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Interdisciplinary Learning - Planning Sheet

Outline of Learning- E.g exploring an issue, solving problems or completing a final project

Pupils will complete an interdisciplinary book study of Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl. They will
immerse themselves in the text and complete activities from across the curriculum to gain reading
comprehension skills, health and wellbeing skills, science skills, social studies skills and expressive arts

Curriculum Links

Literacy & English X Science X Technology X

Maths & Numeracy Social Studies X Expressive Arts X
Health and Wellbeing X RME Modern Languages

Key Questions (pupil and class teacher)

* What made the farmers wild with rage?

* What did the invitations to Mr Fox’s amazing feast look like?
* What are the differences between the nice characters and the not so nice ones?

Note of E’s / O’s, learning experiences to achieve final outcome (may include parent /
community links) Indicate HOTS

LIT 1-01a TCH 1-03b

LIT 1-02a TCH 1-04b
LIT 1-07a TCH 1-14a
LIT 1-09a
LIT 1-11a SCN 1-01a
LIT 1-14a SCN 1-02a
LIT 1-16a
LIT 1-20a SOC 1-09a
LIT 1-24a SOC 1-13a
LIT 1-26a SOC 1-13b

HWB 1-02a EXA 1-03a

HWB 1-10a EXA 1-05a
HWB 1-30a EXA 1-12a
HWB 1-35a

Through reading activities, listening and talking, writing, painting, drawing, drama, experiments a
investigations, pupils will explore the story in many different depths to enhance and develop thei
understanding skills.
Assessment (To be completed after learning is completed)

Highlight KU/skills

Skills for Learning, Life and Work Vocational skills

Personal and Learning skills Leadership
Communication skills Numeracy skills
Enterprise Problem solving
Decision making Curiosity & Wonder
Information Technology Creative thinking
Critical thinking Organisation
Collaboration Self-Direction

Remembering Understanding Applying Analysing Evaluating Creating

How did the children respond to the E’s and O’s covered? How have they moved forward?
What E’s and O’s need revisited? -

How did the children demonstrate their learning in new and unfamiliar situations?