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 This document details out the approach for connecting RICT POS Device to DOP Network
using Ethernet cable
 It describes the rollout of devices using Ethernet cable connected to DOP Network


Following are the Assumptions, Constraints and Dependencies specific to the requirements .
2.1 Assumptions
 CR to be raised for WCTC wegcode
 RH file to be uploaded using the new templet , templet can be downloaded from training
environment .
 Barcode Scanner and Pin Pad are mandatory and same to be uploaded .
Training Url

2.2 Prerequisites
ID Prerequisites

PS_1 Port from which Ethernet cable is connected to device has access to RSI servers in the
DOP Network .

PS_2 User should know port IP address, subnet mask and default gateway.
To connect your Device to PC using Ethernet Cable with RJ-45 Jack
Now go to Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections
And right click on Local Area Connection-
Select Properties↓
Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCI IP4)↓
Select- Use the following IP address
IP address:
Subnet Mask:

Click Ok and go Back to your Desktop.

Open winSCP and click on New

Enter Host name IP as mentioned in the screen shot below Port 22
File protocol should be SCP
User name : root
Password :visiontek

Copy the Environment config file to root folder

Copy querry.txt file to the below mentioned path

Once done copy the DMCManage.tar file in root folder using Winscp software

To connect device to Ethernet port follow the below mentioned steps

Run Putty Application

Host Name- and Port No 22
Click to Open
User name : root
Password is Visiontek

Need to install DMCManage.tar.gz use the below mentioned command

/usr/bin/mConnect_framework_service platform xcbDMC_update /root/DMCManage.tar.gz ONLINE

Connect the device with the laptop .

 Run the command : ssh root@

 Run the command : cd /usr/bin/
 Run the command : ./ethernetTest -platform xcb
 UI will be displayed on the device , select static option and set IP ,subnet mask and gateway
to the device .
Click on view IP : it should show the ip entered.

Note :If the device has been restarted or switched off during functionalities
then the above Ethernet test to be done again as the device will point to
default IP upon restart or shutdown .
Process to set up Ethernet connectivity network
1. User clicks on side bar menu  network setting of the device login screen,

2. This step will happen only if device is provisioned else system will take you to the next step. The
system will prompt for 6-digit authentication device pin (Provided at the time of provisioning). Device
pin authentication will happen.
3. User selects Ethernet option and clicks on “Next” button.

4. User enters Ethernet configure details like IP address, subnet mask and default gateway.

5. User clicks on “Proceed” button.

6. Once user clicks on “Confirm”, device checks if Ethernet cable is connected or not. If Ethernet is
connected the above configuration details will be set on the device and SIM connectivity will be
7. If Ethernet cable is not present, it will prompt the user that “Ethernet not connect and please click on
retry button once connected “(User is given five retry attempts).

8. If after five times Ethernet is still not detected, then process will be discontinued and Ethernet won’t be
set. The user has to start from step 1.

9. Once Ethernet is detected then Ethernet configuration will be set on the device.

10. Once configuration is done on the device, then a connectivity test via Ethernet will be done to RSI
server to check if connectivity has been established or not.

11. Based on above network connectivity test, result of the test will be displayed.
12. If connectivity is established an LAN/WAN symbol will be shown on the Login Manager screen of the
device instead of SIM connectivity.

Note: Once the device is restarted, default settings will be applied i.e. SIM network will be established and
Ethernet default settings captured earlier will be available on the device.