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Teaching Practice Task 2 – Monitoring the Learning

Program link: This task is associated to the guidelines of the course EPR 3023 – Teaching Methods
for the Primary School Teacher (Course learning outcomes 4 – Plan and implement appropriate
modes of assessment for primary mathematics teaching and learning)

Objective: Describe how you monitored the learning when the students were working on their
activities and identify the tools used to record your data. For each lesson you teach, you will describe
the tool that you use to monitor the work of the children. In the second column, you will describe
how you used that tool and you will reflect on how useful it was.

Grade Level: 3 MST Name: Mona Almanaie

For each Tools used to monitor the Explain why you used that tool and reflect on
lesson learning (rubric, notes, how successful it was
taught chart…)
1 - I used the checklist to assess the
Lesson 1 Check list (1) students understanding about the
- I put four levels then, I choose the level
of understanding for each student by
put tick.
- It was an assist to me by knowing the
students level of understanding the
lesson so, the students who were in the
low levels of understanding I helped
them more than other students and I
developed their understanding.
2 - I used that tool to evaluate the students
Lesson 2 Notes works during the lesson to know what
each student understand and what they
should work on.
- I wrote some comments for each
student about their understanding of
the lesson.
- That tool helped me as an educator to
work more with students who need
more help to understand the lesson and

practice more with students who are
confused in some concepts of the
3 - I used the rubric to assess each student
Lesson 3 Rubric in each concept of the lesson.
- That tool was an assist to me by know
which concepts the students understand
and which concepts they need to work
on and practice.
4 photos - I used that tool to know what the
Lesson 4 students did during the activities to
know what they understand.
- This tool helped to know how the
students answered the questions so, for
students who didn’t use the right steps
to answer the question provide for
them more works to practice through it
and explain the concepts that they
didn’t understand.
5 - I used the checklist to assess the
Lesson 5 Check list (2) students during the activities to know
their level’s and each student should be
in which level.
- This type of monitoring helped me as a
teacher to know the students level by
put specific sign for each level then,
distribute the signs for most students
according to their levels.