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Dynamics of Local and Global Cultural Production

 Allowed local and global cultural production to intersect.
Local and Global entities
 Engaged in cultural production are both partners and rivals under globalization.
 Is necessitated by their desire to expand their reach while being sensitive to local
 Is assured by the continuing relevance of cultural differences amid accelerated
Local Newspapers
 Use articles from foreign news dispatch agencies such as the Paris-based
Agence- france Presse (AFP) and London based Reuters, and at times rewrite
foreign reports to suit local tastes.
 Also republish timely guest articles from
Foreign writers and/or newspapers.
Covers and Parodies
 Despacito, Voltes V theme song and How Far I’ll go

1) Bienvenido Lumbera translate Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge over troubled

2) Jose Maria Sison Produced a Filipino version of the Cuban song
3) Filipino language producing brilliant English version of songs “Liwanag sa dilim”,
“Hawak kamay”.
4) East-west collaboration “Zhang Yimou’s Great Wall”
5) Pinoy Super hero films Ex. “Captain Barbell”,”Gagamboy”, and “Darna”
 Taken inspiration from Captain America, Spiderman, and Wonderwoman

6) International Film festivals flourish, as citizens from around the world acquire
each country’s best cinematics feats.
 Shows such as Big Brother and The Voice