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queensland orchestras

2011 Program
Closing Date 7 August 2010

Audition Sponsor
From the Director of Music

Queensland Youth Orchestras (QYO) is a high quality youth Every position in every group is auditioned
orchestra organisation based at the historic Old Museum building in each year. Even concert masters or principal
Brisbane. With 470 members aged from 8 to 25, QYO provides a graded players are not exempt. This means that if you
series of orchestras and ensembles to cater for a range of ages and are a first time auditionee, you are not at a
abilities. disadvantage.

Young string players can start in the Junior String Ensemble and Each of our orchestras and ensembles is
progress in future years through two graded symphony orchestras to the in the hands of first class conductors and
organisation’s leading group, the Queensland Youth Symphony. Likewise, tutors and performs challenging and
wind, brass and percussion players have the choice of the symphony exciting repertoire in a series of public
orchestras or the Wind Ensemble, Wind Symphony and Big Band. concerts. The achievements of each
group are showcased in the QYO Finale
concert at the QPAC Concert Hall.

Whether you wish to follow a

professional career at the highest level or simply enjoy the greatest
hobby of them all, there is something for everyone in the QYO program.
Our alumni have won the most prestigious international competitions
and played in some of the world’s leading ensembles, both chamber and
symphonic, in Australia and overseas. They have also become some of this
country’s most successful and respected teachers at all levels.

Please take the time to read

this brochure carefully to learn
more about our orchestras
and the audition process. We
look forward to welcoming you
as one of our new musical

John Curro AM MBE

Director of Music

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Annual Program Orchestra Information
QYO’s annual program consists of rehearsals, tutorials, concerts, 3rd Queensland Youth Orchestra (QYO3) Min. AMEB Grade 4
music camps and tours. Weekly rehearsals at the Old Museum building Conductor: Bradley Voltz
are scheduled during school and university terms. Repertoire covers AMEB Grades 4 to 7
Each orchestra presents concerts at venues around Brisbane, including 80-member symphony orchestra, typical age range: 12 to 19 years
the Old Museum and QPAC Concert Halls. Some orchestras undertake Maximum strings: 16 (vln1), 16 (vln2), 14 (vla), 12 (c), 10 (b)
local tours of two to seven days duration, and the Queensland Youth Maximum age limit as at 31 Dec 2011: 23 years
Symphony (QYS) tours internationally every four years with the next tour Rehearsal: Saturday 1.15pm - 4.00pm, tutorials during rehearsal times
planned for 2012. QYO3 members perform original works and arrangements for young
With the exception of QYS and Big Band, each orchestra has a weekend symphony orchestras. Popular works include Sibelius’ Finlandia and
music camp during first term. It is an integral part of the year’s training selections from Phantom of the Opera, Romeo and Juliet and Carmen.
and all members are encouraged to attend. The camp fee is included in During the weekly rehearsals, tutorials and camp, the musicians are
the annual membership fee. For further details on orchestras, conductors taught the essential skills to play and perform in a symphony orchestra.
and other information, please visit

Queensland Youth Symphony (QYS) Min. AMEB Grade 7

Conductor: John Curro AM MBE Flute Min. AMEB AMusA
Repertoire covers AMEB Grades 7 to LMusA
100-member symphony orchestra, typical age range: 15 to 25 years
Maximum strings: 18 (vln1), 18 (vln2), 16 (vla), 14 (c), 12 (b)
Maximum age limit as at 31 Dec 2011: 25 years
Rehearsal: Saturday 9.00am - 12.45pm, plus approximately five Sunday
morning & five Thursday evening rehearsals per year, and five mid-week
tutorials per term.
QYS is QYO’s leading orchestra, performing its own concert series at
the QPAC Concert Hall and the Old Museum Concert Hall. The planned
repertoire for 2011 includes Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring and Ravel’s
Daphnis and Chloé Suite No. 2.

2nd Queensland Youth Orchestra (QYO2) Min. AMEB Grade 6 Junior String Ensemble (JSE) Min. AMEB Grade 4
Conductor: Sergei V Korschmin Flute Min. AMEB Grade 8 Conductor: Chen Yang Cello Min. AMEB Grade 3
Repertoire covers AMEB Grades 6 to AMusA Repertoire covers AMEB Grades 3 to 6 Bass Min. AMEB Grade 2
95-member symphony orchestra, typical age range: 14 to 23 years 65-member string orchestra, typical age range: 9 to 15 years
Maximum strings: 18 (vln1), 18 (vln2), 16 (vla), 14 (c), 10 (b) Maximum age limit as at 31 Dec 2011: 15 years
Maximum age limit as at 31 Dec 2011: 23 years Rehearsal: Saturday 8.45am - 11.30am, tutorials during rehearsal times
Rehearsal: Saturday 1.30pm - 4.30pm, tutorials during rehearsal times
JSE is QYO’s youngest orchestra, attracting talented string players
As a full sized symphony orchestra, QYO2 performs a wide range of who want to develop their ensemble skills. Conductor Chen Yang
original works from the classical, romantic and modern arranges popular and classical repertoire to suit the standards of
periods. Examples of 2010 repertoire include Dvorak’s the JSE members. 2010 repertoire includes arrangements
Symphony  No. 8, Grieg’s Symphonic Dances Op. 64 of Vivaldi’s Gloria, Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty Waltz
and Ma Vlast by Smetana. and Saint-Saens’ Danse Macabre.
4 5
Orchestra Information QYO Alumni
Big Band (BB)
Conductor: David Coit & Burke Turner
Repertoire covers advanced & professional level big band charts
19-member big band, typical age range: 16 to 24 years
Maximum age limit as at 31 Dec 2011: 25 years
Rehearsal: Sunday 6.00pm - 8.45pm
In the QYO Big Band, advanced musicians come together to rehearse
and perform a broad range of big band repertoire. Popular venues for
the band include the Old Museum Concert Hall, Brisbane Jazz Club,
Queen St Mall and other performance venues in south east and regional

My time in QYO started when I was  7.
It was the inaugural year of the Junior String
Wind Symphony (WS) Min. AMEB Grade 6
Ensemble, and I was in the first violins. At the
Conductor: Warwick Potter
end of that year, I auditioned on oboe as well as
Repertoire covers AMEB Grades 6 to LMusA
violin, and was put into the third orchestra on
75-member wind orchestra, typical age range: 15 to 23 years
both. I had to make a decision, and for better or
Maximum age limit as at 31 Dec 2011: 23 years
worse, I chose to go with the oboe! I reached the
Rehearsal: Friday 7.00pm - 9.30pm
first orchestra, the Queensland Youth Symphony,
Wind Symphony is QYO’s leading wind orchestra, rehearsing
when I was 14, and stayed a member till I left
and performing original works and dedicated arrangements for wind
Brisbane to study interstate at the end of 1984.
orchestras. Repertoire planned for 2011 includes Hindemith’s Symphony
in Bb and Bernstein’s Symphonic Dances from West Side Story. I have been incredibly grateful ever since for
the wonderful training ground the QYO provided.
Wind Ensemble (WE) Min. AMEB Grade 3 Even as a post-graduate student in Europe, I
Conductor: David Law was often reminded of how lucky I had been to
Repertoire covers AMEB Grades 4 to 8 have had such great opportunities so young, as
50-member wind orchestra, typical age range 13 to 17 years it seemed not all woodwind players had had the
Maximum age limit as at 31 Dec 2011: 17 years same exposure to repertoire and orchestral skills.
Rehearsal: Friday 6.00pm - 8.30pm QYO gave me an enduring love for orchestral
Wind Ensemble is QYO’s younger wind orchestra and examples of music, and the works I learnt there have been
repertoire in 2010 include Vaughan Williams’ Sea Songs, Reed’s Viva indelibly imprinted on my memory.

Musica and Lonely Beach Normandy, and Holsinger’s A Childhood Hymn. I can’t wait to come back to play solo with the
Queensland Youth Symphony in 2011!

Important: AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board) grade

Diana Doherty
levels indicated are a guide to the equivalent standard that Principal Oboe, Sydney Symphony
applicants must have achieved before auditioning. Applicants are
not required to have passed examinations before auditioning. Due
to the competitive nature of QYO auditions, players may need to
be of a higher standard than indicated to be successful. There is
no guarantee that a player who has passed an exam in any of the
indicated minimum grades will be offered a QYO position. There is
also no guarantee that a current member of QYO will be offered
a position in 2011.
6 7
APPLICATION FORM Saxophonists Only
Which saxophone position/s would you like to be considered for?
STOP Apply online at - prizes to be won! Alto c Tenor c Baritone c
Which saxophone/s will you play at your audition?
Instrument for Audition Which of these instruments do you own, or will have the use of, during 2011?
If you wish to audition for two different instruments (eg. cello & clarinet), you must submit TWO
separate application forms and pay the family fee of $63. However, if you wish to audition for two

instruments within the same family (eg. flute & piccolo), you must submit TWO forms and pay one
fee of $36.
Clarinetists Only
Surname For applicants with WS or WE as a preference, please tick if you would also like to be
considered for:
First name Soprano Clarinet c Alto Clarinet c Bass Clarinet c Contrabass Clarinet c

Address Which of these instruments do you own, or will have the use of, during 2011?

Suburb Postcode
Your audition notice and results will be sent to the above address. If your address changes after you
submit this form, please notify the QYO office. New Applicants
Please list previous orchestral experience (do not provide additional pages)
Home phone Mobile

Emergency phone contact (parent)

Date of birth Age at 31/12/2011 M / F
Did you audition in 2009 for a 2010 QYO position? YES / NO
Email address `
For which orchestra?
Please nominate the orchestra/s for which you wish to audition in order of preference. How did you hear about QYO? School/Uni c Newspaper c Teacher c Friend c
Please consider listing a second preference in the event that you are unsuccessful with the first
one. You will only be considered for the orchestras that you list. Preferences should be listed in Other (please specify):
order of standard, eg. QYO2 before QYO3, WS before WE.
If you wish to be considered for Big Band plus another QYO ensemble, you must submit TWO Regional & Interstate Applicants
applications and pay the $63 family fee: you will receive two audition times and two sets of excerpts.
Please only check this box if you are unable to attend an audition in person. A CD
You will prepare audition satisfying all of the audition requirements must be received by 4.30pm, Wednesday
1  excerpts for this orchestra 6 October 2010.
2 I wish to audition by CD c Reason

3 Current QYO Members

4 Your 2010 Orchestra
How long have you studied your instrument? years Section Position
Approximate AMEB Grade at present: Volunteers
Last AMEB exam passed: Grade Date QYO requires 60 volunteers to assist across the audition weekend. If your parent/guardian
can help for one to two hours (including your audition time), please write his or her
Do you meet the min. AMEB standard specified for your first preference? YES / NO name and email address below:
Do you own, or have access to an instrument? YES / NO

Will you need to borrow an instrument from QYO? YES / NO
Signature & Payment
Instrumental Music Teacher I certify that all of the information supplied on this form is correct. I have enclosed a
All applicants must be regularly studying with an instrumental music teacher. cheque/cash for $36 / $63 to cover the application fee, plus the $27 late fee if applicable.

Name of instrumental teacher Signature of applicant:

(Parent/guardian signature if applicant is aged under 18)
Address Postcode
Payment: Cash c Cheque payable to QYO c Today’s date:
Phone Email
8 9
QYO Alumni How to apply

“ My most treasured memories of playing in QYO are of

the performances: sweating and trembling in my boots before
playing the flute solo in Daphnis and Chloe for the first time;
feeling the exhilarating rush of Nielsen’s Inextinguishable
Apply Online Now!
Apply and pay online at, and you will automatically go in
the draw to win one of four prizes drawn on 10 August 2010.
1st Prize: $100 gift voucher from Billy Hyde
Symphony as it surged forward; and working really hard on 2nd, 3rd & 4th prizes: $25 iTunes gift cards
intonation, blend and vibrato with our fabulous wind section For those unable to apply online, please
(many of whom now have amazing professional careers!). But complete the enclosed application form.
undoubtedly the biggest thrill was playing so much miraculous
music, such as Debussy’s La Mer, Mahler’s 5th Symphony and Closing Date

Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, for the first time in such a great and The closing date for applications is 4.00pm, Saturday 7 August 2010.
enthusiastic orchestra. Forms must be received by this date either online, in person, or by post.
Tim Munro Applications by fax, scan or email will not be accepted.
Flautist in the Grammy-winning group
Audition Fees
Eighth Blackbird in the United States
The single audition application fee is $36. Second and subsequent
applications for family members, or for a separate instrument, attract a
reduced fee of $27, with a maximum fee for families of $63. An additional
late fee of $27 applies to applications submitted after 7 August 2010.

Notification of Audition
All applicants will receive notification of audition date, time and orchestra
of first preference in the mail by Wednesday 22 September 2010. On that
date, audition excerpts will be available on the QYO website for applicants
to download and print. Those without internet access should contact the
QYO office for assistance.

Regional & Interstate Applicants

Regional, interstate and other applicants who are unable to attend an
audition in person must submit an application form, completing the
relevant section for CD auditions. The CD must be received by the QYO
office by 4.00pm, Wednesday 6 October 2010. Applicants will receive
excerpts and notification stating all requirements three weeks prior,
allowing time to prepare and send the pre-recorded audition CD.

10 11
Auditions Instruments for Auditions

Audition Requirements violin french horn

viola trumpet
• Excerpts - available for download from 12.00pm Wednesday
cello trombone / bass trombone
22 September 2010 from
double bass ^ tuba
• Scales for strings, showing staccato and sautillé bowings
• Scales for brass/wind, showing tonguing and legato playing flute / piccolo alto / tenor / baritone saxophone ~
• Piece of own choice, 1 to 2 minutes only oboe / cor anglais euphonium *
• Each audition is 3 to 4 minutes duration clarinet / bass clarinet soprano / alto / contrabass clarinet *
The audition panels include professional musicians, music teachers and bassoon / contrabassoon

members of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, and many are former percussion (timpani, bass drum, xylophone, glockenspiel, side drum,
QYO members. Registration and marshalling are managed by QYO staff cymbals, triangle etc.)
and a team of approximately 60 volunteer parents.
drumkit # keyboard # vibraphone #
Instruments for Audition rhythm guitar # electric bass #
With the exception of percussionists, players are

expected to own, or have access to, an instrument. ^ Double bass positions are available in all
QYO has some instruments available for hire. orchestras, including WS &WE.
~ Positions for these instruments are available in WS,
Symphony orchestra clarinetists are required WE & BB only.
to have access to both A & B-flat clarinets. WS & * Positions for these instruments are available in WS &
WE only.
WE clarinetists require only a B-flat clarinet. # Positions for these instruments are available
Interested players for harp, piano or in BB only.

celeste (min. AMEB AMusA) should

contact the QYO office.
12 13
Membership Fees Dates
Membership Important Dates
To accept a position, the membership fee or a deposit must be paid by Aug 2010 Sat 7 Audition application closing date at 4pm
Friday 26 November 2010. The balance of fees is due by Tuesday 18 Apply online at
January 2011. Annual fees, including camp and tutorials, are as follows: Sep 2010 Wed 22 Receive audition date & time notification in mail
Excerpts available for download at
1st member 2nd & subsequent
Oct 2010 Wed 6 CD audition application closing date at 4pm
family members
Sat 9 Audition weekend 1
QYO2, QYO3, WS, WE, JSE $490 $420 Sat 16 & Sun 17 Audition weekend 2
QYS $420 $350 Nov 2010 Mon 15 Receive audition results in mail
BB $370 $300 Fri 26 Acceptance of offers closing date
Jan 2011 Tue 18 Membership fees closing date
The QYO Executive Committee will consider special arrangements in cases
Sat 29 QYS & QYO2 rehearsals commence
of financial hardship, provided a written or emailed request is submitted
Feb 2011 Fri 4 WS & WE rehearsals commence
by 26 November 2010. Some scholarships are also available.
Sat 5 QYO3 & JSE rehearsals commence
Uniforms Sun 6 BB rehearsals commence
QYO2, QYO3, WS, WE & BB members provide their own ‘all black’ uniform Audition Dates & Venues
for performances. QYS has uniform shirts and JSE has bow ties and
Auditions are held at Brisbane Grammar School in Spring Hill, and the
cummerbunds, provided by QYO.
Old Museum building in Bowen Hills, across three days. Those unable to
Commitment attend on the allocated day may be required to submit in advance a CD
Acceptance of a QYO position is a significant commitment for the entire audition. No other auditions will be held unless vacancies occur during
year. Before accepting, applicants must consider carefully their ability the year.
to comply with regular attendance at rehearsals, tutorials, concerts and
Date Instrument Venue
camp. QYO activities must take priority over sporting, social and work
Sat 9 Oct Flute, Viola, QYS Violin Brisbane Grammar
and QYS/QYO2 Cello School
Sat 16 Oct Trumpet, Trombone, Euphonium, Brisbane Grammar
Tuba, Saxophone, Oboe and School
Sat 16 Oct QYO2/QYO3 Violin Old Museum
Sun 17 Oct French Horn, Double Bass, Brisbane Grammar
Clarinet, QYO3/JSE Violin and School
QYO3/JSE Cello
Sun 17 Oct Percussion and Big Band Old Museum

Thank you to Brisbane Grammar School for its support for QYO auditions

14 15
Government Sponsors

Major Sponsor

queensland orchestras

Ph 07 3257 1191
Fax 07 3257 1159

PO Box 40 Royal Brisbane Hospital

QLD 4029 Australia

Old Museum building

Cnr Gregory Tce & Bowen Bridge Rd
Bowen Hills Brisbane