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ESTACIO, Beatrice Lianne F.

Seat # 15

University of Santo Tomas during, D. since) ancient within an organism that

Faculty of Pharmacy eukaryotes and remain in protects against infection by
English 1 their modern descendants, identifying and killing
such as plants, fish, reptiles, pathogens. It detects
I. Complete the
gaps by choosing and insects. These pathogens ranging from
the right mechanisms include viruses to parasitic worms
preposition. antimicrobial peptides called and distinguishes them from
Choose the letter defensins, pattern the organism's normal cells
of your answer. recognition receptors, and and tissues. Detection is
(10 pts.) the complement system. complicated as pathogens
More sophisticated adapt and evolve new ways
An immune system is a
mechanisms, however, to successfully infect the
collection of mechanisms
developed relatively host organism. To meet this
within an organism that
recently, 7.) ( A. with, B. on, challenge, several
protects 1.) ( A. against, B.
C. in, D. over) the evolution mechanisms have evolved
for, C. over, D. on) infection
of vertebrates. The immune that recognize and neutralize
by identifying and killing
systems of vertebrates such pathogens. Even simple
pathogens. It detects
as humans consist of many unicellular organisms such as
pathogens ranging 2.) (A.
types 8.) (A. of, B. with, C. bacteria possess enzyme
over, B. from, C. through, D.
on, D. in) proteins, cells, systems that protect against
on) viruses to parasitic
organs, and tissues, which viral infections. Other basic
worms and distinguishes
interact in an elaborate and immune mechanisms
them 3.) (A. from, B. in, C.
dynamic network. As part of evolved in ancient
over, D. through) the
this more complex immune eukaryotes and remain in
organism's normal cells and
response, the vertebrate their modern descendants,
tissues. Detection is
system adapts 9.) (A. in, B. such as plants, fish, reptiles,
complicated as pathogens
during, C. on, D. over) time and insects. These
adapt and evolve new ways
to recognize particular mechanisms include
4.) (A. to, B. from, C. on, D.
pathogens more efficiently. antimicrobial peptides called
for) successfully infect the
The adaptation process defensins, pattern
host organism. To meet this
creates immunological recognition receptors, and
challenge, several
memories and allows even the complement system.
mechanisms have evolved
more effective protection More sophisticated
that recognize and neutralize
10.) (A. during, B. in, C. mechanisms, however,
pathogens. Even simple
through, D. over) future developed relatively
unicellular organisms such as
encounters with these recently, with the evolution
bacteria possess enzyme
pathogens. This process of of vertebrates. The immune
systems that protect 5) (A.
acquired immunity is the systems of vertebrates such
against, B. over, C. through,
basis of vaccination. as humans consist of many
D. on) viral infections. Other
types of proteins, cells,
basic immune mechanisms An immune system is a organs, and tissues, which
evolved 6.) (A. in, B. on, C. collection of mechanisms
ESTACIO, Beatrice Lianne F.
Seat # 15

interact in an elaborate and H. Ad

dynamic network. As part of Hominem
this more complex immune C. Bandwagon
response, the vertebrate I. 13. Circular
system adapts over time to Reasoning
recognize particular D. Appeal to
pathogens more efficiently. Authority
The adaptation process J.15. Straw
creates immunological Man 13.
memories and allows even E. 12. Hasty CIRCULAR
more effective protection Generalizatio REASONING I
during future encounters n
with these pathogens. This K. Red
process of acquired Herring
immunity is the basis of F. 19. Non-
vaccination. Sequitur
20. L.
Rationalizing 14.
II. Identify the 11. You should never 15. HASTY
logical fallacy gamble. Once you GENERALIZATION
committed in start gambling you
each of the will find it hard to
following. stop. Soon you are
Choose the letter spending all your
of your answer. money on gambling,
(10 pts.) and eventually you
A. 18. will turn to crime to
Emotional support your
Manipulatio earnings. SLIPPERY
n 16.
11. G.
Slippery 12. If I make an
Slope exception for you;
B. 17Name then, I have to make
Calling an exception for
ESTACIO, Beatrice Lianne F.
Seat # 15

26. Thea and Enzo are

seeing each other. B
27. Matt is belonging to
the club of
students. B
28. Right now, Jam is
thinking of the
heartbreaking loss of
the Growling Tigers.
29. Stuart thinks it is
better to perform
the experiment a
dozen times than for
III. Stative Verbs:
them to come up
Choose A if the
with an instant
conclusion. A
stative verb is
30. Patrick is feeling
used correctly.
despondent at the
18. B if the
moment, but he will
EMOTIONAL underlined
feel a lot better later.
MANIPULATION A stative verb is
used incorrectly.

21. I am liking this

movie. B
22. Sandra had to see
her friend because
19. she was needing to
talk. B
23. The young lawyers
believe Grace Poe is
not qualified to run
for president. A
24. Some Filipinos doubt
the motives of the
disqualifying Grace
Poe. A
25. I see what you mean.