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Amar pelos Dois as performed by Salvador Sobral (Eurovision 2017) Music &e Lyrics: Luisa Sobral ‘Are & Translation: Cikars Onda Amoroso (= 90) ar Dn? Grady Seum di a al-guém per gun ~ tat por mim Diz que vi some dy some-body asks ‘bout me Tel them char Pod Dm? Graddy Gyre 1s pia tea-mar wsde od 1 lived 00 love you Beforeyou came a= long emai c F crisus) Cee nr Aye 20, 6 x - is ti Can-s2 = doesem ma - da pa dar 1 dsifted through life Tr - red with no - thing to give Dn? Grady Grady By Ce Eom P Please ered the Composer/Lsriist 8 well asthe Arranger /Transhator. ‘Suggesons and request welcome a chacicohmusilagmilcom. 26, Mea bem fou, = veas min has pre=ces Pe = co que re-gees- ses queme My dear wont you hear my pet-yer Beg = ging you to come home to Be Bomi5/A Dn? Gata) 32 wol - tesa querer Ey sci que mio seama so-zin-ho Tales de va-gar love me once a gain I know thagYean't love on my own May = be youll re= Bemiyc BMC CB Bomba Dw? @ or) in= ho possas vol = tar ag pren-der mem-ber how £0 love meonce a= guia Bmiyo ct F CG FA BY a 45 Dnt grat, Gontada mmc CC Gon 05)/F st o Seo tea covm=¢io nfo quinser ce - der © Nio sn = tir pai-xio no qui 1f your heart can'ebear to give in Outoffear_ of the pain of the omic ch maya Be F Galt) Gita Bomaiyc — fazer pla nos = sion.we shared Without sma-king promises do que vier de~ fof what's to come a= FC Bn Dim o pois Omen co-ra=clopo-de amar pe ~ los dois heard © -Myheart can love for thew. of us Dy’ Gna mapas cr cr