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ff3R . t f. (11) 04/0007/2003-05 REGD. NO. D. L.

(N) 04/0007/2003-05

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R 47] 1c1 18—i' 24, 2018, Ir-KlR/bIr 27__ 181 1JT 3, 1940

Separate Paging is given to this Part in order that it may be filed as a separate compilation

.TPT II—u 3_-u (i)

PART H—Section 3—Sub-section (i)

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General Statutory Rules (Including Orders, Bye-laws etc. of a general character) issued by the Ministries of the
Government of India (other than the Ministry of Defence) and by the Central Authorities (other than the
Administrations of Union Territories)

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370.— tn 309 148 (5) r

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i1 rrrr, -Ic1 11TT, 1922w 4tlo li nij, rt1:-
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2. i 1r, 1922 r221kH (I) ()3'H (1) IIId i iiii,

6619 G112018 (1929)

1930 THE GAZE 11E OF INDIA NOVEMBER 24. 2018/AGRAHAYANA 3. 1940 [PART Il—SEC. 3(i)]

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1. 1cl H1tc1ci ffTETIT L2 (9)-i 111161, Tft 1.02.1963;

2. P-c1 ciuicici fiIT .1(1)- Ill (I)/65, 1Tft 20.02.1965;

3. 11c1 411Icici 3rf 9Tt.1(25)- III (T)/64, ITPI 30.11.1965;

4. 121 c1 -iciicici 3ff 9TIt.1(25)-HI (T)/64, TPI01.1O.1966;

5. IIc'Ici 3IftI9T L1(3)- 111 (r)/64-1TTr II, ITTh 18.07.1967;

6. f[ 1Ic11 3rf.ci9T .1(6)- 111 (1)/68, 26.04.1968;

7. 1i IciI 3If99T .1(25)- Ill (t)/64, 1T 27.05.1970;

8. fH 1Ic1ci If .18(13)-*IV(1)/70 TT29.01.1971;

1Tr H—nr 3(j)] R1 T oi : 'jc- 24, 2O18/aTTvr 3, 1940 1931

9. 1;H Hit cii arftFIT u. 1(9)--IIIçtO/74, 1T& 30.10.1974;

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11. iftts TdTnT arf3wr .1 -1(8) 1TtI 29.01.1981;

12. i-iiicii afi Tt.1/9/79-i-r. (ci.i-1), iTth06.10.1983;

13. i1iicii 3ff Tt.13/5/84-sii, (mvt1),fn±II 17.08.1984;

14. 1Tft15 4ft sufrroi fTrrr 3fftr9T 13/5/84-r.(io ri-i), fIT 24.9.1985;

15. Tl9fIt 3fr? f1fTe{ f31TT 3TfTTfIT t. i1/1/85-T.(drl-1), fffthl 24.04.1986; flT

16. fItift afrf r1tTU[ fv1TTr 3TfvIT . 1/10/89-T.( o'i-l), frrTh 30.08.1989.


(Department of Personnel and Training)
New Delhi, the 19th November, 2018
G.S.R.370.— In exercise of the powers conferred by the proviso to article 309 and clause (5) of article 148 of
the Constitution and after consultation with the Comptroller and Auditor General of India in relation to the persons
serving in the Indian Audit and Accounts Department, the President hereby makes the following rules further to amend
the Fundamental Rules. 1922. namely:-
(1) These rules may be called the Fundamental (Amendment) Rules, 2018.
(2) They shall come into force on the date of their publication in the Official Gazette.
2. In the Fundamental Rules. 1922, in rule 22. in sub-rule (I), in clause (a). for sub-clause (1). the following sub-
clause shall be substituted, namely:-

"(1) where a Government servant holding a post, other than a tenure post, in a substantive or
temporary or officiating capacity is promoted or appointed in a substantive. temporary or ofticiating
capacity. as the case may be. subject to the fulfillment of the eligibility conditions as prescribed in the
relevant Recruitment Rules, to another post carrying duties and responsibilities of greater importance
than those attaching to the post held by him, his initial pay in the time-scale shall be fixed by giving
one increment in the level from which the Government servant is promoted and he or she shall be
placed at a cell equal to the figure so arrived at in the level of the post to which promoted or
appointed and if no such cell is available in the level to which promoted or appointed, he shall be
placed at the next higher cell in that level.
Save in cases of appointment on deputation to an cx cadre post. or to a post on ad hoc basis
or on direct recruitment basis, the Government servant shall have the option, to be exercised within
one month from the date of promotion or appointment, as the case may be, to have the pay fixed
under this rule from the date of such promotion or appointment or to have the pay fixed initially at the
next higher cell in the level of the post to which he or she is promoted on regular basis and
subsequently, on the date of accrual of next increment in the level of the post from which Government
Servant is promoted, his pay shall be re-fixed and two increments (one accrued on account of annual
increment and the second accrued on account of promotion) shall be granted in the level from which
the Government Servant is promoted and he or she shall be placed. at a cell equal to the figure so