet and they answered the worksheets questions.
- In the closing the students had blank papers and some question presented on the smart
board so, they were answered the questions also, they created division questions and solve

Analyze (A):
Why do you think the students responded the way that they did? the students respond to the lesson with
a very energetic way by following the instructions that I said it to them.
How well did your teaching relate to the students’ prior understanding? In the opening when the
students used the prior knowledge which was the division to answer the numbers story question and
that helped them to relate the division to the division into equal parts.
How well did you engage the students? I think when they answered the questions on the board also,
when they were doing the activities moreover, in the closing when they answered the questions in the
blank paper and create division questions.

Appraise (A):
Did your lesson meet your teaching goals? Yes, by answered the questions and did the activities also,
when they answered and create division questions
Transform (T):
How might you enhance student learning of this lesson in the future? By let the students to use the
division in more complex way like relate the division to subtraction and multiplication.
What are the implications for your professional practice? I used the GRRM vision which helped to have
organized the class.