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1. Do not start answering the questions before you are told to do so.
2. This paper contains two sections; Section A and Section B.
3. Answer all questions in Section A and any THREE of your choice in Section B.


1. By default, what's the Fps shown on the timeline?

A. 15
B. 1
C. 20
D. huh?

2. When you swap images, it's best if:

A. The images are the same "Mime" type
B. The images are the same color
C. The images are the same size
D. You use the "Constrain" tool

3. Which of the following is false?

A. The Site Map can be saved as an image
B. You can FTP files using Dreamweaver
C. You can create forms in Dreamweaver
D. None of the above

4. Which of the following is NOT a Page Property?

A. Title
B. Tracing Image
C. Margin Width
D. Timeline

5. Dreamweaver users work in the Document Window using one of how many views?
A. 3
B. 5
C. 2

6. The general definition of a(n) ____ is a set of linked documents with shared attributes, such
as related topics, a similar design, or a shared purpose.
A. index
B. website
C. Internet
D. Homepage

7. ____ provides the largest text.

A. H6
B. 24
C. H1
D. Bold

8. Dreamweaver's ____ feature allows users to select colors and make perfect color matches.
A. Color Cube
B. Palattes
C. HTML view
D. Eye dropper

9. How many Sites can you define with one copy of Dreamweaver installed on your computer?
A. unlimited
B. 2
C. 10
D. 999

10. What do you add to a template in order to control where page content goes?
A. Text Frames
B. HTML Controllers
C. Editable Regions
D. Page Content Controllers

11. Which of the following is NOT a Style?

A. Linked
B. Embedded
C. Inline
D. Orthogonal

12. Which of the following is NOT a Hotspot tool?

A. Orthogonal Hotspot Tool
B. Rectangular Hotspot Tool
C. Oval Hotspot Tool
D. Polygon Hotspot Tool

13. Which of the following is not supported by older browsers?

B. Layers
C. Frames
D. All of the above

14. Which of the following is the HTML tag to start a Heading Level 3?
A. <H3>
B. </H3>
C. <#H3>
D. <H3/>

15. Which type of style should you use if you want to use the formats on multiple pages?
A. Linked
B. Embedded
C. Inline
D. Orthogonal

16. When you create a "recipient" hidden field for a form, which of the following is the ONLY
correct way to type the word "recipient?":
A. Recipient
B. <recipient></recipient>
C. recipient

17. Which file controls how your frames will appear?

A. Frameset
B. Master Document
C. Template
D. Timeline

18. What can't layers do if you want to convert them to tables?

A. Be close
B. Contain a Color
C. Be larger than the target table
D. Overlap

19. The trick to getting a ball to bounce around a Web page is to:
A. Add Animation Bounce layers
B. Add key frames to the timeline
C. Add Bounce parameters to the Object properties
D. Dreamweaver does not support animation... use Flash instead
20. The W and H boxes in the Property inspector indicate the width and height of an image, in
A. inches
B. pixels
C. points
D. millimeters

21. A subfolder is a folder inside another folder.

A. True
B. False

22. A Web site's home page is normally named home.htm or home.html

A. True
B. False

23. _________ view is a hand-coding environment for writing and editing code.
A. Design
B. Split
C. Code
24. Cell padding determines the number of pixels between adjacent cells.
A. True
B. False

25. Which graphic format can you Not insert into your web page?
A. bmp
B. gif
C. png

26. Which view must you be in to draw out a table visually?

A. Standard
B. Layout
C. Table

27. Formatting using CSS styles allows each individual's browser to control the way your page is
A. True
B. False

28. What is the proper way to manually type an email link?

29. In order to define a site, users must create a both a ___________ and ____________.
A. domain name / IP address
B. login / password
C. site name / home page
D. site name / root folder

30. Which of the following is NOT a valid reason for defining a local site in Dreamweaver?
A. To enable Dreamweaver to create relative links between documents
B. To enable Dreamweaver to display all your sites files in the ‘Files Panel’
C. To provide details of your Web server so that you can upload you site
D. To allow Dreamweaver to conduct link checking between documents

31. To view and change current formatting for selected objects or text, you would use:
A. Insert bar
B. Property Inspector
C. File Panel

32. You can insert dates into your web page that will automatically be updated whenever you
save the page.
A. True
B. False

33. To insert a special character, what category on the Insert bar do you use?
A. Common
C. Text

34. Which panel can be used to manage and create new sites?
A. Files
B. Application
C. Tag Inspector

35. What should the home page of your site be named?

A. home.html
B. Anything you want to name it
C. index.html
36. ________ images are used to add texture and interesting color to a Web page.
A. Clip Art
B. Animated
C. Background
D. Cropped

37. In the __________ mode, you create tables by drawing them.

A. Layout
B. Expanded
C. Standard
38. A ___________ is a vertical collection of cells in a table.
A. Row
B. Column
C. Table ID

39. A _____________ is the container/intersection where a row and column meet in a table.
A. tag
B. table ID
C. link
D. cell

40. A ___________ can connect users to a place on the same web page or to place on another
A. root folder
B. typeface
C. text editor
D. hyperlink


Question One
a) What is a Dreamweaver site? [2 Marks]
Dreamweaver the term “site” refers to a local or remote storage location for the documents
that belong to a website. A Dreamweaver site provides a way to organize and manage all of
your web documents, upload your site to a web server, track and maintain your links, and
manage and share files

b) What is the use of forms in websites? [2 Marks]

The web server processes the request. The web server passes the form submission data to the
form processor script ( mentioned by the 'action'). ... The form processor script can send the
form data by email, save the data to a database or file.

c) State the advantage of using externally linked stylesheets instead of inline CSS. [2 Marks]
Full Control of page structure: CSS allows you to display your web page according to
W3C HTML standards without making any compromise with the actual look of the page.
Google is the leading search Engine and major source of traffic. Google gives very little
value to the web pages that are well-organized, since the value is little thus many Designers
ignore it. But by taking small value may drive much traffic to the website.
Reduced file-size: By including the styling of the text in a separate file, you can
dramatically decrease the file-size of your pages. Also, the content-to-code ratio is far greater
than with simple HTML pages, thus making the page structure easier to read for both the
programmer and the spiders. With CSS you can define the visual effect that you want to
apply to images, instead of using images per say. The space you gain this way can be used
for text that is relevant for spiders (i.e. keywords), and you will also lower the file-size of the

d) What is the use of the Pallattes feature in Dreamweaver? [2 Marks]

e) What name should mostly be given to the first page of a website? [2 Marks]

- Index

f) Discuss five (5) advantages or benefits of using Dreamweaver as supposed to using a

Efficiency and ease of use

This program has not only been crafted with advanced level users in mind but it is also
designed for novices. With Dreamweaver, simple and complex websites can be designed
using a point and click method.
You get the opportunity to view HTML pages during the design process.

Ability to create consistent-looking web pages

Adobe Dreamweaver includes templates for web pages that come in handy in the designing
process. Template files can be created by the user or alternatively, readymade templates
available within the program can be put to use. This feature allows even amateurs to design web
pages as the workload is reduced considerably. For instance, if your site is made up of 20 pages
based around a particular template design, it will have a consistent style and will therefore be
more user-friendly.

Opportunity to manage and update websites effectively

Web designers can make changes to the design of a website simply by editing the Dreamweaver
template files. This eliminates the need to modify each page manually because the program can
automatically update the pages created using a template.

Question Two

a) Describe in detail what HTML is. [5 Marks]

HTML is the standard markup language for creating Web pages.

 HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language

 HTML describes the structure of Web pages using markup
 HTML elements are the building blocks of HTML pages
 HTML elements are represented by tags
 HTML tags label pieces of content such as "heading", "paragraph", "table", and so on
 Browsers do not display the HTML tags, but use them to render the content of the page

b) Dreamweaver supports six levels of headings. Write all the six supported headings and show
how the headings are tagged in HTML/Dreamweaver? [6 Marks]

The <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5>, and <h6> elements are used to create headings in
descending order of importance where <h1> is the most important and <h6> the least

c) A view in Dreamweaver is defined as a particular way of displaying page content. Name and
give a brief explanation of three views found in Dreamweaver. [9 Marks]
Dreamweaver has three different views for viewing your work
Design, code, and code/design view
Dreamweaver also uses what is called CSS or cascading style sheet-which is a group of
formatting instructions that enable you to easily apply formats to specific items on your
Web pages [9 Marks]

Question Three
a) What do you understand by Hyperlinks in Dreamweaver? [3 Marks]
hyperlink is a single word or a few words of text that link to another online document or
webpage, graphic, movie, PDF or sound file when you click on it. Learn how to create a link
with Adobe Dreamweaver, which is available as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud

b) Differentiate between internal and external links in Dreamweaver. [4 Marks]

External links point from one domain to an entirely separate domain. They may be links from
your website to another website to provide additional information for readers, or they may be
links from your website to an affiliate program. Links from other sites into yours can also be
called external links, although the preferred term is “inbound” links, to distinguish them from
links you’ve added to your own site that connect to other sites.
Internal links only point within your own specific website or domain. The menu bar at the
top of your site includes internal links. Links from pages on your site to your contact page are
another simple example of internal links.

 External = links that point to a separate domain

 Internal = links that point to content within the same domain

c) When designing a website in Dreamweaver you can start from scratch or use a template.
Explain three advantages of using templates in Dreamweaver? [5 Marks]
Templates allow a Web designer to construct a site that can be flexible, easy to update, and
consistent between HTML pages. Templates can enhance productivity, allowing some
members of the team to focus on the format of the pages, while other members of the team
create new pages and revise the content without changing the formatted layout.
Designers can make changes to the overall design of the site quickly by revising the DWT
(Dreamweaver template) files directly. The pages that are linked to the template files are
automatically updated allowing for site-wide modifications in minutes.

d) In relation to Dreamweaver briefly explain what the following are:

i) A local site
In Dreamweaver the term “site” refers to a local or remote storage location for the
documents that belong to a website.
ii) A remote site
In Dreamweaver the term “site” refers to a local or remote storage location for the
documents that belong to a website. A Dreamweaver site provides a way to
organize and manage all of your web documents, upload your site to a web server,
track and maintain your links, and manage and share files.
iii) Root folder
Local Folder: This is your working directory—usually a folder on your hard drive.
Dreamweaver refers to this folder as your local site root n [8 Marks]

Question Four

a) What is the function of CSS in websites? [2 Marks]

It allows you to develop the overall look of your website. While HTML focuses on the
content and structure of a website, CSS is concerned with elements of presentation such as
layout, font and colour.

b) What is the difference between CSS and html? [2 Marks]

The Difference Between CSS, HTML and PHP. ... The colors, fonts and styles of this entire
website are driven by CSS. HTML = Content: HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is the
building-blocks of web pages. HTML allows you to put images, text, videos, forms and other
pieces of content together into a cohesive webpage.

c) Describe two advantages of using CSS predefined layouts in Dreamweaver [4 Marks]

Making changes to the layout

CSS makes it very easy to change the style of a document. Let's say we wanted to move the
picture in the title of this page to the right by 10 pixels. This would be a nightmare in a table
based design. We would have to open every page and alter the table width manually.

Fortunately we have used CSS, and all we have to do is open our CSS file which stores the
layout of the site, and change the number relating to the position of the image. That will change
his position throughout the whole site.

The look and layout of a site can be changed beyond recognition just by altering the CSS file.
This makes CSS indispensable for large web sites.

File Size

Probably the mostly useful feature of CSS is that all of the style and layout is removed from the
html, so the html page size is very much smaller. The CSS file is downloaded just once by the
visitor's browser and re-used for different pages on a web site. This reduces the bandwidth
requirements for your server and also ensures a faster download for your visitors.

Search Engines

A search engine robot will normally consider the content in the start of your html code is more
important than the text towards the end of the code. For a table based page the contents of the
navigation bar will normally show up as the page description in search engine results. With a
CSS page the navigation can be moved to the bottom of the source code, so the search engine
displays your content instead of your navigation.

Separating style from content makes life very easy for visitors who prefer to view only the
content of a web page, or to modify the content. These could be blind or partially sighted people
who might use a screen reader to interpret a page.


Layout and position of navigation can be completely consistent across a site. This was previously
possible only using frames.

d) Briefly explain the steps required to publish a website to the World Wide Web in
Dreamweaver. [12 Marks]
- From the Site menu, select New Site.
- Enter a Site Name, and then select your Local Site Folder.
- Click Servers, and then click Add new Server.
- Complete the following fields, and then click Save:

 Server Name — Enter a name for this server connection.

 Connect Using — Select FTP.
 FTP Address — Enter your hosting account's primary domain name.
 Username — Enter your hosting account's user name.
 Password — Enter your hosting account's password.
 Root Directory — Enter the directory for the domain name you want to use.
 Web URL — Enter your website's URL.

- From the Files window, select the files or folders to publish, and then click Put Files.

Question Five
a) What is a link? [2 Marks]
Dreamweaver makes linking from one page to another page in your website easy. ... In
Dreamweaver, open the page where you want to create a link. Select the text or image that
you want to serve as the link (meaning the text or image that a user clicks to trigger the

b) Why should all images have ALT attribute? [2 marks]

So that the when the image is not available it will display instead text
c) Describe rollover image. [4 Marks]
Rollover images are images that change when the site visitor moves their mouse over the
graphic (the pointer “rolls over” the image). They provide a visual guide to alert the visitor
to an active link. Typically rollover images are used for buttons.

d) Write short notes on the following in Dreamweaver.

i) Layer
To create a nested layer, make sure you have Nesting checked in the Layers
Category in Dreamweaver's Preferences. Then, select the Draw Layer icon from the
Layout Insert bar, and click-and-drag inside an existing layer to create the new
nested layer. Click to place your cursor inside a layer and choose Insert>Table
ii) Forms
You can create a web form visually in Dreamweaver by inserting form elements into
a page, but that's only part of the job. ... Typically, web application technology such
as PHP or Adobe ColdFusion handles the form data.
iii) Style sheet [12 Marks]
Internal versus external style sheets in Dreamweaver. Internal style sheets are CSS
rules that are contained directly within a document, using the <style> tag. ... You can
attach .css files, or external style sheets, to an unlimited number of HTML pages
[12 Marks]