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• The proposals will be presented in two (02) envelopes, as follows:
On No. 01: Technical Proposal
On No. 02: Economic Proposal
• The value of the economic proposal will be presented in national currency (New


a) It must contain the following documentation:
b) Index of the documents contained in the proposal, indicating the folio number where the
document is located.
c) The bidder must submit only one (01) technical proposal which must obligatorily comply
with the technical specifications established in ANNEX N ° 01. The bidder may attach
d) Simple Affidavit, as stipulated in Article 60 of THE REGULATIONS, according to
ANNEX N ° 02.
e) Affidavit of being a small or micro-company ANNEX N ° 03 (if applicable)
f) Affidavit as stipulated in Article 56 of THE REGULATION, according to ANNEX N ° 04.
g) Affidavit of Integrity Pact, according to ANNEX N ° 05.
h) Letter of commitment on Air Conditioning Maintenance ANNEX N ° 06.
i) Attach the information requested in ANNEX N ° 07 for the evaluation of each of the
evaluation factors of the bidder's technical proposals.


It must contain the following:
a) Economic proposal indicating the total price of the subject matter of the present selection
process, which must be expressed in national currency up to two decimals, including the
I.G.V. and any other concept that may affect the cost of the acquisition, including
installation ANNEX Nº10.

Proposals that exceed more than 10% or are less than 70% of the Reference Value will be
returned by the Permanent Special Committee having them not submitted (Article 33 of


The evaluation of the proposals will be made according to the following detail:
Technical Proposal 50 points
Economic Proposal 50 points
2.1 Evaluation of the Technical Proposal
The evaluation factors of the technical proposal are contained in ANNEX 07.
To participate in the second stage (Economic Evaluation), the proposals must reach the
minimum score of 35 points in the Technical Evaluation. Technical proposals that do not
reach this score will be disqualified at this stage and the process.

2.2 Evaluation of the Economic Proposal

The economic evaluation will consist of assigning the maximum score of 50 points to the
lowest cost economic offer in accordance with the provisions of Article 66 of THE
REGULATIONS. The rest of the proposals will be assigned a score according to the
following formula:

Pi = 2 (PMPE) - (Oi / Om) x PMPE

Where :
Pi = Economic offer score i
Oi = Economic offer i
Om = Economic offer of lowest amount or price
PMPE = Maximum score of the economic proposal
i = Proposal

2.3 Granting the Good Pro

Once the technical and economic proposals have been qualified, the score will be
determined by item of the same. The winner will be chosen as the one who obtains the
highest total score for each item, with the Good Pro.

TOTAL SCORE = Score Technical Proposal + Economic Proposal Score¬¬¬¬


Terms of Reference of Air Conditioning Equipment of the Second Room in the Naval Base

Equipment type Split Duct of sufficient capacity of 48,000 BTU (proposed) according to the
area and height of the New Building of the Room, option cold heat

It must be of the Split model for ducts installed inside the ceiling, the evaporator unit and the
condensing unit will be placed strategically to avoid annoying noises, the diffuser grids must
be of the necessary dimensions of 15 "x15".

For the option COLD HEATING of direct expansion and resistance of NICRON.
220 Volts.
60 Hertz.
US-made U.S.A.

The present equipment must consist of:

Metallic cabinet with anticorrosive treatment (zinc chromate) finished enamel hammered in
the oven, it is 12 poles with their respective thermomagnetic keys of 3x40A.


They are direct-drive Scroll type, designed for silent operation to compress R-22co pressure
ranges resulting from suction temperatures at 60 P.S.I and 195 P.S.I

the electric motor must have a high starting torque, for heavy duty, operating at 1,750
revolutions per minute (RPM) the motor is cooled by the return of the refrigerant gas, which
circulates between the rotor and stator its working capacity admits between a plus and minus
19% of its rated voltage rating plate must have a thermal protector for protection of charges
in its internal enclosed winding.

It is of the direct expansion type, the copper tubes have seam, they are expanded in their