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Repair of Second door from entry (Done)

Repair of Second door from entry (Done)

Maintenance Issues For Arora Ji

Wire short circuit at ICU washroom
G/W five electrical boards short circuit
Single one Tile issue at ICU Dr’s room wall
Pharmacy Front desk at medicine distribution counter to be
Room 204 Tiles replacement at balcony door
Room 102 tiles replacement at balcony window
Mishra Sir cabin tiles to be change
Room 206 wood rack handle at one side to be renovate
Ground Floor public toilet lock and handle issue

Issues for Kishan Plumber

ICU Tap Nob
Flush to be repair Attendant Toilet at main gate area
OPD Tap Nob
Tap at roof top

Ist floor railing

Issues for Dr. Sumit Gupta

ICU patient’s bed wheel and wheel lock issues
Medicine trolley to be paint
Check List For Supervisors

Post Depart of Patient’s Supervisors need to ensure that following are

properly cleaned / carried out.
1 Room/Ward Floor
2 TV front/back/TV stand
3 Setup box/ top box glass stand
4 Clean all equipments available in rooms
5 Patient's bed
6 Attendant bed & chair
7 Chair/ Table/Medicine Trolley
8 Wardrobe racks inside/out side
9 Washroom floor/ Mirror/Flush box
10 Wash Basing (are to be cleaned with Harpic)
11 Venation Blinds/Curtains to be cleaned
12 Glass of window/ Doors
13 All doors/window frames with wet clothes
Cleaning of balcony/windows pens at balcony/door
14 opening at balcony
15 Room Fans/AC Pins clean with brush
16 Cobweb to be removed
17 Oxygen Cylinders
18 Wardrobe(wooden) racks inside/ outer surface
Air-conditioning ducts/Flaps to be cleaned with
19 vacuum cleaner
20 Geyser to be cleaned with moist. Cloth.

 All Supervisors are to ensure that room is cleaned properly as per ibid list &
made ready for new Patient arrival.
 It is duty of Supervisors/Nursing Staff/Others to intimate on Serviceability
(if any) on priority to Hospital Administration.
 On receipt of such information, it’s a duty of Admin staff to trouble shoot
the problem by initiatory appropriate action.
Maintenance Issues For Arora Ji
ICU washroom – Wire short-circuit
General Ward – Electrical board (05) short-circuit
ICU Dr’s Room Tiles (01) at wall damaged
Room 204 Tiles replacement near balcony door
Room 102- Tiles replacement near balcony window
Room 206- Wardrobe handle missing
Ground Floor- Public Toilet- Handle/Lock issues
OPD Dr’s Mishra Sir room- Tiles replacement
Painting of Bio medical waste bins (Red/yellow/ Blue)
Painting of Oxygen trolley/ Equipment trolley at Endoscopy

Repair of building wall- side road ( sewage pipe)

Check List For Supervisors

Post Depart of Patient’s Supervisors need to ensure that following are

availability of items available in room for patients, attendants

Sl. No.
Availability of T.V. Remote
Availability of setup box card