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Dr. N.

Rajgopal - Vedic Astrology

Show aired on February 14, 2008 Click here to listen to the show
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Dr. N. Rajgopal is the only person in the world who checks the deep rooted problems of a person or planetary

afflictions or curses, stumbling blocks etc., affecting the growth and progress in life through the person's

photograph, even before reading the horoscope, all with the divine guidance of his Divine Guru Mahavatar Sri Babaji.

His specific remedies have solved several deep routed problems and changed the lives of many.

Since over two decades, Mahavatar Babaji has been playing a major role in the life of Dr. N Rajgopal.Mind Scope is a

great gift of Babaji to Dr. N Rajgopal through Occult Sciences. MindScope is one of the most unique guidance to

mankind through which planetary afflictions and deficiencies or adverse conjunctions can be traced or marked within

minutes, without the aid of horoscope.

More information about Dr. N Rajgopal can be found on his website

Dr. N. Rajgopal He talks about:

● What is Mindscope?

● How does he apply mindscope in providing remedies to the people?

● How is Astrology and Karma related?

● His experiences with The Divine Satguru Mahavatar Babaji (1 of 2)7/15/2008 1:40:07 AM

Dr. N. Rajgopal - Vedic Astrology

Sri Natha Devi Premananda, Mataji, a spiritual Mother dedicated to the upliftment of World Peace and the spiritual

Way of Life. She embodies the spiritual teachings of Oneness, Compassion, Universal Wisdom and Truth. Since 1985,

she has assisted individuals and groups along the path of spiritual awakening and realiztion. She continues to serve in

this capacity today at Eagle Wings of Enlightenment Center located in South Central Los Angeles, California.

Sri Natha Devi will offer blessings and the prayers for Universal Peace and Harmony

More information about Sri Natha Devi Premananda can be found on her website http://www.

Sri Natha Devi Premananda

She talks about:

● How can we cultivate Surrender in our daily lives?

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