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Goddess Angaala Parameshwari who relieved Lord Shiva from BrahmaHathyaa Dosham

Goddess Angaali or Ankaala Parameshwari is the most renowned goddess across south
India. Her name involves many meanings
The word Aank in sanskrit means eye so Angaali is the one who bears eyes on her
entire body who is called as Sahasrakshi.
Same word Ank also means Thie ankaali is the one who sits on the thie of Lord Shiva
which is prominent feature of RajaRajeshwari
as Kameshwaraankastha in sri vidya paralance.Similarly Ankaali can be drawn on same
lines of Fierce deity of Kaali herself.

The story of Ankalamman has mainly two variations when accorded as per Town
Varanasi in North and another Melmalayanur in South.
During the intial times of Creation there aroused a war between Brahma and Vishnu
over their superirotiy in creation. They
both claimed themselves as superior over other. Then Lord SadaShiva the Ardhanaaree
form came infront of them and claimed
he himself as the supreme creator. As per Kurma Mathsya and Varaaha Puraana. Lord
shiva appied as Thejolinga whose starting
and ending points cant be seen. He told Lord vishnu and Lord Brahma that whoever
finds end points of this Linga, first will
be the supreme arrogant Brahma tried decieve Shiva by saying that he had find the
points but almighty who knew everything
became fierce and chopped one among the five heads of Brahma which created Brama
Hathyaa Dosham for him and that head got strucked
to hand of Shiva as Kapaala and Shiva then called as Kapaaleshwara of

With that kapaalam in his hand Shiva started wandering naked and became a
mendicant. Then Goddess Parvathi approached Visnu
to relieve her husband from the sin. Then Vishnu ordered Parvathi to reach
Dhandakaaranya and construct agni kula teertha that
burns every sin of people and too cook rice by mixing blood in it. He also said to
Sprinkle the food on earth for which Kapaalam
comes down and then take shiva into agnikula teeertha and make him to dip so that
his sin will be relieved and Kapaala again cant come back.
Parvathi did the same. But kapaala after eating all searched for Shiva's hand which
he couldnot find and got stuck to Parvathi's hand.
Then Parvathi became fierce and from her a distinct lady named Angaali came out
with large canines as her teeth and crushed the kapaala
with her feet. Parvathi then ordered Angaali to reside in this forest and bless the
people with their wishes.

parvathi with Lord Shiva then moved to Vaaranaasi where they turned as Annapoorna
and Vishweshwara where Annapoorna served Lord Shiva
with Gnaana Biksha and made siva the supreme.