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1. For high speed application, which technology is used

(a) Mosfet
(b) TTL
(c) CMOS

2. Snubber circuit is used for

(a) increase dv/dt
(b) decrease dv/dt
(c) increase di/dt
(d) decrease di/dt

3. Maximum propagation delay in NAND gate

(a) 0
(b) 20ms
(c) 60ns (if (less than 20 ns) option available in that mcq then mark (20ns)
,if not then mark 60ns)
(d) didn’t remember
4. In three phase transformer, phase difference between primary and
induced secondary voltage is
(a) 180 degree
(b) 120 degree
(c) 90 degree
(d) 0 degree
5. Rheostat braking is applied to dc series motor when
(a) motor runs as generator
6. For pneumatic controller, pressure required
(a) 600psi (if 3-15 psi optiona available in mcq then mark (3-15psi) ,if not
then mark 600psi)
(b) didn’t remember other options
7. Consider value of y=0, what is NOT of this value
(a) 11
(b) 20
(c) 0
(d) 1
8. Quantization noise occurs in which modulation technique
(a) TDM
(b) FM
(c) PCM
(d) PWD
9. Sampling theorem in communication system is associated with
(a) AM
(b) FM
(c) PCM
(d) ALL
10. Control system are sets of
(a) Ports
(b) Devices
(c) Networks
(d) Pointers
11. Master-Slave flip flop is designed using how many flip flops
(a) 1
(b) 2
(c) 3
(d) 4
12. Signal from thermocouple is sent to ______, which produce as output in
electrical signal
(a) Level guage
(b) Pressure guage
(c) Flow meter
(d) Transducer
13. Combination of OR gate and inverter make which gate
(a) AND gate
(b) NAND gate
(c) NOR
(d) X-OR
14. Simplest way to shift load from one generator to another when two shunt
generator are running in parallel

a) adjust their field rheostats.

b) use equalizer connection.
c) add resistance in their armature circuit
d) none of these.
15. Regarding noise in FM
(a) Noise increase with increase deviaton
(b) Noise decrease with decrease deviation
(c) Noise Increase with decrease in deviation.
d)none of the above
16. In FM, discriminator is responsible to change
(a) FM signal into FM signal of high frequency
(b) FM signal into FM signal of low frequency
(C) FM signal into AM signal
(d) FM signal into PM signal
17. Magnet amplifier is used to control
(a) Voltage
(b) Current
(c) Speed
(d) ALL
18. Registers containing 6-switches can store -------------- binary No? a) 16
b) 64
c) 32
d) 128
19. In any circuit, zener diode is connected in parallel with load, if load current
is increased, zener current will
(a) Increase
(b) decrease
(c) first increase then decrease
(d) first decrease then increase
20. 1’s compliment of 1011
(a) 0100
(b) 1100
(c) 0110
(d) 1111
21. Greatest disadvantage of PCM is
(a) its compatibility with TDM
(b) high error rate which its quantizing noise reduces
(c) its inability to handle analog signals
(d) large bandwidth is required for it
22. Conversion of decimal 10 to BCD is 00010000
23. Standard intermediate frequency for FM receiver
(a) 10.7MHz
(b) 555MHz
(c) didn’t remember