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I am passionate about my work and my goal is to put my skills, grow, learn and overcome

new challenges.
I seek to develop in all fields of graphic design and work in a creative environment where I
can develop and reach new goals.

Main goal:
The main objective of the professional portfolio was to present the best works, specifically the most professional illustration projects.

Editorial Objective:

What we wanted to achieve with this editorial campaign was to achieve a union between the logo and the portfolio, we intend to project the
essence of the brand, where in the editorial designs for the company show as an objective that the brand manages to be an icon so that
so be easy to remember and present a definite style.
Technique: Digital Illustration.
This project was carried out for the creation of an ad-
vertising campaign for the company kellogs where the
main objective was to launch a new product,
This consisted of a cereal with fruits for the small
generations, for this a series of animated commercials
was created.
Technique: Digital Illustration.
For this work the palette of
colors that the company manages.
The objective was to play with the
chromatic range in turn with the
background and figure.
Technique: Digital Illustration.
For this type of projects the person is sketched by hand and the final result is
worked digitally, the creative process is extremely important since an analysis
must be done to reach the important physical features of each person, pointing
out in the illustration the most important as well as pronounced eyebrows or the
most notorious moles of the person.
Technique: Digital Illustration.

For this type of project, hand sketches are previously worked on vectors to reach the final result, the
main objective is to convey what the character really is with the caricature style technique.
Técnica : Ilustración Digital.
Para la creación de personajes es necesario tener en cuenta que se hace primero
una investigación del personaje que se va a diseñar y despues empieza n los primeros
Technique: Digital Illustration.
This illustration was made for the contest of a postcard, the theme was a personal criterion
and it was decided to caricature the characters and play with the background.
Technique: Digital Illustration with Photography
For this project the redesign of the coca cola cans
was done, an artist was assigned to each can.
Technique: Photography.
For this project a display was made for the DELIXIA brand of OXXO distributed in several
Technique: Digital illustration
An illustration was made for this project,
using a minimalist technique, achieving
represent the essence of the movie.
Technique: Digital illustration
This poster was designed for an event of the CECC, using abstractions of the
original illustration, this poster was specifically made for an event in which the
students expose their best final projects and advise the other classmates.
Técnica: Ilustración Digital. con fotografía
En esta campaña se trató , mediante la publicidad
un mensaje visual en el que la empresa RED BULL apoya la causa de no a las drogas,
decidiendo combinar la ilustración con la fotografía , a la vez que se utilizo el slogan ``cuida tus
alas´, este fue un muy grande reto ya que la empresa maneja una substancia que contiene
taurina, el proceso crativo tambien fue complicado de aterrizar ya que a el momento de boce-
tar se tenia que concretar en que técnica seria utilizada.
We had the challenge of redesigning the publicity of
the winter Olympics in Nagano Japan in 1998, a digital
illustration where the main objective was to highlight
the competitors, for this project we also had as a task
perform the redesign of the logo and achieve the goal
usingthe signage that was made for the same event.
Technique: For the logo we used vectors with typography, this corporate identity was worked for a DJ. By creating
a union between the logitip and the applications, for the creative process we had to experiment between several
logos until the client decided and we achieved merge the idea, the graphics were added as the creative process
was developed, the typography chosen dry stick and contains graphics inside.
Technique: For the logo we used vectors with typography and illustration,
this corporate identity was worked for a brand of gourmet sauces, different
labels were developed for many types of sauces and many extensions of
products such as example: aromatic candles and olive acetie, a thorough
investigation was made and the name Xux was chosen because it has as
meaning wasp in Mayan
This project was designed for the company Cinemex where a catalog of the highest gross-
ing films of 2016 was created, experimented with plecas, typographies and the
accommodation of images, this work was done in the center of studies in communication
sciences we put ourselves within a limit of four hours for us to remain however, in the sense
that there would have been several competition, this project was considered a bomberazo.
The manual has been designed where the graphic identity of the company is defined and explains how it
should be used, both internally and externally.
The guidelines provide a complete corporate manual for anyone using the image, including employees, part-
ners, designers or marketing agencies; do it correctly, this campaign was a complete challenge since we had
to achieve a complete redesign of the entire brand, complementing the whole area of paperwork