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Fourth week reflection

In the fourth week the mathematics lessons delivered by ask some questions about the lessons at the start then, let the students to open the book to read the first example and think about it after that, teach began to explain the lesson through the first example then, the students started to solve other book questions with students by using the online book in addition, let the students answer some questions to check their understanding and during this period teacher walk around the class to see how they solve the questions.

Additionally, throughout the week students learned about use multiplication to find the complication, divide into equal parts and also the relation between division and subtraction. In those lessons, the teacher used the same method or way of teaching, and she didn’t use any differentiation.

Moreover, this week I taught the students two lessons. The MCT observed the first lesson, and it was the last observation, the lesson was about divide into equal parts. During this lesson I started with numbers story by relating the previous lesson to the new lesson then, I begin to explain through presenting some example and let the students help me then, I put some questions for students to solve it on the board. Throughout the lesson students did two variety of activities, the first one was the group activity and the second one was individual. During this lesson, I used GRRM vision.

Furthermore, I created a positive environment for students by pasting their works in the last lesson within the classroom.

Finally, I think I improved my skills as an educator, but I still learn more and more about teaching.