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House Of Cards 2013 S01E01

1--Hey, what are you doing?

3--- Did you get a good look?- I only saw a blue Camry.
4--It's Wharton's dog.
5--- Oh, man.- He's not gonna make it.
6--Go see if they're home.
7--It's ok.
8--There are two kinds of pain.
9--The sort of pain that makes you strong...
10--or useless pain...
11--The sort of pain that's only suffering.
12--I have no patience for useless things.
13--Moments like this require someone who will act...
14--or do the unpleasant thing,
15--or the necessary thing.
17--No more pain.
18--It was a hit and run, I'm awfully sorry.
19--He must have jumped over the fence again.
20--Steve's gonna file a report on the car, he’ll put his people on it.
21--We'll track them down.
22--You're stunning.
23--Shall we? New Year!
25--Oh, President elect Gareth Walker.
26--Do I like him? No. Do I believe in him? That's beside the point.
27--Any politician that gets 70 million votes has tapped into something larger
28--than himself, larger than even me as much as I hate to admit it.
29--Look at that winning smile, those trusting eyes.
30--I just know them early on, and made myself vital.
31--After 22 years in congress
32--I can smell which way the wind is blowing.
33--Oh, Jim Matthews, his right, honorable Vice President.
34--Former Governor in Pennsylvania.
35--He did his duty in delivering the Keystone State. Bless his heart.
36--And now they're about to put him out to pasture.
37--But he looks happy, now doesn't he?
38--For some, it's simply the size of the chair.
39--Linda Vasquez, Walker's chief of staff.
40--I got her hired. She's a woman, check. And a Latina, check.
41--But more important than that, she's as tough as a two-dollar steak
42--Check, check, check.
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43--When it comes to the White House, you not only need the keys in your back pocket.
44--You need the gatekeeper.
45--As for me, I’m just a lowly house majority whip.
46--I keep things moving in a Congress choked by pettiness, and lassitude.
47--My job is to clear the pipes, and keep the sludge moving.
48--But I won't have to be a plumber much longer. I've done my time.
49--I backed the right man.
50--- Happy New Year!- Happy New Year!
51--Give and take.
52--Welcome to Washington.
57--House of Cards - Season 1Episode 01 "Chapter 1"
59--You need a haircut.
60--You think?
61--A little trim.
62--What are you gonna wear?
63--- You mean for the meeting?- For the announcement.
64--I'm wearing my navy blue, the one with the pinstripes.
66--You look handsome in that suit.
67--I don't know if they will announce it before your board meeting.
68--Well, as long as I can say the donation is coming.
69--As soon as it's official, Sancorp will write you the check.
70--This is going to be a big year for us.
71--You know, the meeting's on Tuesday.
72--You're gonna wanna start with something...
73--Any idea what?
74--I would say immigration, banking or education, but...
75--None of my regular sources can confirm that.
77--They don't know, or because they're not talking?
78--- Because they don't know.- Keep at it, get me something.
79--Sorry, I'm so sorry Mr. Hammerschmidt.
81--- Barnes- Of course.
82--Did it take him a year to remember your name?
84--Good morning, Lucas.
85--What can I do for you, Zoe?
86--I am sick of the Fairfax county council.
87--- You tell me everyday.- Move me online.
88--My own blog.
89--First person, subjective, 500 words.
90--- Not gonna happen.- I'll go underground.
91--backrooms, the urinals!
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92--I'll win over staff members on the Hill. They need a place to vent.
93--- A gossip column?- No. We'll lift the veil.
94--What's really going on.
95--This is the Washington Herald, Zoe. It's not...
96--- TMZ- Do you know how many people watch TMZ?
97--- I couldn't care less- Which is why print journalism is dying.
98--Then it will die with dignity. At least with this paper.
99--You are stuck in the 20th century, Lucas, you lack imagination.
100--Maybe so, but right now I don't need imagination, I need copy.
101--Your nights and weekends are yours, I applaud whatever you want to do, as long as it's not
on my time.
102--- You're telling me to get back to work?- I am.
103--- What you're really telling me is to fuck off.- I'm telling you both.
104--It's Mr. Chapman already, from Provence Trust.
105--Hold my calls, Christina.
107--It's good to see you.
108--- How long are you in town for?- Just today.
109--What? You gotta come back down for the inauguration. I can hook you up.
110--How about you hook me up with the zoning laws you promised to get changed?
111--We got 12 millions sitting in escrow for an empty lot we can't build on.
112--I know, but you gotta understand...
113--It's a local municipal issue. I can't just pick up the phone...
114--You can't? Because that's not what you lead us to believe when you begged for 50 grand in
115--Right, I...
116--Just one second.
117--Christina, I said no calls, not while I'm meeting with Mr. Chapman.
118--The President-elect?
119--- Do you mind?- No, go ahead please.
120--Put him trough Christina.
121--Mr. President-elect?
122--Thank you. Yes, we were pleased to win by double digits.
123--Absolutely, anything you need.
124--I need you to put your long, wet, talented tongue between my thighs
125--and make me squeal like Monica Lewin...
126--Me too.
127--Me too.
128--Okay, thank you, sir.
129--I'm so sorry...
130--Where were we?
132--what's he like?
133--The President-elect running late?
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134--No, he couldn't make it. I’ll brief him, though.

136--This is the memo, I've drafted, on our Middle East policy we've been developing.
137--Now, I want to borrow from Reagan.
138--I'd like to coin the phrase “trickle-down diplomacy".
139--- That way...- Frank. I'm gonna stop you there.
140--We are not nominating you for Secretary of State.
141--I know, he made you a promise, but circumstances have changed.
142--The nature of promises, Linda, is that they remain immune to changing circumstances.
143--Gareth has thought long and hard about this.
144--And he's decided we need you to stay in Congress.
145--When was this decision made?
146--And why wasn't I part of the conversation?
147--I'm sorry, Frank, if it had been up to me, I wouldn't have waited this long to tell you.
148--So you knew, you were going to do this.
149--It has been an evolving discussion.
150--It's a chicken-shit move.
151--- Frank...- I was vetted.
152--- Was that a ruse?- No.
153--Let's be absolutely clear, you wouldn't have won without me.
154--You're right, but now we have to lead.
155--And that means making tough choices.
156--As you know, education is a top priority for us.
157--A complete federal overhaul.
158--But it's not just the education, Frank, Congress has split.
159--We need you there, more than we need you in the State Department.
160--I got you hired, Linda.
161--- I know.- Donations, endorsements.
162--I wrote the campaign's entire foreign policy platform.
163--I bring years of Foreign Affairs Committee...
166--I want to speak to Walker personally.
167--The decision is made.
168--We need you, Frank.
169--Will you stand beside us or not?
170--Of course, if that's what the President wants.
171--I'm very glad to hear that.
172--I'm curious.
173--If not me then who?
174--Michael Kern.
175--Michael Kern?
177--that is an excellent choice.
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178--Can we make it look clear? I just want to make sure it doesn't look like we're neglecting our
179--No, no, no, no...I'm gonna say that we are expanding our mission.
181--And we're bringing on a new organization to help us.
182--- They know which one yet?- I'm still looking into a few options, but, um...
183--Tell me, what did we agree on. That we could hire how many new people. Six?
184--Six, maybe seven.
185--We'll have enough.
186--Ooh, it's exciting. Huh?
187--This, uh, new direction we're heading.
188--I just don't know where we're gonna fit all the people
189--Well, do you think we'll have to look into additional space?
190--No, no. I'll find a way.
191--Okay, so make the changes to the power point. And let's meet again,
192--- at 14.30.- Okay.
193--Answering machine Frank Underwood.
194--It's me.
195--I feel like an idiot leaving messages like this. Call me back.
196--What is it, Zoe?
197--Um, I knew you're gonna have your hands full at the White House. So,...
198--If you need someone to do research, or...
199--- Or punch out background.- I think I'll be fine.
200--Well, if things get hectic, and you need any help...
201--So you can blog about rubbing shoulders with the big boys.
202--- Wh... What did Lucas tell you?- Look, no offence, Zoey,
203--But I don't have time to be anyone's training wheels.
204--I just thought...
205--No, I was just actually offering to lend a hand.
206--- That's it.- I got it.
208--Claire // 4:58 PM "Where are you?"
209--- Claire.- You didn't call.
210--- I was...- You didn't call me, Francis.
211--Nine hours, you don't not call me.
212--Not when it's this big.
213--You're right.
214--When have we ever avoided each other?
215--I wanted a solution first.
216--- Do you have one?- Not yet.
217--This affects me too, Francis.
218--And it's not the money I'm upset about.
219--It's that we do things together.
220--When you don't involve me we are in free fall.
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221--I should have called you and I didn't.

222--What happened?
223--She says they need to keep me in Congress.
224--- Linda said that?- Walker wasn't even there.
225--That's what really gets me. He didn't have the courage to look me in the eye.
226--- I knew you shouldn't trust that woman.- I didn't, I don't trust anyone.
227--The how could you not see this coming.
228--I never thought they were capable.
229--You don't usually underestimate people, Francis.
230--I know
232--- and ambition.- You should be angry.
233--- I'm livid.- Then where is that. I don't see it.
234--What do you want me to do? Scream and yell?
235---throw a tantrum?-I want more than I'm seeing, you’re better than this, Francis.
236--Well, I’m sorry Claire. I am sorry.
237--No, that I won't accept.
238--- What?- Apologies.
239--My husband doesn't apologize.
240--Even to me.
241--How long have you been up?
243--I know what I have to do.
245--We'll have a lot of nights like this.
246--Making plans.
247--Very little sleep.
248--I expected that.
249--It doesn't worry me.
250--I better get to work.
251--I laid a suit out for you upstairs.
252--The navy blue one.
253--I love that woman.
254--I love her more than sharks love blood.
255--- President-elect Garrett Walker...- Why do you think they went with him?
256--We're too good. They can’t afford to lose us in congress.
257--Is that work done?
258--Chin tuck probably, definitely dies his hair.
259--- Do we say anything?- No, God no.
260--- Not unless he brings it up.- Nancy?
261--- 09.20...- Cancel everything, Stanford you're with me.
262--Now, look...
263--They have done us a great favor, Doug.
264--We are no longer bound by our allegiances, we serve no one.
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265--We live by one rule, and one rule only:

266--never again will we allow ourselves to be put in such a position.
267--- Walker and Vasquez?- All Of them. I hold them all accountable
268--- You want retribution?- No, no.
269--It's More Than That.
270--Take a step back.
271--Look at the bigger picture.
272--I think I see what you're getting at.
273--- Kern first?- That's how you devour a whale,
274--one bite at a time.
275--Who would you want?
276--- for secretary of state?- Give me a list of choices.
277--and however we do this, we’ll also need a buffer.
278--- You mean an errand boy.- Yes, someone we control completely.
279--- I'll keep my ear to the ground.- Good.
280--I haven't eaten since yesterday.
281--I almost pity him. He didn't choose to be put on my platter.
282--When I carve him up and toss him to the dogs
283--only then will he confront that brutal, inescapable truth
284--My God!
285--All I ever amounted to was chitlins.
286--..and he that shall humble himself
287--shall be exalted.
288--Matthew, Chapter 23
289--verse 12.
290--Thanks be to God.
291--I'd like to speak today on the subject of
293--A lot of you have just won re-election.
294--If you haven't you might not be sitting here.
295--and of course we should enjoy our success and be grateful for it
296--but never let your gratitude
297--sour into
299--You'll have many challenges ahead over the next couple of years
300--and a person's character
301--isn't determined by how he or she enjoys victory, but rather
302--how he or she endures
304--Nothing can help us endure dark times better
305--than our faith.
307--- Hello, Felicity.- How are you?
308--- Good how are you?- Good.
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309--I'm sorry, it's just not right.

310--Charles and I cannot understand what Walter was thinking.
311--Oh, that's very sweet of you.
312--But really, between you and me, I think Francis is relieved.
313--He just feels much more at home in Congress.
314--I would have bet a million dollars they were gonna pick you.
315--Well, it's a good thing you have a million dollars to spare.
316--- But you are by far and away the only choice.- I appreciate you saying that.
317--I mean, Michael? Come on, he’s got half the experience..
318--Garrett is a smart man, he knows what he's doing.
319--You're a bigger man than I, Frank.
320--You, ah..
321--You want some of that wine?
322--Yes, definitely.
323--Man, this is some good shit. Where did you get it?
324--I kinda lifted it..
325--from the VIP room of the speaker's holiday party.
326--I'm impressed!
327--Bordeaux, 20 years old?
328--Ah, it seemed about right for you.
330--- Why would you say that to me?- I'm almost thirty.
331--- It's practically ancient in your book.- I don't discriminate when it comes to age.
332--Really? When was the last time you hired a 40 year old stuffer?
333--- Doesn't mean that I wouldn't.- As long as she's good in the sack.
334--- Come on.- It's true, isn't it?
335--Where is this coming from?
336--You're not gonna just toss me aside for some slut stray out of Vassar.
337--Sorry I'm in that conversation.
338--It's been six months, it's not a little office fling anymore.
339--You want me to say those three magic words.
340--One of which starts with an 'L'.
341--- No.- Okay.
342--I'll say them.
343--Christina Gallagher...
344--lick my balls!
345--Oh're a bastard.
346--- Hey!- I love you.
347--I love you Christina.
348--I love you.
349--Now, will you lick my balls?
350--So, I'm curious. Are we patrons, benefactors or lepers?
351--Believe it or not, we're angels.
352--I'm going to go outside and pretend to use my cell phone.
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354--Can I have your jacket?
355--Are you going to bed?
356--I'll be up in a bit.
357--- Don't stay up all night.- No, I'll be right there.
358--Thanks so much. I’ll call you.
359--Wait! I thought you had a good time.
360--Oh, I did. I loved it. I’ve never been before.
361--Well, maybe I could come up.
362--Ryan, you're so sweet.
363--But if I was gonna fuck you, you’d know.
364--Thanks so much.
365--{a6}If you want em to talk you seriously ,maybe wear more than a G-string?
366--Francis "FranK" Underwood is Congressman For South Carolina's fifth district,
367--{a6}Subject:RE: Frank Underwood...ASS-WHIPPED
368--He Looks pretty serious to me.
369--- She's here.- Send her in.
370--It's quite rare for a president's chief of staff to climb the hill,
371--a gesture of respect, no doubt or desperation.
372--I'm guessing she'll say, Donald blythe for education.
373--Let's see if I'm right.
374--Good morning, Linda.
375--Thank you so much for making the trip up.
376--Of course, my pleasure.
378--First things first. The seating chart for the inauguration.
379--How do these two work for you and Claire?
380--They come with a complementary, we set of tickets to the Jefferson ball.
381--- Claire will be over the moon.- Good. I'm so glad.
383--We have Donald blythe drafting the legislation.
384--Donald blythe? Jesus.
385--I know.
386--So you want a bill just two steps left of Karl Marx.
387--I advised the president-elect against it,
388--but Donald is the face of education.
389--- He's been pushing reform for 25 years.- You want me to guide him to the middle.
390--We need a bill, we can pass.
391--Do I have absolute autonomy and authority on this?
392--There's more.
393--Garrett wants the bill on the floor in the first hundred days.
394--He wants to make a pledge in his inaugural address.
395--Well, that's...
396--- That's very ambitious, Linda.- Can we make that pledge?
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397--A hundred days?

398--I can deliver.
399--Keep me posted.
400--I'll talk with Donald. But I'll check in with you later in the week.
402--Did you smell that?
403--The smugness, the false deference.
404--She thinks I can be bought with a pair of tickets.
405--What am I, a whore in post-war Berlin,
406--salivating over free stockings and chocolate?
407--What she's asking will cost far more than that.
408--- Ferguson.- Too old.
409--- Willis.- Too stupid.
410--- Boyd.- Too queer.
412--- He's married with three kids.- And wouldn't they be devastated?
413--All right.
414--What about Catherine durant?
415--Cathy durant?
416--- She was vocally anti-Walker.- She's got the experience.
417--Set up a meeting.
419--The donation from Sancorp.
420--The money will have to come from somewhere else.
421--God, what happened?
422--I've looked over the budget for fiscal '13,
423--and we've allocated1.6 million for salaries.
424--We need to cut that in half.
425--- Well, you're suggesting...- Evelyn, we're going to let some people go.
426--- That would be half of our staff.- We have to carve out some room.
427--But you would have to fire some essential people who've been with us since the beginning.
428--We are a charity,
429--but not for our employees.
430--You know, um, Claire, I have held my tongue about this whole international thing for a
431--but I don't get it. I mean, we are really good at what we do.
432--Why do we have to try and be something we're not?
433--Because we've plateaued, Evelyn, and it is time for us, for our entire organization...
434--- What, digging Wells in Africa?- We don't know anything about that.
435--Which is why we have to bring in new people.
436--This is the plan that I've proposed to the board, and we are moving forward with it.
437--I'd like a list of names, please.
438--Claire, could we just think about this?
439--I have thought about it.
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440--I've put a lot of thought into it.

441--- Yeah, but I think that we can really...- Evelyn.
442--You're the office manager.
443--I need you to trust that I know what I'm doing,
444--so please get me that list as soon as possible.
445--Oh, ma'am, you can't go up there.- I'm sorry. I just...
446--I just have one question.- No, no. You gotta come...
447--Sir, I apologize. This woman...
448--If I could just have one second. Congressman. - Miss, you need to step away from the fellow.
449--If I could just have one second.- Step away from the...
450--Who are you?
451--My name is Zoe Barnes. I'm a reporter at the Washington herald.
452--It is after 10:30 at night, and this is my home.
453--- I do not allow any..- We're part of a mutual admiration society.
454--You're a fan of the symphony.
455--Well, more for the people watching than the music.
456--It's all right, Steve. Come on in, miss Barnes.
457--It's strong.
458--Do you prefer it weak?
459--No. The stronger, the better.
460--There's no harm in looking.
461--It's a cheap ploy.
462--It's cheap but effective.
463--Well, you certainly have my undivided attention.
464--Good. The reason I'm here...
465--Oh, is foreplay over?
466--I read somewhere that jfk never lasted more than three minutes.
467--The point being?
468--Time is precious.
469--Powerful people don't have the luxury of foreplay.
470--Okay, so why are you here, Ms. Barnes?
471--I need somebody I can talk to.
472--We're talking. Tell me what we're talking about.
473--I protect your identity. I print whatever you tell me. And I'll never ask any questions.
474--And what makes you think I don't already have such an arrangement with one of your
475--Because if you did, you wouldn't have let me through the door.
476--I've led a very long, very successful career avoiding this sort of intrigue with the press.
477--I can't see any advantage in starting now...
478--- But is there any disadvantage?- Sloppiness, for one.
479--I promise you absolute discretion.
480--So, we're talking about trust.
481--Use whatever words you like.
482--Words matter very much, Ms. Barnes.
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483--You should care more about them, given your profession.

484--Then, yes...
485--Your trust.
486--So, which Zoey Barnes am I to trust?
487--The one who wrote about the fireman that married the meter maid?
488--Or the one who authored a very fine article on
489--on a new jogging path in Rock creek Park?
490--Don't be flattered, I read everything.
491--I'm better than what they have me doing.
492--You know what that feels like.
493--Do I?
494--You'd have made a great secretary of state.
495--How exactly may I help you, miss Barnes?
496--You must know the administration’s legislative agenda,
497--what's coming up first.- I may.
498--- Will you tell me?- What would be your guess?
499--- Education.- Why?
500--Im-immigration is too controversial.
501--Tax reform isn't sexy enough. Everyone can get behind children.
502--- Is it education?- You might very well think that.
503--I couldn't possibly comment
504--A hint.
505--- It's late, miss Barnes.- Can we talk again?
506--I hope you'll understand that I wanna sleep on all this.
507--I never make such big decisions so long after sunset and so far from dawn.
508--My cell phone's on the back.
509--Did you put miss Barnes in the visitors' ledger?
510--- Not yet.- Don't.
511--- Needless to say.- Needless.
514--This is miss Zoe Barnes of the Washington herald. She was just leaving.
515--Very nice to meet you, Mrs. Underwood.
516--Drive safe. There's a lot of ice on the road.
517--I will.
518--Thank you.
519--Does that work on anybody?
520--Does what?
521--The push up bra and the v-neck tee.
522--Well, if it does, I don't know who they are.
523--Okay, relax, relax.
524--License and registration.
525--Uh, the glove compartment, sweetheart.
526--This isn't your driver's license. It’s a Starbucks card.
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527--Oh, shit. Sorry.

528--- Sir, have you been drinking?- No, I never drink coffee at this hour.
529--I'm going to need you to step out of the car.
530--Hey, if I was speeding, you can write me a ticket...
531--Sir, step out of the car
532--right now.
533--Look, I don't want to be a prick, but I'm a member of...Of congress.
534--I don't care if you’re the king of China.
535--China doesn't h-ave a king.
536--It's a communist "agua-larchy."
537--- Oligar... "Oliguarchy."- Let's go. Out.
538--You, too, sweetie.- Fuck. That's hard to say.
539--Ahem. Hello.
541--Well, let's get him out.
542--Mind if I join you?
543--What the fuck is going on?
544--- I thought I was meeting with the congress...- No
545--you're meeting me.
546--I got a city council meeting...
547--You've been police commissioner for what,
548--almost a decade now?
549--We're here to talk about my resume?
550--"Mayor of D.C." would look good on that resume, wouldn't it?
551--We know that you've been angling to run for some time.
552--Experience is your strong suit.
553--Endorsement and fundraising,
554--they're not.
555--We can help with that.
557--You're free to go.
558--- It was just a few drinks.- It was enough to get pulled over.
559--But I wasn't drunk drunk.
560--Were you alone?
562--- Say that to my face.- Hey, watch the road.
563--Say it to my face.
565--I was alone.
566--You cannot keep doing this, Peter.
567--It's going to catch up with you.
568--I know.
569--Do you think we can arrange two more at our table for the Jefferson ball?
570--- For whom?- The Holburnes.
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571--I'm going to need her money for the C.W.I. The staff cuts are just not enough.
572--- How are we doing?- Good. Progress.
573--Irons in the fire.
574--I like irons,
575--but I love fire.
578--- What are you...- The bill is garbage, Donald.
579--Tax increases, ban on vouchers, federal oversight..
580--How do you expect me to get that through a committee?
581--When Linda told me to write it, she promised..
582--I'm sure she said any number of things.
583--They want your name because it carries weight.
584--Well, my name comes with my ideas.
585--I understand, but you’ve got to be reasonable.
586--It's about passing meaningful reform.
587--Maybe not everything you would’ve hoped, but help me help you.
588--That's going to take time.
589--- I... those ideas, I've been developing them for...- If it's time you need, I will buy you time,
590--but you've got to promise me your next-at-bat is going to give me something I can work
591--Okay, Frank,
592-- I'll see what I can do.
593--Good. And, Donald, don't let this get you down, all right?
594--Together we're going to do more than you’ve been able to do in 25 years.
595--Two things are now irrelevant...
596--Donald blythe and Donald Blythe's new draft.
597--Eventually I'll have to rewrite the bill myself.
598--Forward! That is the battle cry.
599--Leave ideology to the armchair generals. It does me no good.
600--Walker just nominated kern.
601--It's a long road to confirmation.
602--Not even boy scouts.
603--Nobody's a boy scout Not even boy scouts.
604--- What do you have?- Absolutely nothing.
605--Then what are we talking about?
606--Just asking a simple question. Does the job interest you?
607--Why would you want Michael gone?
608--Cathy, you and I came up together.
609--The foreign affairs committee needs a secretary we can work with,
610--someone who isn't afraid to standup to Walker when he's wrong.
611--We need you.
612--Let's assume I am interested.
613--I don't want to assume.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

614--I want to know.

615--2, 6...
616--Ok... 2, 6, 3, 7.
617--Please hold.
618--Zoe Barnes.
619--Anywhere you want.
620--On my way.
621--I'm gonna have to call you back.
622--So sorry. I couldn't catch a cab. I had to take a train...
623--Just before you left my house...
624--Think back...
625--What were we discussing?
626--- The president's legislative agenda.- Specifically.
628--- Was I right?- Do the math, miss Barnes.
629--- He needs a bill.- Sponsored by...
630--- You?- Be smarter than that.
631--- Somebody with legitimacy.- Good.
632--And who screams legitimacy and education?
633--- Donald blythe?- Correct. The problem is...
634--He's an old-school tax-and-spend liberal.
635--Walker ran as a moderate.
636--You think blythe would talk to me?
637--He doesn't have to.
639--We're in a very gray area...Ethically, legally...
--00:43:04,666 --> 00:43:07,868- Which I'm okay with...- I just love this painting.Don't you?
641--We're in the same boat now, Zoe.
642--Take care not to tip it over. I can only save one of us from drowning.
643--He announces his education initiative on Monday.
644--Half of the address is based on...
--00:43:47,228 --> 00:43:49,258- I understand.- Do we need to take it out?
646--We're fine, Linda.
647--But you just got through saying he has to start over.
648--I didn't choose blythe. You did.
649--You put him in my lap and asked me to work a miracle,
650--and I will. Now, have a little faith, Linda.
651--Let me work with Donald on this. I know what can be accomplished in 100 days.
652--All right, Frank.
653--- We're counting on you.- Good.
654--Now, I do have a little favor to ask.
655--Do you think I can get just two more tickets
656--for my table at the Jefferson ball?
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

658--Uh, sure! What do you got?

659--Whiskey. Blend.
660--If you're offering.
662--So... how are things in the city of brotherly love?
663--We're getting by.
666--Oh, I'm sorry. I made that neat. Did you want...
667--No, this is perfect.
669--it seems you've been a bit irresponsible.
671--Don't play dumb with me, Peter.
672--Save it for the ethics committee.
673--Drink up. You could use a little courage right now.
674--You're not having one.
675--It's a bit early in the day for me.
676--Is this about the other night?
677--How do you know about that?
678--I'm the whip. It’s my job to know.
679--Look... look, they let me off.
680--There's... there's no charges. It’s all taken care of.
681--Honestly, Peter,
682--do you really think these things just take care of themselves?
684--It was just this one time, Frank. I swear to God.
685--Then you must hold God in very low esteem,
686--because we both know that's a lie.
688--controlled substances, driving under the influence...
689--Got quite a long list of hobbies.
690--What is it you want?
691--Your absolute,
692--Your absolute,
693--unquestioning loyalty.
694--- Always.- Do not misunderstand
695--what I mean by "loyalty."
697--Name it, Frank.
698--You seem far too relaxed.
699--I'm not.
700--You shouldn't be.
701--Doug'll be in touch.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

702--Hang on.
703--Where have you been?
704--I've been calling you. Everybody’s working double-time in an inauguration,
705--and you just up and disappear...
706--Hang on.
708--Let me call you back.
709--- Where did you get this?- Wrong question.
710--The right question is, how quickly can we get it up on the site?
711--I have to run this past tom.
712--Let's get legal on this. Make sure we're not breaking any laws.
713--- You won't tell me your source?- I can't do that.
714--Fine, but if legal finds even one...
715--I understand. How long do you think that will take? We should get this online right away.
716--I'm not just going to scan a 300-page document
717--I did that already.
718--- The whole thing?- Cover to cover.
719--I've got excerpts, analysis.3,000 words ready for editing.
--00:47:37,697 --> 00:47:39,124Start to work here.
721--Get graphics. Work on the tables, charts The whole nine yards.
723--Give me a title.
724--- What's the angle? Five words.- - Far left of center.
725--- That's four.- Very far left of center.
726--- Enough to put Walker on his heels?- Fuck his heels. This'll put him on his ass.
727--What's up?
728--We've got a copy of the administration’s education bill.
729--- You're going to work with Zoe and do background cover.- Zoe Barnes?
730--Right here.
731--Whatever she needs.
732--- Well, shouldn't I be writing the...- She wrote it already.
733--And I want you to rewrite it, then rewrite it again. You’ll help her.
734--Tom, I am your chief political correspondent.
735--- Go! I want this by tomorrow.- But I need to focus on the inauguration.
--00:48:14,798 --> 00:48:16,536This is more important.
737--Let's get started.
738--That I will faithfully execute the office...Power is a lot like real estate.
739--That I will faithfully execute the office...
740--Power is a lot like real estate. It’s all about location, location, location.
741--The closer you are to the source, the higher your property value.
742--Centuries from now, when people watch this footage,
743--who will they see smiling just at the edge of the frame?
744--- "So help me God."- So help me God.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

747--is not about the next four years.
748--It's about the next four decades.
749--Now, you've placed your faith in me,
750--and I, in turn,
751--choose to place that faith in our children.
752--Our children are the key
--00:49:21,572 --> 00:49:23,600to this nation's future.
754--And that's why the first order of business for this administration
755--will be a comprehensive education reform bill
756--to properly fix, finance,
757--and strengthen our nation's schools!
758--And I pledge to you,
759--we will have that billon the floor of the congress
760--within the first 100 days of this administration!
761--It was so nice of you to make this possible.
762--- When you called me, I was...- Oh, not another one.
763--I'm gonna miss out on my ultimate Frisbee league this week.
764--No, I'm serious.
765--A few of us on budget have quite a rivalry going with the guys on finance.
766--It's fierce. We get physical.
767--Anybody gets between me and that goal line,
768--I will take that sucker down!
769--- Donald, I've been looking for you everywhere.- Maestro, here, let me help you out with
770--I really like the work you’ve done on the new draft.
771--It's a big step forward. We'regonna make history together.
772--I've got some ideas about subsidies for higher education...
773--Catherine! Hold onto that thought, Donald.
774--Don't you look stunt!
775--We Southern girls clean up well when we get out of our Daisy Dukes and into some Vera
776--And we Southern boys are slow with our words, but we're fast on our feet.
777--May I have the honor?
778--You most certainly may.
779--- Morning', Freddy.- Good morning, Frank.
780--- How's tricks?- I can't kick.
781--- You want to go on in?- No. Why don't you set me up outside?
782--Outside? It’s freezing out here.
783--Well, a little cold never hurt anybody.
784--Anything you say, Frank.
785--It'll be right up.
786--My one guilty pleasure is a good rack of ribs, even at 7:30 in the morning.
787--Have the whole place to myself.
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788--Where I come from in South Carolina, people didn't have two pennies to rub together.
--00:52:03,905 --> 00:52:06,434A rack of ribs is a luxury, like...
790--Bill Significantly expand Federal control
791--Christmas in July.
792--Oh, fuck.
793--The website traffic is absolutely crazy.
794--is wanted in connection to a canine hit-and-run.
795--Code 1057, found on capital...
796--Do you want seconds, Frank?
797--I'd better not.
798--Tell you what, Freddie?
799--Yes, I will.
800--I'm feeling hungry today.

House Of Cards 2013 S01E02

1--You know what I like about people?

2--They stack so well.
3--Let me get this for you.
4--- Want the paper?- No.
5--This is too much.
6--It's not half enough.
7--Thanks for opening up for me.
8--Any time, day or night. You know that.
9--In a town where everyone's
10--so carefully reinventing themselves,
11--what I like about Freddy
12--is that he doesn't even pretend to change.
13--Ooh. I'm late.
14--Every Tuesday I sit down
15--with the speaker and the majority leader
16--to discuss the week's agenda.
17--Well, discuss is probably the wrong word.
18--They talk while I sit quietly
19--and imaging their lightly salted faces
20--frying in a skillet.
21--Sync & corrections by
22--Vasquez must be shitting herself.
23--Shitting herself, or Walker is shitting himself
24--and shoveling his shit on her shit.
25--Bob, I'm planning on eating.
26--Do we have a backup on the docket?
27--You're on that, right, Frank?
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

28--Yeah, I'm working with my staff--

29--Republicans are gonna ram this
30--up our ass. I would if I was them.
31--Why, even if we squeak it through the house,
32--watch them mangle it in the senate.
33--- Or filibuster.- Why, sure, if it looks anything like this.
34--I don't know why Walker's
35--trying to tackle a charging elephant.
36--It's madness.
37--Congressmen, sorry to interrupt,
38--but I saw you sitting over here--
39--Remy. Gentlemen, this is Remy Danton.
40--Remy, this is Speaker Birch and Congress--
41--I'm well aware. Mr. Speaker, Congressman.
42--Remy just made partner at Glendon Hill.
43--Glendon Hill? Great team over there.
44--- Congratulations.- Thank you.
45--When was the last time they added a partner?
46--It's been a while.
47--Well, they know a winner when they see one.
48--Remy was the best press secretary I ever had.
49--Why did you let him go?
50--I didn’t. They stole him away.
51--What accounts do you have?
52--San Corp Industries is my main one.
53--I run that account now.
54--Anyhow, I'll let you get back to it.
55--Sorry again to interrupt.
56--No problem.
57--Very nice to meet you both.
58--- Nice.- Lobbyists keep getting younger and younger.
59--He's probably making more than all of us combined.
60--Gentlemen, this one's on me.
61--I'm gonna track down that check.
62--Glendon Hill fronts San Corp Industries.
63--San Corp is deep into natural gas.
64--I don't give a hoot about natural gas,
65--but I have 67 deputy whips,
66--and they all need cash to win races.
67--San Corp helps me purchase loyalty,
68--and in return they expect mine.
69--It's degrading, I know,
70--but when the tit's that big,
71--everybody gets in line.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

72--Tell them I'm on top of it.

73--I need more than that.
74--You are well aware that I do not drop the ball
75--on things like this, Remy.
76--Promises, Frank. Secretary of State,
77--Argentine and offshore drilling contracts--
78--talk to me when I've solved the problem.
79--Don't waste my time when I’m working on solving the problem.
80--When there's billions on the line,
81--I can't not show up.
82--Fine. Thank you for your diligence.
83--Eight figures to you and the D triple C.
84--6 million to build that library of yours in your name.
85--- I know.- Don't make them throw money
86--at your challenger next cycle.
87--You've made your point.
88--Have I? I hope so.
89--Such a waste of talent.
90--He chose money over power--
91--In this town, a mistake nearly everyone makes.
92--Money is the McMansion in Sarasota
93--that starts falling apart after ten years.
94--Power is the old stone building
95--that stands for centuries.
96--I cannot respect someone who doesn't see the difference.
97--What am I looking at?
98--The Williams register.
99--- Williams?- College.
100--September '78.
101--And why am I looking at it?
102--The editorial.
103--Not that interesting.
104--Michael Kern went to Williams.
105--Check out the masthead.
106--And then there's this.
107--It's thin.
108--The guy's a unicorn. He pisses rainbows.
109--- You think we can get traction with this?- I think you could.
110--Linda Vasquez is on the phone.
111--Ah, I'm surprised it took her this long.
112--It's only 6 past 9:00.
113--Which means she read the Herald 3 hours ago
114--and spent the past 2 1/2 getting reamed by the president.
115--Tell her I'm on my way.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

116--You were supposed to keep Donald in line. You assured me that you--
117--25 years he's been pushing this particular agenda.
118--We got between the mother bear and her cub.
119--It's a setback. That’s all.
120--On our first day in office.
121--Linda, I've worked with four presidents.
122--Setbacks are a dime a dozen with a bill of this size.
123--Frank, if you can't control this--
124--I don't take well to being micromanaged, Linda.
125--You want to do my job for me and run the White House?
126--Good luck. I won't stand in your way.
127--Okay, Frank. Fine. This is yours now.
128--If this thing can't make it to the floor in the first 100 days,
129--then I'll let you explain to the president
130--why he lied to the American people.
131--I'm gonna get back to work.
132--Please do.
133--Well, we really should be doing this on a Friday
134--instead of a Wednesday.
135--If we do it on a Friday,
136--- people have the weekend--- Fine. We'll do it on Friday.
137--Is all the paperwork ready?
138--Some of the more senior people are trickier.
139--There's severance.
140--But we shouldn't run into any legal issues.
141--No, no. We use at-will employment contracts
142--across the board.
143--Well, get started first thing Friday.
144--I want all of the exit interviews
145--done by lunch.
146--Claire, I just can't help but think
147--that this is a mistake.
148--We've discussed this already, Evelyn.
149--I know, I know, but I just have to say it
150--for the sake of my conscience.
151--I think that you are dismantling
152--what we have built over the past ten years,
153--and I--
154--and I think the way you're handling this cruel.
156--It's not easy, Evelyn.
157--But it's necessary.
158--You have always asked me to be honest with you.
159--It's how we work together.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

160--I disagree with something, I say it.

161--Well, I disagree 100%.
162--Please, Claire, don't do this.
163--I respect your opinion, Evelyn,
164--and I appreciate you sharing it with me,
165--but I'm not going to change my mind.
166--Friday, then.
167--If that's what you want.
168--This is major reform, a complete overhaul.
169--That would usually take months.
170--Well, we only have days, not months.
171--But think about the process. We can't just change--
172--When I ask my colleagues, your bosses,
173--who are the smartest minds in education,
174--out of hundreds, we arrived at you--
175--the six of you in this room.
176--Now, I realize it is a difficult task,
177--but we have the opportunity to make history here.
178--And I want all of us to make it together.
179--So good luck. We’re counting on you.
180--Page 1.
181--These bullet points
182--reflect the key planks
183--at the center of our bill.
184--Get comfy. This is your home
185--until we have a presentable first draft.
186--Donald, what a morning.
187--I have no idea how they got this.
188--I specifically told my staff
189--to destroy everything. I can't imagine--
190--It doesn't matter how it happened.
191--We can't make it un-happen, so we have to adapt.
192--Don't they realize that this is a first draft?
193--All we have here really is a perception problem.
194--We don't get a second chanceat a first impression, Donald.
195--You know that. Now, look, I'm on your side,
196--but Linda is furious.
197--What's she saying?
198--They want to point fingers.
199--At me?
200--I told her we cannot do that.
201--I mean, you are vital to this process.
202--I'm up to here with them, Donald--
203--for lying, for turning their back on you.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

204--You know, I'm of a mind to say screw it.

205--I'll fall on this grenade myself,
206--just to piss them off.
207--Give me John king at CNN.
208--Wait, Frank. This is not your fault.
209--No, we have to protect your reputation.
210--But you're the man that needs toget the bill through the house.
211--I will-- hang on. I will assign it to one of my deputies,
212--quietly manage it, and help guide you through the process.
213--I am not comfortable with this.
214--Well, then what do you suggest we do?
215--What a martyr craves more than anything
216--is a sword to fall on,
217--so you sharpen the blade,
218--hold it at just the right angle,
219--and then 3, 2, 1--
220--It should be me.
221--It was my bill.
222--No. Impossible. Donald,
223--education has been your life's work.
224--The truth is my heart is not in this fight.
225--You know me. I'm not a wheeler dealer.
226--I can put my mind to policy,
227--but I'm no good at this brand of politics.
228--Well, if not you, then who?
229--It should be you, Frank.
230--You're formidable. People respect you.
231--They will follow your lead. Let me--
232--let me be on the sidelines for this.
233--Well, I could only consider that as an option
234--if I knew that I could still come to you for counsel.
235--Of course. Whatever you need.
236--Part of me is glad this got leaked.
237--Well, it would have been better if it hadn't,
238--but at least people know where I stand.
239--Thank you, Donald.
240--Happy to do it, Frank.
241--He has no idea we've got six kids in the next room
242--already working on a new draft.
243--Stamper! But why dampen his mood by telling him?
244--We just gave him a great gift--
245--a chance to fulfill his destiny.
246--Write up a statement for Blythe--
247--stepping aside, fresh ideas,
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

248--et cetera, et cetera, and make it dignified.

249--He's a good man.
250--Oh. And bring me that Williams editorial.
251--After careful thought and discussion with my staff,
252--I am relinquishing my management
253--of the education reform act.
254--I hope to remain a part of the process,
255--but I won't be working--
256--Why did you leak the draft?
257--I'm not exactly sure how it got leaked,
258--but, uh, it does represent--
259--it came from your office, though, correct?
260--Uh, we wrote it, but I don't--
261--Who'll be managing the bill now?
262--Frank Underwood.
263--Was that your choice,
264--or did the administration--
265--I feel very confident
266--placing the bill
267--in Frank's capable hands.
268--Ms. Barnes.
269--How very deep throat of you.
270--Well, I can't help you dispatch a president.
271--How about a senator?
272--The editorial on the Camp David accords.
273--"It is the opinion of this newspaper
274--"that President Carter demand Israel
275--"withdraw all its citizens
276--from the Gaza Strip and West Bank."
277--"Which it has illegally occupied since 1967."
278--Illegally occupied.
279--That's quite an incendiary quote, don't you think?
280--For an administration that says
281--that the Middle East is it stop foreign policy priority.
282--Michael Kern?
283--Did he personally write the editorial?
284--He was the editor.
285--But did he write it himself?
286--Then there's no story.
287--I'm saying it's a question worth asking.
288--And if he denies involvement?
289--He will. Let him.
290--This is a man trying to be confirmed
291--as Secretary of State.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

292--Everything is a story.
293--There's no direct link.
294--I can't get this past Messerschmidt.
295--Remember this moment when you resisted me,
296--when you said the words “Then there is no story."
297--Get a good night’s sleep, Ms. Barnes.
298--You have a big day tomorrow.
300--What is this?
301--What does it look like?
302--But the basement is mine.
303--I know. It's not for me.
304--So who's it for?
305--For you.
306--There's a gym in the Capitol.
307--Which you never use.
308--Because I'm a tad busy running the country.
309--But not at home, so now you have no excuse.
310--I want it out.
311--Give it a try first.
312--Is this your subtle way
313--of saying that I'm out of shape?
314--No, it's my way of suggesting
315--you could be in better shape.
316--That sounds both passive-aggressive
317--and condescending.
318--Just plain aggressive and true.
319--Don't wait up for me.
320--Are you going running now?
321--Yes, because I couldn't this morning.
322--I had an early meeting.
323--Use the monstrosity. It’s freezing out.
324--You break it in.
325--It looks positively medieval, doesn't it?
326--And to turn my only sanctuary into a fitness dungeon.
327--I won't have it.
328--It's a stretch.
329--We're not misleading anyone.
330--- He was the editor.- Did you call for a comment?
331--I tried three times. The press secretary said he'd get back to me.
332--- He didn't.- What about research?
333--You couldn't find anything to echo the editorial?
334--No quotes, no op-ed pieces?
335--Don't you think if something like that existed,
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

336--someone would have printed it by now?

337--Nobody else has this, Lucas.
338--I don't think there's a story here.
339--I'm not saying there's a story. All I'm saying
340--is that there's a question that needs to be answered.
341--This is a nominee for Secretary of State.
342--We have an editorial on Palestine and Israel.
343--Which he didn't write.
344--Which we don't know he didn't write.
346--We don't have to print it.
347--I could just scan the thing,
348--stick it on a site, and tweet the link.
349--But if I did that, some other paper might--
350--Whoa, whoa. Don’t be a bitch.
351--I'll talk to Tom.
352--That's all I was asking.
353--We simply can't afford to allow the--
354--We got a guy who's almost perfect.
355--He's a libertarian drug fiend
356--- marinating in a mobile home.- Shh.
357--I didn't agree with President Reagan
358--on many things,
359--but there was some merit
360--to the notion of trickle-down economics,
361--and I feel there is much merit
362--to the idea of trickle-down diplomacy.
363--Those are my lines.
364--Vasquez must have given them to him.
365--...stalemate between Israel and Palestine,
366--that success will trickle down
367--to a hundred other diplomatic dilemmas
368--between Muslims, Jews, Christians--
369--I'm glad you brought up Israel and Palestine
370--because just before we came on the air,
371--I received an advance copy of an article
372--that's going to be in tomorrow's
373--Washington Herald's front page
374--and was written by Zoe Barnes,
375--and in it she quotes an editorial
376--that ran in the Williams college register
377--when you were editor back in September 1978,
378--which called the Israeli presence
379--in the Gaza Strip and West Bank,
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

380--quote, an illegal occupation.

381--- Can I see that?- Sure.
382--Did you write those words, “illegal occupation"?
383--No. I have no memory of this.
384--But you were the editor of the paper.
385--Yes, but--
386--So it couldn't have gone out
387--without your approval.
388--No, of course not, but my staff--
389--somebody else usually wrote the, uh,
390--the, uh-- and then we’d vote, and if--
391--Did you vote for it?
392--Honestly, George, I can't remember.
393--It was 35 years ago.
394--So you're not sure
395--whether or not you supported these words--
396--I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt
397--I did not write these words.
398--But were they in line with your thinking at the time?
399--This is ludicrous.
400--That's all we need--him laughing.
401--I know it was a long time ago--
402--Nancy, get me Dennis Mendel of the ADL.
403--The Middle East is a vital American interest.
404--What you think about the Middle East is relevant.
405--You can look at my voting record.
406--Every single vote has been in defense of Israel--
407--So when did your views change?
408--What I'm saying to you is my--
409--What's important now, George,
410--is how I have voted
411--while I have represented the great state of Colorado--
412--I understand that's your position, but a lot of other people
413--are going to look at it and think what you thought then
414--is relevant as well.
415--Have you ever changed your views
416--- since college?- I'm not the nominee
417--for Secretary of State.
418--Uh, even if I did have--
419--It's golden.
420--This has not been my views--
421--It's a bull's eye.
422--What were you saying when you came in?
423--So, ahem, I found a guy
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

424--who was on the college editorial staff

425--when Kern was there.
426--This burnout,
427--still pumping mimeographed manifestos
428--out of a trailer park in the Berkshires.
429--You're not planning on talking to him.
430--Peter Russo.
432--Sounds like a perfect match.
434--Any chance you're watching Stephanopoulos?
435--You look sexy when you're improving
436--the lives of hardworking Pennsylvanians.
437--Is it the improving lives,
438--or is it these fetching sweat pants?
439--Move that computer out of the way.
440--Let me see what that looks like.
441--Yeah, it's better with the laptop.
442--Fuck off.
443--You're not paying enough attention to me.
444--I pay attention to you all day at the office.
445--Hey, you know, I don't think
446--I've ever seen you brush your teeth before.
447--- Sure you have.- No, I don't think so.
448--I know that you do brush, but I don't think
449--I've ever actually witnessed it before.
450--Well, here it is in all its glory.
451--Is that my toothbrush?
452--I don't know. Is it?
453--Yes, it is.
454--- You left it here.- Peter, gross.
455--Oh, come on.
456--We've exchanged plenty of fluids.
457--Ohh. Hey, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
458--No. Toothpaste.
459--It's not toothpaste. I’m ravished.
462--Go get it.
463--- I have to take this.- Ohh.
464--This is Russo.
465--Yeah. Right now it's 12:53.
466--Okay. Okay, okay, okay.
467--I have to go.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

468--Is everything okay?

469--It's work stuff.
470--What kind of work stuff?
471--Congressman Wallinski. He wants to go over
472--the tax incentive stuff we sent him.
473--Peter, it's 1:00 in the morning.
474--Hey, Peter.
475--I have meetings tomorrow. I have a committee hearing.
476--Congress will survive without you.
477--Address, directions.
478--There's an e-ticket in your name.
479--Your flight leaves at 6:30.
480--- You should head to the airport.- This is coming from Frank?
481--No. This is coming from no one.
482--You have the flu, and you're calling in sick.
483--- What's that?- What's what?
484--Is that a hickey?
485--Are you whoring around again?
486--- No. I have a girlfriend.- Mm.
487--You mean your little office romance.
488--What do you know about that?
489--When it comes to your life, Peter, and what I know about it,
490--you should assume that there's no such thing as a secret.
491--Stay in touch.
492--You call me on my cell, never at the office.
493--Good luck.
494--Knock 'em dead, tiger.
495--How are we?
496--Overtired, under-caffeinated, but we're making progress.
497--- Less than a week to go.- Yeah. We'll do our best.
498--- You'll what?- We'll get it done.
499--Somebody open a window. It's rancid in here.
500--That is what happens when six people
501--don't shower for half a week.
502--Anything you need other than deodorant?
503--Yeah, this performance standards thing.
504--- The teachers unions are gonna--- Leave it in.
505--- But we could delete it.- I'll handle the unions. What else? Anything?
506--Conjugal visits?
507--I'll get back to work.
509--- Coming.- What do I have next?
510--Constituent calls from 2:10 to 2:35,
511--- fundraising until 3:50, deputy caucus at 4:00.- The call list?
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

512--- It's on your desk.- My briefing for the caucus?

513--- Next to the call list.- Have you been in the conference room?
514--Have it steam cleaned over the weekend.
515--In the meantime, get those poor kids some Febreze or something.
516--It's like a petting zoo.
517--You gotta see this.
518--But were they in line with your thinking at the time?
519--We do not consider the issue of Israel
520--and Palestine a laughing matter.
521--And he calls Israel illegal.
522--Well, he's an anti-semite, and he is wrong.
523--We would have grave, grave concerns
524--about appointing such a man our next Secretary of State.
525--It's too easy.
526--Roy, hi.
527--My name is Peter Russo. Congressman Russo.
528--I'd like to just speak to you for just a...
530--Either you're lying, and you can fuck off;
531--or you're telling the truth, and you can absolutely fuck off.
532--I saw your web site.
533--I'm a fan.
534--And I brought you something.
535--Hey, babe, put some clothes on.
536--- What?- We got a guest.
537--So? Hey.
538--Put some clothes on.
539--Ice or no ice?
540--- Uh, no ice.- Good.
541--We don't have any.
542--Fuck. Echo, I told you to put the--
543--It's okay. It's okay.
544--I'll keep your secret if you keep mine.
545--A congressman, you say?
546--Right now, I’m just a drinking companion.
547--Well, all right, companion.
548--Have yourself a drink.
549--Come on in.
551--What will that get me?
552--I mean, I'm kinky, but I don't know if I'm the girl you're looking for.
553--You're definitely the girl that I'm looking for.
554--Excuse me.
555--All I want for that money is your silence.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

556--My what?
557--The guy you were with the other night,
558--the one who was arrested, do you know who he was?
559--You mean the congressman?
560--There was no congressman. There was no arrest.
561--None of that exists.
562--All that exists
563--is the money sitting right therein front of you.
564--Do you understand?
567--Open your mouth.
568--Last little bit's for me.
569--You're scolding me.
570--Am I?
571--You are, silently.
572--- Is it the rowing machine?- You tell me.
573--It's the rowing machine.
574--- You haven't used it.- How do you know I haven't?
576--You know I don't like to be managed.
577--I'm not trying to manage you.
578--I just don't want to outlive you by 25 years.
579--I must walk three miles a day around that Capitol.
580--I'm constantly on my feet.
581--And do you know how many calories the brain burns?
582--I'm not worried about your brain.
583--It's your heart we're talking about.
584--Use the machine.
585--She's right.
586--I should take better care of myself.
587--But it's the principle.
588--I won't be a slave to anybody or anything
589--you can order with a toll-free number.
590--We share the wealth in this republic.
591--I thought the whole editorial team pitched in.
592--Sometimes. Not that time, though.
593--But he must have written some of it?
594--No. That was all me.
595--What if people thought he wrote it?
596--Oh, fuck that. He’s a fraud.
597--Nah, he's worse than a fraud. He’s a fucking farce.
598--I'll tell you something.
599--He used to be even more of a maniac than I am.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

600--- Chemicals?- No. Politics.

601--Oh, we had some nights, man. Long conversations,
602--dangerous fucking notions.
603--- Like what?- You name it-- OPEC,
604--Pinochet, the fucking Food Stamp Act.
605--Then the motherland sang her mating call.
606--♪ O say can you-- ♪
607--Next thing, he's cramming for the bar at Bryn Mawr
608--and snapping on a flag pin.
609--Does Bryn Mawr have a law school?
610--My point is, he started goose-stepping in the marionette parade.
611--Left, right; red, blue; Democrat, Republican.
612--We're all dangling from the same strings.
613--Take a sledgehammer to the whole fucking Punch and Judy show.
614--- That's what's required.- Thought you were a patriot.
615--Fuck, yeah. One of the few.
616--- So what's wrong with public service?- Public service?
617--Come on. You gotta get a grip on who your masters are.
618--The I.M.F., the World Bank, the Rockefeller Trilateral Commission.
619--You bankroll their fucking death squads.
620--It's called FEMA; it's called alcohol, tobacco, and firearms;
621--NATO; Border Control.
622--You think Katrina was incompetence?
623--That was highly orchestrated negligence.
624--Look at Waco, Amnesty International, the A.C.L.U.
625--Smokescreens-- all of them. Blood on their hands.
626--Well, exactly.
627--You want me to lie to the people.
628--I want you to spare the people another hypocrite.
629--What's in it for you?
630--Poetic justice.
631--Oh, come on. You’re one of them.
632--Can a corporate sellout roll a joint like this?
633--♪ Lord knows, I can't change ♪
634--If I wanted to do this thing,
635--how might I go about that, precisely?
636--How did it go?
637--There were a few tears here and there
638--and some anger,
639--but nothing unexpected.
640--I'm going to need you to leave us today, too, Evelyn.
641--I'm sorry.
642--I just can't have any doubt about the direction I'm taking.
643--You just had me fire 18 people.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

644--I know.
645--I sat across from them in this room,
646--and I had to tell each and every one of--
647--I know.
648--I am 59 years old.
649--Nobody hires anybody my age.
650--I will write you any kind of recommend a--
651--To do what, bag groceries?
652--What am I supposed to tell my daughter?
653--I'm sorry, Evelyn. I truly am.
654--No, you're not. You don't give a fuck.
655--Eighteen people, Claire.
656--Nineteen, if you count me.
657--I have to...
658--I have to call my daughter.
659--I know today has been tough.
660--A lot of your colleagues have left,
661--and I owe you an explanation.
662--Many of those who left us today
663--helped build the C.W.I. from the ground up,
664--and I'm grateful to them.
665--But it is time for us to evolve,
666--and to accomplish this,
667--we had to make hard choices
668--and bring in new people.
669--That's what today was about.
670--You have any questions,
671--my door is always open.
672--I'm all good for national and metro.
673--We've got space for political if we need it.
674--Janine, anything new on Michael Kern?
675--The White House is dodging.
676--You can't get anyone on record?
677--Not just me.
678--They're shutting all of us down in the briefings.
679--No one is giving an inch, even on background.
680--In the meantime, I’m working on a feature
681--about the administration’s foreign policy agenda.
682--How it shifted from the start of the campaign,
683--- increased D.O.D. spending, and--- Received, Zoe.
684--I can link Kern directly to the Williams editorial.
685--- What?- I've got a guy named Roy Kapeniak
686--who was on the editorial staff when Kern was there.
687--Hey, Twitter tw at, W.T.F.?
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

688--- Wait, wait, wait. Roy what?- Kapeniak.

689--A classmate of Kern's.
690--I have him on record saying Kern wrote every word
691--- of the editorial.- Let's move this into my office.
692--Zoe, Lucas.
694--Let me-- let me, once and for all,
695--say this definitively:
696--I didn't author that editorial.
697--Not a single sentence, word, comma, or period.
698--If memory serves me, it was Mr. Kapeniak who wrote it.
699--Why on earth he's trying to claim that I did is beyond me.
700--Let me further say that I'm a strong supporter of the state of Israel.
701--As the most stable country in the region
702--- and our strongest ally...- It's Frank Underwood for Cathy. any peace process,
704--because without the stability of Israel,
705--there can be no Palestine.
706--CNN right now.
707--"Without Israel there can be no Palestine"?
708--- I've got it on.- I would remind Senator Kern
709--that there was a Palestine long before there was an Israel.
710--His comments are not only ignorant, they are racist.
711--Get ready, Cathy. Things are about to move very quickly.
712--- ...his understanding of the Middle East--- Okay.
713--- so out of sync with reality...- I'm ready.
715--- Peter? No. Stop.- Uh, not now.
716--Hey. Hey, where have you been?
717--Oh, God, you're fucking high.
718--- No. I--- Yes, you are. Look at your eyes.
719--Oh, please, just lay off.
720--You promised me it wouldn't be like this.
721--Cancel whatever I have for the rest of the day.
722--Kern is out.
723--They're tossing him?
724--Technically, that would draw himself, but yes.
725--Can I say "A source close to the White House"?
726--No. You let this story play out on its own time.
727--They'll announce in the morning.
728--I'm sorry. If not that, what story are we talking about?
729--Catherine Durant.
730--As soon as Kern withdraws, you say she'll be the replacement.
731--- Is that true?- It will be after you write it.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

732--Roy Kapeniak was you.

733--You might very well think that. I couldn't possibly comment.
734--You found him. You had him call me.
735--Kapeniak and Kern were appetizers, Miss Barnes.
736--Catherine Durant is the meal.
737--Say that name: Catherine Durant.
738--Say it over and over.
739--Tomorrow afternoon, write it down,
740--and then watch that name come out of the mouth
741--of the President of the United States.
742--This is where we get to create.
743--Don't miss your train, Miss Barnes.
744--It's the last one tonight.
745--Zoe Barnes with the Washington Herald now reporting,
746--quoting a source close to the president,
747--as saying that Senator Catherine Durant
748--will likely be the new nominee for Secretary of State
749--after Michael Kern's withdrawal earlier this week.
750--The White House has remained silent on whether the president
751--will tap Durant for a nomination,
752--but a national Zog by Poll
753--shows wide support for Durant across party lines.
754--Catherine Durant has served ten years on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee,
755--made numerous diplomatic missions to South America...
756--We can place our faith in her, knowing that we have a responsible,
757--experienced, brilliant woman representing our interests abroad.
758--Middle of the road, team player, strong in defense.
759--If there's a woman that can work with the joint chiefs, she's the one.
760--Durant is the way to go. It’s a no-brainer.
761--The president should stop this pageant and simply make the call.
762--Why are we still talking about, if they’re going to nominate Durant?
763--Why don't they just do it already
764--so we can all stop talking about ifs
765--and start talking about when and what
766--and how Durant's going to shape up foreign policy...
767--So, history?
769--I'm very impressed, Frank.
770--Good. With your go-ahead, I’ll start the mock-up.
771--Have Birch and Rasmussen seen this?
772--Not yet. I wanted you to be the first to have a look.
773--I'll schedule a time for you to fill in the president.
774--Oh, no, no, no. That is your turf, Linda. You should do that.
775--- Thank you, Frank.- My pleasure. Thank you.
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776--- I so apologize for everything--- No, no, no, n--

777--it's not necessary.
778--Now for the real meeting.
779--So what is happening with Michael Kern?
780--Oh, it's a total nightmare.
781--You know who you're gonna tap next?
782--Frank, we still need you in the house--
783--No, no, no.I wouldn't dream of it.
784--We've got our education bill. I was just curious.
785--Somehow the rumor is flying around
786--that we're gonna nominate Catherine Durant.
787--- I'm sure you've noticed.- Is the rumor true?
788--Well, we weren’t considering her at first,
789--but the president asked me to have her vetted
790--in case we wanna go that route.
791--- Interesting.- What do you think?
792--Well, she wouldn't be my first choice--
793--Who would be your first choice?
794--She campaigned hard against us in the primaries.
795--- That's my reservation.- But you'd show yourself above party politics,
796--and I know she'd work all the harder for it.
797--Decent experience, respect across the aisle.
798--So you think we can seriously consider her?
799--It's not the worst idea in the world.
800--- Where are you getting this shit?- What?
801--- Your stories. Who are you fucking?- I was just--
802--- Nobody.- Oh, come on.
803--You're a metro scrub, and now look at you.
804--You'd have to be fucking somebody important.
805--I'm just doing my job, Janine.
806--Excuse me.
807--All set.
808--- Is this your first remote?- Yeah, it's my first time.
809--Right into the camera, don’t shift in your seat,
810--and there's no reason to speak above a conversational volume.
811--- The mic will pick you up. You all ready?- Yeah.
812--All right. Don’t forget to breathe.
813--Five, four...
814--We'd like to welcome Zoë Barnes from the Washington Herald.
815--Zoe, thank you for joining us.
816--I'm very glad to be here. Thank you for having me.
817--You broke the education bill, the Kern editorial, and now Durant.
818--I'm just thrilled to be reporting news that matters.
819--And it's truly been a team effort.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

820--Everyone at the Herald pitched in.

821--But, yes, a lot of firsts.
822--First national story, first...
823--Thank you.
824--Calling it a night.
825--See you tomorrow, sir.
826--But, yes, a lot of firsts.
827--First national story,
828--first front-page byline,
829--first TV interview.
830--I would wave to my mom, but the cameraman said not to shift in my seat.
831--What a roller coaster.
832--It really is too bad. Kern was a good man.
833--- And now Catherine Durant.- Yes.
834--Right place, right time, I suppose.
835--- We like her, don't we?- Very much.
836--Question is, does she like SanCorp as much as we like her?
837--I would say that that is a very good bet.
838--But then again, I'm not a betting man.
839--- No. You always like a sure thing.- When it avails itself.
840--- Good night, Remy.- Good night, Frank.
841--- See you around.- Hopefully less and less now.
842--Oh, no. I charged the wrong thing.
843--- What did you have again?- A medium decaf latte.
844--Med lat, dec.
845--I don't know how to get it to go back.
846--- This one and this one.- This one?
847--No. Let me do it.
848--I have to ask you to stay back, congressman.
849--- What's going on?- Some guy was trying to get into the building.
850--When we said no, he started tearing his clothes off.
851--Nobody can hear you. Nobody cares about you.
852--Nothing will come of this.
853--Why don't you let these nice gentlemen take you home?
854--Cover him up. It’s cold out here.
855--You heard the congressman.
856--Cover him up.

House Of Cards 2013 S01E03

1--Sync and corrections by

2--Page 43, section 7.We'd like some clarification.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

3--Section 7 has to do with the evaluative measures--

4--"Evaluative measures."
5--What we're talking about here are performance standards,
6--plain and simple.
7--We can't have that. We open that can of worms--
8--Gotta take it out, Frank.
9--The administration wants it in.
10--Then we're all wasting our time.
11--Well, look, I can cut down the frequency of testing,
12--but it's got to be part of the overall--
13--That's the thin edge of a two-ton wedge.
14--- No way, non-debatable.- All right, hold on.
15--There's no harm in hearing them out, right?
16--Frank, what do you have in mind?
17--We adjust article 4.Hand me article 4.
18--We go every three years instead of two.
19--Frank, for us to even consider testing--
20--[Woman] Marty, we can’t negotiate time intervals here.
21--If-- I'm just saying if--
22--The frequency could never be more than five years.
23--Look, five is a little high, but if you can bend on that--
24--- Marty.- Wait, wait, wait. And it's not just frequency.
25--Veteran teachers would have to be exempt
26--if they have a proven record of excellence with the students.
27--Well, excuse me for a moment.
28--Corey, will you take the reins on this?
29--Right, so, article 4--in terms of exceptions--
30--I've been saying for years that we should tear it down.
31--It's vulgar, it's an embarrassment to the county,
32--but time and time again Frank Underwood
33--has fought to keep it standing.
34--If it weren't for him,
35--the Peachoid would've been replaced ages ago.
36--And Jessica masters would still be alive.
37--The congressman needs to answer for this tragedy.
38--What exactly happened?
39--A 17-year-old girl
40--ran off the road texting her boyfriend, and I quote,
41--"doesn't the Peachoid look like a giant..."
42--- And then she lost control of the car.- Jesus.
43--Orrin's making a big fuss in the local press.
44--[Chuckles] And he's pushing the parents to sue Gaffney.
45--Sue Gaffney? It’s in his own jurisdiction.
46--It's worth throwing Gaffney under the bus
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

47--to drag you into the mess.

48--He's after my seat again.
49--Has he learned absolutely nothing?
50--It's a full-on smear campaign, boss.
51--He's out to destroy you.
52--With this? It's a peach, for Christ sake.
53--Let him make a fool out of himself.
54--No, he will make a fool out of you.
55--If he spins this right, gets national coverage--
56--National coverage? It’s a joke.
57--And you will be the butt of it.
58--We can't afford that right now,
59--not when you're in the spotlight with the education bill.
60--This thing has caused me so much damn trouble.
61--- I know.- So who should I call, parents?
62--Phone call’s not going to cut it.
63--- You need to go down there.- Can it wait until Monday?
64--We get on this thing right now, we can contain it.
65--We wait until Monday,
66--then there's no way to know how much this is going to blow up on us.
67--I can't go down to Gaffney. The unions have just--
68--- We postpone--- They're gonna be livid.
69--Marty's reasonable, okay?
70--He will explain to them.
71--And they're just supposed to understand and accept
72--that I had to get up from the negotiating table
73--because some two-bit county administrator wants to--
74--I don't want to interrupt you, sir,
75--but this is not just about Orrin.
76--It's about the parents.
77--Now, you think about the lawsuit.
78--What happens if you have to testify?
79--Subpoenas, depositions.
80--You get dragged into a court battle,
81--there is no education bill.
82--We can't ignore this.
83--I just hate this small-ball crap.
84--♪♪ [Theme]
85--It's called the what? The peach what?
86--[Underwood] The Peachoid.
87--It's a giant water tower
88--in the shape of a peach.
89--[Laughs] Oh, wow.
90--I just googled it."The Peachoid."
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

91--She was 17, Linda.

92--You're right. I’m sorry.
93--- I need another week.- No, that's not going to work.
94--The president makes his speech on Tuesday.
95--We've already announced.
96--Speeches can be rescheduled.
97--We have to show some progress on education, Frank.
98--The first hundred days is almost over.
99--If we push back the speech,
100--it'll look like we’re spinning our wheels.
101--All right, I’ll work something out.
102--Thank you, Linda.
103--Frank, these are the heads
104--of the two largest teachers unions in the country.
105--- I understand.- They flew here on a weekend.
106--Doug will lead the charge. Congressman Phillips is well vetted--
107--They flew here to see you, Frank.
108--You're managing this bill.
109--Put this in the other bag.
110--And I'll be inconstant communication.
111--Anything big comes up, I’m a phone call away.
112--It's a 300-page document.
113--We need you in that room.
114--I would stay if I could,
115--but this is my home district.
116--Now, Marty, cut me a little slack here.
117--We'll get it done.
118--You and I go way back.
119--Have I ever let you down?
120--No, you haven't.
121--And I don't intend to start now.
124--- Gillian?- Claire.
125--It's so nice to finally meet you.
126--Yeah-- I'm a little under the weather.
127--I don't want to get you sick.
128--Well, if you're feeling ill, we can--
129--No, no, no, I'm fine. It’s just a cold.
130--Well, thank you for coming in.
131--Of course.
132--Shall we talk in my office?
133--These are really cool photographs.
134--Oh, thank you.
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135--Adam Galloway took the pictures.

136--Have you heard of him?
138--I met him at the Whitney biennial a couple years ago
139--and commissioned him to do these.
140--He just had a big show at ps1.
141--I'm not up to date on the art world.
142--That's all right.
143--We're not here to talk about photography. Are we?
144--My office is over here.
145--You run into any trouble, you call me.
146--I got it covered.
147--Gene Clancy know I'm coming?
148--Just spoke to him.
149--Get to it.
150--Your flight is booked, leaves in 55 minutes.
151--Ed will be joining you.
152--Where's Steve?
153--He went home sick about an hour ago, sir.
154--I'll be filling in.
155--What's your name again? Edward what?
156--- Meacham.- You drive fast, Meacham?
157--You wanted to talk to me?
158--Come on, Zoe. This is Mrs. Tilden, owner of--
159--She knows who I am.
160--Mrs. Tilden liked your profile on Catherine Durant.
161--No, I didn’t. I loved it.
162--In depth, uncompromising.
163--Normally I don't read things before they go to print,
164--but Cathy's a friend.
165--Tell me how you knew she'd be nominated before she did?
166--You want my source?
167--Tom says you won't tell him.
168--I haven't told anyone.
169--Well, I own the paper.
170--And I'm very grateful to be working here.
171--So you're not going to tell me either.
172--Which do you want, my source or my integrity?
174--Move Zoe's piece to the frontpage of Sunday's edition.
175--Let me think that over.
176--You think it over as much as you want.
177--Then put it on the front page.
178--I've worked really hard to gain a foothold with world well.
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179--Six years ago it was just me and a macbook.

180--I understand.
181--And I had to juggle two temp jobs just to pay the rent.
182--It's your baby. You don't want to let it go.
183--Well, I just--
184--And you wouldn't have to, Gillian.
185--All I want is for you to grow what you've already built.
186--I heard you fired half your staff.
187--Yes, I did.
188--That worries me.
189--I let them go to make room for you.
190--I'm just not sure we’re the right match.
191--To be honest, I’m a little uncomfortable
192--working with someone who’s commissioning famous photographers
193--when I can't even buy my volunteers bus fair to the office.
194--Do you know who Nicky Hemler is?
196--Nicky owns one of the biggest galleries in Chelsea.
197--She desperately wanted to represent Adam Galloway.
198--I delivered on Adam,
199--and in return she contributes
200--almost 40 grand a year to CWI.
201--That money goes to impact studies,
202--lobbying efforts, research.
203--World well could benefit from that sort of money, Gillian,
204--and we can benefit from your expertise.
205--Can I think about it?
206--Of course.
207--We don't have to jump into anything.
208--I grew up here in the up country--
209--Bibles, barbecues, and broken backs.
210--Everything gets just a little bit thicker
211--this far south--
212--The air, the blood, even me.
213--I try to make it down here at least once a month.
214--Every trip is a reminder of how far I've come.
215--I hated Gaffney as a kid,
216--when I had nothing,
217--but now I've come to appreciate it.
218--It's not as suffocating as it once was,
219--except when I have to deal with the sort of nonsense
220--that makes me want to hang myself.
221--[Computer navigator]Turn left on route one--
222--Don't listen to her. I know a better way.
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223--Yes, sir.
224--[Man]We don't have the money, Frank.
225--The legal bills alone will kill us.
226--How about a settlement?
227--I'll look at the numbers.
228--What's it look like to you?
229--Like a peach.
230--No, I mean what does it really look like?
231--As mayor, I stick with a peach.
232--As a private citizen,
233--well, it looks like the sun is shining
234--where it shouldn't be.
235--[Underwood] There's a better way to handle this.
236--Really, Frank? And what's that?
237--I'm not trying to start an argument here.
238--You make it sound like I'm in the wrong.
239--No, you know exactly what you're doing, Orrin.
240--You're using this poor girl's death
241--for your own political advantage.
242--You're the one that fought me
243--when the peach farmers itched and moaned
244--about me tearing it down.
245--You're the one that took their money.
246--- It's a water tower.- It's ungodly.
247--- Orrin.- This is cut and dry, Frank.
248--I fought to tear it down.
249--You fought to keep it up.
250--That girl's blood is on your hands,
251--and I'm taking you to task for it.
252--All right, I'll tell you what.
253--Dick Peters is going to retire this term.
254--That means there's an open race in the fourth district.
255--How about I help you lock up that seat?
256--I'm not looking to make a deal, Frank.
257--It's not a deal.
258--It's an opportunity.
259--I'll be just fine.
260--You may despise me, Orrin,
261--but the classy thing to do
262--would've been to invite us up
263--for some of that iced tea.
264--What are you doing?
265--You shouldn't run here.
266--It's disgraceful.
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267--Have you no respect?

268--The criteria is a starting point.
269--They're suggested, not mandated.
270--We assemble a council of experts
271--who will determine exactly--
272--Nowhere here does it say who these experts are,
273--how they'll be chosen.
274--The president selects the council.
275--What sort of oversight?
276--We'd like input on the selection.
277--Doug, check with Linda.
278--Calling her now.
279--Okay, so now can we talk about charter schools?
280--Charter schools are a no-go.
281--They have to be in there.
282--You keep them in, we walk.
283--The same goes for us.
284--Let's not jump to ultimatums.
285--Well, let's figure out a way to reduce non-public spending.
286--All right, give me a few minutes to think about that.
287--We can't move forward without addressing this point.
288--- I understand, but this is the cornerstone of the bill.- Let's talk it out.
289--Give me five minutes, Marty. I’ll call you right back.
290--- No-- no--- [Dial tone]
291--[Man] If we consider settlement as an option,
292--we need to be able to pay for it.
293--[Man #2]But if we offer a settlement,
294--- aren't we saying--- [Man #3] That's my point.
295--We're admitting that the town's responsible
296--for this kid's death.
297--I say make the peach farmers cough it up.
298--Oh, man, talk about a shit storm.
299--Y'all mind catch in' me up?
300--Wayne and Travis want to go to court.
301--I don't think that’s a good idea.
302--We can't be pouring money into a settlement
303--when we can barely afford to run the city.
304--What do you think, gene?
305--I think that we gotta worry about the peach farmers association.
306--If there is a hint that we’re blaming the Peachoid,
307--they're going to raise holy hell.
308--Who gives a crap. They gotta suck it up.
309--Let him talk.
310--I'm just saying that we need to keep them in mind.
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311--She was breaking the law. End of story.

312--You can't text while you drive.
313--Yeah, but all a jury's going to see
314--is a beautiful 17-year-oldgirl who's now dead.
315--No offense, Frank, but you just got here.
316--We've been dealing with this for the last week now.
317--And where's your solution?
319--You think you know better than us?
320--I'm just trying to be realistic.
321--Frank, I know you want to swoop down
322--and save the day,
323--but there's a principle at stake here.
324--We allow ourselves to be extorted
325--because of this teenager--
326--When Orrin gets a jury to weep a river of snot
327--over this dead girl,
328--when Gaffney goes tits up
329--because you can't afford to pay a seven-figure award in damages,
330--when you all get booted out of office
331--and I lose to Chase,
332--then you can chew my ear off about principles,
333--because we'll all have nothing but time on our hands.
334--Until then,
335--you either contribute,
336--or you keep it shut, Travis.
337--Now, here’s what we're going to do.
338--Gene, how much can we pull together
339--- for a settlement if we had to?- About 150.
340--That'll work.
341--Jamie, get your boys down to the hardware store
342--to build two billboards.
343--Put them out a mile out on either side of the tower.
344--Have them read, "drive safely. No texting behind the wheel."
345--- Got it.- And get those up by tomorrow morning.
346--I'll issue the permits.
347--And let's stop lighting the thing at night.
348--The peach farmers aren’t going to like that.
349--Well, how much does the electric cost?
350--4,100 plus change per month.
351--About 50,000 a year.
352--Jesus, you could put a kid through college on--
353--Let's use that money to start a scholarship fund in her name.
354--Meantime, you tell the association,
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

355--if they want it lit up, they can pay for it.
356--I'll deliver that message happily.
357--And do me up a budget and a plan
358--for removing the sphincter.
359--The what?
360--He means the emergency valve.
361--That's interesting.
362--I always thought of it as a clitoris.
363--But it's on bottom.
364--I believe the clitoris is above the--
365--But if you imagine a woman on her belly--
366--Enough. I want it done.
367--And, gene, give me everything you’ve got on road regulations.
368--County statutes, not municipal.
369--And do you remember that power line business
370--we pulled up at the last election?
371--Sure do.
372--Let's make sure we’re rock solid on that.
373--Does this very expensive dinner
374--at least buy me an evening
375--of mind-blowing sexual congress?
376--It was good, but I don't knowif it was that good.
377--Fellatio good?
378--Hand job maybe. No promises.
380--Okay, um, Peter, there’s something I need to tell you.
381--I have been thinking lately.
382--You know, um, it might be good to work somewhere else.
383--So I did some interviews,
384--and the speaker's office offered me deputy LD.
386--Christina, um--
387--I just thought it could be good, right,
388--if we're going to have any future,
389--to stop this boss-staffer thing
390--and be a real couple.
391--We are a real couple.
392--I mean not have to hide it like we do at the office.
393--And it's a great opportunity.
394--The speaker?
395--Would you hate me if I took the job?
396--Baby, I want what you want.
397--I'm not--I won't fight you on this,
398--not if this is what you feel you need to do.
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399--- Really?- Yeah.

400--And you're right.
401--This is a great opportunity.
402--When do you have to tell them by?
403--There's no deadline. I don't have to decide right away.
404--Okay, well, when you decide,
405--just, you know, help me find a replacement.
406--You know, give me a heads-up.
407--Yeah, of course.
408--I haven't even decided if I'm going to take it.
409--We don't have to talk this through right now.
410--I just-- I just thought I’d bring it up.
411--Should we get out of here?
413--Let's go find the parents.
414--You hang back by the car.
415--It's a big crowd, sir.
416--If I get shot or stabbed
417--consoling two grieving parents,
418--I'm a hero from now until the end of time.
419--Let's roll the dice. Shall we?
420--Sir, I can't allow you to go unescorted
421--into all those people.
422--Allow me?
423--Let's get one thing straight, Meacham.
424--You are never to dictate what I can and cannot do.
425--The only two words I want to hear from you
426--when I ask you to do something
427--are "yes" and "sir."
428--Is that understood?
429--Yes, sir.
430--Good. Then we're gonna get along just fine.
431--Mr. and Mrs. masters, I'm Frank Underwood, your congressman.
432--I'm so sorry for your loss.
433--I cannot begin to fathom--
434--You're right. You can’t. You have no idea.
435--Forgive me. I don't mean to intrude. I just--
436--- Well, you are intruding.- Dean, please.
438--It's his fault. Isn’t it?
439--Anyway, I just wanted to express my condolences,
440--and say if there's anything the two of you nee--
441--Dean, you don't want to be talking to him.
442--We got legal action pending.
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443--Look, I know what Mr. Chase has been saying, and believe--
444--Nobody invited you.
445--Nobody wants your condolences
446--or your excuses.
447--Frank, please.
448--You shouldn't have to put up with this right now.
449--I'm sorry.
450--Well, that went well.
451--Hang on a second. Reverend.
453--Nice to see you again.
454--I wish it was under better circumstances.
455--Terrible, isn't it?
456--It's just terrible.
457--This is so thoughtful what you've organized here.
458--Least we can do.
459--Tell me, are the masters in your congregation?
460--They are. They come every Sunday.
461--Do you think they'll beat the service tomorrow?
462--I'd be surprised if they weren't.
463--I'm wondering. Can you do me a favor?
464--Anything for you, Frank.
465--Oh, the blue toothbrush is yours, right?
466--[Christina]Uh, yeah, the blue one.
467--- Hey, Peter?- Yeah?
468--Where do you keep the light bulbs?
469--The lamp in the bedroom is out.
470--In the kitchen, under the sink.
471--Here's what I think.
472--I wish I could be bigger than this, but I can't,
473--and I'm being selfish,
474--and I realize it's mostly about me, but fuck it.
475--I have to say it. Please don’t take that other job, Christina.
476--Anyway, that's how I feel.
477--I'm glad you told me.
478--Charters jeopardize our ability to organize,
479--which is reason enough,
480--but the bigger issue is
481--that measuring their success--
482--Charters schools have operated
483--under the same evaluative standards that every--
484--Apples and oranges.
485--No matter how you look at it, you can’t use the same standards to compare.
486--What, you're advocating a more demanding criteria for charter schools
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487--- than other schools--- Our point is simple, Frank.

488--- [Phone chimes]- Several funds should only go
489--- to public union school districts- Hold on a second.
490--Yeah, but we've already increased on-charter funding by 10%.
491--The amount going to charter schools is negligible.
492--It's the precedent, Frank, not the number.
493--We're setting a lot of precedents, Marty.
494--That's the nature of reform.
495--Well, some of them we can stomach. Some of them we can't.
496--All right, let's not get bogged down in abstractions.
497--Let's deal with specifics.
498--Corey, can you walk us through it?
499--There's a three-prong approach
500--to determining the amount of funding...
501--[Continues in background]
502--Miss me?
503--Maybe. A little.
504--What's it been, 15 hours?
506--Not even long enough to notice you're gone.
507--Tell that to Marty Spinella.
508--How's it coming?
509--It's coming. Slowly, painfully.
510--Hey, have we always had tulips in the front yard,
511--or am I slowly going insane?
512--I planted them last fall.
513--You did not.
514--When I was down with you for the campaign.
515--You've never gardened a day in your life.
516--Not true. I have gardened exactly one day in my life.
517--You were down in Spartanburg
518--doing some sort of fundraiser.
519--Gene's wife came over with a bucket of bulbs,
520--and next thing you knew, I was down on my knees in the dirt,
521--earthworms and all.
523--I can't even picture it.
524--Neither can I, and I was there.
525--What else?
526--Distract me from giant peaches and dead teenagers.
527--[Sighing] What else?
528--Oh, I went for a run today,
529--and the strangest...
530--I-- I don't know.
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531--This woman...
532--- [Muddled chattering]- [Phone chimes]
533--That's interesting.
534--What is?
535--Oh, a text just came. Zoë Barnes.
537--Oh, that reporter from the herald you met one night.
538--Oh, her. I remember.
539--Yeah, go if you need to call her back.
540--No, she can wait.
541--I'm talking to my wife.
542--That's okay. I’m going to bed soon anyway.
543--See you tomorrow?
544--I hope so.
545--Wish me luck.
546--[Curses in French]
547--Mm, bonsoir, my petite Peachoid.
549--- Good night.- Good night.
550--Yeah, all right, that's fine, Corey. Marty?
551--Frank, let me explain it to you. Here’s our problem.
552--[Cell phone chimes]
553--[Chattering continues]
554--[Marty] Frank? Frank, did we lose you?
555--Uh, yeah, I'm here, Marty.
556--Look, we can talk ourselves in circles about charter schools,
557--but here's what I propose.
558--In your profile, you go into great detail
559--about the sexism Durant faced early on in her career.
560--That's right.
561--When she was first elected,
562--it was still an old boy's club in the senate.
563--Journalism used to be that way, too, not so long ago.
564--[Barnes] I feel really lucky.
565--I've had lots of trailblazers come before me.
566--For instance, my colleague Janine Skorsky
567--was the first woman at the herald
568--to become chief political correspondent,
569--and that was only five years ago.
570--Has it been those trailblazers
571--who've allowed you to rise so quickly?
572--You've moved up from the Metro pages
573--to the front page Sunday edition.
574--[Barnes] Uh, well, I don't know that that would be possible
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

575--if Janine hadn't already paved the way.

576--So does that mean that the herald is not particularly progressive?
577--I think that they are. Tom is very open minded.
578--He's the reason Janine got promoted.
579--That's Tom Hammerschmidt, the executive editor.
580--Yes, we actually call him the hammer.
581--The hammer? Why?
582--Because he's tough.
583--How tough?
584--He's, uh--Tom has very high standards.
585--I love him.
586--He's a-- he's a great mentor.
587--Um, it can be frustrating at times.
588--Um, he makes you double and triple-check things,
589--and you want to get the news out
590--the moment you have it,
591--and he makes you rewrite until it's perfect,
592--but that's what makes the herald the herald.
593--Is that a workable model in the Internet age?
594--Our readers think it is.
595--Well, you have a declining readership.
596--But I don't lay that at Tom's feet.
597--I think that that's the times we live in, right?
598--Should newspapers adapt to the times we live in?
599--It's not that the herald refuses to adapt.
600--We have an online presence.
601--Is that maybe not adapting fast enough?
602--I wouldn't argue with that statement.
603--We could do more.
604--♪♪ [Chorus singing]
606--We've got a special guest with us today.
607--He asked for the opportunity
608--to share a few words with us this morning--
609--Our very own congressman, Frank Underwood.
610--- [Underwood] Good morning.- [Congregation] Good morning.
611--Thank you, reverend,
612--and thanks to that choir for that beautiful hymn.
613--I want to read, this morning, from...
615--You know what no one wants to talk about.
617--I know all about hate.
618--It starts in your gut,
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

619--deep down here,

620--where it stirs and churns.
621--And then it rises.
622--Hate rises fast and volcanic.
623--It erupts hot on the breath.
624--Your eyes go wide with fire.
625--You clench your teeth so hard
626--you think they'll shatter.
627--- I hate you, God. I hate you!- [Congregation gasps]
628--Oh, don't tell me you haven’t said those words before.
629--I know you have.
630--We all have,
631--if you've ever felt so crushing a loss.
632--There are two parents with us today
633--who know that pain,
634--the most terrible hurt of all--
635--Losing a child before her time.
636--If Dean and Leanne were to stand up right now
637--and scream those awful words of hate,
638--could we blame them?
639--I couldn't.
640--At least their hatred I can understand.
641--I can grasp it,
642--but God's wantonness,
643--his cruelty,
644--I can't even begin to--
645--My father dropped dead of a heart attack
646--at the age of 43--43 years old--
647--and when he died, I looked up to God
648--and I said those words,
649--because my father was so young,
650--so full of life, so full of dreams.
651--Why would God take him from us?
652--Truth be told, I never really knew him
653--or what his dreams were.
654--He was quiet, timid, almost invisible.
655--My mother didn't think much of him.
656--My mother's mother hated him.
657--The man never scratched the surface of life.
658--Maybe it's best he died so young.
659--He wasn't doing much but taking up space.
660--But that doesn't make for a very powerful eulogy, now, does it?
661--I wept. I screamed, "why, God?
662--How can I not hate you
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

663--when you steal from me

664--the person I most love
665--and admire in this world?
666--I don't understand it, and I hate you for it."
667--The Bible says
668--in proverbs,
669--"Trust in the Lord with all your heart
670--and lean not on your own understanding."
671--Lean not on your own understanding.
672--God is telling us to trust him,
673--to love him despite our own ignorance.
674--After all, what is faith
675--if it doesn't endure when we are tested the most?
676--We will never understand
677--why God took Jessica
678--or my father or anyone.
679--And while God may not give us any answers,
680--he has given us the capacity for love.
681--Our job is to love him
682--without questioning his plan.
683--So I pray to you, dear Lord,
684--I pray to you
685--to help strengthen our love for your
686--and to embrace Dean and leanne
687--with the warmth of your love in return.
688--And I pray that you will help us fend off hatred
689--so that we may all truly trust in you
690--with all our hearts
691--and lean not on our own understanding.
693--[Congregation] Amen.
694--Your job is to report the news, not be the news.
695--I was promoting the paper.
696--You were promoting Zoe Barnes.
697--Is this about how I said we called you the hammer?
698--- Because if that upset you, I apologize.- You're missing the point.
699--I don't want you talking about anything that happens here,
700--not nicknames, not how progressive we are,
701--not whether we are adapting to the Internet.
702--Any thoughts you have about this paper,
703--you keep them to yourself, or you bring them to me.
704--You don't get on national television and sp--
705--I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to--
706--Don't interrupt when I'm talking.
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707--You can speak to me like an adult, Tom.

708--You don't have to lecture me like a little girl.
709--You haven't earned the right to be treated as an adult.
710--You think a few front-page stories and some face time on TV
711--makes you the next Judy Miller?
712--You've got a long way to go.
713--Don't be so arrogant.
714--Okay, so you think when a woman asks to be treated with respect,
715--that's arrogance?
716--Are you accusing me of sexism?
717--Just making an observation.
718--No TV for a month.
719--- What?- You heard me.
720--No interviews.
721--That's completely unfair.
722--You want to make it no TV indefinitely?
723--We're done. You can go now.
725--[Buzzer sounds]
727--Gillian, it's Claire Underwood. Can I come up?
730--Have you seen a doctor?
731--Giardia's not so bad.
732--It'll pass in another week or so.
733--You don't have health insurance, do you?
735--I'll make an appointment for you to see my personal GP tomorrow.
736--Medicine doesn’t really do much.
737--You have to let it run its course.
738--Well, we'll let it run its course under proper supervision.
739--I won't take no for an answer on this.
740--- Claire--- I'll drag you to the hospital myself
741--if I have to.
742--You're going to the doctor. No argument.
744--They're about to walk. They won't listen to a word I say.
745--- Both unions?- Yeah.
746--Put Marty on the phone.
747--Hang on.
749--Yeah. It's Frank?
750--This isn't working, Frank.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

751--Marty, you have got to keep them in that room.

752--They lost their patience.
753--They're upset you're not in the room, Frank.
754--- I'll be back this afternoon.- No, it's too late.
755--Look, tell them I'll come down on subsidies for charter schools.
756--Even so,
757--they're angry about the performance standards.
758--We're not even halfway through this thing.
759--There's so much in it that they--
760--Tell them that I'll roll over on performance standards,
761--five-year intervals.
762--It should be you telling them that, Frank,
763--you here, at this table.
764--I know that. I’m doing the best I can,
765--but I can't be in two places at once.
766--Now, look. I promise you,
767--if you keep them in that room,
768--we will get through this hump
769--as soon as I get back.
770--Marty, you are their lobbyist. You know what's best for them.
771--Save them from themselves.
772--Okay, I'll see what I can do.
775--Do not let Spinella out of your sight
776--and lock the goddamn doors if you have to.
777--You got it.
778--Here we go.
779--I know you're a busy man. I hope we're not keeping you.
780--No, no, no, I've got all the time in the world.
781--This is ham and these are turkey.
782--And there's some potato salad.
783--Shall we have a prayer?
784--Gracious loving God...
785--Have you had this before?
786--This is the third time. I’m used to it by now.
787--Well, I'm not used to it, but it beats malaria.
788--You've had malaria.
789--In Zimbabwe.
790--That took me out for a month.
791--You make a lot of sacrifices.
792--I don't see it as a sacrifice.
793--You turned down a six-figure salary at Google
794--to start your own non-profit.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

795--People don't get malaria in Palo Alto.

796--You do your research.
797--When it's someone I care about.
798--Claire, I turned down that job because I would've hated myself.
799--It was a lot of money, but for what?
800--So they could fulfill their diversity quota
801--with an Asian girl peddling a Stanford degree?
802--Not just any Asian girl.
803--A valedictorian.
804--Let me offer you what Google couldn't.
805--I know what it is
806--to be capable and beautiful and ambitious
807--and be on people like Sergey and Larry's checklist
808--of things that look good to have on a shelf.
809--I'm not trying to acquisition you.
810--What I see in you is a woman I admire,
811--which doesn't happen often.
812--I want to enable you.
813--I want to clear the way for you
814--so that you can achieve what you want to achieve,
815--on your own terms.
816--Thanks for the tea.
817--And I will send a car to pick you up for the doctor tomorrow.
818--When you're back on your feet,
819--do you think maybe we can work something out?
820--Yes, I think we could.
821--That's her at junior prom.
823--Here she is in her letter jacket.
824--She made varsity as a freshman.
825--I remember the days he found out.
826--Coach called.
827--Jessie starts jumping up and down.
828--"Mom, guess what?"
829--I'm sorry.
830--Don't be. It's fine.
831--Why are we doing this?
832--Honestly, what's to be gained
833--in dredging up all this stuff?
834--Remembering the good things helps sometimes--
835--Not when it puts my wife in tears.
836--I appreciate what you said at the church,
837--but it doesn't do us any good.
838--Neither does this.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

839--Well, what can I do to help?

840--You can't do anything.
841--She's gone.
842--You're right. I can't change that,
843--but I can make sure
844--the city offers you a sizable settlement.
845--You mean buy us off?
846--No, I mean help you avoiding years of court battles.
847--Jessica was going to go to Furman.
848--Is that right? On a volleyball scholarship?
849--Yes, a full ride.
850--Well, I spoke to the president of the university this morning,
851--and we'd like to create a new scholarship
852--in your daughter's name.
853--If you'd like that.
854--It's entirely up to you.
855--But, most importantly,
856--we have to make sure that this never happens again.
857--We've got safety billboards going up,
858--we're going to stop lighting the tower at night,
859--and we're putting the guard rails in.
860--Should've done all that before she ran off the road.
861--Would you like me to resign, Mr. masters?
862--Just say the word, and it's done.
863--If it will bring you any satisfaction.
864--I asked the reverend once,
865--"What are we supposed to do
866--in the face of so much senseless pain?"
867--And he said to me,
868--"what else can we do
869--but take what seems meaningless
870--and try to make something meaningful from it."
871--He's right.
872--That's how God works--
873--Through us.
874--Will you let me work for you?
875--What you have to understand about my people
876--is that they area noble people.
877--Humility is their form of pride.
878--It is their strength, it is their weakness,
879--and if you can humble yourself before them,
880--they will do anything you ask.
881--Tell us more about the scholarship.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

883--- Hey.- Hey.

884--What are you doing?
885--- Working.- On what?
886--The, uh, BRAC commission stuff.
887--I'm behind on it.
888--It's Sunday.
890--You don't usually work on the weekend.
891--Well, now I do.
892--There's, uh, coffee in the kitchen. You want some?
895--If I decide to stay,
896--it's because it's what I want, not what you want.
897--I understand.
898--Which draft are you reading of the written testimony?
899--The one you sent on Thursday.
900--I actually changed it on Friday.
901--Can I show you?
902--Yeah, I was thinking that we could start with job numbers
903--and then go to economic multipliers
904--instead of the other way around.
905--What do you think?
906--Let's see what it looks like.
907--Picture this--
908--A 17-year-old girl
909--traveling at 60 miles an hour
910--spins out of control in no traffic.
911--She hits a guard rail.
912--But if she's wearing her seatbelt,
913--which she was,
914--and her car doesn't rollover three times
915--down a 20-foot ditch, which it did,
916--then that young woman is still alive.
917--But you know what?
918--The county administrator didn’t build those guard rails,
919--so now she's dead.
920--We looked up the statute.
921--Guard rails are under county supervision.
922--Are you trying to turn this around on me?
923--That's not all, Orrin.
924--Your easement.
925--You see, every couple of years the piedmont electric,
926--they apply to bring power lines through Gaffney.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

927--The route comes right through your lot.

928--Now, gene and I always fight them off,
929--but this year, if they were to reapply, hmm...
930--Eminent domain.
931--It would be such a shame to have to tear down
932--this beautiful home.
933--Fuck you, Frank.
934--You can't just roll upon my property
935--and act like you own it.
936--Oh, but I can.
937--We just did.
938--I've won this district11 times.
939--Do you think that's just luck and a firm handshake?
940--But I'll tell you what. I’m not a vindictive person.
941--I don't like for anybody to lose if everybody can win,
942--so I'm going to help you get elected in the fourth.
943--You get to keep your house. I keep the fifth.
944--We put the Peachoid behind us, and everybody's happy.
945--What do you say?
946--Well, that's all right. You think about it.
947--I'm sure you'll do the right thing.
948--Oh, and I'm looking forward to having you in congress, Orrin.
949--It's always good to have friend son the other side of the aisle.
950--[Tool lands loudly]
951--I've been offered a spot on Nightline.
952--[Underwood on phone] You want my advice?
953--I don't want it. I need it.
954--Close your eyes.
956--It's 11:25.Nightline is about to come on.
957--Millions of people are watching.
958--Where are you, home?
960--At the studio?
962--And what do you see?
963--I see lights.
964--I see a camera.
965--And that little red dot goes on.
966--Tell me what you hear?
967--I hear my voice.
968--And those millions of people, what do they hear?
969--My voice.
970--And what do they see?
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

971--My face.
972--So you don't need my advice.
973--Hammers chmidt's going to freak.
974--You don't want to work anywhere
975--you're not willing to get fired from, Zoe.
976--Treading water's the same as drowning for people like you and me.
977--Good luck. I’ll be watching.
978--- Hey, wait.- Yes?
979--When do you get back?
980--When I get back, you'll know.
981--Hello, Nancy.
982--Welcome back, sir. Linda Vasquez called for you.
983--Tell her I'll call her in a couple hours with an update.
984--- Very well.- Sir?
985--Unless you need anything, Kyle has you covered.
986--No, go home.
987--You did well this weekend.
988--Thank you, sir.
989--Oh, and before you go home, can you do me a favor?
990--Would you swing by my house
991--and make sure these get to Claire?
992--Yes, sir.
993--And thank you, sir, for being so patient.
996--[Woman laughing]
998--[Door opens, closes]

House Of Cards 2013 S01E04

1--♪♪ [Theme]
2--It's there for leverage
3--so that we can lock down performance standards.
4--You don't toss around their right to collective bargaining
5--like a poker chip.
6--If we don't, they won't budge.
7--Has Marty Spinella seen this?
8--Not the version I showed him.
9--So you lied to his face.
10--No. I revised the parameters of my promise.
11--Which is lying.
12--Which is politics...
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

13--the sort you're well versed in, Bob.

14--Here's some politics for you.
15--I allow this to go to the floor,
16--I get murdered next election.
17--This is coming from the President.
18--Last time I checked,
19--I was still a Democrat, Frank,
20--and you were too.
21--Are you telling me the President isn't?
22--Because he's acting a hell of a lot like a Republican.
23--I thought Bob was on our team.
24--Just sit him down with the President ten minutes.
25--We won't touch collective bargaining.
26--Are you interested in my advice on this,
27--or do you just want me to deliver the message?
28--I'm always interested in your advice, Frank.
29--Birch is right. You're going to burn a lot of bridges.
30--The President should at least sit down with him
31--and let him make his case.
32--You tell Bob
33--I'm happy to schedule a meeting with the President
34--once he's set a date to put this bill on the floor.
35--The President can fuck himself.
36--This is the platform. It's what he ran on.
37--I don't give a shit what he ran on.
38--He can't steamroll the house.
39--And don't forget,
40--you work for me, Frank, not him.
41--If he wants something on the floor,
42--he's gonna have to talk to me directly.
43--I know you take a lot of pride in your manhood, Bob,
44--and it's impressive,
45--but as big as it is,
46--Linda can still shut the door on it.
47--Tell Vasquez the bill is dead.
48--[Door opens, closes]
49--That's not the first time
50--he's pulled that stunt on me.
51--Probably should have held my tongue,
52--but I just couldn't resist the chance
53--to see him shrivel.
54--Good morning.
56--Mr. President.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

58--Let's strike the anti-collective bargaining provision
59--from the bill.
60--Linda and I have talked it over,
61--and I think she's right on this.
62--Tell Bob he can come by tomorrow afternoon.
63--Sir, respectfully, I do not think
64--you should give him the satisfaction.
65--Well, give me a reason.
66--Makes us appear weak.
67--There's an opportunity for you
68--to establish your supremacy.
69--We should seize it.
70--But without Birch's cooperation,
71--we're fighting an uphill battle
72--before we even get the bill to the floor.
73--Frank, we discussed this.
74--Sir, if you give in now,
75--Birch will walk all over you
76--for the next four years.
77--I can get this bill on the house floor as is.
78--I promise you.
79--All right, Frank. Show me what you can do.
80--Thank you, Mr. President.
81--That was her trying to take credit for my idea.
82--Advice she wouldn't take from me... unacceptable.
83--I will not allow her to sell my goods
84--when she cuts me out of the profits.
85--I specifically told her no interviews.
86--She disobeyed me...
87--not just once.
88--At least eight times in the past month.
89--She stays, Tom.
90--She has no respect for my authority, Margaret.
91--I said she stays.
92--There are rules.
93--There's a way of doing things.
94--If I have a reporter...
95--two freshmen girls
96--are moving into their dorm room together.
97--One of them's from Georgia,
98--one of them's from Connecticut.
99--The girl from Connecticut’s helping her mother
100--put up curtains.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

101--The girl from Georgia turns to them

102--and says, "hi. Where y'all from?"
103--The girl from Connecticut says, "we're from a place
104--where we know not to end a sentence with a preposition."
105--The girl from Georgia says, "oh, beg my pardon.
106--Where y'all from...
108--You heard that one before?
109--A version of it. With softer language.
110--Tom, we don't need people who follow the rules.
111--We need people with personality.
112--We want Zoe's face, her energy.
113--We want to get her on TV as much as possible.
114--It helps us cut through the noise.
115--See what I'm saying?
116--I hear you, Margaret.
117--Thank you, Tom.
118--[Click, dial tone]
119--Thank you.
120--[Knock on door]
121--Come in.
122--Oh. I, uh, thought...
123--I wanted to say hi to Evelyn.
125--This was her office.
126--I don't think she works here anymore.
127--- Oh.- Gillian Cole.
128--I came on board a couple of weeks ago.
129--Gillian. World well.
131--I've heard great things.
132--Remy Danton.
133--You work with Claire?
134--In a way.
135--Hello, Remy.
137--I see you've met Gillian.
138--Yes, just now.
139--She's doing fantastic work for us,
140--as you can see.
141--Red is completed wells,
142--green, uh, potential sites,
143--yellow approved sites,
144--and blue are the filtration centers.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

145--Nice. So you liking it here?

146--Yeah. My staff and I are loving it.
147--Claire's opened a lot of doors for us.
148--Sounds like Claire.
149--Shall we head to my office?
150--Gillian, nice to meet you.
151--Nice to meet you.
152--[Claire] What happened?
153--Things got complicated.
154--San corp was in a difficult situation.
155--I would have thought you'd step up
156--when things were difficult,
157--not hold the donation hostage.
158--Well, things are less complicated now.
159--The donation is back on the table.
160--I had to fire half my staff.
161--Now you can hire them back.
162--San corp is prepared
163--to double its initial commitment...
164--1.5 million, lump sum, this quarter.
165--- Why?- Public relations. Same as before.
166--And what do they want from Francis?
167--Things are square with Frank.
168--We're only talking about the C.W.I.
169--But why double it?
170--Because I said they should.
171--The more they give, the more you can do.
172--The more you can do, the better they look.
173--And that's why they hired Glendon Hill...
174--to make them look good.
175--And they also hired you
176--to get traction in congress.
177--Not in this case.
178--We want a long-term partnership, Claire.
179--This is an investment in the future.
180--We're not attaching strings.
181--I'll think about it.
182--They'd really love to move quickly on this.
183--I said I'll think about it.
184--Madeleine, you have to email me this shit.
185--I need it in writing.
186--And with more than an hour's notice.
187--Yeah, I know that, but you have to understand
188--we... we have a plan.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

189--We have a way that we do this,

190--and when you...
193--Yeah. Yeah. Bye.
194--Madeleine has decided to have
195--a spur-of-the-moment trip to Orlando
196--with her latest eHarmony catch.
197--No heads-up, no warning.
198--The kids?
199--They get out of school at 2:30.
200--I can do the shipbuilders meeting.
201--You sure?
202--Yeah, it's just a public affairs team.
203--I'll brief you, and then you can call them tomorrow.
204--Go get your kids.
206--Remy came by this morning. To the office.
207--What does he want?
208--The donation's back on the table.
209--They've doubled it to 1.5 million.
210--- You said no, right?- I didn't.
211--He doesn't want anything from you, Francis.
212--Come on, Claire. You know better than that.
213--I specifically asked.
214--Maybe not right now,
215--but look, I invented this guy, all right?
216--It's a slippery slope. You open the...
217--Think of what I can do with this money.
218--I can hire back the people I let go.
219--I can help accelerate the funding
220--for the projects that Gillian has brought in.
221--Let's find another way to raise the money.
222--But it's right there at my feet.
223--Claire, I have too much on my plate right now.
224--I can't have San corp. breathing down my neck again.
225--I can't have Remy...
226--look, it is Remy.
227--He knows me too well. It's dangerous.
228--Look at the bigger picture here.
229--I'm asking.
230--No. You're not.
232--I'll tell you what I told him.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

233--Which was?
234--I'll think about it.
235--I know there's been some tension,
236--and I'm probably more to blame than you are.
237--But I'd like to put that behind us.
239--you're going to be our new White House correspondent.
240--What about Janine?
241--I promoted her to Midwest Bureau chief.
242--She's okay with that?
243--She wants to give up the White House?
244--It's the decision I've made.
245--It's just that Janine has so much experience.
246--I thought you'd be more excited about this.
247--I'm sorry. I... I just thought you brought me in here
248--to... I don't know.
249--To fire you.
251--Water under the bridge.
252--We're starting over.
253--So are you ready to take this on?
254--Can I think about it?
255--People usually don't have to think about it
256--when they're offered the White House, Zoe.
257--Just a day or two.
258--Janine is booked for a flight
259--to Chicago on Friday.
260--I'll let you know before then.
261--I just need to...
262--thank you. Thank you, Tom.
263--David Rasmussen is the majority leader,
264--which means he's one step above me
265--and one below Birch,
266--which is akin to being between a very hungry wolf
267--and a very quarrelsome sheep.
268--Let's see if he stays with the herd
269--or joins the pack.
270--David. You mind if I join you?
271--Please. A salad, huh?
272--Yes. I'm trying to take better care of myself.
273--Good man. Diet?
274--Diet, exercise, everything.
275--You ought to take better care of yourself too.
276--Well, they should stop serving such good pizza.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

277--Oh, I'm not talking about the food.

278--I'm talking about Birch.
279--You are never going to be speaker
280--unless you do something about it.
281--I'm very satisfied where I am.
282--- Oh, come on.- For the time being, yeah.
283--Time being never.
284--The only way you become speaker
285--is if Birch loses his district or retires,
286--neither of which is going to happen
287--before you and I have dentures.
288--I'm not happy where this conversation is going, Frank.
289--If you want it, and I know you do,
290--there's a way.
291--Okay. Right. I can't...
292--all you need is a simple majority... 218 votes.
293--We're going to get at least 205 out of the G.O.P.,
294--and after that, all you need is 13 Democrats.
295--You and I make two.
296--Are you out of your mind?
297--Just consider it for a moment.
298--You want to collude with the Republicans?
299--I don't want to, but I would
300--if you become speaker in the process.
301--Never been done before.
302--There's a first time for everything.
303--This is ridiculous.
304--The Republicans would love a chance
305--to knock Bob down a peg or two.
306--And you want to help them.
307--I want to help us.
308--Bob will not play ball with the White House.
309--Now, you're a reasonable man, David, and he's not.
310--You know what I am?
311--I'm a discreet man.
312--You're lucky for that.
313--I'm not going to mention this to Bob,
314--but if you ever bring it up again,
315--I won't have a choice.
316--Looks like he opted for the herd.
317--Claire. I'd like to put an order for the water filters
318--and the well-digging equipment for the South Sudan project.
319--Can we talk about the budget?
320--- How much?- 200,000.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

321--For one project?

322--I know it's a lot, but it'll be
323--our flagship project in Africa,
324--and we would be the first organization there
325--to work on this scale.
326--I'd like to go over the specifics first.
327--I have the budget right here.
328--Let me just grab my messages,
329--and then I'll come in to you.
330--Okay. I'll be in my office.
331--Any calls while I was out?
332--They're on the desk, and this came by messenger.
333--[Beep, speed dialing]
334--Adam. It's Claire.
335--Yes. I know. It has.
336--No reason. I was just thinking about you.
337--You're right. It is a lie.
338--I do have a reason.
339--I need to use you.
340--The White House is where news goes to die.
341--Everything's canned.
342--These perfectly prepared statements...
343--it's a prestigious job, Zoe.
344--Used to be, when I was in ninth grade.
345--Now it's a graveyard.
346--The only halfway interesting thing they do
347--is throw a big dinner party once a year
348--where they pat themselves on the back
349--and rub shoulders with movie stars.
350--Who needs that?
351--Every day since you started here,
352--you've begged me to move you up, and now...
353--my goal in life is not
354--to climb up the herald's ladder
355--one rung at a time until I’ve got my own stationery.
356--Some of us value a career at a paper like this.
357--I'm sorry. I didn't mean for that to come off...
358--well, it did, and you skipped a few rungs, by the way.
359--Do what you want to do, Zoe,
360--but if you want me to be your cheerleader
361--and say, "yeah, turn it down," I won't.
362--I would have killed for that job
363--when I first started here.
364--Put Fichtner in the "leaning yes" column.
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365--Don't you think he's a neutral?

366--He hates Birch.
367--Yeah, but he owes Birch
368--for the ways and means appointment.
369--Put him in "neutral." Who else?
370--Ramirez is a neutral?
371--Oh, this list is so shaky.
372--Any one of them leaks it to Bob...
373--no, what we need is one name,
374--one person who can deliver 12.
375--The black caucus.
377--What can we offer him?
378--What does he need?
379--Let me pull up his file.
380--Here we go.
381--McCudden air force base
382--employs 3,000 people in his district.
383--It's on the D.O.D.'s chopping block this year.
384--Who do we know on the Brack commission?
385--That's dangerous.
386--The trail leads back to us
387--trying to influence the D.O.D. or the Brack.
388--No, no, no. What we do is we close another base.
389--We leave enough money in the D.O.D.'s budget
390--to keep Womack's base off the list.
391--What we need...
392--Is someone we own.
393--Dad, I'm hungry.
394--Coming, buddy.
395--Here we go.
396--With cheese.
397--Without cheese.
398--Um, dad?
400--That looks pretty disgusting.
401--Yeah, it looks disgusting.
402--It's not how it looks, it's how it tastes.
403--And a fork would be nice.
404--Shit. Okay. Hold on.
405--[Phone rings]
407--[Man] Good evening, Mr. Russo.
408--There's a Mr. Underwood here to see you.
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409--Uh... Okay. Send him up.

410--Hi, there.
411--- Hi.- Hi.
412--This is Kevin, this is Sara.
413--Hi. I'm Frank. Nice to meet you both.
414--- Do you work with dad?- I do.
415--Congressman Underwood is daddy's boss.
416--I thought you didn't have a boss.
417--Everybody has a boss, sweetheart,
418--even congressmen.
419--Why don't you take your dinner and go into the bedroom?
420--- But I wanted to watch TV.- Go now.
421--Cute kids.
422--Yeah, I like them.
423--Can I get you a drink?
424--No, I won't be here long.
425--Yeah. Have a seat.
426--Oh, thanks.
427--Is that a ps vita?
429--Which games does he have?
430--All of them.
431--I have a console at home.
432--I play sometimes to relax.
433--I ought to get one of these for the car.
434--So, Peter, we need to close the shipyard
435--in your district.
436--The Brack hearing is tomorrow.
437--You won't put up your usual fight.
438--You have zero testimony to add.
439--I can't do that.
440--Yes, you can, Peter.
441--I spent months on that testimony.
442--I lobbied the commission. My entire office...
443--I'm sure you've done splendid work,
444--but unfortunately it can’t come to fruition.
445--- Why?- Politics.
446--There's forces bigger than either of us at play here.
447--It's 12,000 jobs.
448--I know. It's a shame.
449--Keeping that shipyard open is what got me elected.
450--Those people are my friends.
451--I'm not here to debate this, Peter.
452--The base will close.
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453--The only question is, will you make it

454--a swift death or a painful one?
455--No way. I won't sit on my hands.
456--I sympathize that this is gonna be difficult for you.
457--And I don't know how yet,
458--but I will make it up to you, Peter.
459--I'm a powerful friend to have right now,
460--perhaps your only friend,
461--so don't defy me.
462--Love of family.
463--Most politicians are permanently chained
464--to that slogan... family values.
465--But when you cozy up to hookers
466--and I find out,
467--I will make that hypocrisy hurt.
468--Did you get the present I sent you?
469--You wouldn't really call it a present.
470--Well, more of a gentle reminder, maybe.
471--Mm, more heavy-handed than gentle,
472--which surprised me.
473--It's not really your style, Francis.
474--But, yes. I got it.
475--I like that one.
476--I do too.
477--But the first one's better.
478--You think?
479--Something special tomorrow?
480--Adam Galloway's coming down from New York.
481--What for?
482--Because I need some of his photographs
483--for the silent auction at the gala next month.
484--You speak to Remy yet?
485--I haven't.
486--If you want to look inviting, wear the black one.
487--[Phone rings]
489--Oh. Okay. Great. Thanks.
492--How is it the world keeps spinning
493--and you manage to stay ahead of it?
494--David's on board with this?
495--It was his idea.
496--Then why isn't he here?
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497--Well, we have to be careful

498--until it's a done deal.
499--I don't know, Frank.
500--Think about it, Terry.
501--You could become the first
502--African-American majority leader
503--in the United States congress.
504--Let's make some history.
505--You don't care about history.
506--You just wanted me because I can round up the votes.
507--I need the votes, and I do care about history,
508--but most importantly, Terry,
509--you know how to lead.
510--You're the head of the black caucus for a reason.
511--So David becomes speaker, I become majority leader...
512--and I stay on as whip.
513--Why don't you want majority leader for yourself?
514--I'm satisfied where I am.
515--Maybe one day, when you become speaker,
516--you'll bump me up.
517--This is the sort of thing that there's no turning back.
518--I can throw a cherry on top.
519--McCudden stays open.
521--You don't want to know how.
522--You just want the headline
523--when you keep 3,000 jobs in your district.
524--- 12 votes?- 12 votes.
525--I can get you 10, probably 11.
526--It's so refreshing to work with someone
527--who will throw a saddle on a gift horse
528--rather than look it in the mouth.
529--That's nice.
531--I found her in a village outside Amravati.
532--Her name was Tiala.
533--She died three weeks after I took that picture.
534--Oh, that's awful.
535--You can have them all if you like.
536--I love your hair short.
537--Do you have plans tonight?
539--Is Frank expecting you home?
540--I'm sure he'll be home late.
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541--Get dinner with me.

542--What time is your train?
543--I don't book round-trip tickets.
544--It's going to be awhile before I can leave.
545--What time will you be done?
546--Probably around 8:00.
547--I'll pick a place,
548--let you know.
549--Ah. David.
550--How are you, Joe?
551--I'm behind you. Let's do this.
552--Do what?
554--Keep your cards close.
555--I like that.
556--Hi. Yeah. This is room 1214.
557--I'd like a bottle of the Weinbach, please.
558--Yeah. Actually, could you make that two bottles?
559--Thank you.
560--Sit down. You're making me nervous.
561--[Phone clatters in cradle]
562--- You still smoke?- From time to time, yes.
563--I quit. These are an illusion.
565--You want?
568--Not now.
570--I should go.
571--- I just... it seemed...- I know.
572--We can't start this again.
573--When I end something, I end it.
574--So why'd you have me come all the way down from New York?
575--It was a mistake.
577--I'm sorry, Adam.
578--I should've kept it business.
579--Side of you I like the least.
580--There are no mistakes, Claire.
581--[Door opens]
582--[Footsteps approaching]
583--- Hi.- Hello.
584--- More wine?- Mm-hmm.
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585--How was your day?

586--- Good.- Adam well?
587--He is.
588--We just had dinner.
590--I e-mailed Remy on the way home.
591--I told him I'm not taking the money.
593--Thank you.
594--I appreciate that this was not easy.
595--Well, we don't like easy, do we?
596--Oh, the evidence would suggest it.
597--Is it all right if the Holburns come over for dinner Wednesday night?
598--I want Felicity to buysome tables for the gala.
599--Yeah, of course.
600--I'm going to need congressmen and senators there.
601--- You need to call in favors.- Done.
602--Not a few, a lot.
603--I'll start making calls in the morning.
604--Adam donated ten photographs.
605--That was generous of him.
606--He's staying at the mandarin.
607--And you?
609--[Woman] But the proving grounds' importance
610--stems far beyond it’s strategic geographic value.
611--A.P.G.'s research and development of military materiel
612--is central to our nation’s counter-terrorism efforts.
613--The base houses research laboratories
614--for preventative medicine
615--as well as a wide variety of training grounds
616--for military personnel.
617--A.P.G. is also a job creator.
618--It provides 400 million dollars in payroll annually,
619--and nearly half a billion dollars in contracts.
620--Thank you for the opportunity to testify before you today.
621--Any questions for the congresswoman from Maryland?
623--Those in favor of removing the Aberdeen proving ground
624--from the list of closures?
625--[Men] Aye.
626--So noted and removed.
628--Okay, we'll next consider
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

629--the Philadelphia naval shipyard.

630--Would the congressman from Pennsylvania’s first district
631--like to offer testimony?
633--I have no testimony to offer.
634--Yeah, but the difference that we're gonna make...
635--Uh, Terry, let me call you right back.
636--Terry Womack?
638--I've had three members of the Black Caucus tell me
639--they're backing my play for the speakership.
640--- Interesting.- I have a sense
641--you've been disseminating some misinformation.
642--No. I'm afraid it's you who are misinformed, David.
643--You don't have three members backing you. You have ten.
644--I made it very clear I didn’t want any part of this.
645--Yes, you made it crystal clear.
646--Then why are you telling people?
647--Because they don't know you made it crystal clear.
648--I have to go to Bob with this.
649--He'll think you organized a coup,
650--got cold feet, and are making me the scapegoat.
651--David, if I pick up this phone right now
652--and leak this story,
653--Bob will have no choice but to drop you,
654--even if he believes your version of events.
655--You wanna take a seat?
656--- Uh, Freddy?- Yeah, Frank?
657--You better make it a half order. I got a big dinner tonight.
658--Sure thing.
660--- Always.- You got it.
661--Here you go.
662--- Oh...- Ohh!
663--So, what's the latest?
664--Oh, you know, Frank. Same old shit.
665--Almost got killed last weekend.
666--- Here?- No.
667--State fair down in Virginia.
668--Me and my brother hauling this smoker down there,
669--and this fucking minivan had a fridge strapped on top.
670--A fridge strapped on top of a minivan, Frank.
671--[Chuckling] That's stupid.
672--Well, that fridge slipped loose.
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673--Boom! Right in front of us.

674--I had to swerve to the left. Barely missed it.
675--But now that smoker is fishtailing,
676--almost hit a hatchback in the next lane.
677--Swerved to the right. Barely missed that too.
678--- [Laughing] Jesus.- Oh, man, it was real.
679--But, you know, that’s why God gave us reflexes.
680--So we can move the fuck out of the way when a fridge
681--come out of nowhere.
682--- How them ribs?- You know how they are.
683--- You know I like to hear it.- Perfection, Freddy.
684--- Perfection.- [Phone chiming]
685--- You go on ahead, Frank.- Thank you, Freddy.
687--Well, this is a surprise.
688--- You usually text.- Where are you?
689--On the other side of the tracks
690--trying to find the meaning of life.
691--Did you find anything for me?
692--You mean anything newsworthy?
693--Uh, I actually didn't call to badger you.
694--Yes, you did, but that’s part of your charm.
696--I wanted to tell you that I've been promoted
697--to White House correspondent.
698--I'll have to travel with the press corps, be at briefings,
699--but I can work around all that.
700--If you need me. It won't change anything.
701--Oh, on the contrary.
702--This changes everything.
703--No. I can be flexible.
704--I'm not interested in someone who's flexible,
705--I'm interested in someone who's available.
706--So you think I should turn it down?
707--That's entirely up to you.
708--Well, I mean, it's not official yet.
709--- I could...- Oh, look, I've got to go,
710--but call me, you know, if you find yourself available again.
711--[Phone beeps]
712--You see, Freddy believes that if a fridge falls off a minivan,
713--you better swerve out of its way.
714--I believe it's the fridge’s job to swerve out of mine.
715--Hey, Janine...
716--Keep walking, Zoe. I really don’t want to talk to you right now.
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717--It's not like I asked him for it.

718--- He just called me into his office, and...- Oh, please.
719--You've been gunning for my job since the day you bounced in here
720--with a lollipop in your mouth.
722--I'll send you a bottle of champagne
723--from the Middle West, wherever the fuck that is.
724--I'm gonna turn it down. You don't have to leave.
725--Are you trying to rub this in or something?
726--Please believe me. You should be in the White House.
727--I don't want it. I never did.
728--I was hoping we could go see Tom together.
729--- I want him to know that we both...- Get the fuck out of my face.
730--I'm asking. For real. I don't want the job.
731--Then you're an even bigger idiot than I thought you were.
732--Go. Before I get violent.
734--[TV chatter, faint]
736--- Hello?- [Man on tv] But the Bering Sea
737--is a violent and unpredictable force.
738--Hi. Uh, my name is Christina.
739--- I work with your dad.- He's not here.
740--- Where'd he go?- I don't know.
741--He said he'd be back in a little while.
742--Uh, when was that?
743--When he dropped us home from school.
744--He left his phone here.
745--Are you dad's girlfriend?
746--No. No. I, uh...
747--I just... I... I work for your dad.
748--Then why do you have the keys to his apartment?
749--Will you make us pop-tarts?
750--An enormous 60-foot rogue wave struck the Aleutian...
751--It was just sublime, Claire.
752--- Thank you.- I don't think I'll eat for a week.
753--Does that mean no room for dessert?
754--I'd love to, but, uh, none for me.
755--Why don't you and I head downstairs
756--for a little Brandy and some cigars?
757--- Cubans?- You don't think I smoke anything legal, do you?
759--- Dessert for you?- No. No, thanks.
760--But I will take a refill of this Chardonnay, though.
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761--Of course. Oh, this is almost out. I'll grab another.

762--[Inhales, exhales deeply]
763--I hate how they just hit you like that
764--- with no warning.- [Chuckles]
765--You get night sweats too?
766--I, uh... [chuckles]
767--This is very new to me.
768--Does Frank know?
769--I haven't... we haven't... no.
770--I'm sorry. We don’t have to talk about this.
771--No. It's fine. I'm just, uh...
772--It's fine. I feel better now.
773--- Could I have a little bit more?- Sure.
774--- [Wine pouring]- Just say when.
775--Charles is driving tonight, so...
776--- And when.- [Chuckles]
777--- Cheers.- Cheers.
778--So, you mentioned, when you invited me, the C.W.I.
779--You're having a gala and launching some new...
780--Yes, that's right.
781--We just brought on this brilliant young woman
782--who's going to help us expand our efforts overseas.
783--- Claire, I will save you the trouble.- So we'll...
784--Charles and I would be delighted to contribute.
785--Well, that's very generous of you, Felicity.
786--Well, you were such a darling, gettingus tickets to the Jefferson Ball.
787--- Oh, that was nothing.- It wasn't nothing.
788--It was...
789--People in this town don’t go out of their way
790--to be nice to each other.
791--Fourteen years Charles and I have been here, and...
792--Anyway, um,
793--I'm grateful to have a friend.
794--How much do you need?
795--[Lock clicking]
796--[Slurred] Christina, what the fuck are you doing here?
797--[Whispering] Shh. They're sleeping.
798--- [Door closes]- Peter.
799--[Siren wailing in distance]
800--[Dishes clattering]
802--[Faint chatter]
803--- Hey, dad.- Hey, kiddo.
804--Would you take your brother downstairs?
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805--- I'll be there in a second.- Okay. Bye, dad.

806--- Bye.- Bye? Where they going?
807--- I'm taking them to their grandmother's.- [Door closes]
808--I was able to get a hold of Madeleine, and I told her...
809--Oh, fuck. You didn't tell her?
810--No, I didn't. But I should have.
811--I told her that you had to travel for work,
812--which is the last time I ever lie for you.
814--what happened, Peter?
815--I'm... I'm sorry about the Brack hearing.
816--- I was...- Fuck the Brack hearing.
817--What about your kids?
818--After I drop them off, I'm done.
819--I am no longer your girlfriend. I no longer work for you.
820--No... hey, Christina...
821--I don't want to hear it, Peter. There's no excuse this time.
822--[Door closes]
823--- I don't have much time, Frank.- I'll make it short.
824--- The President?- No. The speakership.
825--David's making a play.
826--- What?- He came to me for support.
827--My first thought was to tell you right away,
828--but then my second thought was to ignore my first thought,
829--because we have the votes, Bob.
830--If there had been a party revolt, I would've known about it.
831--We don't need the whole party to revolt. We need 13...
832--13 Democrats, plus the other side of the aisle.
833--Are you out of your mind?
834--People have been asking me that a lot lately.
835--I'm inclined to start saying yes.
836--Who are they... the 13?
837--David and I are two, Terry Womack,
838--and ten members of the black caucus make another 11.
839--Is the President behind this?
840--No. He doesn't have a clue.
841--This was David's plan executed by me.
842--But there is an out for you, Bob.
843--I can sway Womack either way
844--as long as you make him the next majority leader.
846--- The education bill.- Now we're on the same page.
847--I can't do that. You know I can't.
848--You're the speaker, Bob. You can do anything you'd like.
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849--And I have to say, appointing the first African-American majority leader...

850--why, that isn't a bad legacy to have.
851--I'm sorry. I changed my mind.
852--I thought about it, and...
853--Thinking about it was what those two days were for.
854--And then I thought about it some more, and I realized I...
855--Jesus Christ, you're fucking unbelievable.
856--Look, Tom, I appreciate the fact that you took a chance on me, but...
857--No, I don't think you do.
858--I don't think you appreciate anything.
859--I think you're an ungrateful, self-entitled little c...
860--Little what?
861--Little what, Tom? Say it.
862--Cunt. You're a cunt.
863--What are you doing?
864--Don't you dare...
865--you don't even know what I'm typing.
866--- Get out, Zoe.- Just a second. I'm almost done.
867--Get out. You're fired.
868--Whatever you have to tell yourself, Tom.
869--Get out!
870--So should I press "send"?
871--I think I should.
873--Call me whatever you want,
874--but you should remember, these days,
875--when you're talking to one person, you’re talking to a thousand.
876--[Bob] Well, you'll say you wanted to spend more time
877--focusing on your home district.
878--You'll say Womack is the right man to fill your shoes.
879--You won't make waves. You won't do interviews.
880--You'll suck it up and be a team player.
881--This was Frank's idea.
882--I told you he was gonna try to blame me on it.
883--Ask around. Talk to Womack.
884--I did. He said you came to him.
885--He's fucking lying, Bob! I would never...
886--shut up, David.
887--Do you understand how you're to behave
888--when we make the announcement?
889--And if I don't play along?
890--Then the D-triple-C will pour everything it's got
891--into your primary opponent’s campaign next cycle.
892--We'll cleave you from the herd
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893--and watch you die in the wilderness.

894--Tell us now, David.
895--If you think it's best, Robert.
896--And just think, he could have been a wolf.
897--- ** [Pop]- [Chattering]
898--[Phone chiming]
900--You made yourself available.
901--I quit.
902--Fuck that place.
903--It was a prison. I'm free now.
905--Where are you?
906--- In a car.- So am I.
907--Where you headed?
908--- Home.- So am I.
909--To your home or mine?
910--Is that an invitation?
911--It's whatever you want it to be.
912--- You sound tipsy.- I am.
913--I just spent the last two hours drinking Long Island Iced Teas.
914--What's your address?
915--[Siren wailing in distance]
916--[People chattering, faint]
917--[Tenants chattering, faint]
918--[Door clatters against wall]
919--[Horns honking in distance]
920--[Person shouting in distance]
921--[Chattering continues]
922--Do your parents know you live like this?
923--No. They haven't visited.
924--Are you cared for?
925--How do you mean?
926--Do you have a man who cares for you?
927--- An older man.- No.
928--But you've been with older men before?
930--Then you know they hurt you,
931--and after they hurt you,
932--they discard you.
933--You can't hurt me.
934--Take your heels off.
935--[Shoe clatters on floor]
936--[Shoe clatters on floor]
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

937--[Briefcase, coat clatter on floor]

House Of Cards 2013 S01E05

1--What do you think of Darren Jarvis?

2--- At CBS?- He wants me to be a correspondent.
3--Not worth your time.
4--What about Greer Fisher at MSNBC?
5--Stick to writing.
6--Do TV on the side.
7--You're more than a talking head.
8--- How about Slugline?- What's Slugline?
9--If I said Politico wanted to hire me, what would you say?
10--I would say that that peaks my interest.
11--Six months from now, Slugline will be what Politico was a year and a half ago.
12--Everyone at Politico reads it, because Slugline's breaking stories before they are.
13--I wonder why I've never heard of it.
14--Everyone's a free agent. They write whatever they want,
15--wherever they are.
16--Most people write from their phones.
17--Well, if freedom and exposure are what they're offering,
18--I would say that is a meeting worth taking.
19--This Hammerschmidt thing is blowing up.
20--I think he might get fired.
21--There's gotta be 1,000 tweets here.
22--People defending me, people trashing me.
23--There's even a hash tag--"go zoe."
27--We mustn't leave any trails.
28--All of my contacts are in there.
29--Then it's time for you to get some new contacts.
30--Don't worry. I'll get you a phone. I’ll get you two, in fact.
31--One for work and a burner for play.
32--Expect them this afternoon.
33--Oh, and go, Zoe.
34--Sync & corrections by
35--The reporter?
37--Just this once?
38--I'm not sure.
39--What does she offer us?
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

40--A mouthpiece when we need one.

41--She's been very useful so far.
42--- What does she want?- Access.
43--A seat at the table.
44--Sounds like she's getting the better side of the bargain.
45--She can be controlled.
46--Are you sure?
47--She can. I promise you.
48--Okay. If you say so.
49--- The moment you want me to end it--- I know, Francis.
50--I should get ready for work.
52--Didn't think you'd be in till later.
53--This is your agenda for the day.
54--Here's your schedule for the rest of the week.
55--These are papers that need to be approved or signed.
56--Over here are your one-sheets for committee meetings
57--and briefs on upcoming legislative action.
58--I filled Ashley in. She can cover until you find a replacement.
61--Thank you...
62--for getting all this in order.
63--Ashley can call me if you have any questions about what's on your desk.
64--Is he here yet?
65--I put him in your office.
66--Marty Spinella, head lobbyist for the teachers' union.
67--He wants to rip my head off and peel it like an orange.
68--Why? Because I lied to him. But what choice did I have
69--when the truth would've ended the conversation before it began?
70--- I'll call you back.- Marty.
71--You fucking lied, Frank?
72--No, no. You lied to my fucking face?
73--- Marty, I did not lie.- Did not--
74--We spent the whole weekend in that room
75--pouring over this bill line by line,
76--and nowhere did it say anything about collective bargaining.
77--Let's calm down and sit down, and we will discuss this.
78--I will explain everything that’s going on,
79--and we will talk it out no matter how long it takes.
80--No, no more. This is gonna be a very short meeting,
81--'cause only one of two things are gonna happen:
82--Either you assure me right now that amendment is out,
83--or I'm walking out that door and I'm gonna start launching missiles.
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84--The amendment was never intended to stay in the bill.

85--It was just there for leverage, that’s all.
86--You threatened to cut federal funding from union school districts?
87--That's not a poker chip, Frank. That’s a goddamn dirty bomb.
88--Look, the amendment is not staying in the bill.
89--I just need you to work with me on performance standards.
90--Performance standards? Are you fucking kidding me?
91--You agreed that they were already out! You can't just put them back in!
92--- Marty, look--- I have a reputation to uphold!
93--I am the one that made the union reps stay here for you
94--while you were in Gaffney playing with your fucking Peachoid!
95--- Marty-- - You tell me right now! Is that amendment in or out?
96--There is a middle ground here, Marty.
97--We just have to find it.
98--I take that as a no.
100--Marty, do not start a war you know you're gonna lose.
101--You fuck me, I fuck back.
103--Marty and I have a good working relationship.
104--Or used to. You can see he has a temper,
105--but I can usually cut through that and reason with him.
106--But I may have pushed him too far, which is worrisome.
107--Friends make the worst enemies.
108--- How'd it go?- What did you hear?
109--- A lot of "fucks."- Well, that pretty much says it.
110--Let's think this through.
111--We've got the D.N.C.leadership meeting.
112--- What? - I'd say you could skip it, but Birch just dumped it on us.
113--- When?- It's here in 12 minutes.
114--Why here and not the D.N.C. headquarters?
115--The D.N.C. is doing renovations.
116--They're gonna be green energy efficient.
117--Oh, that's a charming use of party funds.
118--We've only been in this space about three months.
119--It's cool.
120--Not exactly the Herald, is it?
121--Have you been to those offices?
122--Yes. Wrist-slitting was in order.
123--So, who else is courting you?
124--- A few people.- You mean everyone.
125--There were a lot of e-mails this morning.
126--That's not surprising. You’re having a moment.
127--People are interested. I’m one of them.
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128--But if eight minutes passes on anything, I get bored.

129--In eight minutes, I can be bored with you, unless you keep me interested.
130--I think you can.
131--And I think this is the place for you to keep the rest of the world interested too.
132--It's your call. I won't chase you.
133--I'm definitely tempted.
134--Take as long as you want to look around.
135--E-mail me your figure. I’ll call you back with a counter.
136--This is our top priority--Ohio,
137--Florida, and Pennsylvania.
138--We need all of them, or Walker's a one-term president.
139--Pennsylvania is why he picked Matthews as a running mate.
140--But now we have to find a replacement.
141--The special election is this November.
142--Patricia Whittaker,D.N.C. chair.
143--A rare example of someone whose head is in the game
144--instead of up their backside.
145--Competence is such an exotic bird in these woods
146--that I appreciate it whenever I see it.
147--This also affects the house.
148--The new governor will oversee redistricting.
149--We lose seats here, that means we could lose our majority in Washington.
150--Well, the R.N.C. is backing Jack Swofford, ex-Mayor of Pittsburgh.
151--He's got statewide name recognition and campaign machinery in place.
152--It's been three months, and we don't have dick.
153--What about the A.G.?Ben Pluckett?
154--No. Ben's got his eyes set on the senate in '14.
155--Which he'll lose because he botched a sex offender sting last year.
156--- There's always McHolland.- He's 78.
157--When's the last time he held office, when Carter was president?
158--Reagan, but same difference.
159--He has dignity, he has gravitas.
160--If you need someone to fill Matthews' shoes--
161--You can't fill Jim Matthews’ shoes, so we shouldn't even try.
162--- We need a fresh face.- The state has a weak bench.
163--Let's go through all the sitting Congressmen one by one
164--and see if anybody sticks out from the crowd.
165--All right. I got the list right here.
166--Okay. Go ahead.
167--Pennsylvania's first district, Peter Russo.
168--Cross him off. He's no good. No experience, no chops.
169--Okay, moving on. Second district, Gwendolyn Pierce.
170--Nah, Gwen's too controversial. Very vocal on abortion.
171--- And Caroline?- She's good.
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172--- And the boys?- All fucking four of 'em?

173--You feed 'em.
174--You got any pictures on your phone?
175--Come on. Let's cut the shit, Pete, will ya?
176--What are we gonna do about the shipyard?
177--BRAC had their hearing. They slated it for closing.
178--Yeah, and why didn't you testify?
179--We're talking 12,000 jobs here.
180--My hands were tied, Paul. People wanted it closed.
181--- I was under a lot of pressure.- From who?
182--People high up the food chain.
183--- There was nothing I could do.- That's bullshit!
184--You go back to BRAC. You talk to the D.O.D.
185--You talk to the Secretary of the Navy. You do something.
186--It's not gonna happen.
187--- Okay. Why not?- I told you. It's political.
188--So I'm supposed to go back to the shipbuilders’ association and say what now exactly?
189--That they're out of work because Pete Russo's playing politics?
190--I mean, Jesus, Pete.
191--We're the ones who got you fucking elected in the first place.
192--Now you're gonna turn your back on us?
193--You should go.
195--I just got here. You’re kicking me out now?
196--Hey, I'm fucking talking to you!
197--I thought we grew up together.
198--But this guy sitting behind his big desk...
199--I don't even know who the fuck he is.
200--Where's the Pete Russo who knew how to throw a punch when his back was against the
201--That guy was my friend.
202--Every teacher in the country a month before school ends?
203--Doesn't need all of them.15, 20 states, that's all.
204--The A.F.T. and the N.E.A. can't agree on anything.
205--You underestimate Marty Spinella.
206--So which one do we target?
207--We have a better chance with the N.E.A.
208--You think Chuck Sloan will bite?
209--Cooperate-- we'll give your people protection and a place at the banquet.
210--Fight us, we break you. He'll bite. Get him on the phone.
211--It's after 2:00.
212--Spinella is potentially mobilizing
213--the largest teachers' strike in United States history.
214--- Nobody's sleeping.- I'll call him right now.
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215--I'm sorry. Are we being too loud?

216--A little.
217--- What are you working on?- The gala.
218--There's so much to do.
219--- Did Nancy send you my list?- She did.
220--- What'd you think?- It's a good list.
221--Thanks for inviting them.
222--Is something wrong?
223--It's still not anywhere near what Remy brought to the table.
224--Sancorp offered 1.5 million, Francis.
225--I'm adding up the numbers, and we’re only at half a million.
226--- I got Chuck on the phone.- In a minute.
227--- I can make more calls.- Enough to raise a million-five?
228--I can at least get us closer.
229--I'm going to bed.
230--Don't move any of this around.
231--Claire, we made the decision to turn Remy down.
232--No one forced you. I thought we were okay on this.
233--You're right.
234--Good night, Francis.
235--This is Adam. Leave a message.
236--Hi, Adam. It's me. I know it's late,
237--but, well, I was really just calling
238--to thank you again for the photographs.
239--I'm sure they're gonna be a big hit at the auction.
240--I hope you're well.
241--I'm sure they're gonna be a big hit at the auction.
242--I hope you're well.
243--Right this way, Mr. Hammer schmidt.
244--He's here.
245--Good afternoon, Tom.
247--Did you say it, or didn't you?
248--To you and to anyone who asks, yes, I did.
249--Do we really need them?
250--Not unless I should expect a fight.
251--You shouldn't.
252--Give us a few moments.
253--It's not what you called her, it’s that you let her leave the building.
254--I know how to run a paper, Margaret.
255--What I don't know how to do is run a paper staffed with people I can't control.
256--Was she really out of control?
257--To my understanding, she simply turned down a new position.
258--It's her attitude. It’s the way she turned it down.
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259--Did you think to ask her what she'd rather do instead?

260--- Is it my job to pander to all my employees--- My employees.
261--And if they have something to offer that you don't, yes, it is your job.
262--We've been through this, Tom.
263--The paper's operating at a loss.
264--We need people like Zoe.
265--I'm very aware
266--of how much we're hurting, Margaret.
267--Staff reductions, dip in circulation.
268--Each one of those faces
269--and every subscriber we lose,
270--they keep me awake at night.
271--Now, I won't argue the business side of things.
272--It's neither my place nor my area of expertise,
273--but know this--
274--Zoe Barnes, Twitter, blogs,
275--enriched media,
276--they're all surface.
277--They're fads.
278--They aren't the foundation this paper was built on,
279--and they aren't what will keep it alive.
280--We have a core readership
281--that thirsts for hard news.
282--Those are the people I work80 hours a week for.
283--And I won't be distracted by what's fashionable.
284--That's your resignation letter.
285--Hand it to the lawyers on the way out.
286--I'll give you some privacy.
287--No, no, stay. It’ll be quick.
288--We'll get a drink.
289--We're going to launch right here in Washington.
290--We'll see how Congress likes it
291--when the streets are teaming
292--with unsupervised school kids.
293--Then we'll phase out the rest of the country.
294--Everybody hold on for one minute.
295--What's up?
296--The N.E.A. is out.
297--- Hang on.- What?
298--They pulled out.
300--He wouldn't say.
301--Hold on for one more minute.
302--Chuck Sloan-- get him on the phone right now.
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303--I've got him right here.

304--- Is he muted?- Yes.
305--Hey, Chuck. It’s Marty.
306--Listen, you can't do this.
307--If we don't stay united now, we don't have a--
308--You hired me to represent your interests, right?
309--How can I possibly lobby for the teachers
310--when Congress sees us splintering
311--before we even put up a unite--
312--All right.
313--Did Underwood get to you?
314--Whoa, Frank is dishonest and manipulative.
315--You've seen that he's lied to us already.
316--Wait-whoa-whoa-whoa, Chuck, Ch-Ch-Chuck?
318--Son of a bitch!
319--- Where are you?- I'm at the office.
320--- False.- You don't believe me?
321--- Not for a second.- Where are you?
322--- About to walk into a meeting.- With who?
323--Someone I have to punish.
324--- Give me a name.- No name.
325--What did this person do wrong?
326--Lie to me.
327--How will you punish him?
328--What makes you think it's a him?
329--Hold on. I have to take this.
330--Where are you?
331--Me? I am not at the office.
332--You're going to give mea new one of these every week?
333--Well, I--
334--I can't continue to--
335--Not without protection.
336--Nobody tells me when to work and when to play.
337--I'm not being unreasonable, Zoe.
338--If you can't trust me, we should be doing this at all.
339--Well, then, how do we establish our trust?
340--I have been very discreet.
341--Oh, professional discretion, yes,
342--but this is new territory.
343--You have a camera on your phone.
345--The kind I wouldn't want my father to see.
346--Well, I'm going to need more than that.
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347--Lie back.
348--Use your imagination.
349--I want everything packed for tomorrow.
350--- We checked already, dad.- Oh, did you?
351--Those are my pink Nikes on the kitchen counter?
352--And you, Auto-bot, what is Optimus Prime doing under my bed?
353--He better transform himself
354--into your backpack before you have to leave tomorrow.
355--Hey, dad?
356--Is Christina coming back?
357--Um, I don't think so, buddy. No.
358--Oh, I liked her.
359--Me, too. She’s cool.
360--Yeah, she is cool.
361--And you guys gotta brush your teeth
362--and then check the rooms again,
363--and then it's time for bed.
364--Got it, pumpkins?
365--Dad, you know I hate it when you call us pumpkins.
366--Go before I turn you into a pie.
367--Peter Russo.
368--He's a drunk.
369--He is at the moment, a very functional one.
370--Imagine if he was sober.
371--Even so, you run him for governor,
372--people are going to dig into his past.
373--Well, we turn that into an asset, not a liability.
374--Here's who I was. Here’s who I am now.
375--You saw how they dismissed him in three seconds
376--at the leadership meeting.
377--Patty Whittaker is very open-minded,
378--and I am very persuasive.
379--You think Russo even wants it?
380--Any kid who's made it from the streets of South Philly
381--to the Capitol Rotunda is ambitious.
382--We just need to tap into that,
383--surround him with the best people
384--and then build the machine and push the go button.
385--So you think he could win.
386--I think he can be a contender.
387--Okay, let's say we pull off a miracle and he wins.
388--What do we gain by it?
389--Isn't it better to be holding the reins in this race
390--than watching from the stands?
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391--You wife is on the phone.

392--Put her through in here.
393--I understand that Pennsylvania’s important for redistricting--
394--No, no, no, this isn't just about this race, Doug.
395--Expand your thinking.
396--Who else is from Pennsylvania?
397--No, no, no, not in Congress.
398--The executive branch.
399--The vice president.
400--Hello, my dear. Nancy had my tux dry-cleaned so I won't embarrass--
401--The Cotesworth cancelled on us.
402--I'm leaving right now. I’ll come get you.
403--I've got to go.
404--What's going on?
405--The hotel, for tonight's gala.
406--They refused to let Claire into the ballroom
407--because their employees are union.
409--Yeah, he can go after me all he wants,
410--but to go after my wife?
411--No class. Meet me at the Cotesworth.
412--You got it.
413--Why can't we just move it to another place?
414--I looked into that. Everything’s booked.
415--You have to reserve these things weeks in advance.
416--I've got Stamper online looking for another venue somewhere.
417--Francis, the delivery trucks are already at the Cotesworth.
418--I can't have people showing up at a different place
419--in case they don't get the email.
420--This is my fault. I feel awful.
421--There's a half a million on the line here.
422--I realize that.
423--And I can't keep having my work
424--take these hits on behalf of yours.
425--It's more than just an inconvenience.
426--I know. We’ll solve it.
427--- Hey, I just got your email.- What did you think?
428--You don't have to send me things before you post.
429--Oh, I thought you might want to take a look.
430--The goal here is for everyone to post things
431--faster than I have a chance to read them.
432--If you're satisfied with the article, just put it up.
433--- Okay.- Are you satisfied?
434--I think so.
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435--Okay, you are or you aren't.

436--Whatever hoops the Herald made you jump through--
437--- I know.- ...Let them go.
438--It's okay to be opinionated, Zoe,
439--and it's okay to go outside to get your hands dirty.
440--You're no longer tied to a desk.
441--Or that pillow, for that matter.
442--I'm not going to post it.
443--Midterm predictions--they're not news.
444--They're bullshit.
445--Well, I agree.
446--I can do better.
447--I think you can.
448--Feel free to blow my mind.
449--If we do this event, the whole staff walks out.
450--I've got 300 guests--
451--You signed a contract with my wife.
452--We'll refund your wife's organization
453--and pay for whatever the costsof moving the event
454--to a more appropriate venue.
455--And we would have to refund a halfa million dollars in donations.
456--Can you pay for that, too?
457--Because I'm pretty sure there’s cause for damages here.
458--I truly apologize, sir.
459--Who's your boss?
460--I spoke with the owners,
461--and they authorized me to do what I think is best.
462--And do they realize that they are shutting the door
463--on 41 members of the United States Congress?
464--Yes, sir, they do.
465--I had to make a very hard judgment call.
466--Well, I seriously question your judgment.
467--You know, word travels fast in this town.
468--All those luncheons and conventions and dinners.
469--It's going to be a shame to lose all that work. Isn't it?
470--Congressman, you are absolutely right,
471--but if my staff walks out, I--
472--Please understand the predicament I'm in.
473--I got an idea.
474--I know what we're going to do.
475--Honey, they're not going to let us have it inside.
476--We're going to have it right here on their front steps, picnic style.
477--What do you need from me?
478--I need your manpower.
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479--Yes, sir, I'm on it.

480--Okay, everybody, stop what you’re doing, and listen up.
482--Oh, hey, Frank.
483--- How soon?- About three hours.
484--- How many people we talking?- Just 300.
485--The florist is going to send over whatever he has.
487--Francis, where are we with food?
488--I've got hotdogs, pizzas, and soul food coming,
489--maybe something else.
490--Girls, here's what I want.
491--I want four bars, two on each level.
492--The food can go there. The silent auction goes here.
493--Oh, and cancel the string quartet. Let’s get a DJ.
494--Doug, how are we on booze?
495--- Kegs are on the way now.- Great.
496--Oh, and call Denise at the office
497--and have her bring every donation envelope she can find.
498--Okay, messages, people.
499--Congressman Russo's office.
500--Yes, can you hold one minute? Thank you.
501--Congressman, people keep calling about the shipyards.
502--We don't know what to tell them.
503--We just say we'll give you the message.
504--- Keep saying that.- Here they are,
505--the messages and all the emails we’ve gotten, too.
506--You want me to--Have a good night.
507--Who did we reach?
508--Herald, The Times, USA Today.
509--All right, I want affiliate stations and cable news.
510--I want satellite trucks out there.
511--I want this on live TV.
512--Okay, I'm on it.
513--You can't do this here.
514--Zoe, 8:00 P.M. tonight, Hotel Cotesworth.
515--Benefit for my wife's charity.
516--No, wash your face and let your hair down.
517--This is work and play.
518--See you.
519--I can tell you right now I’m going to need two dozen.
520--Paul, I'm going to need those by tomorrow, okay?
521--Your guests are your problem, not mine, Julian.
522--I'll close the gate.
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523--You know, I'm no expert in fire code,

524--but I would imagine that locking your guests in
525--is a bigger violation than having them walk around us.
526--This is trespassing on private property.
527--You're breaking the law.
528--Right, okay.
529--Let me get Barney Hull on the phone here for you.
530--Here you go.
531--It's ringing.
532--Who's Barney Hull?
533--The police commissioner.
534--No? Okay.
535--You'd rather talk to him in person, that's great.
536--He's coming to the party.
537--I'll be sure to introduce him to you.
538--Thanks for your hospitality.
539--Bar comes over here.
540--Put all that booze that way.
541--What do you want me to do?
542--I can't lock the gates, and they’ve got the police on their side.
543--Unbelievable. Hold on.
545--I need 200 teachers
546--at the Cotesworth Hotel right now.
547--I need a full picket.
548--200? I don't know if we can get that--
549--I don't want to hear it. Just get it done.
550--I don't give a fuck if they’re teachers or not, frankly.
551--Just get me 200 bodies.
552--You know, call the teamsters. Maybe they'll help us.
553--We'll give them glasses if we have to.
554--Tell the guys to look smart.
555--Charlie, get off the phone.
556--I need signs right now,at least a hundred.
557--You know what? Let them set it up.
558--It's actually better for us that way.
559--This way they can't hide from us.
560--You've put me in a terrible situation.
561--Oh, you did?
562--...British accent.
563--Thank you very much for all your help.
564--Much appreciated.
565--Here, we got the signs right here.
566--Let's hand them out fast.
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567--Everybody single file right down the street.

568--This way, that way. Okay?
569--Well, at least he spelled it right.
570--Teachers protesting
571--the education reform and achievement act
572--have descended upon the Hotel Cotesworth
573--in Washington, D.C.
574--Union lobbyist Martin Spinella
575--organized the demonstration.
576--Teachers deserve respect!
577--Teachers deserve respect!
578--Now, I knew you'd show up.
579--You bring that beautiful wife of yours? Hello...
580--Pleasure. Thank you for coming.
581--Come on in. The drinks are on the house.
583--Spinella got us shut out by the union,
584--so we had to have the party out here on the steps.
585--I'll take you up to a bar right now.
586--Thank you for coming.
587--Thank you. Welcome.
588--Teachers, yes! Unions, yes!
589--Hi. Great.
590--Thanks again so much for coming.
591--Adam's here.
592--You came.
593--Looks wonderful.
594--You're going to have to move over,
595--because I have to serve this wonderful couple myself.
596--This is fabulous.
597--Only Claire could've thought of this.
598--I don't suppose you have anything single-malt back there.
599--Frank, it's worth every penny to see you on keg duty.
600--Well, then don't you think this is worth just a few extra pennies?
601--Oh, let's break out the checkbook, Charles.
602--Did you RSVP?
603--I assumed it didn't matter.
604--It doesn't.
605--I'm glad you're here.
606--When I heard your message.
607--You know, I shouldn’t have left that, Adam.
608--Why not?
609--Maybe we should talk at some point.
610--Make that check with a lot of zeroes, won't you?
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611--There we are.
612--- Cheers.- Cheers.
614--I'm going to ask a huge favor of you since you're here.
615--You want to put me to work.
616--Yes, please.
617--- My pleasure.- Come.
618--So these are some wonderful photographs
619--- by an amazing photographer--- Gillian.
620--Adam Galloway, nice to meet you.
621--And this is the photographer himself.
623--I just wanted to thank you so much.
624--Such a success.
625--My pleasure. My pleasure.
626--He's the best.
627--I see Adam's here.
628--I didn't know he was coming.
629--- Well, guess what I got.- What?
630--Another check from the Holburns
631--for $60,000.
632--Come on, praise me like you should.
633--If Frank Underwood and the United States Congress--
634--Hi, my name is Zoe Barnes. I’m with Slugline.
635--...Dismantle the rights of the American teacher?
636--Unions, yes! Teachers, yes!
637--Hi. Why do you protest here?
638--And Congress has to take this seriously.
639--We're here for the teachers.
640--We're here.
641--Thank you. Thank you.
642--We're not asking for the world,
643--and Congress needs to step up and get this done.
644--Excuse me.
645--That dress looks familiar.
646--It's the one I wore to the symphony.
647--Oh, yes, mutual admiration society.
648--That's right.
649--So what do you have for me?
650--What do you mean?
651--Well, you're surrounded by Washington's elite.
652--Are you saying you've overheard nothing
653--that could be useful to either of us?
654--I'm covering the protest.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

655--The rest of the world is covering the protest.

656--You may not have noticed,
657--but you're the only journalist inside the party.
658--I've been feeding you plenty.
659--Information is a two-way street, Miss Barnes.
660--- Hello.- Claire, this is Zoe Barnes.
661--You met her one night at the house.
662--Yes, I remember.
663--You work for the Herald, right?
664--Not anymore.
665--I actually work at Slugline now.
666--I've heard of it.
667--You read it, don't you, Francis?
669--Well, you seem like a very ambitious young woman.
670--I like that.
671--Doing my best.
672--It's good to see you again.
673--Please enjoy yourself.
674--I will. Thank you.
675--Take care, Miss Barnes.
676--...On the steps,
677--and she looks gorgeous,
678--but really she's thinking,
679--when can I go the fuck home?
680--- I'm off.- Already?
681--I've done my duty, I believe.
682--Oh, you know me.
683--Always have to be the first to leave a party.
684--How much did you raise?
686--80 of that was your photographs.
688--Write a check for 250,we'll break a million.
689--Nice try.
690--Thank you for coming.
691--And everything that you did.
692--Call me sometime.
693--I will.
694--So what does a clean water gala
695--have to do with teachers' unions?
696--Well, we have over 50 members of Congress
697--gathered in one place.
698--But the fact that these members of Congress
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

699--are promoting pouring money out of the country

700--while neglecting their teachers at home
701--is precisely the problem.
702--But this is private money, not public tax dollars, so...
703--But we're not protesting the cause.
704--We're protesting the Congressmen and women themselves.
705--Are these even teachers picketing?
706--Well, sure, some of them.
707--And some of them are people in--
708--Excuse me.
709--Frank. What are you--?
710--Don't take the food. We’ll feed you later.
711--Marty, you know that old saying.
712--The most dangerous spot in the world
713--is to come between a teamster and free food.
714--Don't take the food. We’re feeding you later.
715--- I'll take it.- She'll take it.
716--Who else is hungry?
717--- There you go.- Pass it back.
718--Plenty more coming, guys.
719--I know you've all been out here for hours.
720--Thank you, Freddy.
721--The best ribs in D.C.
722--Marty, come on.
723--You said your piece. You got on the news.
724--Come and enjoy yourself.
725--I respect you, Claire. You know I can't do that.
726--Doesn't matter what side you're on.
727--Everybody's got to eat.
728--You can have a plate of ribs.
729--Yes, you can. Come on.
730--- I can't.- Yes, you can.
731--Thank you, Claire, but I cannot.
732--You can do it. Come on, Marty. Come on.
733--Thank you, I can’t. Thank you. Thank you.
734--Freddy’s. You should go to Freddy's.
735--Several dozen union sympathizers
736--led by labor lobbyist Martin Spinella
737--attempted to disrupt the gala.
738--They need to step up to the plate
739--and take care of our teachers and our children.
740--The protest dissipated when fundraiser attendees
741--offer food and drink to picketers.
742--Doesn't matter what side you're on.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

743--Everybody's gotta eat.

744--Turn it off.
745--It is unclear whether the protest will continue.
746--What now?
747--Call the union leadership and the chapter presidents.
748--See if they're ready to pull the trigger.
749--If they are, we strike at midnight tomorrow.
750--You were extraordinary.
751--Tomorrow, people who weren't there
752--are gonna lie and say they were.
753--What are you reading?
754--She can write.
755--She can.
756--And you can raise money.
757--Always for a good cause.
758--Thank you.
759--Wait in the car, please.
760--Hold on. I know who that is.
761--Hello, Peter.
762--I am starving. I forgot to eat.
763--Would you like something, Peter?
764--No. Thanks.
765--You should eat.
766--Don't fight. She'll win.
767--I will.
768--Okay. Yes.
769--You want some coffee?
770--Yes. Thanks.
771--Do you have any children?
772--Two. A son and a daughter.
775--What are their names, your kids?
776--Um, Sarah, she's 11,
777--and Kevin is eight.
778--Do you have any pictures?
779--Fuck! I lost my phone.
780--I--sorry. I should--uh, I gotta go.
781--Peter, sit down.
782--You're gonna enjoy your sandwich,
783--have some coffee, and stay the night.
784--Milk and sugar?
786--Some fresh towels.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

787--There should be soap and toothpaste,

788--everything you need in the bathroom.
789--Thank you so much for doing this.
790--Oh, it's nothing. Sleep well.
791--What's going on, Peter?
792--Talk to me.
793--You think fresh towels changes anything?
794--Changes what?
795--The shipyard.
796--If I was home and you pulled that shit,
797--I'd beat the fuck out of you.
798--I would crack your skull on the pavement.
799--That's why I came over here today,
800--to fuck you up for what you made me do.
801--I don't care how nice you’re being to me.
802--I don't give a shit.
803--I'm gonna wake up tomorrow...
804--and all these people...
805--all my friends...
806--are still fucked.
807--And I'm still fucked.
808--You fucked all of us.
809--But I'm gonna get blamed for it.
810--So now I have to carry that weight on my shoulders.
811--You fucked me, Frank.
812--I shouldn't have let you do it, but I did.
813--Are you done now?
814--Get up.
815--- No.- I said get up.
816--And follow me. Now.
817--Get in.
818--Take off your clothes and get in.
819--Do it. Now.
820--There was a D.N.C. meeting earlier this week.
821--About the governor's race.
822--Your name came up as someone we might want to run.
823--Aspirin. Go ahead.
824--Everyone in that room wanted to cross you off the list.
825--I said no.I stuck up for you.
826--I said, "Peter Russo, he’s got potential.
827--He's young. He's capable. He’s going places."
828--I made them keep you in contention.
829--You're still on that list.
830--You show up at my house in the middle of the night,
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

831--drunk, to whine, to try to shift the blame on me

832--instead of taking responsibility
833--for yourself and your own actions.
834--Maybe they were right in that meeting.
835--Maybe you are worthless.
836--I'm the only person who believes in you, Peter,
837--but maybe that's one too many.
838--The hot water will open up your capillaries.
839--The aspirin you just took will make your blood thinner.
840--It's up to you, Peter.
841--Oh, and if you do decide to take the coward's way out,
842--cut along the tracks, not across them.
843--That's a rookie mistake.
846--You need a lift to the hill?
847--I should go home and change my clothes.
848--No, no, we'll drop you.
849--Want some coffee?
851--One month.
853--One month sober.
854--I can give you that.
855--Not for me. For you.
856--Has the seed been planted?
857--Only Peter can answer that question.
858--He has a choice.
859--Will he wither or will he thrive?
860--Only time will tell.

House Of Cards 2013 S01E06

1--Sync and corrections by owenlee of

2--We're almost a month into the strike,
3--and we've got millions of kids stuck home from school.
4--Do you blame the White House or Congress?
5--I personally have very little sympathy for the teachers.
6--We're over three weeks into this strike.
7--It's costing the country billions of dollars,
8--and instead of offering solutions--
9--There's a big difference
10--between taking a stand and sitting on your hands.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

11--I don't know whether to call it cowardice...

12--It's his agenda, and the problem
13--is that he stole sound, conservative ideas.
14--The only smart thing he's done is lift his platform from the republican platform.
15--I admit it, Linda. This got away from me.
16--But we can't turn back time. We have to hold our ground.
17--While our approval ratings continue to nosedive?
18--Spinella and I worked together for years on dozens of labor-related bills.
19--- I thought he'd be reasonable.- You were wrong about that.
20--Well, I didn't think he'd be insane enough to go on strike,
21--and I didn't think the strike would last this long.
22--So you've been wrong twice about this.
23--Why should I believe you’re right about holding out?
24--We threatened collective bargaining
25--in order to get performance standards and charter funding.
26--That's the deal that we made. We took that stand.
27--We lay down now, we lose it all.
28--There'll be no reform, just an empty bill.
29--I understand the logic, Frank, but we're in damage control now.
30--We can't close one wound by opening another.
31--But we're the democrats.
32--We're the ones who are supposed to be defending the teachers.
33--But you can't have it both ways, Linda.
34--You can't have the reform you want
35--and keep the teachers happy at the same time.
36--You knew that when we started.
37--Okay, then if we have to choose,
38--we choose to keepthe teachers happy.
39--That is a mistake, Linda. We’ve already crossed the Rubicon.
40--I'm telling you this-- the president wants to change the bill.
41--We should've done it three weeks ago. We didn't.
42--So you have to do it now.
43--Give me more time, Linda, please.
44--If I can break this strike and get everything we want in this bill,
45--can we agree that's preferable to folding?
46--Of course. If we can count on that--
47--Then count on me for just one more week.
48--If the strike isn't overbuy then, I'll change the bill.
49--- Frank--- No. One more week. That's all.
50--This is the worst possible position to be in.
51--If I water down the bill, the president will still me as a failure.
52--If the strike doesn't end in a week, I forced myself into a corner.
53--Only total victory will put me back in his good graces.
54--The alternative is exile,
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

55--which would mean the last five months were for nothing.
56--I cannot abide falling back to square one.
57--You need me, ma'am?
58--No. I just was wondering if you wanted a cup of coffee.
59--I just brewed a fresh pot.
60--- I'm good, ma'am. But thanks.- Are you sure?
61--My shift's done in a couple hours. I’ll be fine.
62--No. Come on. Stretch your legs.
63--I won't take no for an answer.
64--What did you do before you joined the leadership detail?
65--I was a cop here in DC.
66--Before that, I was in the Marines, ma'am.
67--- Thank you.- Did you serve overseas?
68--I did, ma'am.Bahrain, then Afghanistan.
69--Served most of my second tour in the Korangal Valley.
70--You wanna know if I killed anyone?
71--I think I know the answer.
72--- I got a dinner meeting with birch.- I invited him in for coffee.
73--Well, drink it fast. We leave in five...
74--Get down! Stay away from the windows!
76--You'll have six of my best men covering you around the clock.
77--I guess I'm wondering why we didn't at least have
78--one of your best men covering us now.
79--He'll be disciplined, sir.
80--He shot a gun in a residential neighborhood.
81--- I want him fired.- There will be a full investigation,
82--and we'll take the necessary action.
83--Steve never would’ve let this happen.
84--Is he better yet? Because I would feel a lot safer if he was with us.
85--Unfortunately, he won't be coming back, sir.
86--I thought he just had a gallbladder infection.
87--He did, but they found more.
88--His pancreas, stage four.
89--- Jesus.- Oh, my God. That's awful.
90--How much longer does he have?
91--Not long. A few weeks.
92--At least that's what his wife told me.
93--We have to go see him. Can you get the information where he is?
94--Of course. I'll make sure you get it right away.
95--- Thank you, Captain.- Thank you.
96--You're welcome. Good night.
97--- Front door.- Yes, sir.
98--Your weapon.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

99--Your badge too.

100--Am I suspended, sir?
101--You had a suspect on foot, and you fire your gun?
102--- Sir, I realize that--- Do you know how this reflects on me?
103--That one of our men could be so careless?
104--Not only do you abandon your post for coffee...
105--You could’ve killed a bystander.
106--That slug was found in somebody's front stoop.
107--What if it went in their house?
108--Your badge, Meechum.
109--Two reasons, which are really the same reason.
110--I was sick of working for other people,
111--and I knew I could do a better job than my bosses.
112--They kept trying to suppress me, shutting me out.
113--So I said, "fuck it. I’ll do it my way."
114--- Then you just quit?- Not like you did.
115--I slaved away until I lined up the money to start Slugline.
116--Once Slugline gets big enough, what’s the plan?
117--Are you gonna sell it like Arianna?
118--Probably. And then who knows?
119--Whatever the next adventure is. Maybe Shanghai.
120--So I shouldn't expect to have a job in two years?
121--Do you ever wanna have any job for more than two years?
122--What about you? What’s your big plan?
123--Uh, I don't know yet.
124--Come on. Slugline is just a stepping stone for you.
125--- You know what? I should take this.- Go. Do your thing.
126--Hey. You have proof Spinella was behind it?
127--Put it in context. Three weeks into a national teachers' strike--
128--At the home of Francis Underwood, who has led the charge on--
129--There you go. Now post that before one of my neighbors calls a local 11:00 hack.
130--- When do I see you next? - I'm background on this. I'm not your source.
131--You can't talk now?
132--- No.- When?
133--Soon, with bells on.
134--What about "more school books, less bricks"?
135--Nah, it's too broad. We need a better sound bite.
136--Something specific, something that points the finger directly at Spinella.
137--- He'll deny any involvement.- Of course he will.
138--- So how do we get around that?- We say he can't control his troops.
139--- There's no evidence it was a teacher.- Who else could it be?
140--He's gonna shift blame for the strike back on congress.
141--No. We need something clear, something clean,
142--something that sticks in your head.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

143--"Teachers need a lesson in self-restraint."

144--No. You're not hearing me. People like teachers.
145--No. We need something that makes Spinella the villain.
146--- His lack of control, his inability--- Disorganized labor.
147--It's disorganized labor, plain and simple.
148--When you've got angry teachers
149--throwing bricks through congressmen's windows,
150--you've gotta blame the union leadership.
151--We'll be beefing up the security for the entire leadership.
152--And I strongly encourage Marty Spinella
153--to keep his people in line.
154--This is starting to look like disorganized labor.
155--Do you really think Marty Spinella is to blame?
156--Whether Mr. Spinella is behind this or not,
157--he might wanna tone down the rhetoric
158--before disorganized labor turns into organized crime.
159--No one can prove anything. So that's the most cogent response.
160--Well, go on TV and say that. You deplore violence in any form.
161--It's congress that should take responsibility.
162--I don't want to degenerate to Frank's level.
163--We need to kill this brick thing. It’s distracting people from the issues.
164--She's right. It'll eat up one cycle, and it'll disappear.
165--No. This story is getting traction.
166--Support for the strike is dipping.
167--So is the president’s approval ratings.
168--But he gets to say in the oval office another three years, no matter what.
169--We can't afford another three weeks.
170--When I told the unions to strike,
171--I told them to prepare for the long haul.
172--All right? Their accounts dry up, we keep going.
173--We figure it out. I am not going to blink over something like this.
174--Fine. But if we lose the public relations battle,
175--none of that does us any good.
176--Frank wants us on the defensive.
177--I think this story is going to blow over.
178--If I'm wrong, we'll reevaluate.
179--But I wanna give it another day or two first. Okay?
180--Hi, Adam.
181--You all right? I saw the news.
182--Yes, I'm fine.
183--That's gotta rattle the nerves--
184--A brick coming through the window.
185--It did, some.
186--So are you staying in the house?
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

187--We've got extra security now, so...

188--Well, um, it made me think of you,
189--so I figured I'd just check in.
190--I appreciate that.
191--We still haven't talked, have we?
192--- There's no need to.- I think we should.
193--Here's how I see it.
194--You asked me to come down. I did.
195--We both had ideas about what that could mean.
196--Probably very similar ideas.
197--But then you changed your mind.
198--So be it.
199--There's no reason
200--we can't be in touch or remain friends.
201--Let's not fool ourselves, Adam.
202--So I won't call again.
203--- Done.- I'm not saying that.
204--What are you saying?
205--I just called because I care about you.
206--No agenda.
207--If you wanna talk again, call me.
208--If not, I understand. It’s up to you.
209--You think I’m being unreasonable?
210--I think you're doing whatever it is you need to do,
211--and I'm not gonna question it.
212--It was sweet of you to call.
213--Listen, you probably need to get back to work.
214--I know I do. I should go.
215--Yeah. Okay.
216--- Take care.- Okay.
217--- Frank, you got a minute?- I'll see you inside.
218--I wanna be governor, and I want your help.
219--- Am I still on the short list?- You are.
220--I haven't had a drink in over a month. I'm clean.
221--Is that because I asked, or because it's what you want?
222--It was about time I took responsibility for myself.
223--Taking responsibility is one thing, and it's admirable.
224--But running for governor of a major state is a whole other ball game.
225--Let me tell you something, Frank.
226--I got elected to congress
227--'cause I seized the moment that opportunity struck.
228--You kept me on that list. I wanna seize that opportunity.
229--If you help me out, I’ll give you everything I got.
230--Well, that's all I’ve been waiting to hear.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

231--All right. I’ll tell you what.

232--I need to make some calls, check in with some people.
233--Give me a few days. I’ll get back to you.
234--- Of course.- And, Peter...
235--I feel like I've met the real you
236--for the first time just now.
238--- Is this a bad time?- No.
239--No, not at all.
240--I'm sorry. I didn't know you were coming.
241--Here. Take my chair.
242--- Oh, no. I'm fine.- I'll take these.
243--Thank you.
244--- Hello, Steve.- Hey.
245--These could use some water. I’ll be right back.
246--Francis and I were so upset when we heard.
247--I'm sorry I haven't come sooner.
248--I didn't want too many people knowing.
250--Francis wishes he could be here.
251--He wants you to know he’s praying for you.
252--- Couldn't make it, huh? - No, there's a big teachers' strike going on right now,
253--and he's been stuck in his office for weeks.
254--I get it.I saw on the news.
255--- The brick.- Right.
256--I told Francis that probably wouldn't have happened if you were there.
257--No. Probably not.
258--I never seen him pray.
259--Not in eight years.
260--You said he was praying for me.
261--You've seen us in church.
262--Yeah, but...
263--I never went inside.
264--They're just gorgeous.
265--Mrs. Underwood, thank you so much.
266--Please, call me Claire.
267--- I know you got things to do.- Of course.
268--If you need anything at all, call me. You have my cell.
269--Anything at all. And I'm sorry to have surprised you.
270--No. It was so nice of you to come.
271--Thank you. I know Steve appreciated it.
272--Check this out.
273--It's foam.
274--- How many of these we have?- 200. But I can get more.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

275--Get more.
276--Bring it on!
277--You need to give the teachers the respect they deserve.
278--We can't back away from this, Marty.
279--- We've gotta face it head-on.- They provoked us.
280--They were throwing foam. Our guys were throwing punches.
281--We're gonna come offthe bad guys here.
282--Okay. Okay. I get it. I get it.
283--But I wanna be smart about this.
284--I wanna do something definitive that’ll put this to bed
285--- and get us back on message.- CNN,
286--one on one, you and Underwood.
287--8:00 tonight.
288--Frank is excellent in debates.
289--Go strong against him. Address the brick right to his face.
290--- End of story.- Underwood says he's in if you are.
291--Okay. But I want as much prep as possible, okay?
292--I want to run questions.
293--You moderate, you play Underwood.
294--Wear this one.
295--Then come in here. I wanna put powder on you.
296--Well, somebody at the studio can do that.
297--Yes, and they always cake on too much. I’m doing it.
298--War paint.
299--How bloody do you think it’ll be?
300--Oh, I think I ought to be able to dispatch with him easily enough.
301--Oh, you remember Peter Russo?
302--He's doing well. He hasn't had a drink in a month.
303--Oh, good for him. I like him.
304--Oh, good, because he could use your help.
305--- How?- We're running him for Governor.
306--- Ambitious.- Mmm.
307--We wanna create jobs in his district.
308--It's on the Delaware River.
309--I thought we might be able to put a bill together.
310--Something with an economic upside.
311--This has to do with the shipyard closing?
312--We need the shipbuilders’ support for his campaign.
313--You think you might be able
314--to draft a bill that he can sponsor?
315--I'm really trying to focus on international projects, Francis.
316--Not domestic legislation.
317--I understand, but I could really use your help, Claire.
318--Does Catherine Durant still owe us?
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

319--When you make someone Secretary of State,

320--they owe you for life.
321--We're having trouble getting our water filters
322--through Sudanese customs.
323--- I'll call from the car.- Tomorrow's fine.
324--- I would have done that anyway.- I know.
325--I'm ready for battle.
326--You wanna come watch?
327--- No. You go on ahead.- Oh, come on.
328--Watch me put the final nail in Spinella's coffin.
329--It'll be fun.
332--Come on, people. Take your marks.
333--Congressman, would you like to respond to that?
334--Yes, I would. Two billion dollars of taxpayer's money being wasted.
335--And congress should be ashamed of itself for that, Frank.
336--Oh, what? Did congress force the teachers to go on strike?
337--- No, we didn't.- Really, Frank?
338--When you threaten teachers' ability
339--to negotiate as a union,
340--when you threaten their job security,
341--you threaten their livelihood,
342--of course you force them to strike.
343--And did we also force them to start throwing bricks at people's houses?
344--I'm really glad you brought that up,
345--because you know there’s absolutely no proof
346--that that incident had anything to do with this strike.
347--And I wanna take the opportunity to say publicly
348--that we categorically condemn
349--any use of violence whatsoever or intimidation.
350--What you're saying essentially
351--is that you can't control your own people.
352--- That is not what I'm saying. - That is what you're saying. You're disorganized.
353--- Disorganized labor. - You can keep trotting out that phrase all you like,
354--but you know what I'd like to do, Frank? I would like to get back
355--to the issue hereof educating our children
356--and the fact that congress is not living up to their commitment.
357--Well, you know what I would like?
359--An apology.
360--If not to me, then to my wife.
361--When that brick came through our window, it was terrifying.
362--She's standing right over there.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

363--- Claire?- We need camera two on the wife.

364--Now, why don't you look her in the eye
365--and tell her that your people had nothing to do with that brick.
366--- Are you serious?- Yes.
368--Mrs. Underwood, Claire,
369--I am sincerely sorry
370--that you had to go through that ordeal, truly.
371--And it actually sickens me
372--that someone made you feel unsafe in your own home.
373--And I give you my word that to the best of my knowledge,
374--none of our people had anything to do with it.
375--But you know what sickens me more?
376--That right now, your husband is using you
377--as a prop on national television to try and win a debate.
378--So I think you're the one that owes your wife an apology, Frank.
379--And when you’re done apologizing,
380--can we please get back to the issue here
381--of educating our children?
382--No. You've got this wrong, Marty.
383--There is no "you" and "I" in education.
384--Well, I mean, yes, there’s the letters
385--"U" and "I" are in the word "education."
386--But "Education “with a capital E...
387--You know what I’m talking about.
388--I don't think I do.
389--Yes, you do, Marty.
390--U and I-- Education.
391--So, what, we're gonna waste the rest of this debate naming all the vowels in--
392--I'm happy to play the vowel game.
393--You wanna play the vowel game with me?
394--All right. U think I O
395--U A apology.
396--But no, no, no.
397--U O I...
398--Interesting. You left out E for "Education."
399--- So let--- Defecation--
400--Edification. I’m sorry. LOL.
401--Uh, uh...
403--You like sesame street so much?
404--Why don't you give the kids the money they deserve?
405--What I'm trying to say about education...
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

407--I guess school’s still in session.

408--I guess you schooled me there, Marty.
409--Let's move on. Please.
410--Humor aside, there are more important issues out there.
411--I had no intention of bringing you into this.
412--It wasn't part of a plan. I would've told you if it was.
413--I know.
414--The idea just struck me, and I went with it.
415--I don't mind that you improvised.
416--I just wish you’d done it better.
417--Congressman Frank Underwood says he got, quote, "schooled"
418--by AFT spokesman and chief strategist, Martin Spinella,
419--during a debate last night on this network.
420--In the past 24 hours,
421--reruns of the gaffe
422--have played non-stop on TV news programs and the internet.
423--A YouTube clip-set to techno music
424--has logged more than 300,000 hits
425--and spawned dozens of other spoofs.
426--♪ No ♪
427--♪ No ♪
428--♪ E O I ♪
429--♪ with a capital "E" ♪
430--♪ education LOL ♪
431--That was as clumsy
432--as the Lee Harvey Oswald prison transfer.
433--What was he thinking?
434--Just give me one second.
435--There's a deli. Down the street.
436--Patti, thanks for coming.
437--Sit down. You want some coffee?
438--No, thanks. I'm good.
439--Hey, did you see bill Maher last night?
440--No, I didn't.
441--Oh, it was about the CNN thing.
442--I have to admit, Frank, it was kinda funny.
443--Well, I'll have to catch a rerun.
444--How you doing? You holding up all right with the strike?
445--Let's talk about Pennsylvania.
446--I have your candidate.
447--Peter Russo. First Congressional District.
448--We crossed him off.
449--I know. It's a mistake.
450--He's young, he's handsome. He’s bright.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

451--Nobody knows who he is outside of Philadelphia.

452--There's no donor base, no infrastructure.
453--You start me off with funding from the DNC
454--and I'll raise an army around this guy.
455--I will personally oversee his campaign.
456--Is that the best we can do?
457--What's better than a blank slatein the right hands?
458--Ed, you need to go.
459--Congressman, do you have a moment?
460--Thank you, Patti.
461--- Have him call me.- I will.
462--Ed? Please.
463--- What is going on?- I'm taking care of it.
464--One second, sir. Please.
465--All right. Make it fast, Meechum.
466--It's not easy for me to ask this,
467--but I was wondering if you could put in a good word
468--with my boss.
469--A good word?
470--They're going to discharge me, sir.
471--I messed up. I’m fully aware.
472--But my job, it means everything to me,
473--and I know a good word from you would...
474--Look, I have nothing against you personally, Meechum,
475--but I can't get involved in these sort of affairs.
476--There's protocols and rules.
477--Sir, please, if you spoke to Cardiff--
478--There is nothing that I can do.
479--If anyone can convince the captain,
480--it would be you, Congressman.
481--I'm sorry. I wish you all the best, Meechum.
483--What did Barney hull say?
484--That we'd be the first to know.
485--I can't believe there hasn't been
486--a single 911 call.
487--There's been plenty.
488--It's just not the sort we’re after.
489--We got that kid in Atlanta.
490--No, it's got to be here. I can't be getting on a plane.
491--It looks too opportunistic.
492--Maybe if we open it up a little bit.
493--No, we cannot lower our standards.
494--We just have to be patient.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

495--New rule--now that the debate's over,

496--Frank Underwood has to tell us what the hell that was.
497--Seriously, Congressman, was that a joke?
498--I haven't seen something just lay there like that
499--since, uh...
500--I gotta go all the way back to my prom night.
501--Can we just settle this strike please?
502--Teachers have been out of the classroom for so long,
503--middle schoolers are starting to have sex with each other.
505--I don't know why you had it on in the first place.
506--I love you, Francis.
507--I know.
508--We should say that more often to each other.
509--I need to clear my head.
510--...north and east of the airport.
511--I'm gonna need that in time for that meeting.
512--Peter, let's talk.
513--So. I've spoken to Patricia Whittaker.
514--She's on board.
515--You'll be getting four millionin start-up funding
516--from the DNC.
517--I'll pick the team. You announce in August.
518--But the campaign starts today.
519--Are you ready?
520--I've already put together a platform.
521--It's mostly broad strokes, but we can hone it.
522--Good. The first thing we need to address
523--is your sobriety.
524--Oh, you don't need to worry about that.
525--Have you been going to meetings?
526--You mean AA?
527--- Yes.- That's not really my thing.
528--If you want my help,
529--then going to meetings is my one requirement.
530--I know I had a problem, Frank.
531--I accept that.
532--And I've taken responsibility for that,
533--but I don't think going to meetings is necessary.
534--You cannot white-knuckle your recovery, Peter.
535--This campaign will be the hardest thing
536--you've ever done in your life.
537--I realize that. I’m prepared for that.
538--You think you are. But we can't take any chances.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

539--The party's investing in you.

540--I need to make sure you’re investing in yourself.
541--All right. I’ll do whatever I have to do.
542--Good. You’ll start tomorrow morning.
543--- Doug will take you.- Stamper?
544--He's been sober 14 years.
545--Doug has a drinking problem?
546--Had. Not anymore. He’ll be your sponsor.
547--In the meantime, I want you to meet with my wife, Claire.
548--She runs the clean water initiative.
549--She's expecting you,
550--so clear your schedule and head over there now.
552--Thank you.
553--For believing in me.
554--You're gonna make a great candidate, Peter.
555--The shipyard closing frees up1,100 acres of federal land.
556--Our goal is to pass a watershed act for the Delaware River.
557--We develop the land in an environmentally-responsible way,
558--creating jobs in the process.
559--How many jobs? Thousands.
560--We're aiming for the $200-million mark.
561--We got a lot of work to do.
562--We do, but you can start with the congressman
563--whose districts fall within the watershed.
564--Do you have a draft of the bill you can show me?
565--We haven't sponsored any environmental legislation.
566--We'll draft it in consultation with your staff.
567--Gillian will be the point person on our end.
568--I don't have any legislation experience.
569--- I'll help you.- When do we start?
570--We just did.
571--Will you introduce him to the research team?
572--- I'll be there in one second.- Sure.
573--Mr. President?
574--I want it over.
575--As soon as possible.
576--Gut the bill, Frank.
577--Do whatever's necessary to end this.
578--Mr. President, if we give in now,
579--the public won't credit you with a victory.
580--Not even a hollow one. They’ll chalk it up
581--as a colossal defeat.
582--Well, that's on you, Frank.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

583--You let this situation devolve to where it is.

584--I've already been blamed
585--for the largest teacher's strike in US history.
586--I won't be held accountable for it dragging on
587--months and months.
588--Mr. President, we have to end this strike on your terms.
589--Not anyone else's.
590--How? By debating Marty Spinella on CNN?
591--Sir, you have placed your faithin me thus far.
592--I would ask that you continue to do so.
593--Whatever you're doing, Frank,isn't working,
594--so I'm stepping in.
595--Gut the bill. Like Linda said.
597--I'm sorry, Mr. President, but I will not do that.
598--Are you letting pride cloud your judgment, Frank?
599--Respectfully, sir,
600--you're allowing fear to cloud yours.
601--Not an easy thing to say no
602--to the most powerful man in the free world.
603--But sometimes the only way to gain your superior's respect
604--is to defy him.
605--What do we have on the schedule, Linda?
606--Your meeting with the...
607--Thank you, Mr. President.
608--- Do you have my briefing?- Right here.
609--Good. Let’s look it over.
610--Hi. How'd it go with Peter?
611--It went well.
612--Is he game?
614--Ugh. Thank you.
615--That's a big weight off my shoulders.
616--You sound tired.
617--Tired. Impatient.
618--What can I do?
619--Nothing. This one's up to fate.
620--I don't like when we leave things to fate.
621--Neither do I.
622--Does that mean I'm gonna have the bed to myself tonight?
624--Can't Doug man the fort?
625--Well, he could, but I'd just toss and turn.
626--If I'm not gonna sleep, I might as well not sleep here.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

627--Well, I'll leave the ringer on.

628--Call me if you want company.
629--I will. Goodnight.
631--You should go home. I can take it from here.
632--Vigilance. It’s good for the soul.
633--10-59. Corner of 16th and Q.10-59.
634--What's that?
635--Disorderly conduct.
636--Do you believe in karma?
637--Absolutely not.
638--Well, I do.
639--At least tonight.
640--Get Captain Cardiff on the phone.
641--Let's do something about Meechum.
643--Get him his job back.
644--He fired his weapon.
645--He overreacted.
646--Cardiff. On the phone. Now.
647--Nancy, give me Captain Cardiff, please.
648--We might as well do one productive thing while we wait.
649--It requires very little of me
650--and will mean the world to him.
651--It's a very inexpensive investment.
652--Hello, sir. This is Doug Stamper.
653--I have Francis Underwood for you.
654--I got him on.
655--Captain, I know it's late,
656--but I'd like to talk to you about Edward Meechum.
657--Good morning, gentlemen.
658--Thank you.
659--- Are you hungry?- Mm-hmm.
660--You have any trouble getting in?
661--Nah, they made me put it through the X-ray machine twice.
662--So I hope it didn’t overcook it.
663--Frank, you always pay too much. This is way too much.
664--For the inconvenience.
665--You know, 20 years you been coming to my joint.
666--This the first time I been to yours.
667--What do you think?
668--I could get used to it.
669--Well, you're welcome any time.
670--Thank you, Freddy.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

671--Always, Frank.
672--Got a...446 3rd Street...
673--That's a drive-by shooting.
674--Get details.
675--Sir, I want to thank you for talking to the captain.
676--He told me you called,
677--and I can't tell you how grateful I am.
678--I want you to listen very closely
679--to what I'm about to say.
680--From this moment on, you are a rock.
681--You absorb nothing, you say nothing,
682--and nothing breaks you.
683--- Is that clear?- Yes, sir.
684--Welcome back.
686--I'll leave you be.
687--Where, uh--where's Janet?
688--She's been here every day for the last few weeks.
689--I told her go home, get some rest.
690--Well, is everything okay?
691--Your text said it was important.
692--I don't know how to put this.
693--The thing is, I...
694--I've been thinking.
695--A lot.
696--About my life.
697--About the things I haven't done.
698--Things I haven't said.
699--I hate your husband.
700--A lot of people do.
701--The past eight years, I watched over him.
702--But it wasn't him I was watching.
703--And every time I saw you,
704--every time I heard your voice,
705--all I could think to myself was,
706--"Jesus, what I wouldn't give."
707--I can't tell you how many times I thought about that.
708--You know what Francis said to me when he proposed?
709--I remember his exact words.
710--He said, "Claire, if all you want is happiness,
711--say no.
712--I'm not gonna give you a couple of kids
713--and count the days until retirement.
714--I promise you freedom from that.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

715--I promise you’ll never be bored."

716--You know, he was the only man--
717--and there were a lot of others who proposed.
718--But he was the only one who understood me.
719--He didn't put me on some pedestal.
720--He knew that I didn't want to be adored or coddled.
721--So he took my hand and he put a ring on it.
722--Because he knew I'd say yes.
723--He's a man who know show to take what he wants.
724--Is this what you wanted?
725--Is that the way you wanted it?
726--Stop. Stop.
727--Please. Please. Stop.
729--You told me your truth.
730--Now you know mine.
731--Hey, it's Peter.
732--I don't expect you to call me back,
733--but I wanted to let you know I stopped drinking,
734--and I went to my first AA meeting.
735--Um, I'm supposed to reach out
736--and make amends to those I've hurt.
737--But I guess the real reason I called you
738--is just to say I love you and I miss you.
739--I hope you're well.
740--This is work, not play.
741--Then why'd you bother coming over?
742--I was hoping you'd answer the door naked.
743--That would be play.
744--That would be work with a view.
745--Sorry to disappoint.
746--How many characters in a tweet?
748--Type this, let me know where you land.
749--"Eight-year-old Washington DC boy
750--killed by a stray bulletin gangland shoot-out."
751--61 characters left.
752--"Should have been in school"?
753--30 left.
754--"Spinella to blame?"
756--Press "send."
757--Now give me a name, details.
758--Tyler Davis. Third grader at Vernon Baker Elementary.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

759--Shot outside his home in southeast

760--just before noon today.
761--Sent. Where are you going?
762--- To see the mother.- You don't wanna...?
763--There's work to do. I’ll see you later tonight.
764--Tyler never did anything wrong.
765--He was a good boy.
766--Everybody loved him.
767--It's okay.
768--If Tyler's school had been in session,
769--this senseless killing would have never taken place.
770--We need to end this strike now
771--and get all our children back in school
772--where they belong before we risk another death like this.
773--So, Mr. Spinella, I am headed to the capitol right now,
774--and I will remain there until you are ready to meet and talk
775--so that we can end this pointless strike.
776--Thank you all for coming.
777--Let's go back inside.
778--Mr. Spinella, one question...
779--Mr. Spinella is not to make a comment at this time.
780--No comment. No comment.
781--Thank you.
784--You said you wanted to talk.
785--You said you wanted to work out a compromise.
786--I lied.
787--Excuse me?
788--I have no intention of working out a compromise.
789--So then why the fuck are we here, Frank?
790--What the hell’s the matter with you?
791--You think this is some kind of a game?
793--These are real people with families to feed.
794--Would you please stop that?
795--Stop what?
796--In five seconds, I’m out of here.
797--One. Two. Three.
798--- Four.- Goodbye, Frank.
799--You know the difference between you and me, Marty?
801--I'm a white-trash cracker
802--from a white-trash town
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

803--that no one would even bother to piss on.

804--But here's the difference--
805--I've made something of myself.
806--I have the keys to the capitol. People respect me.
807--But you, you're still nothing.
808--You're just an uppity dago in an expensive suit
809--turning tricks for the unions.
810--Nobody respects the unions anymore, Marty.
811--They're dying. And no one respects you.
812--The most you'll ever make of yourself
813--is blowing men like me.
814--Men with real power.
815--Yes. I can smell the cock on your breath from here.
816--You think you can get under my skin?
817--I know I can.
818--Kiss my ass, Frank.
819--You can't afford to walk out.
820--Watch me.
821--I've got a dead, underprivileged kid in my pocket.
822--What do you have?
823--I have 2 million honorable teachers.
824--Fair enough. But I got something even better.
825--Go ahead. Open it.
827--I'll play your game.
828--You're an idiot.
829--Stamper threw it.
830--You're full of shit.
831--Oh, no, Stamper threw the brick.
832--And I made sure Claire distracted my security.
833--Are you kidding me?
834--And to think you wanted me to apologize to my wife.
835--You would do something that low, Frank?
836--I arranged the brick, Marty,
837--just like I arranged this meeting this afternoon.
838--Back off, Frank.
839--Why don't you just get down on your knees
840--- where you really belong?- Back off, Frank.
841--Because the only thing you’re gonna get from me
842--- is come on your--- Fuck you!
843--Everything okay in there?
845--Look, I'll-- I'll tell them you provoked me.
846--I'll tell them that you threw the brick yourself.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

847--And who's going to believe you?

848--You just assaulted United States congressman,
849--which is a felony.
850--But I'm not gonna press charges, Marty.
851--Because the strike ends now.
852--You think it'll leave a scar?
853--I have a thick skin.
854--The next time you ask me to invite someone in for coffee,
855--will you please make sure no guns go off?
856--I'll do my best.
857--I saw Steve again today.
858--How is he?
859--In a lot of pain.
860--Should I go see him?
861--I don't think you need to.
862--Zoe Barnes.
863--When he dies, we’ll pay for his funeral.
864--You don't need to take it?
865--No. I'm done with work today.

House Of Cards 2013 S01E07

1--Set them up over here.

2--Vice President Matthews.
3--- Bob.- Mr. Vice President.
4--- Mr. Vice President.- Frank.
5--Sir, I'm gonna need youto stand on your mark.
6--I'm fine right here.
7--Two minutes, people.
8--So they pull me from the car.
9--Both legs broken, fracturedskull, punctured lung.
10--My heart stops. Two full minutes.
11--They're pumping my chest. Nothing.
12--They grab the defibrillators. Pachoom!
14--Third time, the pistons start firing.
15--Doctors tell me it's a miracle I'm alive.
16--But, seriously, you talkabout a wake-up call from God.
17--You don't get to comeback from the dead twice.
18--The President of the United States.
19--Good morning.
20--"The education reform and achievement act
21--that I sign into law today
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

22--will affect every child andparent in the United States,

23--will ensure a better educatedworkforce for decades to come,
24--and will reinforce America's preeminence
25--as an intellectual superpower.
26--And I'd like to thankone man in particular
27--who never lost sightof the larger mission,
28--who spearheaded thisbill from the beginning,
29--and that's congressman Frank Underwood."
30--Invited guests, please join us
31--in the east room for refreshments.
32--Media, we will convene immediately
33--in the briefing room for our conference.
34--Linda, thank you so muchfor all the help you gave us
35--in getting this bill passed.
36--No, thank you, Frank.
37--This was your baby from the beginning.
38--I appreciate you standingyour ground on this one, Frank.
39--I'm smart enough to admit when I was wrong.
40--I was just telling Frankwe should set up a weekly
41--so he can keep us up to dateon what's going on in the house.
42--That sounds like a great idea.
43--Congratulations, sir.
44--Garrett, I was wondering if wecould talk for a few minutes.
45--That thing I mentioned a couple ofweeks ago about the jobs tax credit...
46--I've been giving it a lot of thought, Jim,
47--and I think it's a good idea.
48--But I'd like to look over mynotes first, if you don't mind,
49--so I can talk about itintelligently with you.
50--Sir, you have your callwith the Prime Minister.
51--Busy man.
52--Yes, he is.
53--Frank, I hear that you are heading up
54--the special election in my home state.
55--- Peter Russo.- We're trying to keep that
56--under the radar untilhe officially announces.
57--In fact, we're not even workingout of my office until that happens.
58--- Where are you working from?- The basement of my house.
59--Any reason why the D.N.C. didn'task my advice on the candidate?
60--Well, I thought they passedit by you, or Linda did.
61--- Nobody did.- Well, that is unacceptable.
62--And I have major doubts about Russo.
63--- His inexperience? -Yes, and he's urban-based.
64--- Mm.- I don't know if he'll connect with rural voters.
65--Look, frankly, that's oneof my concerns as well.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

66--We're working on that.

67--But if you were to comeout and stump with him,
68--that would go a long way to convince...
69--Frank, I can't stump forsomebody I don't believe in.
70--It's early days yet. I'dask you to keep an open mind.
71--And let me know if you want me
72--to set up a meeting between the two of you,
73--because, sir, an endorsement from you
74--would be a big coup for him.
75--It's good to see you, Mr. Vice President.
77--Congressman Underwood?
78--Miss Barnes, I was under the impression
79--you didn't wanna cover the White House.
80--Slugline just got access yesterday.
81--- I know.- I left the herald
82--because I didn't wannacover the White House,
83--and now here I am.
84--Access isn't the same as a ball and chain.
85--Am I only gonna see youat bill signings now?
86--I haven't heard from you in three weeks.
87--Insecurity bores me.
88--I feel the same way about condescension.
89--Your place, this evening,
90--and I'll text you when I'm about to arrive.
91--What if I'm busy?
92--You're just afraid I'mgonna stand you up again.
93--I just wanna make sure it's worth my while.
94--It'll be worth your while.
95--This'll make up for last time.
96--It's a piece of history.
97--From the President's hand to yours.
98--You believe in all that higher-power stuff
99--they talk about in the room?
100--I believe there arethings beyond our control.
101--Who or what's controllingthem... that I don't know.
102--I don't believe in God.
103--Heaven, hell. None of it.
104--- Too much catholic school?- Maybe.
105--I'm not saying you haveto believe in God, Peter,
106--or anything, for that matter.
107--But you shouldn't rule anything out.
108--I should go.
109--It's on the campaign.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

110--Our cross tabs show 81% of likely voters

111--are willing to considera recovering alcoholic.
112--Now, those numbers dip a little
113--when you introduce cocaine,but not by much. Randy?
114--It's a risk, but it'll make waves.
115--Free coverage across the board.
116--The narrative has to be redemption.
117--A Phoenix from the ashes.
118--Well, let's not focus on the ashes.
119--We don't want people tothink Peter was a disaster.
120--No, no. We focus on the positive.
121--A "fresh start" and a "clean start"
122--both did well in focus groups.
123--"Clean start" sounds toomuch like "clean slate."
124--I like "fresh start." Yeah, I do too.
125--- How we doing on thefund-raising? - The alcoholic thing
126--will turn off some of the in-state donors,
127--but it's an off-year election.
128--We can hit up the usual suspectsin New York and California.
129--Walter, how vulnerable are we?
130--I'm not prepared to answer that question.
131--Peter and I have yet to perform
132--the holy sacrament of confession.
133--We still need to addressthe shipyard closing too.
134--Claire's helping us with that.
135--We are pushing a bill
136--called the Delaware river watershed act,
137--and I think it's goingto bring about 5,000 jobs
138--into Peter's districtover the next three years.
139--We have a draft of the bill completed.
140--Peter's in the processof securing cosponsors.
141--And who have you called, by the way?
142--I have some e-mails out,
143--but most of them wanna see a bill first.
144--Have you set up a meetingwith the shipbuilders yet?
145--I don't think they're gonna back me.
146--That's the entire point of the bill, Peter.
147--Well, if I go to them and I say,
148--"hey, some of you maybewill get your jobs back,
149--"not tomorrow, but three years from now,
150--and most of you won't begetting your jobs back anyway... "
151--all right, let's put a pin in this
152--until we get more sponsors.
153--I have to go to the office.I'll catch you all later.
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154--Okay, let's move on to our field plan.

155--I want to go throughthe regions one by one...
157--We spent six weeks on that bill.
158--It'll be fine. He'll come around.
159--I'll see you later tonight?
160--I have an appointment.
161--So I won't see you until morning.
162--I'll be back before you get up.
163--I appreciate your takingthe time today, sir.
164--Did you get that tax credit memo
165--the economic research team put together?
166--You didn't ask me here to talk about memos.
167--I know small talk when I hear it, Linda.
168--The President has asked
169--that you take a stepback from Pennsylvania.
170--You've been taking a lot of tripsthere, meeting with legislators...
171--it's my home state. There's a jobs crisis.
172--We can't afford to play favorites.
173--The message is 50 states, one solution;
174--not one state, 50 solutions.
175--I never expected to be involvedin every policy or decision,
176--but I have been completelycut out of everything.
177--We value your input, Mr. Vice President,
178--- but right now, we can't...- Don't condescend, Linda.
179--No one even asked me who Ithought should fill my seat.
180--Why is Frank Underwood leadingthe charge on that, not me?
181--That is a D.N.C. issue.
182--We are staying out of it and so should you.
183--And so I'm supposed to justcut ribbons and go to funerals?
184--You knew what you signed up for.
185--Thank you, Mr. Vice President.
186--I didn't get my pen.
187--- Your pen?- From the bill signing.
188--Oh, we'll see what we can do about that.
189--I can see your security guy.
191--He's cute.
192--He'd never go for you.
193--Why not?
194--You're too intimidating.
195--He's the one with the gun.
196--But you're the one with the congressman.
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198--We'll talk after.

199--We'll talk before.
200--Peter Russo.
201--Pennsylvania's first district.
202--He's gonna run for governor.
203--Fill Matthews' seat.
204--It's an exclusive profile.
205--With someone no one's ever heard of.
206--What's the angle?
207--Alcohol, drugs.
208--He's a kid from the streets.
209--I want the profile to comeout as soon as he announces,
210--and I'd like it to be kind.
211--I don't write puff pieces.
212--Then get someone else to write it.
213--I thought you had something for me.
214--It's too easy for peopleto link me as your source.
215--It's dangerous.
216--I don't benefit from handingout headlines to other people.
217--Generosity is its own form of power, Zoe.
218--Step six.
219--Step seven.
220--You always wear sunglasses at night?
221--How did you find me?
222--I figured you had to be in government.
223--I kept googling till I found your picture.
224--This won't work, what you're doing.
225--It was a one-time deal.
226--- You don't get to keep coming back for more.- I'll go to the police.
227--They'll laugh in your face. Look at you.
228--If the police won't listen to me,
229--I'll call TV stations.
230--I know the names...
231--Douglas Stamper, Peter Russo,
232--Frank Underwood.
233--You are walking down a roadyou do not want to walk down.
234--Please, I won't call anyone.
235--But I need your help.
236--I don't have anywhere to go.I don't have anyone I can call.
237--I've had to do things. AndI don't wanna do it anymore.
238--That's all I've got right now.
239--Find a place to stay andlet me know where you are.
240--I'll figure something out.
241--You hungry?
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242--What's your name?

244--No. What's your name?
246--Your ex-wife... anything uncouth?
247--- How do you mean?- Bondage, orgies, water sports?
248--- No. Definitely not.- Narcotics?
249--- She wasn't into that.- Not even a little ganga?
250--- Okay. Once in a blue moon.- Ever with your children?
251--- God, no!- Ever in front of them?
252--Look, I'm not the world's best dad,
253--but I would never do that.
254--Fine. Let's move on to prostitution.
255--How long is this gonna take?
256--Until there's nothingI don't know about you.
257--I wrote all this down.
258--I've been doing this along time, congressman.
259--I know when I've scrapedall the shit off the shoe.
261--After my divorce, Itook a trip to Thailand.
262--It was about two weeks.
263--How many women?
264--Ten. Fifteen.
265--- I... I don't know. It was a bit of a blur.- There were drugs?
266--Uh, yes.
267--Opium, speed, some smack.
268--- Powder or needles?- Both.
269--Would any of these women know who you are?
270--No. None of them spoke English.
271--And I never mentioned I was a congressman.
272--Have you mainlined heroinback here in the States?
273--- Just once.- Any scars on your arm?
274--No. I was mainly into cocaine.
275--What about prostitutes here in D.C.?
276--How often?
277--- I fucked around a bit, okay?- Details, please.
278--Do you get off on this or something?
279--Does a doctor enjoy itwhen he cups your balls
280--and asks you to cough?
281--You wanna know how many times I came?
282--I honestly don't care whether you win.
283--But if you do, work with me.
284--How often did you solicitprostitutes in D.C.?
285--Once every two or three months.
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286--Sometimes more frequently, sometimes less.

287--Do you have reason to believeany of them were underage?
288--Jesus! No. Look, theywere mostly high-end.
289--That doesn't mean they were 18.
290--I need a fucking break!
291--What's going on?
292--He's an amateur, Frank.
293--If I can get under hisskin in less than an hour,
294--how do you think he'llhold up under the press?
295--It'll be a Turkey shoot.
296--All right. I'll speak to him.
297--Frank, it's just... it's not gonna work.
298--I'm gonna get crucified.
299--You'll be fine. We've gota crack team behind you.
300--It doesn't matter how good theteam is. With my past? Come on.
301--From the very beginning,I said this was the plan.
302--- You agreed to it.- I didn't think it through.
303--We have to tackle this head-on,
304--or the G.O.P. will crucify you.
305--We have to steal theirammunition from them.
306--Honesty is your best defense and offense.
307--I'm the one that has to get in frontof these cameras and say this shit.
308--They don't have to say it. I do.
309--- Peter...- I wanna be governor. I do.
310--But not this way. I just can't do it.
311--If you weren't unsure now,
312--there'd be something wrong with you.
313--I expected this.
314--Not easy... what we're asking you to do.
315--It's okay to vacillate a little.
316--I'm not trying to throwa wrench in the works.
317--I know you're not. I'll tell you what.
318--You take the rest of the day off.
319--You go back to your office, you catchup with whatever you have to catch up on,
320--you get a good night's sleep,you go to a meeting tomorrow,
321--and then you come here and we'lltalk the whole thing through.
322--Can you give me at least that?
323--Yeah. Okay, Frank.
325--What's going on with allthe little sculptures?
326--I found a flower on the dining room table
327--and a bird on thenightstand a few days ago.
328--It's a swan.
329--You made them?
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331--A new hobby?
333--It's an interest.
334--May I bring up something else I've noticed?
335--What's that?
337--Standing in front of the refrigerator.
338--Is there a reason youhaven't talked to me about it?
339--I haven't felt the need to.
340--Is it bad?
341--It's not pleasant.
342--But, no, it's not bad.
343--What can I do?
345--If there was something, I'd ask.
346--- Did you think it was weird that I called you?- Totally weird.
347--Except for the fact that Iwas planning on calling you.
348--Really? Why?
349--I was a real grade-abitch to you at the herald,
350--and I almost apologized whenI saw you at the White House,
351--but I chickened out.
352--So, anyway, I am drunkenough, and I am sorry.
353--Why did you call me?
354--I was just wondering how things weregoing at the old stomping ground.
355--- Here you go.- Thank you.
356--It's just not the same since tom left.
357--And I don't blame youfor doing what you did.
358--But this new guy? Sixyears running E.W. Online
359--does not a managing editor make.
360--Would you ever wanna come work with us?
361--I mean, it'd be a huge fucking deal.
362--Chief political correspondent of the herald
363--moves to Slugline?
364--Did carly heath put you up to this?
365--No. Not at all.
366--But if you want, I can talk to her.
367--You think she would go for it?
368--Honestly, I don't know.
369--She's got this sort ofanti-establishment "fuck you" attitude.
370--Conventional news bores her.
371--But if you had something gritty to show...
372--I've got a story if you want it.
373--It's pretty fucking great.
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374--You would give away a story?

375--If you're not interested...
376--no, I'm interested.
377--If I seem a little hungover, it is because I am.
378--A lot hung over, actually.
379--God, I almost had a couple of months,
380--and then last night, I...
381--Well, I don't remember much, so...
382--But anyway, here I am.
383--Keep coming back.
384--It works if you work it.
385--Thank you for sharing, Diane.
386--I'm Doug, and I'm an alcoholic.
387--Hi, Doug.
388--One of the things I dofor a living is count.
389--I count votes.
390--Yeas, nays, neutrals, abstaining.
391--And I'm good at it.
392--But the most important count Ido has nothing to do with work.
393--It's the number of dayssince April 4, 1999.
394--As of this morning, that's 5,185.
395--The bigger that number gets,the more it frightens me,
396--because I know all it takes isone drink to go back to zero.
397--Most people see fear asa weakness. It can be.
398--Sometimes for my job, I haveto put fear in other people.
399--I know that's not right.
400--But if I'm honest, like thefourth step asks us to be,
401--I have to be ruthless,
402--because failure is not an option.
403--The same goes for my sobriety.
404--I have to be ruthless with myself.
405--I have to use my fear.
406--It makes me stronger.
407--Like everyone in this room,I can't control who I am.
408--But I can control the zero.
409--Fuck the zero.
410--Thanks for sharing.
411--It works if you work it.
412--Who would like to share next?
413--- Was he at the meeting?- He was.
414--I tried to find him afterwards,
415--but he was gone before Icould catch up with him.
416--- Did he say anything?- No. He never shares. He looked preoccupied.
417--- You think he'll show up at the house today?- I have no idea.
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418--He's not answering my calls.

419--Mine neither. Anything else I need to know?
420--I hear silence. I don't like that sound.
421--Something came up. I'm handling it.
422--- Something serious?- Serious but solvable.
423--- Do I wanna know more?- I don't think you do. We'll be okay.
424--I might have to involve Nancy.I'm hoping I won't have to.
425--But if I do, she'll have noknowledge of anything damaging.
426--All right. Use your best judgment.
427--Of course, sir.
428--I've gotta go.
429--Miss Gallagher?
430--Can the congressman have a moment?
431--Things are... they're complicated.
432--I realize that, but he truly needs you.
433--I don't know what I could say to him.
434--I think just showing upwould do him a world of good.
435--Today is tough. The speakerhas a full schedule...
436--look, I already spoke toBob, and he said he'd be fine
437--if you took the rest of the day off.
438--In fact, he said he'd befine if you wanted to take
439--- the next six months off.- What?
440--I want you to be deputy campaign manager.
441--You work under Nash Aarons.
442--No. I spent years being Peter'scrutch. If you just want me there...
443--well, of course we want you thereto help, but not as a crutch.
444--Peter is a talented youngman with a lot of potential.
445--He knows this,
446--but he needs to hear itfrom someone other than me.
447--Someone he truly cares about.
448--I'm sorry. This is just a lot right now.
449--Well, you don't haveto make a decision now,
450--but at least talk to Peter.
451--I mean, there's no harmin that, now, is there?
452--Ten grand.
453--We divert it from your campaign accounts.
454--- We itemize it so it looks like...- Wait.
455--You want me to pay for this?
456--Use Frank's reelection fund.
457--Commissioner, the majority ofthe money that you've raised
458--has come from people we've sent your way.
459--And you sent them because I sprungyour boy Russo in the first place.
460--We're even. I don't owe you shit.
461--There's a girl in trouble.Let's help her out.
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462--- Not my problem.- It could be.

463--We put her back on the streets,there's no telling what she could do.
464--I'm a hell of a lot more afraid
465--of the U.S. attorneythan I am of some hooker.
466--This is a very inexpensiveinsurance policy.
467--I already broke the law once, Doug.
468--There's no fucking way
469--I'm gonna mess withcampaign finance regulations.
470--I don't even wanna be hearing this shit.
471--Funeral for the former ambassador of Japan
472--tomorrow at 9:30,
473--followed by a luncheon forthe national board of directors
474--for the girl scouts of America.
475--- Mr. President.- Jim.
476--After that, you've got a meetand greet with the finalist...
477--I'll catch up with you in a minute.
478--This way, sir.
481--What are you doing here?
482--The congressman wanted me to come over.
483--- Why?- He wants me to work for your campaign.
484--- Deputy Manager.- Frank!
485--He said you're having some doubts.
486--I was just about to tell himthat I decided not to run.
487--Oh. Oh.
488--Okay. Um, if you've made up your mind,
489--then I should probably get going.
490--Did he tell you about thewhole plan? About coming clean?
491--Yeah, he did.
492--I have Kevin and Sarah to think about.
493--- Everyone has a past.- Not like mine.
494--You don't know half thethings I've done, Christina.
495--My kids read. Their friendsread. I can't take that chance.
496--Look, if you don't wannarun, then you shouldn't.
497--I do wanna run. I wouldn't have letit go this far if I didn't want it.
498--Then maybe it's a good thing...
499--confronting your past, even for your kids.
500--They're a lot stronger thanyou give them credit for.
501--Look, if Underwood, if the D.N.C.,
502--if they all think you can do it, then...
503--I don't care what theythink. I care what you think.
504--I think you'd be great.
505--- So, she really wants this?- That's the impression I got.
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506--What about ego? I don't needto be dealing with a diva.

507--She's not a diva, she'san award-winning journalist
508--with 15 years' experience.
509--You told me she treated you like shit.
510--There was some friction.
511--So why are you going to bat for her?
512--Don't we want to work with the best people?
513--Plus, it'd be big for the site.
514--The herald's senior political writer?
515--Sure, but she's so old guard.Everything's by the book.
516--- There's no bite to it.- She told me about a profile she's working on.
517--- It's got serious bite.- What is it?
518--She can tell you herself.You should talk to her.
519--Shh, shh, shh, shh.
520--Here's the deal.
521--My children stay out of the limelight.
522--No photo ops, no press.
523--We wouldn't dream of it.
525--Let's do this.
526--Sit down.
527--- Where you from?- Outside of Lynchburg.
528--- Virginia?- Yeah.
529--- Are your parents still living there?- No. I can't.
530--If I find a place foryou to stay for a while,
531--can I count on you to be smart?
532--- What kind of place?- A nice place.
533--A safe place until we canfigure out something permanent.
534--But I need to know
535--that you won't pullanything like this again.
536--Promise me.
537--I promise.
538--Look at me when you say it.
539--I promise you.
540--How you doing on money?
541--I don't have enough for tomorrow.
542--What are you doing?
543--- I thought you wanted me to...- You said you were done with that.
544--I'll be in touch.
545--If you own up to some of the shenanigans,
546--sweep the rest under therug, you might have a shot.
547--How much do we have to sweep under?
548--Well, the kid had a talentfor covering his tracks.
549--I've highlighted all the itemsI think he should admit to.
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550--The rest I wouldn't mention.

551--It's a lot not to talk about.
552--- I need your help with something.- Right now?
553--- Yes.- Is it important?
554--Because you told me I couldleave early this weekend
555--to go visit my daughter down in Virginia.
556--You have a guest room in your house, right?
557--Well, it's Mary's old room, but, yes.
558--I need you to put someone upfor a while. A young woman.
559--- What? Who?- Her name is Rachel.
560--I can't tell you anymore than that.
561--I don't understand. Why do you need...
562--no questions, Nancy. I justneed you to do this for me.
563--I wouldn't be asking if it weren't serious.
564--Put up for how long?
565--I don't know. It could be a while.
566--I'm supposed to put up a completestranger and not ask any questions?
567--Nancy, please. You're theonly person I can trust.
568--Is something illegal going on?
569--No. She's just a girl in troublewho needs a place to stay.
570--- We have to be discreet.- Can I at least meet her first?
571--I need to know now.
572--Okay, I guess.
573--Thank you.
574--There's no catch, Larry.
575--Your district gets over 20million if the numbers hold.
576--And most of the money is earmarked
577--for economic development, not research.
578--That's great, but I needmore than your support.
579--I need you to be a sponsor.
580--Fantastic, Larry.
581--Great. I'll put you down.
582--You too. Bye.
583--So that just leaves Clayburn... and Price?
584--- With Jennings on the fence.- And I know Roger. I'll call him.
585--And I'll track down theseother two over the weekend.
586--Really good work today, Peter.
587--Do you know where I put my purse?
588--- It's right here.- Oh.
589--Did you make those? I'msorry. I didn't mean to pry.
590--Oh, this? I've been foolingaround with it a little bit.
591--Can I see? Sarah learned how tomake these birds in her art class.
592--Then she taught it toKevin, and they got obsessed,
593--and there were little piecesof paper all over the apartment.
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594--- Do you wanna take them for the kids?- Oh, no. I can't.
595--Oh, please. I'll justthrow them out eventually.
596--Thank you. They'll love them.
597--So you should bring the kids
598--by the house sometime so I can meet them.
599--Kevin and Frank can play the video games.
600--- He told you that?- I was a little surprised, I have to admit.
601--If anybody knew he camehome every day to...
602--- it's embarrassing.- There's worse secrets to have.
603--Yeah, there are, I suppose.
604--I'll call you Monday afterI talk to Clayburn and Price.
605--Okay, great. Have a good weekend, Peter.
606--You too.
607--I had Linda talk to the Vice President.
608--- He'll keep his nose out of it.- I appreciate that.
609--He's a good man, but this is a verydelicate moment in the campaign.
610--- You start spreading doubts, and...- He's a pain in the ass.
611--We all know it. You don'thave to mince words, Frank.
612--I have to say, sir, theVice President has a point.
613--I'm not 100% sold on Russo.
614--Do we really wanna gowith someone this untested?
615--- Frank?- We're grooming him, sir.
616--- When do you announce?- Next month.
617--- That's not enough time.- What do you see in him?
618--I was wondering the same thing.There's not that much to see.
619--What I see is a recovering alcoholic
620--with a history of drug abuse.
621--- What?- Excuse me, Frank?
622--But he's clean now. Has been for a year.
623--This is a redemption story, Mr. President.
624--This is a bright young manwho's put his life back on track.
625--Now he wants to help putPennsylvania back on track.
626--- Drugs, Frank?- People love an underdog, Linda,
627--and people love someone whostands up after they've fallen.
628--Combine those two, it'sa very powerful narrative.
629--All of our pollingindicates this is gonna work.
630--You want us to endorse someonewith a history of substance abuse?
631--Let us get his story out there andwatch it connect with the voters.
632--All I care about is a win, Frank.
633--And I believe Russo is our best chance.
634--This is not a hail Mary, Mr. President,
635--- this is a well-thought-out game plan.- Mr. President...
636--I realize that I sometimesthink out of the box,
637--but the last time I did,we signed an education bill.
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638--All right. We won't stand in your way.

639--- But if it backfires, Frank...- I'll guide Peter every step along the way.
640--We will not disappoint you, Mr. President.
642--Thank you, sir.
644--I didn't plan on tellinghim so much so soon,
645--but if I didn't, Linda would've swayed him.
646--There's no better way tooverpower a trickle of doubt
647--than with a flood of naked truth.
648--This is why the educationbill was so important.
649--It bought me influenceprecisely when I needed it most.
650--How long have you been drinking?
651--A long time. Since I was a kid.
652--How old were you whenyou had your first drink?
653--- Nine.- Nine years old?
654--Yeah. My dad gave me abeer for my ninth birthday.
655--When did you first start using drugs?
656--I won't go into too many specifics
657--other than to say I had a few minor brushes
658--with marijuana and cocainein the past but not recently,
659--and only a handful of times.
660--No other drugs besidesmarijuana and cocaine?
662--Under what circumstances?
663--Occasional social gatherings.That's the most I'll say.
664--Ever while you were in public office?
665--No. Never. My chief problem was alcohol.
666--And you've been sober how long now?
667--- A little over a year.- And what made you want to get sober?
668--Two things. My children,
669--whom I love more thananything else in the world,
670--and my renewed faith in God.
673--I was just in theneighborhood, and I thought...
674--No. That's a lie. I was atthe bar around the corner.
675--The one with the, uh...
676--and I remembered that time
677--that I dropped you off after work.
678--I knew it was...
679--This block.
680--And I, uh, buzzed, and then I waited...
681--- you're wasted.- I'm pretty wasted.
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682--Do you wanna know a deep, dark secret?

683--Now we don't work together...
686--I'm really flattered.
687--But I'm just not in a place
688--where I'm even thinkingromantically right now.
689--I'm sorry. I, uh...
691--Hey, hey!
692--You want me to pull up now, sir?
693--I still have my key.
694--I'll be in the kitchenif you need anything.
695--Thank you.
696--Hey, I got us wine, but Ican't find a corkscrew anywhere.
697--Give it to me.
698--I need a pen.
699--- The pen the President gave you?- That'll work.
700--Did you talk to Ms. Skorsky?
701--I did. She said it was intense.
702--I think Carly's gonnaoffer her a job at Slugline.
703--- Was that your doing?- Janine expressed interest.
704--I took the next step.
705--Well done. Always good to be owed favors.
706--I was wondering. Do youever think about my age?
707--No. Does my age bother you?
708--You must have other that are younger than me.
709--- No.- Not that I would mind.
710--I am married, after all.
711--I don't have time for other lovers.
713--Mm. Shit.
714--It's turned. Give me that.
716--You could've just stepped on it.
717--I have asked the super to get anexterminator in here, and he won't do it.
718--So anytime I see a cockroachor a spider, or whatever,
719--I try and trap it, andthen I leave it by his door.
720--You really ought to get your parents
721--to let you borrow some money.
722--Then you wouldn't have tolive in the third world.
723--I would never take money from them.
724--Because they don't have it,or because you don't want it.
725--Because I don't want it.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

726--It's father's day, you know.

727--It is?
728--You should call your father.
729--I'll call him tomorrow.
730--Tomorrow you'll be the daughterthat forgot father's day
731--instead of the one who remembered.
732--Go ahead. Call him.
733--Hey, dad. Sorry it's so late.
734--'Cause you weren't homethe last time I called her.
735--There's so little she'llever reveal to me or I to her.
736--I bet her father knows even less.
737--I'm sure she's speakinghalf an octave higher.
738--Same voice she had when she was 16.
739--Telling him all about her new job,
740--how much she misses him,
741--and sorry she didn't send a card.
742--Telling him everything but the truth.
743--Just like she wouldn't tell meabout that young man downstairs.
744--I'm calling now, all right?
745--Don't make me feel bad about it.
746--It was the best thingthat could've happened.
747--I didn't fit in there.
748--I've been called worse, dad.
749--There's a value in having secrets.
750--Creatures like myself,like Claire, like Zoe...
751--we wouldn't be ourselves without them.
752--But Peter Russo, on the other hand...
753--he's trapped by his secrets.
754--What I'm trying to do isgive him the opportunity
755--to set himself free.
756--I don't know.
757--I don't know yet.
758--After all, we are nothing more or less
759--than what we choose to reveal.
760--What I am to Claire isnot what I am to Zoe,
761--just as Zoe is not to mewhat she is to her father.
762--Probably Thanksgiving.
763--'Cause I don't think I canmake it back before then.
764--Okay. I'll try.
765--I said I'll try.
766--For Christmas. Uh... no.
768--No. I'm not seeing anyone right now.
769--I don't feel like it.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

770--Because I'm not interested in that.

771--I would tell you, dad. Uh-huh.
774--Don't be worried about me.
775--I'm fine.
777--Dad, I'm in...
778--I'm in a really great place right now.
779--I'm gonna try.
780--I'm gonna try to come, okay?
781--Happy Father's Day.
782--Aren't you gonna wish me a happy Father's Day?
783--You don't have any children.
784--Don't I?

House Of Cards 2013 S01E08

1--Sync and correction by

2--Control stacked,energy-efficient.
3--Now, mind you,the whole collection
4--could probably fit on a Kindle,
5--but at least the cadetswill have another place
6--to get out of the rain.
7--Did you have any inputon the design?
8--I approved the blueprints.
9--If something's gonnahave my name on it,
10--I want to make damn surethey build it right.
11--I think my husbandfancies himself
12--a bit of an architect.
13--Well, Jeffersondesigned Monticello.
14--And he also fucked his slaves.
15--Luckily, I don't have any,
16--so that particular temptationhasn't presented itself.
17--The Sentinel...
18--South Carolina's premieremilitary college.
19--They taught me the valuesof honor, duty, and respect.
20--They also hazed me,tried to break me,
21--and, senior year,nearly expelled me
22--when I volunteeredfor a Senate Race
23--and my studies suffered.
24--But that didn't stop themfrom soliciting a hefty sum
25--for their new library30 years later.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

26--How quicklypoor grades are forgotten

27--in the shadowof power and wealth.
28--Your drink is onlyabout half as full
29--as it should be, Frank.
30--Are you trying to get me drunk?
31--Drunk, passed outin the gutter,
32--so I can steal your wife.
33--Did you get the emailabout the riflemen?
34--- What email?- From my office about the invitations.
35--I was hopingthey would be here.
36--I'll check the list,
37--but I don't remember any email.
38--Oh, not a problem.I was just wondering.
39--Well, shit, Frank, I'm sorry.
40--Don't you sweat itfor a second.
41--In fact, here's howyou can make it up to me...
42--freshen my drink.
43--That I can do.
44--Congratulations, Congressman.
45--Remy. Nice to see you here.
46--Gerry and all the folksat Sancorp
47--give you their regards.
48--Well, I'm sorrythey couldn't make it.
49--Where's Claire?
50--Oh, she's here somewhere,
51--fending off admirers.
52--Sancorp was very disappointed
53--she turned down their donation.
54--I can imagine.
55--And they're also concerned
56--about Peter Russorunning for Governor.
57--Now, how do you knowabout that?
58--Three quarters of Pennsylvania
59--sits on topof the Marcellus Shale.
60--If I can't find outwho's running for governor,
61--I don't deserve a dimeof what they're paying me.
62--This watershed billRusso sponsors
63--places a lot ofrestrictions on drilling.
64--Remy, congress is in recess,
65--and this weekendis not about work.
66--I apologize.You are absolutely right.
67--Is Sancorp your only account?
68--I have plenty.
69--But my other clientsdidn't pay for your library
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

70--or my plane ticket down here.

71--It's a nice little junketfor you.
72--I do hope you'retaking in the sights.
73--This isn't my first tripto Charleston.
74--But I'll betit's your first time
75--not as my press secretary.
76--It is.
77--Who else do you have coming in?
78--I didn't want to packtonight too much.
79--You know, these receptions areusually just for the money people
80--like yourself.
81--Normally, this is whereI would start to drone on
82--about the Sentinel's history,its philosophy,
83--its yadda, yadda, yadda.
84--But I'm going to save that
85--for my big speech tomorrow,and that way
86--I'm not gonna bore y'allto tears twice.
87--Tonight we're goingto turn it over
88--to a man who needsno introduction,
89--because we all knowwhat a son of a bitch he is.
90--Seriously, though,
91--Frank Underwood exemplifies
92--all the virtues we tryto instill in our graduates.
93--We're so proud to call youan alumnus, Frank,
94--and to have your name
95--as a permanent fixtureon our campus.
96--Congressman Frank Underwood!
97--Thank you, president Higgins.
98--I first want to thankSancorp industries
99--for providing the fundsto make the library possible.
100--When I matriculated hereas a young cadet,
101--Jimmy Carter had justbeen elected president.
102--After I graduated, I wished
103--that I could havehad another four years,
104--just like Jimmy.
105--Well, neither of usgot our wish.
106--But I left this campuswith fond memories.
107--The first time I ever...
108--♪ Oh, I wish I wasin the land of cotton ♪
109--♪ Old times thereare not forgotten ♪
110--♪ Look away, look away,look away... ♪
111--I got your damn email.
112--♪ I wish I was in Dixie ♪
113--♪ Hooray, hooray ♪
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

114--♪ In dixieland,I'll take my stand ♪

115--♪ To live and die in Dixie ♪
116--- ♪ Away ♪- ♪ Away ♪
117--- ♪ Away ♪- ♪ Away ♪
118--♪ Away down South in Dixie ♪
119--♪ Away, away ♪
120--♪ Away down South in Dixie ♪
121--♪ From the halls of Montezuma ♪
122--♪ To the shores of Tripoli ♪
123--♪ We will fightour country's battles ♪
124--the honey child,
125--when she stepped out in the...
126--trying on the bra
127--on housewives of Atlanta,
128--and I teased you about that,
129--and I said...i called it the honey child,
130--because she'sthe honey child now.
131--Anyway, here's the thing...
132--How long has that lightbeen like that?
133--I don't know. A month, maybe.
134--And nobody's come to fix it?
135--Nobody don't fixnothing around here.
136--Well, have you asked?
137--Shh. I'm watching.
138--Leave it alone.I'm used to it now.
140--Better, huh?
141--Now it's too dark.
142--What did you do that for?
143--Listen, ma, I'm runningfor Governor.
144--I'm going to announce itin a few days.
145--That's why I came up to Philly.
146--There's a communitymeeting tomorrow.
147--I'm going to talkto the shipbuilders
148--about a planto bring their jobs back
149--so they'll support mein the election.
150--I don't know nothingabout that stuff.
151--It's over my head.
152--Okay, listen, there's goingto be some stories
153--coming out about mein the news...
154--about my past.
155--I just wantedto give you a heads-up
156--so it doesn'tcatch you off guard.
157--I don't watch the news no more.A bunch of garbage.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

158--You want to see some picturesof Kevin and Sarah?

159--Too dark to look at pictures.
160--No, no, no. It's on my phone.You don't need any...
161--get it away from me.I hate those things.
162--Brain cancer.
163--I'm a crafter,and I have a hot glue gun,
164--and I can very welldo this my...
165--It wasn't just up the stairs.
166--It was up threeflights of stairs,
167--in the science building.
168--And Guckenheimer, what he did...
169--"well, you look lovelytoday, Mrs. Governor."
170--And the thing took a dump.
171--Right. And theycouldn't get it back...
172--you can get a cow upthree flights of stairs,
173--but you can't get it down.
174--And that's why Andy said...
175--"who wants steak for dinner?"
176--How are you boys doing?- We're good.
177--- You think I'm fat?- Take the Fifth.
178--Seriously, Phil, here,thinks I got fat with old age.
179--Ah, you're a big manwith an even bigger heart.
180--There you go.
181--She said you're chubby.
182--Frank, I'm going to goback to the hotel.
183--Okay? Have fun.
184--- I love this woman.- Yeah, she...
185--don't let him getinto too much trouble.
186--They'll have groundsfor impeachment
187--when we're done with him.
188--Better get another drinkbefore they close up.
189--You're coming with meto help carry them.
190--You're gonna bea waiter tonight.
191--Lazy-ass cadet. Lazy-ass cadet.
192--Yeah, hold ona second there, partner.
193--You had no idea we were coming?
194--Complete surprise.
195--I thought Higgins might have...
196--no, he played it perfectly.
197--Made me thinkyou weren't coming at all.
198--Are you kidding? We wouldn'thave missed it for the world.
199--On the library, are they goingto put "Frank" or "Francis"?
200--Francis. It's the sameas the name above the door
201--in my office in the Capitol.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

202--"Francis"is better for libraries.

203--"Frank" is betterfor bumper stickers.
204--I got a few of those.
205--Does anybody everactually call you Francis?
206--Claire does.She's the only one.
207--She seems like a real prize.
208--She is.
209--Bar was already shut down,but look what I scored.
210--Hi, Caroline.
211--What do you want?
212--Is Paul around?
214--Did you invite this man?
215--Answer me. Did you invite him?
216--What are you talking about?
217--Caroline, stop!
218--No, you're notgoing to stop me.
219--Paul? You got a minute to talk?
220--There's nothing to talk about.
221--I want to apologize
222--for when I saw youlast time in Washington,
223--how I treated you.
224--Is that it?
225--And I want to talkabout the shipyard.
226--I got a plan to fix it.
227--You don't want everythinggoing into the roth ira.
228--5, 10 grand a year.
229--I'll set you up with a nice,diversified package.
230--Low-risk, high-yield.
231--I think Claire and Ihave things
232--pretty well under control.
233--If I brought a senior U.S.congressman into the fund,
234--hoo hoo hoo, that would reallyup my stock in the company.
235--What are you allgabbing about back there?
236--We're talking aboutthe old library.
237--Yeah, what's happening to it?
238--They gonna tear it down?
239--I don't know.They could gut it.
240--They could turn itinto a student center.
241--Hey. We should sneak in there.
242--Like we used to.
243--- I'm game.- Do it.
244--Hell, why not?
245--That's it. There you go.That's it.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

246--Shh. It's a library.

247--This... this...the... the Sentinel...
248--The associationhad about 3 million
249--saved up in reservefor emergencies.
250--Split that up between12,000 members,
251--it's nothing.
252--A couple of weeks' groceries.
253--There's a bill I'm working on.
254--Major federal funds
255--going towards public parks,green commercial spaces,
256--cleaning up waste sites.
257--That's construction jobs,
258--park management, retail...
259--- how many?- 5,000 jobs.
260--That's not even half.
261--It's a start.
262--- How soon?- A year, maybe two.
263--Two fucking years?
264--What are we supposedto do until then?
265--- Listen, there's acommunity meeting tomorrow.
266--- I heard.
267--I'm gonna go overeverything in detail.
268--- You gonna be there?- Wasn't planning on it.
269--I'd like you to be there.Everybody respects you.
270--Want me to vouch for you?
271--Listen, I'm gonnatell you something
272--that only a handfulof people know.
273--I'm running for Governor.
274--I announce soon.
275--But I needthe association behind me
276--before I do that.
277--Now, I know I let you downwith the shipyard.
278--But if I win a governor's race,
279--I can get everythingback on track.
280--You show up on my doorstepasking for my forgiveness.
281--Now you want meto be your lapdog
282--after I lost my fucking job?
283--This watershed billis just the beginning.
284--If I'm governor,there's so much I can do.
285--It's bullshit.You just want to use me.
286--It's not like that.
287--Yeah. It's exactly like that.
288--Jesus Christ, Pete.
289--You fucking politicians.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

292--I didn't realize youand Frank were staying here.
293--We always stay herewhen we're in Charleston.
294--You know that, Remy.
295--The '08 campaign.
296--I promise it was a coincidence
297--my assistant booked it.
298--Is, uh, Frank around?
299--He's not. He's off cavortingwith old classmates.
301--You want to sit downand have a drink?
302--They booked methe Bridal Suite.
303--There's champagne on ice.
304--My, my, you've grownvery confident
305--since you worked for Francis.
306--I've always beenconfident, Claire.
307--Oh, you never would haveinvited me upstairs.
308--Never had the Bridal Suite.
309--The staff always stayed
310--in the best Westernfour blocks away.
311--Enjoy your champagne.
312--I wasn't suggestinganything more than a drink.
313--Weren't you?
314--Purely being polite.
315--Good night, Remy.
316--The Bridal Suite'son the top floor
317--at the end of the hallway,
318--if you change your mind.
319--Good night, Claire.
320--♪ I know a girl upon a hill ♪
321--♪ I know a girlall dressed in pink ♪
322--- ♪ She made my... ♪- ♪ Fingers stink ♪
323--♪ Sound off, oo-wah ♪
324--♪ Make it loud ♪
325--3, 4! Yeah!
326--Here you go.
327--Hey, Kenny, I think you gota little too big for this.
328--I think the holegot a lot smaller.
329--Don't let a littlegirth stop you.
331--Here it is. Look, look, look.
332--Oh, oh, you found it, killer.
333--Oh, wow, look at that.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

334--♪ Oh, Shenandoah ♪

335--♪ I long to hear you ♪
336--♪ Far away ♪
337--♪ You rolling river ♪
338--♪ Oh, Shenandoah ♪
339--♪ Just to be near you ♪
340--♪ Far away ♪
341--♪ Around the way ♪
342--♪ Cross the wide Missouri ♪
344--Good, and you?
345--Oh, I'm in Charleston,actually.
347--What are you doing here?
348--I thought I'd surprise you.
350--Come on. Let me show youwhere I went through puberty.
351--I can totally see youhere at 16.
353--Got in some troubleon this bed, huh?
354--Woke up the whole block.
355--Hey, how'd it go with Paul?
356--He told me to fuck off.
357--Which is what my mothertold me,
358--in her own special way.
359--Am I going to meet her?
360--You don't want to meet her.
361--I just wanted to stop by,
362--say hey, see her face.
363--Christina,it was really sweet of you
364--to come up here.
365--Seriously,I'm officially convinced
366--you're the most amazingwoman I've ever been with,
367--but I meant it when I said Iwanted to take this trip alone.
368--This thing tomorrowisn't going to be pleasant.
369--Which is why I be here for you.
370--Moral support.
371--I know these people.
372--They're going to layinto me big time.
373--Tomorrow's an importantday for the campaign.
374--Don't fight me on this.
376--So do I get a hotel?
377--Do I stay here?
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

378--Come on. Don't be like that.

379--A hotel would bemore comfortable.
380--But it would be a wasteof valuable campaign funds.
381--Oh, campaign funds.
382--You see that crackup in the ceiling?
384--I used to fall asleepstaring at it every night.
385--I know every inch and curve.
386--It's dark in here. I'm scared.
387--- Whoa, whoa.- Hey, hey, hey.
388--Be fucking careful, man!
389--Let there be light!
390--What were you thinking about?
391--How come you and Frankhave never had kids?
392--You've never had kids.
393--Yeah, but I'm not married.
394--Answer the question.
395--We just decided not to.
396--There wasn'tsome big conversation.
397--I think you're lying.
398--Think whatever you want.
399--You've honestlynever thought about it?
400--I mean, yeah, maybe,once or twice.
401--I mean, I don't feelthere's some void.
402--I'm perfectly happy without.
403--What about you?
404--Can you imagine mewiping a baby's ass
405--and changing nappies?
406--No, I can't.
407--Actually, yes, I just did.
408--I'm gonna haveto get off the phone.
409--You've ruined everything.
410--Well, we really should get off.
411--It's been...Over an hour, I think.
413--- Go on then.- I'm hanging up right now.
414--No, I am.
415--Come on. Don't quit on me.
416--Oh, I lost count.
417--Don't be... don't quit.
418--Oh... oh, God!
419--Oh, you win.
420--Oh, but it's not a fair fight.
421--You run a rafting company.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

422--I sit behind a desk all day.

423--Oh, I'd love to see your asswith a paddle,
424--bouncing througha class-four rapid.
425--If I can whip congressinto submission,
426--I'm not afraidof a little white water.
427--You can't tame a rapid, Frank.
428--My heart is beating so fast...
429--If I have a heart attack,it's your fault.
430--Mine too.
432--I need another drink.
434--I think I'll have another too.
438--Don't bogart that.
439--Do you thinkthis place made us?
440--How do you mean?
441--When I walked on campus today,
442--I wondered,"did it mean anything?
443--"If it's just a place we spentfour years of our lives...
444--or was there more?"
445--I don't know.
446--I do knowyou were always the guy
447--that was gonna get a buildingnamed after him.
448--I knew that the moment
449--I saw you cuss outthe drill sergeant
450--when we were knobs.
451--The library is a sham.
452--Higgins asked me a favor.
453--I asked someone else a favor.
454--They slapped my name on it.
455--Politics. Like everything else.
456--Not everybodygets asked those favors.
457--Or knows how to deliver on 'em.
458--Oh, in 50 years they'll justreplace it with something else.
459--Just like they'redoing with this for mine.
460--You still built something.However long it lasts.
461--The library doesn't matter.
462--But I want to thinkthis place did.
463--I think it meant a lot to us.Then.
464--And what about us?
465--Honestly, I haven't reallythought about it that much.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

466--It's a long time ago.

467--We were so close.
468--Like brothers.
469--More than brothers.
470--We were kids, Frank.
471--We messed arounda couple of times.
472--I was so drawn to you.
473--I could always make you laugh.
474--How did we lose touch?
475--You went to law school.I joined the army.
476--You ran for congress, I...i moved to Colorado.
477--30 years goes by.
478--I got children olderthan we were back then.
479--Do you have anyone, Frank?
480--I have Claire.
481--Besides Claire.
482--I have. From time to time.
483--If I want someone, I want them.
484--It's attraction.
485--Made me happyto make you happy, Frank.
486--Didn't see any harm in it.
487--You know why I love rafting?
488--When you're on the water,
489--all you're thinking aboutis what's right in front of you.
490--Everything is in the moment.
491--I don't really have timeto think about the past.
492--You meant something to me.
493--I believe that.
494--All gone.
495--I don't feel so well.
496--You gonna be sick?
497--No. No, I just...
498--Take a break.
499--Can we just take a...
500--For a little bit?
501--Until I feel better.
502--Take as long as you like.
503--I got nowhere to go.
504--It's almost 7:00.
505--I don't even wanna sleep.
506--Come on.
507--One... Two... Three... Four...
508--One, two, three, four,
509--we are the sentinel.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

510--1,100 acres are developed.

511--- Yes.- 30% public parks.
512--- Yep.- 45% shopping offices.
514--25% middle-income housing.
515--You going?
516--Is it required?
517--I don't think so.
518--Who is he that they'renaming the place after?
519--Some guy who went here.I think he's dead.
520--We had to set upthe chairs yesterday.
521--It was hot as shit.
522--That sucks.
523--I'm gonna try to get someshut-eye before the ceremony.
524--- I'll see you all later?- Later it is.
525--Frank, before I forget,here's my card.
526--So your money managercan call me.
527--Get some rest.
529--You look like you're hurting.
530--It was an all-nighter.
531--- Was it fun at least?- It was fun.
532--I need to get some shut-eye.
533--Remy's staying here.
534--He harassing youabout the donation?
535--Oh, nothing I can't handle.
536--Go get some rest.
537--- Were you good?- Not bad.
538--I mean, I wasn't a starter,
539--but I had my time on the court.
540--I think you look sexier nowall grown up.
541--Congressman?We're ready for you.
542--You said two years.
543--I think two yearsis a realistic estimate.
544--- If it passes at all.- Which I think it will.
545--You think or you know?
546--I can't predict 100%,but I'm confident it will.
547--You think, you're confident,
548--you can't predict 100%.
549--How does any of that help us?
550--I'll tell you something.
551--I am 100% unable to paymy mortgage right now.
552--I'm 100% unable to buy my kidsschool supplies.
553--We supposed to live offmy husband's disability?
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554--There'll be paidtraining programs available.

555--How much will they pay?
556--Uh, granted, it's lessthan you made at the shipyard.
557--- So how much?- It's about $6 an hour.
558--Jesus Christ.
559--That's not even minimum wage.
561--You have to seeit as an investment.
562--The training programsare a valuable resource.
563--You're not getting it.
564--I can't affordto make investments.
565--Six dollars an hourputs my family on the street.
566--What do you want me to work?Five jobs?
567--If you get a part-time job,that and the training programs...
568--do you wanna know what I think?
569--I think you sit aroundin Washington
570--coming up with all sortsof fancy numbers and solutions
571--that look good on paper.
572--But that doesn't cut itfor the rest of us.
573--You said you had our backs,you lying piece of shit!
574--We don't eat paper for dinner.
575--You can't put a paper roofover your head.
576--When we all voted for you,
577--I didn't think thatevery one of those votes
578--was another nailin our own coffin.
579--Everybody just sit downfor ten minutes.
580--We can go over this proposalpoint by point
581--and you can getthe information that you need
582--to get the resourcesthat you want.
583--It's like they don't wantto find a solution.
584--They're scared.
585--I understandthat they're scared,
586--but that doesn't meanthey can't listen.
587--You don't know these people,Christina.
588--I worked in your officefor three years.
589--I spoke to them.I took their calls.
590--I replied to their emails.
591--You didn't grow up with them.
592--I don't need to grow uphand to mouth
593--to empathizewith the fact that...
594--they're not interestedin empathy.
595--The house keysare in my jacket.
596--I'll call you.
597--- Peter.- I said I'll call you.
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598--Do your homework.Sister Mary Joseph.

599--You didn't do it.Don't lie to me.
600--I used to use the same ploywith my parents.
601--Nah, baloney.
602--We do the homeworkand then we eat.
603--All right, who's hungry?
604--What do you guys want?
606--You know mommymakes macaroni...
607--No, pizza.
608--No pizza.You guys can eat that every...
609--sweetheart,take the kids upstairs.
610--How'd you get in here?
611--You still keep the spare key
612--behind the loose brickon the porch.
613--You break into my house?You scare my kids like that?
614--We gotta talk, Paul.
615--We talked last night.Now get out.
616--I can convince these people,but I need your help.
617--- Leave my house.- Sit down.
618--I don't wanna have to hurt you
619--with my children upstairs,petey.
620--Then help me.
621--This is your last chance.
622--I'm not going anywhere.
623--Ugh! Get back upstairs!
624--What are we doing?
625--I don't wanna fight you, petey.
626--I don't wanna fight you either.I will.
627--But we don't have to.
628--What do you want me to do?
629--You elected meto represent you,
630--but I couldn'tforestall the inevitable.
631--The shipyard was closing.
632--If not this year, then next.
633--Or the year after.
634--We all know that.
635--I could have lied to you.
636--I could have pretendedto do more.
637--But I don't believeabout living in the past.
638--I only care about the future.
639--Here's another truththat's gonna be hard to swallow.
640--I'm all you've got.
641--Nobody in Washingtongives a fuck about you.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

642--No one.
643--He's right.
644--Whatever you think of petey,
645--we either go with himor we got nothin'.
646--Now, does what I'm offering you
647--come anywhere nearwhat you want or deserve? No.
648--But you gotta open your eyesand take what's in front of you.
649--We can build on that.5,000 jobs becomes 10,000.
650--Then 15,000.Not in the snap of a finger,
651--but fasterthan doing nothing will.
652--Can I count on all of you?
653--All right,I'll take that as a yes.
654--We'll needyour contact information
655--so we can send you materials
656--to share with your friends.
657--Now, let's talk about the way
658--the money'sgonna get phased in.
659--It's gonna happen in six stages.Stage one...
660--♪ Oh say doesthat star-spangled ♪
661--♪ Banner yet wave ♪
662--♪ For the land of the free ♪
663--♪ And the home of the brave ♪
664--Left face. Forward march.
665--Francis Underwood's career.
666--Harvard law degree.
667--One of the youngeststate legislators
668--in the historyof South Carolina.
669--A 22-year veteranof the U.S. Congress.
670--House majority whip.
671--Speaks volumes about the valuesyoung people learn here
672--at the sentinel.
673--Values like honor, duty,discipline,
674--like sacrifice, service,and respect.
675--Ladies and gentlemen,
676--the Francis J. Underwoodlibrary.
678--Thank you.
679--I wrote a speech.
680--But I'm not gonna read it.
681--Nothing is permanent.Not even this building.
682--I don't meanto sound ungrateful.
683--I am very grateful.I'm deeply honored.
684--And I am...
685--I'm very moved.
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686--I had the good fortuneof spending most of this weekend

687--with a group of friends.
688--Friends I haven't seenin a very long time.
689--Friends I made here.
690--Most of you young cadets
691--probably, uh,don't know who I am.
692--A politician, a name,a few accomplishments.
693--But I don't blame you.
694--When I was your age,
695--why, I didn't care muchfor what men in gray hair did
696--or what they had to say.
698--I wish I could describe...
699--Harmony. That's the wordthat stuck in my mind.
701--It's not aboutwhat's lasting or permanent.
702--It is about individual voicescoming together.
703--For a moment.
704--And that moment lasts...
705--The length of a breath.
706--That's what I thinkabout my time here.
707--You'll have to forgive me.
708--I had more thana few whiskeys last night.
709--You know, when I was a cadet,we could drink all night
710--and then get up in themorning and march 20 Miles,
711--but these days I'm luckyI got up these three steps.
712--I wanna thank you very much.
713--This is a great honor.
714--I wanna thank president Higgins
715--and of coursethe love of my life, Claire.
716--Thank you all very much.
717--- You okay?- Yes.
718--Nurse Madison,please pick up line two.
719--Hi, ma.
720--This is Christina.I told you about her yesterday.
721--- Hi, Mrs. Russo.- Hey.
722--We just came by to say goodbye.
723--We have to catch a trainin about an hour.
725--They still haven'tfixed that light?
727--Things went well today.
728--I think the folks in the yardare gonna get behind me.
729--Peter did a great job.
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730--Hand me that blanket.

731--The A.C. in here is nuts.
732--What happened to your hand?
733--I got in a fight.
734--Did you win?
735--Yeah, I guess I did.
736--That's my Peter.
737--So you're fucking my son.
738--Lighten up.I'm just messing with you.
739--Excuse me.
740--Yeah. Hold on a second. Yeah?
741--Yeah, my mother's in room 409.
742--She has a light outthat needs to be replaced.
743--All right.I'll take care of it.
744--Okay, thanks.
745--Look, babe, if you putthat pink thing on,
746--I'm telling you...
747--Hold on. What is it?
748--The light in my mother's room.
749--I told youI'll take care of it later.
750--No, you'll take care of it now.
751--I gotta go.
752--And turn the A.C. downwhile you're in there too.
753--Yes, sir.
754--Thank you very much.
755--You're very welcome, sir.
756--Take care of yourself.
757--I'm real proud of you, Frank.
758--I hate to admit it,but I feel the same.
759--Well, having all you herewas what made it special.
760--Now you stay in touch.
761--- Will do.- See ya, buddy.
762--Beautiful ceremony, Frank.
763--Yeah, they did a good job.
764--Your speech.I'm glad I was here for that.
765--Me too.
766--You should come outto Salida sometime.
767--I'll take you outon the Arkansas river.
768--- I should do that.- Any time you want.
770--All right.
772--Edward has the car ready.
773--I'll be right there.
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774--Take your time.

775--You hear from Peter?
776--Looks like the shipbuildersare on board.
777--Tomorrow morning we startworking on his draft
778--- for his announcement speech.- Got it.
779--And I want the briefon the mock-up
780--for the watershed bill.
781--I got that with me.
782--Ride with me to the airport.
783--We'll go through it in the car.

House Of Cards 2013 S01E09

1--When the enemy attacked,you ran away.

2--That's treason.
3--Now it's time to splatteryour brains everywhere.
4--Please! Please, don't kill me!
5--Shut up! Die like a man!
6--But I have a wife and family.
7--[Imitates weapon firing]
8--That's what happens to cowards.
9--Hey, shh, shh, shh!You have to keep it down.
10--- There's an important meeting going on.- Sorry.
11--I'll set you upin the copy room.
12--You won't be in the way there.
13--[Francis]This is gonna be a close vote.
14--Most of your colleaguesare not gonna wanna spend
15--this amount of moneyin just 25 districts.
16--Try persuasion first.
17--Talking pointsare in your packets.
18--And if you wantmore detailed information...
19--research, statistics... you cancontact Gillian or myself.
20--And when it comes to dolingout favors, talk to Doug.
21--If favors don't work,come to me directly. Peter.
22--I'll be campaigningin Pennsylvania.
23--All my events this week
24--will be in countieswithin the watershed,
25--so I'll be workingthe media angle.
26--But if you need me to geton the phone with anybody,
27--reach out to Christina.
28--She'll work it into my schedule.
29--I have to say, Frank,
30--$200 millionis going to be a hard sell.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

31--The natural gas lobby'salready putting up a big fight.

32--We need to make thisabout jobs.
33--But the drilling industry can offerfar more jobs than this bill can.
34--This bill doesn't threatenthose jobs,
35--it just makes sure the drillingis done responsibly.
36--It adds more jobson top of that.
37--I've already been approached bySancorp with reelection funds.
38--I have too. They offered mea donation package
39--from eight differentdrilling companies.
40--- Remy Danton?- Yep.
41--How many of youbeen approached by Remy?
42--Look, I know it's not easyto turn down money.
43--But if the Republicans controlredistricting in Pennsylvania,
44--we lose the housenext election,
45--and all of you loseyour committee chairmanships.
46--This is a featherthat we need in Peter's hat.
47--A loss on this billendangers his chance of winning,
48--and we are fightingto keep our majority here.
49--Any other concerns?
50--I want a first vote countby 4:00 tomorrow afternoon.
51--Thank you all very much.
52--Sync and correction by
53--It's brutal.22 stops in three days.
54--- That's a lot of sleeping on the bus.- No sleeping.
55--That bus is the only placeI can get work done.
56--You know, Francis dida big bus tour in '98,
57--and the bus lost its brakesgoing down a hill,
58--and we landedin a tobacco field.
59--He gets out of the car,knocks on the farmer's door,
60--writes a checkfor all the damaged crops,
61--and then borrows his pickup sohe doesn't miss the next event.
62--And it was actually fun.
63--He was driving. I was shotgun.
64--We had the whole staffin the flatbed.
65--We actually got thereten minutes early.
66--- I think I should be hereto help drum up votes.
67--- Careful, sir. It's very hot.
68--Look, you and the vice presidentwill get national coverage.
69--That's gonna help uswith the count.
70--I reached out to him.He never got back to me.
71--I don't know if he even knows thetalking points about the bill.
72--I don't think Jim wants to go.
73--He's doing it as a favorto the president and I,
74--so it doesn't matter if hedoesn't know the talking points.
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75--People wanna see himbe folksy, you know?

76--So just humor him.Show him some degree of...
77--- aagh! Aagh!- Oh, my God.
78--- Are you okay?- [Kevin] It was an accident.
79--Okay, it's time for us to go.I'm so sorry.
80--It's all right. I just need torun it under some cold water.
81--I'm not going to lie.
82--I despise children.
83--There. I've said it.
84--You can't actlike that in here.
85--- You have to be a big boy.- I know.
86--Peter, we really needto get going.
87--We've already missed one flightbecause the meeting went over.
88--I booked us another oneat 9:25, but...
89--- we have to drop thekids off at school.
90--- It's going to be really tight.
91--If we miss this plane, we haveto cancel our first event.
92--[Stamper]Nancy, can you take them?
93--I've gotta get packets readyfor the lunchtime sub-caucuses.
94--Peter, I'd do it, butwe have a meeting
95--with Greenpeace in 20 minutes.
96--- I gotta get their rating on the bill.- Where's their school?
97--Connecticut and Q.
98--- Oh, I can take them.- You sure?
99--Yes. It's on the wayto my office.
100--This watershed actproves that once again
101--the anti-capitalist agenda
102--is alive and wellin the Democratic party.
103--Let me show youwhat's really going on.
104--Here are the democratseating up all of their
105--soft science, "organicallyhomegrown" propaganda
106--that the eco-fanaticsare force-feeding them.
107--And over here, at the tail endof all those jackasses,
108--are middle-class Americans...
109--people who justwant to work hard
110--and rely on jobsin the drilling industry.
111--And what aboutthe hypocrisy, folks?
112--Does Peter Russohonestly have the gall
113--to lecture uson the purity of our rivers
114--when he has been polluting himselfwith chemicals for years?
115--He's not just been eating grass,he's been smoking it.
116--It's the only major billhe's sponsored in six years.
117--I know, but they alreadyhave national coverage.
118--What's the angle?
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

119--If it doesn't pass,I think he'll lose

120--support from theshipbuilders' association.
121--So they lose support.It's not that juicy.
122--They're a huge part of hisget-out-the-vote effort in Philly.
123--It sounds like inside baseball.
124--Not if I get the vote count.Black and white numbers.
125--Nobody has that.But when I called the campaign,
126--they stonewalled me.
127--Same thingin the whip's office.
128--Do you know anyone over there?
129--In Underwood's office?
130--No, I don't.
131--Nobody on staff?
132--- Hmm-mm.- Oh.
133--I just figured becauseyou gave me the Russo profile.
134--No, that didn't come from them.
135--But Underwood organizedthe campaign.
136--I'm sorry.I don't know anybody there.
138--Hey, it's me. I just wantedto fill you in on something.
139--I should be back home at 10:00.Meet me there.
140--- Sarah made this one.- [Sarah] It's a frog.
141--And I made this one.Can you guess what it is?
142--- A lobster?- No. It's a scorpion.
143--They're for you.For the ones you gave us.
144--Aw, they're beautiful.
145--But maybe you shouldbring them to school, no?
146--For show-and-tell?Or give them to your friends.
147--No. The other kidswill just make fun of us.
149--Everybody hates us at school.
150--They say dad's a crackheadand that we're crack babies.
151--I looked up "crack baby"on the computer.
152--I don't look like that.
153--Yeah, they say dad's gonna Amy Winehouse.
154--Well, you tell themthat your dad doesn't do
155--that kind of thing anymore,right?
156--Yeah, we do,but they don't believe us.
157--Did you trygoing to the teachers?
158--We can't do that. Everyonewill just hate us even more.
159--Well, you can't worry aboutwhat other people think, right?
160--I wish dad wasn't runningfor Governor.
161--- You ever been to allentown before?- I have not.
162--What do you think?
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163--Compared to New York,the parking is easier.

164--Finding a decent bagel,not so much.
165--We make up for itwith the cream cheese.
166--- Shall we?- Ready when you are.
167--Your watershed bill.
168--You've ticked offthe Republicans, oil, gas...
169--sometimes you gotta upset a fewpeople to do the right thing.
170--Not just a few.There's a sizable coalition
171--that wantsto see your bill fail,
172--including environmentalistsfrom your own party.
173--- Don't think the bill does enough.- We wanted a passable bill.
174--That's why we aimedfor middle ground...
175--do you actually careabout the Delaware river?
176--I don't sponsor legislationI don't care about.
177--Until recently, you hadn'tsponsored any legislation at all.
178--I spent my time in congressfocusing on things
179--that were importantto my constituents.
180--- The shipyard.- Kept it open as long as I could.
181--Okay. That's one thing.What are the others?
182--I'd love to provide you a list
183--of all the things I've done incongress, but we've got 15 minutes...
184--your opponent haslinked your inactivity
185--to your fondnessfor single-malts.
186--I've been very openabout my past,
187--and I've done everything I canto overcome it
188--in a responsible,permanent way.
189--And I preferred vodkato scotch.
190--You should getyour facts straight.
192--Is your watershed act
193--just a ployto jump into the spotlight
194--and pad your transcript whileyou apply for Governor school?
195--It's real money.
196--It's real jobs.
197--And when the Delawareriver is less
198--polluted than it'sbeen in 50 years...
199--it's holding up a real glass of itswater and seeing how clear it is.
200--That's what my bus touris about.
201--- The vice president is joining you later?- Correct.
202--Why has it taken him this longto endorse you?
203--He didn't think I was worth it.
204--But then he heard I had aone-on-one with the New York Times,
205--- and, boom, he was on board.- I might print that.
206--The more of mywords, the fewer of
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

207--yours, the betteroff we'll both be.

208--If I didn't think you were such aliability to yourself, congressman,
209--I might even like you.
210--If your circulation was as highas the wall street journal,
211--I might like you back.
212--Hit me. Next question.
213--[Danton] I have to putup a fight, Frank.
214--Tell them they'rewasting their money.
215--- It's gonna pass.- Are you sure?
216--When was the last timeI got a count wrong?
217--If you were certain, you wouldn'tbe trying to neutralize us.
218--Well, Sancorphas been good to me.
219--I'm just trying to do youand them a favor, Remy.
220--Then why propose the legislationin the first place?
221--You must've knownthey would oppose it.
222--The regulatory restrictionsare minimal.
223--There's a bigger battlehere, Frank.
224--Sancorp is against any step
225--toward regulation,no matter how small.
226--Russo's planted his feet onthe wrong side of the fence.
227--How much are you givinghis opponent?
228--Check the F.E.C. Filings.
229--How much areyou actually giving?
230--This is a ten-billion-dollarindustry, Frank.
231--There's money to spend.
232--If the democrats lose Pennsylvania,you know what that means.
233--We don't want you to lose leadership,but that's up to you, not us.
234--You don't have the same kind ofrelationship with the Republicans
235--that you have with me.
236--Then we'll adapt.
238--We both have votes to count.Good luck.
239--You tell Sancorpthey're being foolish.
240--I'm not gonna do that.
241--Well, then,you're being foolish.
242--Come on, Frank.
243--Let's not make this personal.
244--I can't competewith Sancorp's war chest.
245--- My only option is asymmetrical...- [Door closes]
246--To pick off the oppositionone by one
247--like a sniper in the woods.
248--There will come atime to put Remy
249--in my crosshairs,but not right now.
250--As we used to say in Gaffney,
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

251--never slap a manwhile he's chewing tobacco.

252--[Siren blaring]
253--[Crowd cheering]
254--[Cheering continues]
255--Congressman, how are you?
256--I deeply appreciate you takingthe time out of your schedule...
257--Hank, I need to eat.
258--See if you can muster upa club sandwich, extra bacon.
259--[Reporters shouting]
260--[Camera shutters clicking]
261--Fuck me.
263--Ta-da. Thai cuisine again.
264--The green curry is for you, andthe other green curry is for me.
265--I was actuallyjust on my way out.
266--I bought you dinner.You have to eat it.
267--Or at the very least,you have to watch me eat mine.
268--I'm gonna be lateto meet someone.
269--- Who? Like a date?- A friend.
270--Oh, the mysterious fuck-buddy
271--who you get allof your stories from?
272--Lighten up. I was just teasing.
273--Not that I would judge.We've all done it.
274--I used to suck, screw,and jerk anything
275--that moved just to get a story.
276--Really? Like who?
277--You want dish?
278--No. It's just...
279--the Com directoron Ben Schroeder's Senate Race.
280--A stafferin the defense department.
281--My very own White House intern.
282--He was a real blabbermouthwhen he wasn't eating me out.
284--And I even had a flingwith a congressman.
285--Which one?
286--You tell me yours,and I'll tell you mine.
287--I've never been with any.
288--Oh, come on. You're hot.
289--You're telling me that noneof them have come on to you?
290--I haven't really beenin those circles.
291--You are now.
292--I guess I don't reallygive off that vibe.
293--- Oh, you mean the slut vibe?- [Laughs]
294--Look, I don't dothat shit anymore.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

295--'Cause once word got out,

296--it was like I hit a wall,and nobody took me seriously.
297--So, a piece of adviceas far as career strategies go:
298--It's not worth fuckingyour way to the middle.
299--Chopsticks or fork?
300--[Phone vibrating]
301--Look, if you go, I am gonnahave to eat both of these,
302--and that is not cool.
303--No. I'll eat with you.
306--[Woman on radio, faint]
307--[Phone chimes]
308--[Thunderclap continues]
309--Back home, meechum.
311--[Engine starts]
313--How's your hand?
315--You should changethe bandage, no?
317--I thought you weregonna be out late.
319--- You seem upset.- I'm not.
320--- What happened?- Nothing.
321--- Can I get more than two words out of you?- [Man yelling]
322--I'm just trying to relax.
324--I love you.
325--I love you too.
326--Did Zoe expect me to twiddlemy thumbs until her arrival?
327--Perhaps she'smaking the mistake
328--thinking her timeis as valuable as mine.
329--Proximity to power deludes someinto believing they wield it.
330--I put an end to that sort ofthinking before it begins.
331--And if I'm not mistaken, thelast time I was in Tannersville,
332--Buddy Corcharan pulled me aside
333--and told meI was wasting my time,
334--because the Republicans
335--were gonna sweep Monroe Countyin a landslide.
336--Well, Buddy had to eat his hatand both his shoes
337--when I won the countyin a landslide.
338--And let me tell you,that man has big feet
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

339--and an even bigger head,so that was quite a meal.

340--My daddy used to tell mea story about people
341--who count their chickensbefore they hatched.
342--Although, to befair, he probably
343--didn't know what hewas talking about,
344--because he grew upin Pittsburgh.
345--And I certainly never sawa hen around my house,
346--unless you count my mother.
347--- Do you want me to do something?- But, seriously, folks...
348--- No. Let him talk.- ...I do love this town...
349--I don't know if he's evergoing to introduce you.
350--[Peter]He will. Just give him time.
351--It's been an hour. We were supposed to
352--leave for Carbondaleten minutes ago.
353--I can't interrupt him.He's the Vice President.
354--- We're not on the edge of Penn's Woods.- [Laughter]
355--We need economicdevelopment flowcharts
356--for the watershed bill sent overto Terry Womack's office.
357--- Hard copies, 20 of them.- I'll do it right away.
358--How's everything goingwith Rachel?
359--I think she's a littledown in the dumps.
360--She got a waitressing job lastweek, and then they let her go.
361--- Why?- She wouldn't tell me.
362--All she saidwas her boss was a creep.
363--Thirty minutes ago,I received a text from Zoe.
364--She intends to apologize,no doubt.
365--I respect that she wantsto atone in person,
366--even though it's taken her over16 hours to build up the courage.
367--Janine Skorsky is digginginto Peter Russo.
368--What in particular?
369--The shipbuilders' association.
370--She have an angle?
371--The watershed billis a consolation prize
372--for them losing their jobs.
373--That's not an unfair assessment.
374--She thinksif the bill fails to pass,
375--they'll withdraw support.
376--Not an unfair speculation.
377--Well, I know how hard you'vebeen working on his campaign,
378--so I wanted to give youa heads-up.
379--Well, let me knowif she expands her inquiry.
380--- Into what?- Anything you deem worth telling.
381--Well, can I throw her a bone?
382--She might be more talkativeif I have information for her.
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383--- What sort of bone?- The vote count for the bill.
384--I don't have a vote count yet.
385--Should have a preliminary onethis afternoon.
386--- You'll let me know?- As soon as I have something solid.
387--There's one more thing.
388--About last night...
389--oh, no need to apologize.
390--I'm sure you hada very good reason.
391--I do.
392--I think we should end it.
393--Not professionally,the other thing.
394--Why now?
395--We have a really goodworking relationship.
396--I don't wannaovercomplicate that.
397--All right.
398--- You're okay with it?- Completely.
399--It's over.
400--And it won't change thingsin terms of our arrangement?
401--Oh, please. I don't punish peoplefor making adult decisions.
402--Thank you, Francis.
403--She was never morethan a faint blip on my radar.
404--We've servedeach other's purpose.
405--If she wants to be an adult,
406--let her see how she can flyonce she leaves the nest.
407--- Claire.- Catherine.
409--Thank you for fitting me in.
410--Oh, I can always find timefor you and Frank.
411--Well, the reason I'm here isthe C.W.I. Has a large shipment
412--of water filtersstuck in South Sudan,
413--and they've been in storagefor the past four months,
414--just sitting there,and the Sudanese government...
415--won't release the shipmentsthrough customs.
416--My deputy briefed meon the latest.
417--Right. And I knowthat Francis spoke
418--to you about thisnot too long ago,
419--but lately we haven'theard much from the state
420--department, so I waswondering if you could help.
421--We've done our best, Claire.I put my top people on this.
422--The sudaneseare just not responding.
423--Well, is there anything elsewe can do?
424--There's over $200,000 worthof equipment.
425--I wish I could. I know howimportant this is to you,
426--but we're about to cut offdiplomatic ties.
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427--It's a directive straightfrom the president.

428--We can't ignore theirhuman rights violations anymore.
429--What about back channels?
430--Well, once we cut ties,I can't contact their government
431--officially or unofficially.
432--Well, is there someoneyou could put me in touch with?
433--I'm sorry, Claire.My hands are tied.
434--I would move mountainsfor you and Frank,
435--but I've done all I can.
436--Of course.
437--- Okay. Good to see you.- You too.
438--[Female reporter] Congressman,you have a major bill
439--going to the floorlater this week.
440--- Are you optimistic it'll pass?- I'm very optimistic.
441--The Delaware river watershed actnot only protects large portions
442--of the state'sfreshwater resources,
443--it also creates thousandsof jobs.
444--I'm confident that my colleagueson the hill...
445--there's only one wayto create jobs.
446--I did it duringmy administration.
447--The answer is tax creditsfor small businesses.
448--You've got to encourageself-starting entrepreneurs
449--to start new ventures,
450--- hire employees...- But specifically,
451--- about the watershed act...- Small businesses,
452--that's the solution. Everythingelse is window dressing.
453--Thank you all very much.
455--Thank you.
456--Good night, Mr. Vice-President.
458--[Russo] I need totalk about Matthews.
459--Yes. I read the press reports. He'snot being very helpful, is he?
460--He's doing more harm than good.
461--I want to ask him to leave.
462--Well, that wouldn't makefor a very good story.
463--It's better than him torpedoingthe whole bus tour.
464--Have you tried to talk to him?
465--No, I wanted to askyour advice first.
466--Well, maybe there's a way
467--to keep him on the tourand inspire his support.
468--We have fundamentallydifferent views.
469--Well, look, you're not goingto be able change his ideology,
470--but dig deeper.
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471--Jim is a proud man.Tap into that pride.

472--I just wish he was gone.
473--Well, you do whateveryou think best.
474--But whatever it is you decide,
475--be firmand stand up for yourself.
476--He'll respond to that at least.
477--And call me backif you need anything.
478--[Stamper] What was the reason he gave you?Were you messing up?
479--No. The head waiter saidI was doing a really good job.
480--He even started letting me takemy own tables on the second day.
481--And then the manager...what's his name?
483--He propositioned you?
484--Called me into his office,
485--said couldn't afford to starttaking anyone new on,
486--even part-time.
487--Put his hand on myknee, said he might
488--be able to make an expectation.
489--So he started slidinghis hand up my thigh.
490--So I stood up and I tell himI should get back to work.
491--He says, "stay."He unbuckled his belt.
492--Did you?
493--No, I walked out of the officeand got back to my tables.
494--Next day, I came into work,told me to go home.
495--I was fired.
496--Tell me the nameof the restaurant.
497--You're home early.
498--I needed a breather.
499--I didn't have breakfastthis morning.
500--I might head backin a little while.
501--The vote count?
502--It's going to come downto the wire on this one.
503--I spoketo Catherine Durant today.
504--She's unable to get the shipmentout of South Sudan.
505--Yeah, we're cuttingall diplomatic ties.
506--Foreign affairsis up in arms about it.
507--Yes. Which is why she can'tlift a finger, according to her.
508--It's what she said anyway. Anyway,I need you to talk to her.
509--I don't think thatwould make any difference.
510--I thought she owed us, Francis.
511--She does, but there's limits.
512--She's secretary of state.
513--She can't breakdiplomatic protocol.
514--Well, can you make some calls?
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515--If she can't, I can't. Plus I haveto focus on the watershed bill.
516--I'm taking time out of myschedule to help you with that.
517--- Because you drafted it.- Because you asked me.
518--I didn't want to do this.
519--All I'm asking isthat you give me a
520--little bit of yourtime in return.
521--And how am I supposed to fixa problem I can't fix?
522--What about Remy?
523--Glendon Hill must have contactsin South Sudan.
524--He's fighting us on the vote.
525--Those are two completelyseparate issues.
526--They are not. He does you afavor, he hangs it over me.
527--So what you're saying ismy goals are secondary to yours.
528--That is not what I'm saying.
529--I think you don't wantto go hat in hand
530--to somebody who usedto work for you.
531--I will not be lectured tothe moment you walk in the door!
532--I called Catherine, as promised!
533--Her inability to deliver
534--is not my problem or my fault!
535--I cannot control changingglobal landscapes!
536--And I will not be cornered
537--into making promisesI cannot deliver!
539--I am sorry I yelled.
540--I'm under a lot of pressure.
541--You're right,I didn't think it through.
542--I just can't go to Remyright now.
543--He's poaching too manyof my people.
544--I've got two congressmen
545--who will not commit.
547--I was hoping you mightspeak to them.
549--Vanderburgh and Abrams.
550--What is it that you want meto say to them?
551--They're big on the environment.They
552--don't think the billgoes far enough.
553--They respect your opinion.
554--I wanted you to walk themthrough the bill step-by-step.
555--Put them at ease. I need toget them in the yes column.
556--I meet with them tomorrow.I'll deliver the bruises.
557--You meet with them laterand patch them up.
558--That might just do the trick.
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559--Of course.
560--I think I broke the bowl.
561--[Danton] We have contacts therethrough our oil interest.
562--I'm going to needgovernment intervention.
563--Wherever there's a government,we know people.
564--Even when there's onlythe illusion of a government.
565--Will you help me?
566--I'd like to.
567--But for something like this,I'm afraid there's a price tag.
568--The C.W.I. Will endorse Sancorpas eco-friendly.
569--They can use our logo on any PR
570--or marketing materialsyou want.
571--We'll need more than that.
572--They were willing to donateover a million for that.
573--These filtersare only worth $200,000.
574--I'd say that's a bargain.
575--You turned down that offer.
576--Landscape has shiftedsince then.
577--- The watershed bill?- That's right.
578--You want it amended?
579--I want you to kill it,the whole thing.
580--C.W.I. Has publicly backedthe bill, Remy.
581--What you do publiclyis your concern.
582--Gentlemen. Please, have a seat.
583--So have either of you changedyour mind since we last spoke?
584--[Vanderburgh]We're still undecided, Frank.
585--Leaning one way or the other?
586--If congress is going to allocatea quarter billion dollars,
587--we want to make sureit goes towards a
588--bill that does moreto protect the...
589--we've been through all that.I know your concerns.
590--So if the protection standardsdon't change,
591--we would rather see that moneyspent more effectively elsewhere.
592--That sounds like you're bothleaning no.
593--We've been very clearabout what we're asking.
596--This is you, Abrams.
597--And this is you, vanderburgh.
598--And over here...
599--Is the majorityof the Democratic caucus.
600--See, you're over thereall by your lonesome.
601--Now, you don't mind beingthe black sheep.
602--You're the liberal wingof the liberal wing.
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603--Most of the time you can votewhat you want,

604--we still pass things anyway.
605--But this time
606--it does matter.
607--And what the two of you aren'ttaking into account
608--is between this end of the deskand this end of the desk...
609--Is me.
610--Now, I'm going to say to youwhat I say to every congressman
611--that sits whereyou're sitting now.
612--Vote your district.Vote your conscience.
613--Don't surprise me.
614--And the most important oneof those...
615--Is don't surprise me.
616--Now, you're both to meetwith my wife tomorrow.
617--And you're to hear her out.
618--She will go throughyour concerns point-by-point.
619--And I am certain after that
620--that the two of you will makethe right decision.
621--This is the partwhere you leave.
622--I have often foundthat bleeding hearts
623--have a ironic fearof their own blood.
624--One drop and the seize up.
625--But offer them a caring handand massage them back to life
626--and they soon start beatingto the right drum.
627--[Dial tone]
628--[Cell phone chimes]
630--I've just spokento Abrams and Vanderburgh.
631--Let them toss and turn tonight,
632--but they're all yours tomorrow.
633--I'll reach out to their officesand set a time.
634--Thank you, Claire.
635--Of course.Whatever I can do to help.
636--Here you go, sir. Enjoy.
637--Excuse me.
638--There's a hair on my steak.
639--I am so sorry, sir. Where?
640--Right there.
641--I don't see it.
642--Are you telling me I'm blind?
643--No, sir. I'm so sorry.
644--- I'll have the kitchen.- What's your name?
646--You can leave the plate,Stephanie.
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647--I'd like to talkto the manager.

648--Yes, sir. I'll go get him.
649--Thank you.
650--Good evening, sir.
651--Uh, Stephanie tells methere was a hair on your plate.
653--There wasn't any hair.
654--Leon, right? That's your name?
656--Stephanie is a hotlittle number, isn't she?
658--Nice ass.
660--Did you make her blow you
661--before or after you hired her?
662--Sir, I'm going to haveto ask you to leave.
663--- Sit down, Leon.- Sir, I want you to go.
664--- I said sit.- Don't make me call the police.
665--I'll tell you what.You call the police,
666--I'll call the departmentof immigration
667--about the fourundocumented employees
668--you have working in the kitchen.
669--Felony, Leon.
670--And I might also mention
671--your girlfriend,her mother, and her aunt
672--who also undocumented and livingin an apartment that you pay for.
673--Prison time for you,
674--deportation for them.
675--Not a pretty picture, is it?
676--Let's talk about Rachel Posner.
677--[Walker] How close is it?
678--I should have the last two votesI need committed today.
679--I just want to make sureno one changes their mind.
680--I'd prefer not to get embroiled
681--in environmental issuesat this time.
682--But it's alsoa jobs-creation package.
683--It's antagonizing oil and gas.
684--We can't affordthat sort of battle
685--after all the capitalwe spent on education.
686--All I need is onepublic statement of support.
687--I won't do that.About you take Linda tomorrow.
688--You set her up in your offices.
689--Any meetings or callsyou might need
690--to whip up votes,you got her there.
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691--Well, I can't afford to spend awhole day lobbying on the hill.

692--Well, you got deputies.
693--Yes, I do.
694--Well, you're telling meyou can't manage them
695--from ten blocks away?
696--Of course I can, sir.
697--Look, if it's too difficult...
698--no, no, no. We'll help you out,Frank. Won't we, Linda?
699--Yes. If you'll just excuse me,
700--I have a few thingsto rearrange on my schedule.
701--What else, Frank?Tell me what Birch is up to.
702--No, I know I've alreadycanceled twice.
703--They start next week.
704--Sweetie, I'm tryingto figure this out.
705--- Linda.- Excuse me.
706--- Yes?- Just wanted thank you
707--for agreeing to pitch in,I know you have a full plate.
708--Of course, Frank.
709--Is everything all right?It sounds like...
710--yes. What time do you want meto come by tomorrow?
711--Can we talk?
712--Can I just call you backin one second?
713--I will call you. Yes.
714--Linda, I am so sorry that thepresident has forced you into this.
715--It was not my intention.
716--If you would like,I can talk congress...
717--no, it's not that.
718--It's a personal matter.Don't worry.
719--Well, what is it?Maybe I can help.
720--Just... my son didn't getinto Stanford.
721--I was supposed to meetwith the Provost tomorrow
722--to see if I could get himto change his mind.
723--I asked the presidentif I could go,
724--and he said yes,but he must have forgotten.
725--You should go. I'm sure thepresident will understand.
726--No, no. I don't let personal mattersget in the way of my job, Frank.
727--Linda, you can't putyour entire life on hold.
728--And certainly not at the expenseof your own son.
729--Well, it has beenat the expense of my son.
730--It's my fault he didn't get in.
731--I was on the campaignand I wasn't there for him.
732--His grades suffered.His application was...
733--I wasn't there, Frank.
734--But I figured if I could just meetwith the Provost face to face...
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735--okay, look, you're goingto Stanford tomorrow.

736--If you show up at my office,
737--I won't let you in,so don't even consider it.
738--Frank, the president wantsme to be...
739--he doesn't have to know.
740--I'm going to haveone of my schedulers
741--buy you a ticket.The bill will be fine.
742--Frank.You don't have to do this.
743--We may haveour disagreements, Linda,
744--but that doesn't mean we can'tlook out for each other.
745--You tell them you're coming.
746--- Okay. Give that a try.- Test, test, test.
747--All right, Zoe. This is Dave, thesenior producer in New York.
748--- We'll go live in four minutes.- Sounds good.
749--The first topic willbe the congressional
750--agenda for the fall session,
751--then we'll move on to themidterms, then we'll wrap it up
752--with Peter Russo's race forGovernor and his watershed bill.
753--- Okay, great.- Taking you off mic until 30 out.
754--Hey, Janine, I have to talkabout the watershed bill.
755--- Do you have a one-sheet?- Uh, yeah. Hold on.
756--- Thanks.- Mm-hmm.
757--Any word on the vote count?
758--Still no luck. I've calledevery democrat in the house
759--to cobble together a number,but no one's getting back to me.
760--So what can I say?
761--That there's a lot in flux,and it'll be tight.
762--Okay. Thanks.
763--Yeah. Sure thing.
764--[Automatic dialing beeping]
765--[Line ringing]
767--Hey, Francis, it's me.
768--Call me back.
769--- [Knock on door]- Yes.
770--Congressman Russo.He says it's urgent.
772--Good morning, sir.
773--I'd like to talkabout how the tour's going.
774--Well, let's talk on the bus.Don't we have an event at 11:00?
775--There won't be any eventsuntil we talk.
776--You're hijacking the microphone.
777--You're contradictingeverything I say.
778--We need to be promotingthe watershed act.
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779--Well, I appreciate yourbeing so forthright.

780--Let me tell youwhat I don't appreciate.
781--The D.N.C. Is running a manwith zero track record,
782--except for substance abuse,to fill my shoes.
783--I realize you don't want to behere, sir, but it seems like
784--you're deliberately tryingto sabotage my campaign.
785--Despite my better judgment,I'm trying to save it.
786--I know the people of this statebetter than you, Peter.
787--They don't want tohear about watersheds.
788--They want to hear about jobs.
789--Well, this week,they need to hear both.
790--Well, then,maybe I should just stand
791--quietly beside you at the podiumand watch you lose.
792--- You don't think I can win, do you?- I'm not optimistic.
793--You lost the first two timesyou ran for Governor.
794--The third time,nobody thought you had a chance.
795--By September, you were 15 points down.You were out of money.
796--You had to mortgageyour own house
797--just to keep yourstaff on payroll.
798--I'm well aware of what I did.I was there.
799--My point is you kept going. You hit67 counties in less than 20 days,
800--and you proved everyone wrong.
801--Like it or not, it's my nameon the ticket this time,
802--and I got the shot, and I'mgonna prove everyone wrong.
803--Just like you did.Including you, sir.
804--I would like your support,but if you won't give it, fine.
805--It won't stop me.
806--You think it's easyfor me to be here?
807--I left the Governor's mansionright in my prime.
808--To be what? Vice president.
809--I thought that was a step up.But you know what?
810--I don't have a fucking shredof real influence.
811--I'm trotted aroundlike a goddamn mascot,
812--and this is my home state.
813--I'm offering you influence, sir.
814--I'd like your guidanceand your expertise.
815--But if that's not on the table,then, well...
816--With all due respect,Mr. Vice President,
817--you should head backto Washington.
818--[Abrams]Your husband was very explicit.
819--I would categorize itas a threat.
820--- What did he say exactly?- Not to surprise him.
821--Didn't he also tell you to voteyour district and your conscience?
822--He did, but those seemedfar lower on his priority list.
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823--Well, he would never fault you

824--if you had a compelling reasonto do what you think is right.
825--I'm confused.Aren't you for this bill?
826--C.W.I. Is publicly for it.
827--Privately, I have my doubtsfor the same reasons you do.
828--I was under the impression
829--that we were here so you couldpersuade us to vote yes.
830--Oh, I'm not tryingto persuade you of anything.
831--I will say this:
832--If the bill fails,it's not the end of the world.
833--We can always sponsornew legislation.
834--You know, something withstricter regulatory standards.
835--Just to be clear,you're telling us
836--you don't mind if we voteagainst the bill.
837--I'm simply sayingwhat my husband would...
838--that you should voteyour conscience.
839--- How are we looking?- We're short a vote.
840--I just got off the phonewith Claire.
841--Vanderburgh and Abramsare on board.
842--- Those are definite yeses?- Definite.
843--We should be good.
845--I've been trying to reach yousince yesterday.
846--Well, I've been a bit busycounting votes.
847--You said you'd havea number for me.
848--Well, you should trymy press office.
849--I did. They won'treturn my calls.
850--Well, the official word isit will be close.
851--I'm trying to getthe unofficial word.
852--Oh, I can't appear to be playingfavorites now, can I?
853--This isn't becauseof the other day, is it?
854--What other day?
855--You said we'd keepour professional relationship.
856--Well, this is whatprofessional feels like.
857--[Line clicks, beeps]
858--[Woman] The vice president of theUnited States, Jim Matthews!
860--Thank you.
861--It's good to be back in Bristol.
863--- Go, warriors!- [Cheering]
864--Now, you all know me.I'm a windbag.
865--I can go onuntil you all fall asleep,
866--get eight hours of shut-eye, andwake up to find me still yapping.
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867--And there's a lot I could sayabout this young man to my left.

868--The truth is, I've had a lot ofdoubts about him and his ideas,
869--about his past,about his youth.
870--But if you'll remember,
871--a lot of you had doubts about methe first time I ran.
872--And the second and the third.
873--But over the last few days,
874--traveling around the statewith Peter,
875--I have to admithe's won me over.
876--He's smart, he's energetic,
877--- and, most important, he's a fighter.- [Murmuring in agreement]
878--Now, it says "a fresh start"on that bus over there.
879--And that's the real truth,
880--because this young manwill give our state
881--the fresh startit so desperately needs.
882--Ladies and gentlemen, the nextGovernor of Pennsylvania,
883--Peter Russo.
885--Thank you, Mr. Vice President.
886--How's it going, Bristol?
888--Today I'd like to talk to youabout economic recovery.
889--Now, as many of youmay be aware,
890--mostly because myopponent feels the
891--need to spendmillions of dollars
892--on TV ads about my past,
893--I know a thing or twoabout recovery.
894--I've learned a great dealthrough my personal struggles.
895--I've learned how to harnessmy strength and my resolve,
896--make them work for me,
897--much the way your Bristolwatermills harnessed the power
898--of your beautiful otter creek
899--and the mighty Delaware riveryears ago.
900--Let me tell youhow the Delaware river
901--will reinvigorate your economyfor years to come!
904--We're going to getthe shipment out of Sudan.
905--- That's great.- It might take a few weeks,
906--but I think you should startmaking arrangements for Botswana,
907--where you're gonna set upbase camp and the depot.
908--Just send me a budgetas soon as you've got one.
909--Claire, is there any waywe can send someone in my place?
910--I thought you wantedto be on the ground.
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911--I would, but I can't this time.

912--Why not?
913--I wasn't surehow to tell you this,
914--but I passed the 12-week mark.
915--You're expecting.
916--Gillian, that's wonderful.That...
917--when did this happen?Who's the father?
918--There was this guy I met overseas.Doctors without borders.
919--We had this thing. Then I left.
920--But he came back to the statesa few months ago,
921--and that's when it happened.
922--Anyway, it didn't end well.But I want to keep the baby.
923--- And does he know?- He's married.
924--- Oh.- I shouldn't have. It was stupid.
925--You don't have to explain.
926--I'll need some time offat the beginning of march.
927--Of course.
928--And absolutely,we'll send someone else instead.
929--I appreciate it, Claire.
931--You said medium-rare?
932--Just, uh, let me knowif you guys need anything.
934--[Phone chimes]
935--Who would you guesstexted me just now?
936--I thought she'd lastmore than a couple days.
937--- Going somewhere?- Just for an hour or two.
938--I got one last holdout to whip.
939--[Door closes]
940--- [Zoe grunting]- [Thumping]
941--[Francis grunting]
942--[Grunting stops]
943--[Zipper zips]
945--What's the vote counton Russo's bill?
946--[Panting]Oh, don't you wanna shower first
947--before we dirty ourselveswith business?
948--I'll shower after you leave.
949--What's the vote count?
950--Your tone doesn't inspire meto be very forthcoming.
951--Oh, the fuck wasn't enough?
952--You need a special tone too?
953--Ooh, someone washed her mouthout with acid this morning.
954--Whatever it isyou're grappling with,
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

955--I am sincerely not interested.

956--You're almost twice my age.
957--You said that didn't bother you.
958--I lied.
959--If you had a daughter,she'd be older than me.
960--In 20 years, I'll stillbe younger than you are now.
961--Well, I can't arguewith basic arithmetic.
962--You don't find that disgusting?
963--I think you want me to.
964--But I've never considered thisany more or less
965--than a transactionbetween two consenting adults.
966--If you just want the girl whowill do your bidding for you,
967--you already have that.
968--Why do you need to fuck me?
969--I would remind youthat it was you
970--who initiated our affair,
971--and it was you who came knockingat my door last winter.
972--And it was me who asked thatwe stop what we're doing now.
973--Which I respecteduntil you picked up a phone
974--and asked meto come over tonight.
975--Because you wouldn'tgive me what I wanted
976--unless I did.
977--So tell me,why do you need this?
978--You don't seem to getany pleasure out of it.
979--I know I certainly don't.
980--I seem to alwaysleave you satisfied.
981--How do you knowI'm not faking it?
982--Are you?
983--Doesn't it say a lotthat you can't tell?
985--What do you think aboutwhen I'm up against the wall?
986--A great man once said
987--that everything in lifeis about sex...
988--Except sex.
989--Sex is about power.
990--So you need a whore,
991--which makes you a pimp.
992--I'm not a pimp.Just a very generous John.
993--Fine. As long as we're clearabout what this is,
994--I can play the whore.
995--Now pay me.
996--The bill will pass.We have it by two votes.
997--You can pass that alongto your friend, miss Skorsky.
998--If she must say such things inorder to sleep at night, so be it.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

999--Her loyalty costs me nothing butthe occasional crumb of news.

1000--Her hatefulness takesno toll at all.
1001--You don't compensate a workinggirl so you can cuddle after.
1002--- [Man] Final voting...- [Laughter]
1003--A lot of small towns,some really great crowds.
1004--- No buses losing their brakes.- Final call for voting.
1005--Oh, please now.When do you head back?
1006--Tomorrow. We wanna do a pressconference when all the votes are in.
1007--- Members, please cast your votes now.- Are you all right?
1008--I'm just a little nauseous.It'll pass. I'm okay.
1009--- You said you're due in march?- March 14th.
1010--It's so exciting.How's the morning sickness?
1011--I think I'm over the hump.
1012--I have to pee all the time.Weird cravings.
1013--[Glasses clinking]
1014--It was good to beon the road again. Invigorating.
1015--Our internals are showinga nice bump in the numbers.
1016--You made a big difference.
1017--The president is grateful,and so am I.
1018--Well, it's a team effort, right?
1019--Excuse me. I have yet to sayhello to your better half.
1020--- How'd it go at Stanford?- Well, I think.
1021--The Dean's a republican, so therewas not a lot of small talk.
1022--But he seemed open to considering it.We'll know more next week.
1023--- [Francis] That's terrific.- I appreciate your helping me out.
1024--Oh, I didn't do anything.Anybody can book a plane ticket.
1025--That's not true.You covered for me.
1026--Well, we have to keep the importantthings in perspective, right?
1027--Don't think it's bought youany favors.
1028--Kindness isn't kindnessif you expect a reward.
1029--The man of the hour!
1030--Not yet.The votes are still coming in.
1031--Hey, how'd you vote?I voted yes.
1032--Voting.I knew I forgot something.
1033--We got this. There's some sparklinggrape juice there to celebrate.
1034--- 30 seconds remaining.- [Stamper] 30 seconds.
1035--Looking good.
1036--Come on, everyone. Let's go.
1037--[Woman] Everyone's votingalong party lines.
1038--[Man] See? This is what happenswhen we all stick together.
1039--This is an easy win for us.
1040--15 seconds.
1041--- [Woman] Vote now.- [Man] Ten seconds.
1042--Come on.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

1043--This can't be happening.

1044--Members, please castyour votes now.
1045--[Gavel bangs]
1046--Voting is closed.
1047--- Hr 4913 is defeated.- [Gavel bangs]
1048--- Doug.- I thought we had it.
1049--[Gillian]So this means it's dead?
1050--It's such a shame.All of that hard work.
1051--I wanna know who lied.

House Of Cards 2013 S01E10

1--[Walker] The whole reason wedo these meetings, Frank,

2--is so I can getaccurate information from you.
3--I always saidit was going to be close.
4--Then why did every articleI read yesterday
5--say the leadership wasconfident the bill would pass?
6--- Do you know Janine Skorsky?
7--- She used to be the Herald'sWhite House correspondent.
8--I remember Janine.
9--She wrotean article for Slugline
10--reportinga verified vote count.
11--Once the media got ahold ofthat, it went everywhere.
12--I don't know where she got that number.Maybe she made it up.
13--It doesn't matterif she made it up.
14--The democrats seem divided. Theleadership looks incompetent.
15--But compared the the budgetand our education act,
16--why, this wasa minor bill, sir.
17--That happened to bein the national spotlight,
18--which is what you wanted.
19--I got the count wrong.
20--It rarely happens,but it happens.
21--What worries me is thatthe White House's influence
22--isn't translatinginto support on the hill.
23--Linda's involvementhad no effect?
24--[Francis] I wouldn't saythat that's the case, sir.
25--Did you sense any push-back, anyfallout from the education battle?
26--Sir, the truth isI wasn't there.
27--I had to make a tripto California
28--to meet the Provost of Stanfordfor my son.
29--I told you about it last week.
30--It was my decision, sir.I made a judgment call
31--that we could pass the billwithout her help.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

32--But, look,tight votes like this,

33--you can analyze them to death,
34--but at the end of the day,we came up short.
35--That's my fault, no one else's.Certainly not Linda's.
36--I shouldn't have gone.The meeting didn't even work.
37--I thought you saidthey were reconsidering.
38--No. I got an e-mailthis morning.
39--They decided not to overturnthe admissions decision.
40--Oh, Christ. I'm sorry, Linda.
41--Not a great day so far.
42--But I appreciate your coveringfor me in there.
43--There may be a way to turn Linda'sbad luck into my good fortune.
44--But first I must dealwith treason within the ranks...
45--the two renegadeswho voted against the bill.
46--I have zero tolerancefor betrayal,
47--which they will soonindelibly learn.
48--Sync and correction by
49--I know why you lost the vote.
51--Somebody got to Vanderburghand Abrams.
52--Remy Danton.
53--- Your wife.- [Chuckles]
54--I've got contactson both their staffs.
55--There was a meetingbetween the three of them.
56--I know. I arranged it.
57--- She told them to vote no.- No, not true.
58--Sources on two different staffssaying the exact same thing?
59--That makes no sense.
60--I'm not telling youwhat makes sense,
61--I'm telling you facts.
62--This is a juicy story, Francis.
63--Carly will love it.
64--The majority whip's wifestabs him in the back.
65--Be careful, Zoe.
66--I'm feeding you.Now you have to feed me.
67--So give me something better.
68--[Francis] Are you goingto answer my question?
69--Did she or didn't she?
70--Tell me now, or so help me God,
71--I will make itmy mission in life
72--to not onlydestroy your careers,
73--but to obliterate all hopeand happiness
74--that you manage to cling to.
75--- She said it would be okay...- To backstab me?
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

76--To do what we thoughtwas right.

77--So she did tell you to vote no.
78--She said it wouldn't be the endof the world if the bill failed.
79--Those were her exact words.
80--You discuss this with no one.Is that understood?
81--Do you blame yourselffor not being
82--in Washington tosecure the votes?
83--A bill this size is a team effort.There are a lot of sponsors.
84--- But you were the chiefsponsor and the bill manager.
85--- That's true.
86--So shouldn't youhave been in Washington?
87--I'm running for Governor.I have a
88--commitment to thepeople of my state.
89--Are you awarethat the swofford campaign
90--is putting out a newcommercial today that says,
91--quote, "if Peter Russo can'tfollow through in congress",
92--can he follow throughwith sobriety?"
93--That's all.Thank you very much.
94--- Do you want to comment?- Thanks, guys.
95--- Congressman!- [Chattering]
96--All I said was what you alwayssay... to vote their conscience.
97--You encouraged them to defy me.
98--I met with them.That's what you asked me...
99--no, that is not what you did.
100--I specifically told you I neededthem to vote yes on this bill.
101--There was no roomfor interpretation.
102--It's a deliberate lie, so don'ttry to sugarcoat it, Claire.
103--I needed Remy's help.You wouldn't offer any.
104--Oh, wait.
105--You did this for Remy?
106--No. For myself. To get myshipment out of Sudan.
107--He provided assistance.
108--In exchangefor defeating the bill.
109--No. In exchangefor not helping it succeed.
110--Which is the same goddamn thing.Do you realize you have endangered
111--everything that we havebeen working toward?
112--There was a timetable here,Claire.
113--We needed strong momentumright up until the last minute.
114--I can't operate based on plansyou haven't shared with me.
115--Then you should'veasked me first.
116--No, I'm not going toask for your blessing
117--on every decisionI make, Francis.
118--We make decisions together.
119--Yeah, well, it hasn't felt like that.Not for the past six months.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

120--I don't feel as thoughI'm standing beside you.

121--Other people know, Claire.
122--This could becomea story about us.
123--- And that's somethingyou do not recover from.
124--- Who?
125--- That's something thatfollows you for life.
126--- Who knows?
128--I thought you saidshe could be trusted.
129--- What about our trust?- You can't control her, can you, Francis?
130--She wouldn't have been a problemif you hadn't lied.
131--No, she wouldn'thave been a problem
132--if you hadn'tdropped your pants.
133--And you come in here,to my office, and berate me
134--when you're the onewho's exposed us?
135--Don't you tryto turn this around on me.
136--I fired half of my staff for us.
137--I have turned downdonations for us.
138--I drafted Peter's bill for us.
139--I diverted time and energyaway from my goals for us.
140--Okay, I don't wannahave to say this,
141--but maybe you need to hear it.
142--C.W.I. Is important, yes,
143--but it doesn't come close to whatwe are trying to accomplish.
144--You must see that!
145--I'm just being honest.
146--Then be honest abouthow you've been using me
147--just like you useeverybody else.
148--That was never partof the bargain.
149--Is it the hot flashes?
150--[Quietly] Get out.
151--Get out.
152--[Clears throat]
153--I'll see you back at the house.
154--[Phone chiming]
155--I'm on my way to the office.
156--- Let me call you when I get there.- No, no. We need to talk now.
157--I know you're upset, Peter, butthat's not going to achieve anything.
158--I am more than upset, Frank.
159--Change your tone.I'm in no mood.
160--- I don't give a fuck!- Good-bye, Peter.
161--You hang up on me now,you're not gonna appreciate
162--who I call next.
163--- Excuse me?- I promised my people jobs.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

164--You promised meyou could get this bill passed.

165--You failed on your promise.I'm not gonna fail on mine.
166--So however you need to fix it,
167--you figure it out.
169--I go public with Kapeniakand the Kern editorial.
170--You need to cooldown and think very
171--carefully aboutwhat you just said.
172--You don't understand. I'm notafraid of you anymore, Frank.
173--- Then you're misguided.- My past is out in the open.
174--You don't hold thatover my head anymore.
175--They don't knoweverything, Peter.
176--You destroy me,you destroy yourself.
177--Fix it.
179--- What do you want me to do?- We have to accelerate things.
180--Isn't it too early? It's almost twofull months into the election.
181--- That gives the White Housetoo much time to vet somebody.
182--- Peter's crossed the line.
183--We built up his confidence, andnow we're losing control of him.
184--Maybe he was justblowing off steam.
185--No. He's determined.We have to act now.
186--You have everything you needon your end?
187--Give me a when and a where.
188--Some sortof social setting's preferable.
189--- Anything else?- I'll need cash.
190--About three grand.
191--It'll be in your top drawerby tomorrow morning.
193--Once we do this,we're committed.
194--- Understood.- I can't predict how he's gonna react.
195--Well, I won't be blackmailed.
196--[Knock on door]
198--[Claire] Zoe Barnes?
199--Yeah. Who is it?
200--Claire Underwood.
202--I apologize for not buzzing.
203--Somebody was coming in thebuilding when I was downstairs,
204--- so I just figured...- [Door closes]
205--[Men chattering,shouting outside]
206--This is nice... fire escape.
207--Hey, could you pleasenot go through my things?
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

208--Oh, I'm sorry. Am I intruding?

209--Yeah, actually. You are.
210--Well, that makes ita two-way street, I suppose.
211--Okay, if you...if you came here to punish me...
212--Fine. I get it.
214--Such a shame,how naive you are.
215--- I'm not naive.- No?
216--I've known everythingfrom the beginning, Zoe.
217--My husband and Itell each other everything.
218--Don't you believe me?
219--Is there a spider I can trap?
220--I'm not here to punish youor to tell you to stop.
221--I just thought I should openthose big bright eyes.
222--I think you should leave.
223--I think I should too.
224--Maybe you're not that naive.
225--A lesser womanwouldn't have opened the door.
226--[Door opens]
227--Union station, please.
229--[Line ringing]
230--This is Claire. I'm unavailableto answer the phone,
231--but if you leave a message, I'll besure and get back to you shortly.
232--- Thank...- [Beeps]
234--[Line ringing]
235--- [Zoe] Hello?- Zoe.
236--[Toilet flushes]
237--You don't have to tiptoe.
238--I thought you fell asleep.
239--No. Just thinking about work.
240--I don't have anything for you yet.I will soon.
241--I know you will.
242--You can spend the nightif you want.
243--Early meetings.
244--Wouldn't have time to get homeand change.
245--- You seem distracted.- I have a lot on my mind.
246--- Like what?- [Beeping]
247--- Work, just like you.- No Claire?
248--Or maybe she qualifies as work.
249--She didn't mention anything?
251--I thought you didn'tkeep things from each other.
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252--Look, just saywhat you want to say.

253--She came by herea few hours ago.
254--We had a nice little talk.
255--Don't let me keep you.
256--You should go home,get some rest.
257--- Tell Claire I said hi.- [Door opens, closes]
259--[Line ringing]
260--This is Claire.I'm unavailable to answer...
261--- [yells]- [Phone clatters]
262--The lights in the Whartons' housewill go on in a few moments.
263--They always get upprecisely at quarter to 7:00,
264--which is just the time that Clairewould be going for her run,
265--if she were here.
266--Rebellion on all fronts...
267--Claire, Zoe, Russo.
268--I must not lose my resolve.
269--I will march forward,
270--even if I have to do so...
272--See? Told ya.
273--- Good morning.- Ohh!
274--Hi, Frank.
275--- How are you?- I'm good.
276--- Have you heard from Claire?- Yeah, I got her message.
277--- How's she feeling?- A lot better.
278--Good. She said she'd be gonefor the rest of the week.
279--- Is it the flu or something?- Something like that.
280--I just came over to pick upa few things from her office.
281--- I could've sent somebody over.- Oh, no. It's no big deal.
282--In fact, I also came hereto ask you a favor.
283--You went to Stanford, correct?
284--- Valedictorian?- Yeah.
285--- Do you know the provost?- Warren Tynsdale.
286--He flies me outto do fund-raising events.
287--Supposedly I'm the poster childfor alumni.
288--Making the worlda better place.
289--Well, that is good,because this is important.
290--Linda vasquez,the President's Chief of staff...
291--her son, Ruben, applied.
292--I'd love for you to get onthe phone with Tynsdale
293--and tell himthat they should accept him.
294--I don't know. I...I've never recommended anyone.
295--All the better.It'll carry more weight.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

296--Can I meet Ruben first?

297--[Sighs] I would reallyprefer that Linda not know.
298--In fact, it would be betterif both she and Ruben
299--believed he got inon merit alone.
300--Will you please do this favorfor Claire and me?
301--And for the president.
302--Thank you.
303--More contrast.
304--We need to catchthe edge of his face.
305--Let's re-crop it. Bring it in aquarter of an inch on the left.
306--[Doorbell rings]
307--Would you...
308--[Intercom buzzing]
309--Somebody named Claire?
311--You hungry?
312--I don't eat pork.
313--When did that happen?
314--When we started lobbyingfor the meatpacking industry.
316--Freddy, half a rack for me,
317--and some Collard Greensfor my friend here.
318--I'm good. I already ate lunch.
319--Half a rack coming up.
320--I don't usuallydo business here.
321--This is my little secret.
322--I'd love itif we could keep it that way.
323--I don't think you have to worryabout me bringing clients by.
324--You seem tense, Remy.
325--I assume you're upsetabout the watershed bill.
326--Not with you.You were just doing your job.
327--But now I have to do mine.
328--I'd like to proposea partnership.
329--I'm always opento partnerships, Frank.
330--If Peter Russo werea pro-natural gas candidate,
331--how valuable would that beto Sancorp?
332--The watershed billwas anti-drilling.
333--Peter's pro-employment,not anti-drilling.
334--He just wants to bringemployment to his people,
335--and Sancorpis building refineries.
336--Mostly on site.
337--Do you think they would be opento considering Philadelphia?
338--I can talk with them,but I can't make any promises.
339--Oh, I don't want any promises.Just engage with Russo.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

340--You know, give him a glimmerof good fortune.

341--Aw, Frank, here you go.
342--Come on. Smell that.
343--You sure you don't want toreconsider your stance on pork?
344--- Brain food, brother.- [Francis chuckling]
345--- I love it.- [Stamper] 850.
346--You can afford that?
347--Yeah. Yeah, I think so.
348--First and last monthare taken care of.
349--So is the security deposit.
350--That's to buy some furniture.
351--I'll pay you back. I promise.
352--It's not necessary.
353--But I do need you to doone thing for me.
354--- I come across as a hypocrite.- [Francis] You need jobs.
355--Do you really carehow you deliver them?
356--First, I advocate for moreregulation for the watershed,
357--then I cozy upto the drilling interests?
358--Yeah, but natural gasis the future, Peter.
359--This is an industrythat could bring 100,000 jobs
360--into your stateover the next decade.
361--I agree with Peter.It seems like flip-flopping.
362--Sancorp's lobbying efforts iswhy we lost the watershed bill.
363--But they can also bea very powerful ally.
364--[Christina]Our message is a "fresh start."
365--This makes you looklike business as usual.
366--This is politics.
367--There are seized opportunities
368--and missed opportunities.
369--Seize this one, Peter.
370--Sancorp can commit to buildingnew refineries in Philly?
371--Sancorp will committo discussing it with you.
372--- I need more than that.- Look, you asked me to fix a problem.
373--I've come to you in less than24 hours with a solution.
374--Can you meet me halfway?
375--What would be the first step?
376--All right.You remember Remy Danton?
377--- Oh, come on. He led the chargeagainst the watershed bill.
378--- I know. That's not the point.
379--One of his other big clients isthe McNeally cancer institute.
380--They're havinga big gala tonight...
381--a cocktail party...for their donors.
382--Remy will be there.
383--We have events in Haverfordand Gladwyne...
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

384--yeah, well,this is more important.

385--You also have a radio interviewtomorrow morning
386--with a local Pittsburgh station?
387--- Yes.- All right.
388--Meet with Remy tonight.
389--And if it goes welland if you're comfortable,
390--tomorrow morning on the radio, yousupport their drilling efforts.
391--And Remy has assured meif you do that,
392--he can push Sancorpin the right direction.
393--Cancel the events tomorrow.
394--Head back to Philly,do some damage control.
395--- I'll see you tomorrow afternoon.- Peter...
398--I'm gonna go make some calls.
399--[Door opens, closes]
400--Peter, have you mentioned anythingto her about Kapeniak or...
401--No. I haven't mentioned itto anybody.
402--All right. Stamper willcome by in the morning
403--and brief youon the talking points.
404--[Door opens, closes]
405--[Claire]When did you take this?
406--[Adam] Oh, it was about7:00 in the morning.
407--The sun had just come up.
408--You were asleep... right here.
409--The light was perfect.
410--I had no choice.
411--I always slept so wellin this apartment.
412--- How long are you in town for?- [Sighs]
413--I don't know.
414--I haven't decided.
415--You have no luggage.
416--It smells the same.
417--Feels the same.
418--- ♪♪ [Soft jazz]- [Chatter, laughter]
419--[Peter] I think Sancorpis missing out,
420--not having a significantpresence in Philadelphia.
421--There are advantages to centralizingin a major urban center.
422--But the disadvantages arecommercial real estate prices,
423--city taxes,building a pipeline.
424--It's all very costly.
425--So they'd have toreduce costs elsewhere.
426--- Significantly.- How can I help with that?
427--Statewide permitted-use zoning.No more conditional zoning.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

428--The municipalitiesare slowing down development.

429--That's the state legislature.
430--You come out in supportof permitted use,
431--and you get elected Governor.
432--That'll put pressureon the legislature.
433--Sancorp is very interested in havinga powerful friend in Harrisburg.
434--My opponent's pro-drilling.
435--Your opponent isn't askingfor refineries in Philadelphia.
436--We prefer friendswe can count on.
437--Have your clients listen to WZPZtomorrow at a quarter to 8:00.
438--It's a Pittsburgh station.
439--It's been a pleasure,Congressman.
440--I look forwardto talking again soon.
441--♪♪ [Continues]
442--You got a light?
443--This is a cancer research event.
444--I know. I helped organize it.
445--- You work for the institute?- No. The hotel.
446--And they let you smoke here?
447--No. The manager would kill me.
448--Well, at leastit got you talking.
450--Are you having a good night?You look happy.
451--Uh, I am. I am.I'm having a great night.
452--- Why?- I just got some very good news.
453--We should celebrate.What are you drinking?
454--You know,I was just leaving, actually.
455--You haven't even askedmy name yet.
456--- I apologize, but I have to go.- It's Rachel.
457--I'm not trying to be rude, butI got a big meeting tomorrow.
458--Then don't be rude.Just stay a few more minutes
459--and keep mefrom having to mingle.
460--My date ditched me.So if you abandon
461--me now, that would be very rude.
462--These heels are killing me.
463--- Feel that. Feel that blister.- Hey, I...
464--I have a girlfriend.
465--I'd be surprised if you didn't.
466--- Why'd your date ditch you?- Mmm. Very scandalous.
467--Mmm, what happened?
468--Clink glasses with me.
471--Ooh. [Belches]
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472--[Both laugh]
473--I'm petite,but I can hold my liquor.
475--When I do get drunk, though...[Chuckles]
476--What then?
477--I get undressed.
478--What about you?
479--What are you likewhen you get drunk?
480--- It's not pretty.- Pretty's overrated.
481--I like it when thingsget a little bit ugly.
482--When I work late nights,they let me stay at the hotel
483--so I don't have to drive home.
485--This one is yours.
486--Room 1121.
487--[Door opens]
489--[Door closes]
490--[Meechum] Sir?
491--In here.
492--You wanted to see me?
493--I need you to locate somebody.
495--My wife.
496--Do you have a way of doing that?
497--I do, sir.
498--I know a guyin missing persons...
499--she's not missing. I just...
500--Don't know where she isat the moment.
501--I trust him.
502--We can do this off the books.
504--I'll get on it right away.
505--[Door opens]
507--[Adam]Come on. Give us another one.
508--No. I'll tell you why.Because my mother
509--always used to tellme to smile more.
510--Always drove me crazy.She'd say, "Claire",
511--"why have you that scowlall the time?
512--You look so much more beautifulwhen you smile."
513--It was nevera real conversation.
514--There was never, "oh, what do youfeel?" Or "what are you thinking?"
515--Just so long asI looked beautiful and happy.
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516--That's all she cared about.

517--So you want me to ask you
518--what you're thinkingand feeling?
519--All the time.
520--I actually do wanna know whatyou're thinking and feeling.
521--- How sad am I?- Okay, so tell me first.
522--- What?- Tell me first.
523--- I think I'd better get dressed.- What? Why?
524--Uh, because...
525--I've got friends coming over,
526--and as a host,I should probably wear clothes.
527--- Really?- Yeah.
528--- Why do you do that?- Well, you know.
529--- It's proper?- Kind of.
530--Oh, fuck.
534--[Door closes]
535--Thought you might have bailed.
536--Sit down.
537--Vodka or whiskey?
538--Uh, you go ahead.
539--Come on. You can be a goodboy downstairs, not up here.
540--Seriously, I'm good.
541--Whiskey, I think.
542--- [Minibar door opens]- [Bottles clinking]
543--[Door closes]
544--So what's your good news?
545--I wanna knowwhat we're celebrating.
546--Why did your, uh...why did your date ditch you?
547--- I asked you first.- I did, downstairs.
548--He works on the hill.
549--Some staffer or something.
550--I don't know.I think he's a glorified gofer.
551--A friend set me up with him.
552--So I said he should cometonight, keep me company.
553--But all he wanted to dowas schmooze.
554--So I brought himinto the women's bathroom,
555--told him he was beingan asshole.
556--He told meI was being childish.
557--So I slapped him.
558--- [Laughs]- You slapped him?
559--Yeah. Big red hand markright across his face.
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560--I think he was embarrassedto be seen by the Schmoozerati.

561--So he left.
562--And that is the last timeI go on a date
563--with a guy who wearsa flag pin to work.
564--I'm one of those guyswho wears a flag pin to work.
565--This isn't really a date,is it?
566--I really shouldn't be here.
567--That's what makes it fun.
568--Tell me your good news. I wannaknow what we're toasting to.
569--Let's toast to you.
570--I'm your good news?Okay, I'll toast to that.
573--What are you...
574--I didn't wanna waitat the Herald.
575--I was gonna call you, but...
576--Can I stayat your place tonight?
577--Uh, stay with me?
578--Well, just on your couch
579--for a night or two.
580--Uh, why?
581--I can't be in my apartment.
582--- Did something happen?- No. I...
583--I'm sorry.
585--Come on.
586--[Francis]What time is the interview?
587--Quarter to 8:00.I'll be with him.
588--And where's Peter now?
589--Are you sureyou want the details?
591--Just tell me, is it going well?
592--Hasn't been any updates.
593--But if it does go well,you'll be ready?
594--I'm ready.I've been ready. I'm ready.
595--- Anything else?- We never played chess before, have we?
596--I don't know how.
597--You want me to teach you?
598--I should really get some rest.
599--Be fresh for the morning.
600--Yeah, another time.
601--1160, WZPZ, 7:45.
602--- Good night.- [Door opens, closes]
603--I hate being kept in the dark.
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607--♪♪ [Latin jazz]
608--[Laughter, chatter]
609--[Woman] Oh, come on!
610--- Let's dance.- Whoo-hoo! Yeah.
611--It's not a big deal.
612--Come on, let's do it.
613--- Come on, let's do it.- No.
614--No, please, I can't. Not now.
615--Come on.
616--This is really nice.
617--Do you want anything?Water? Juice?
618--No, thanks. I'm good.
619--Uh, you can have the bed.I'll sleep on the couch.
620--No. No.
621--It's fine.
622--Please, Lucas,let me sleep on the couch.
623--I'll feel bad.
624--All right.
625--- Can I help?- I got it.
626--[Sheet rustling]
627--So, you know,
628--we don't have to talkif you don't want to.
629--But I haven't seen youin, like,
630--six months.
631--Except for when Idrunkenly stalked you at your...
633--- Right.- That was kind of adorable.
634--It was either psychotic or sad.
635--Not adorable.
636--- [Smoothing out sheet]- Yes, it was.
637--Can you hand me that pillow?
638--So, why do you needto get out of your apartment?
639--It just felt small.
640--Well, it can'tbe smaller than my place.
641--No. I don't mean size.I mean...
642--I felt trapped.
643--Like I was in a placethat I didn't actually live.
644--Does that make any sense?
645--I guess.
647--There you go.
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648--Um, anytimeyou need to get up or...

649--um, I'll just set an alarmon my phone.
650--All right.Well, feel free to watch TV.
651--I can sleep through anything.
652--Hey, thank you, Lucas.
655--Hey, that's the last of it.
656--Better make it count, then.
657--- Drink up.- Mm.
660--Do I look familiar to you?
663--- My face? My body?- No.
664--How about my voice?
665--Have we...
667--No. I was justwondering if you had a
668--thing for brunetteswith blue eyes.
669--- Hey, where you going? Come back here.- I wanna see you better.
671--Shit. The sun's up?
672--Has been for a while.
673--- Oh, fuck. What time is it?- 7:15.
674--Fuck. I have an interviewin half an hour.
675--- Skip it.- I can't. I gotta do it.
678--[Toilet flushes]
679--You can keep the roomtill noon.
680--- [Phone ringing]- [Sighs]
681--- [Grunts]- [Beeps]
682--- Hello?- [Stamper] I'm at your building.
683--The front desk keeps callingup, but there's no answer.
684--- I'm not there.- Then I'll come to you. Where are you?
685--I'm... I'm atthe Park Highmore hotel.
686--Are you okay? You sound drunk.
687--It was, uh... yeah. Yeah.I'm... I'm all right.
688--- You have the interview.- I know!
689--Have you been drinking, Peter?
690--Uh, what? No. Um, I just decidedto spend the night here.
691--What room are you in?
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692--11, uh... 1121.

693--Stay there.I'm coming right now.
694--Jesus, Peter. What happened?You're drunk.
695--- I'm fine.- I can smell it on you.
696--Okay, I had a drink or two.
697--It was nothing crazy.
698--We can't do this interview.
699--I'm sober. I can handle it.
700--You're slurring your words.
701--I'm good.
702--I think we should cancel.
703--I'm gonna do the interview.
704--Just give me the talking points.
706--Sorry. I...
707--It's all right.
708--The couch had a spring in itor something, and my back...
710--It's all right.
711--I don't mind.
712--[Keyboard clacking]
713--Sir, I heard from my friend.
714--Missing persons.
716--- She's in New York.- What hotel?
717--Not a hotel, sir.
718--So she's not alone.
719--No, sir.
720--Adam Galloway?
721--Yes, sir.
722--I have more information.
723--I don't need to know.
724--Turn on 1160 A.M.
725--[Man] He's running to fillJim Matthews' old post
726--as Governor of Pennsylvania.
727--Glad to have you with us, sir.
728--[Peter]It's good to be here, Jim.
729--- [Man] It's mark.- Sorry. Right. Mark.
730--That's okay, Congressman.It happens all
731--the time this earlyin the morning.
732--So, Congressman,the watershed act.
733--Yes. Uh, I'm ashamed of the...
734--well, I'm not ashamed.That's not the right, um...
735--I'm disappointed, um,because, you know,
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

736--the water...
737--It's, um... it's... actually,what I'd like to discuss is...
738--we all know that natural gas...
739--that it's... it's a growing...uh, in our state...
740--it's a... it's a big partof, um...
741--economically,the way things are going.
742--And I'd like to announce...
743--in terms of, um... [Stammering]
744--Are you familiarwith drilling regulations...
745--permitted useversus conditional use?
746--[Mark] Are we still talkingabout the watershed?
747--[Peter]No. Drilling. Natural gas.
748--[Mark] Sir, you supportedincreased regulation.
749--[Peter] Well, no. I... i...
750--it may have looked that way,but, uh,
751--in fact, to be clear,I'm for less...
753--Yes, sir. In the watershed bill,the language clearly stated...
754--it didn't pass.
755--Well, right.That's what I'm asking about.
756--- What about it?- Why it didn't pass.
757--I just said.
758--No, sir. I don't think you did.
759--It just didn't.
760--Sir, three days ago,you predicted...
761--I'm talking aboutfucking natural gas.
762--I'm sorry.
763--[Mark] Congressman, I haveto ask you a question,
764--and it may come acrossas indelicate,
765--but are you drunk right now?
766--[Peter] What? No. No.I'm fine. I'm fine.
767--I'm just... I'm really tired,you know?
768--I've been on the campaign trailfor a few weeks now,
770--- [Mark] Congressman?- [Dial tone]
771--Congressman? Congressman?
773--It's my fault.
774--I shouldn't have let you.
775--I'm fucked.
776--Okay. Listen. We sober you up.
777--We'll make some kind ofannouncement as soon as possible.
778--There's nothing I can say.
779--We'll figure this out.
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780--Come on.
781--You're gonna take a shower.
782--Come on.
783--There you go. Come on.
784--[Vasquez on phone]How bad is it?
785--It all depends on whether it getspicked up by the mainstream press.
786--- Well, shall I fill in the president?- No. Hold off on that.
787--I need to speak to Peter,coordinate with his campaign.
788--You'll be the first call I make.
789--Frank, before you go,I got an e-mail this morning.
790--Stanford reversedtheir decision.
791--That's wonderful.
792--The Provo said Gillian Colereached out to him.
793--I googled her.She works for Claire.
794--- Thank you.- No reason to thank me.
795--Ruben was just ecstatic. I don'tknow how I'm gonna repay you.
796--The fact that your son is happyis more than enough.
797--- You'll keep me posted on Peter?- You bet.
798--- Okay.- [Beeps]
800--[Line ringing]
801--Hey, boss.
802--- Are you still with him?- Yeah.
803--- He's taking a shower.- How're we looking?
804--Zoe Barnes postedten minutes ago.
805--It's already onthe New York times web site.
806--The kid is done.
807--Have Nancy set up a meetingwith the Vice President.
808--- Today if possible.- Will do.
809--And keep an eye on Peter.He's done his duty.
810--- Let's get him back on his feet.- You got it.
811--- [Beeps]- And now Jim Matthews comes to the fore,
812--though he doesn't know it yet.
813--He will find solacein his beloved Pennsylvania,
814--though Peter Russowill find solace nowhere.
815--It only takes ten secondsto crush a man's ambitions.
816--I need to take carethat I protect mine.
817--[Shower running]
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House Of Cards 2013 S01E11

1--[Line ringing]
2--This is Russo. Please leave a message.
3--He's not answering my calls.
4--It's over, and he must know it.
5--[Matthews] You don't thinkthere's any way he can recover?
6--The Republicans will play that interviewon every radio and television station
7--from now until November 5th.
8--I sympathize with the kid, but thiswas my concern from the beginning.
9--And I should've listened to you, sir.
10--I thought he could handle the pressure.
11--Okay. So he withdraws.
12--We need to replace him.
13--You have any ideas?
14--With less than two months to go?
15--[Sighs] If the President hadn'tshut me out of the early discussions,
16--I could've come up with some good options,
17--but I don't know anyone who's gotthe name recognition and donor base
18--to start a campaign fromscratch just seven weeks out.
19--Let me think.
20--Everything hinges onthe next few minutes...
21--all my months of planning,every move I've made.
22--- There is one person.- Who?
23--You, Mr. Vice President.
25--If you ran to reclaim your seat,
26--I think you'd win by a landslide.
27--Resign the vice presidency.
28--Only if you win.
29--Walker needs me for 2016.
30--Are you entirely certain he'sgonna keep you on the ticket?
31--I mean, it's no secret
32--the two of you don't exactly get along.
33--What has he said?
34--Oh, you're putting me in a veryawkward position, Mr. Vice President.
35--Has he been bad-mouthing me?
36--Well, the exact phrase heused was "pain in the ass."
38--That fucker.
39--He's got no idea how to lead,
40--no sense of respect.
41--- Oh, is this his idea?- No.
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42--- His way of getting rid of me?- No. It struck me yesterday,

43--and I just thought it was worth suggesting.
44--But, no, I haven'tdiscussed this with anyone.
45--And you shouldn't.
46--People don't leave the WhiteHouse to become a governor.
48--May I ask you a personal question, sir?
49--Do you want to be the Vice President?
50--Peter said that when you wereout on that campaign trail,
51--you had so much enthusiasm and energy
52--that he thought you maybemissed being the Governor.
53--I do miss it.
54--Then why not go back?
55--You could be the hero of this election
56--and secure Pennsylvaniafor the Democrats in 2016.
57--[Scoffs] Garrett would never goalong with something like this,
58--even if he hates my guts.
59--It would make him look weak,
60--like he's lost controlof the administration.
61--Not if it was a mutual decision.
62--Look, let me talk to Garrett.
63--I won't mention that we've spoken.
64--I suppose there's no harm infinding out what he thinks.
65--- [Taps desk]- Thank you, Mr. Vice President.
66--- Slogans for 400.- [Alex Trebek] "1976. He's making us proud again."
67--- D.J.- Who is Carter.
68--- [Trebek] No. John.- Who is Ford.
69--- Peter?- [John] Slogans for 600.
70--- [Trebek] "1888. Grandfather's hat fits Ben."- Peter, are you here?
71--- Claudia.- Who is Benjamin Harrison.
72--- [Trebek] Yes.- [Claudia] Presidential slogans for 800.
73--- [Trebek] "1900... "- On the train ride down,
74--I almost called the policeto have them break in
75--and make sure you hadn't hurt yourself.
76--I'm not gonna even ask you whathappened. It doesn't matter right now.
77--- [Trebek] "1964. In your heart, you know he's right."- What matters right now...
78--- what matters...- [Slurred] Who is Goldwater.
79--- [Trebek] Claudia- Who is Goldwater.
80--[Trebek] Barry Goldwater. Yes.
81--- [TV continues]- [Mutters]
83--Oh, come on. Hey, I'm watching that.
84--- [Remote control clatters]- [Chuckles]
85--What matters is the 50 reportersin front of your building
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

86--and the 150 campaign staffers whodon't know if they still have a job.
87--It's over.
88--I know.
89--So, tell them to go away.
90--What, are you just gonna hole yourselfup in here and hope it all goes away?
91--Yeah, that's pretty much the plan.
92--Well, I won't let you.
93--Hey, put that down. Hey.
94--- Hey, put that down!- Peter...
95--We need to put out a statement.
96--Call me when you're prepared to do that.
97--I'll be at the headquarters in Philly.
98--[Door opens, closes]
99--[Claire] I was scaredthat I was starting to feel
100--too much for you.
101--I think that's why I ended it.
102--And you have no room for fear?
103--No. Being afraid doesn'taccomplish anything.
104--That's not true. When I'm overseas,
105--rational fear... disease or violence...
106--that sort of fear keeps you alive.
107--Back here, [Clears throat] God,
108--I find myself afraid of things
109--that I can't name or point to.
110--It's like, uh, how little am I seeing?
111--Or have I wasted this day or this moment?
112--Yeah, I think that sometimes...
113--whether my life will add up.
114--[Chuckles] Francis would roll his eyes
115--if he heard me talking like this.
116--Does he know where you are?
117--No, he doesn't.
118--If he's looking for you,that's where you are.
119--Over there.
120--Before you met Frank.
123--Absorbing everything.
124--You have no idea what Iwas like when I was a girl.
125--Did he ever know that side of you?
126--He wasn't interested in that girl.
127--And neither was I.
128--[Adam] What were you interested in?
129--[Claire] Being more than an observer.
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130--You wanted to be seen.

131--Not just seen.
132--I wanted to be significant.
134--There's no historical precedent.
135--Aaron Burr ran for Governor,Calhoun for the Senate.
136--200 years ago. One shot a man in aduel, the other believed in slavery.
137--Is that really the sort ofcompany we wanna share, Frank?
138--Mr. President, we stand losingcontrol of an important swing state,
139--our majority in the house, and quitepossibly your second term in office.
140--Preventing all of that mayrequire unconventional measures.
141--It would look like I'm pushing him out.
142--Or worse... that he'sabandoning the administration.
143--You make a joint statement.
144--You say he won't resign unless he wins.
145--If he loses, he stays on as Vice President.
146--No one could accuse either ofyou of disloyalty to the other.
147--- Did Jim come to you with this?- No. It's entirely my idea.
148--I wouldn't dream of speaking to the VicePresident without passing it by you first.
149--I think he'd take it as an affront,
150--like I'm trying to get rid of him.
151--Honestly, sir, I think he might bemore interested than you imagine.
152--- Why is that?- Well, I hesitate to bring this up,
153--but when he was campaigning for Russo,
154--he spoke quite freely about you, sir.
155--Mm-hmm. Tell me.
156--Of course, I'm gettingthis secondhand from Peter,
157--but the gist of it is that...
158--that you lack entirely in leadership,
159--and that you have no sense of respect.
160--And he wants more responsibility.
161--And how do I give him that when he shows
162--absolutely no discretion, no discipline?
163--Well, that is entirely my point. Now, look,
164--I take full responsibilityfor backing Russo,
165--but there could be asilver lining in all this.
166--You could accomplish two goals:
167--Secure Pennsylvania for the Democrats
168--and find an honorableway to replace Matthews.
169--What do you think?
170--I think it is a very big decision,
171--and we do not want to make it impulsively.
172--I agree. I'd like to putsome more thought into it.
173--Well, that is very prudent,sir. Just bear in mind,
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

174--seven weeks out, that every day counts.

175--[Knocking on door]
176--[Lock clicking]
177--- Hi, sir.- How much is it?
178--Oh, I got your receipt right here.
179--No, no, no. It was... it was just $40.
180--Yeah. Don't tell anyone, all right?
181--No. I... I never sayanything about our tenants.
182--- The press still outside?- Yeah.
183--I told them you weren'there, like you said.
184--Most of them left. There'sstill, you know, a few, though.
185--If I wanted to leave, is there aplace I could do it without being seen?
186--Yeah. The freight elevatordown to the garage.
187--- I could call you a cab or...- All right. Thanks. I'll let you know.
188--Mr. Russo, uh...
189--sir, it's none of my business,
190--but, uh, my Uncle... he felloff the wagon a few times.
191--When he did, the best thing forhim was just not to be alone.
192--I'll give you this money back,I'll take that bag off your hands,
193--come in here, keep you company...
194--I appreciate it. I'll letyou know if I change my mind.
198--♪♪ [Humming]
199--[Phone chimes]
200--Sit down.
201--Where's Claire?
202--Not here.
203--So what is this, tying up loose ends?
204--[Chuckles] I wouldn't presume.
205--People like you can't be neatly tied up.
206--But I thought perhaps we could start...
207--[Footsteps ascending stairs]
209--It's very tasteful.
210--This is the dress she wore to the gala.
211--I believe so.
212--It is.
213--I recognize it.
214--Go back into the bedroom.
215--I'm amazed how well you got her in focus.
216--[Clears throat]
217--What should we call her?
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218--Why does she need a name?

219--I never photograph anyonewithout knowing their name.
220--You didn't take the photograph. I did.
221--I think we should call her Claire.
222--[Laughs] She doesn't even look like me.
223--Not even a younger version.Why do you keep saying that?
224--Not her features, her expression.
225--Hey, we should mount it. Youcan hang her in your house.
226--Would Francis object?
227--Can we please not discuss Francis?
228--You brought him up in the park.
229--I know I did, and I shouldn't have.
230--So we have to pretend he doesn't exist?
231--I thought we could talk about anything.
232--He is a presence here. You must admit that.
233--When you walked through the door yesterday,
234--he walked right in with you.
235--It's just me, nobody else.
236--You keep telling yourselfthat, it might come true.
237--How do you think she'd feelif she knew I was wearing this?
238--I don't know.
239--You don't think she'd be upset?
240--She'd probably say youlook very beautiful in it.
241--It's like steel.
242--You should put it back.
243--I think I'll keep it.
244--I'll buy you one ofyour own, if you'd like.
245--No. I want this one.
246--She came into my bedroom.
247--She should know I came into hers.
248--Is your bed always so perfectly made?
249--It's a habit I formed at military school.
250--What side of the bed does she sleep on?
251--That side.
252--[Zipper unzipping]
253--She can keep it.
254--Fits her better anyway.
255--[Garage door opening]
256--Listen, Zoe...
257--Whatever just happened upstairs,
258--whatever these past six months have been,
259--can we agree that it is time to simplify?
260--What does simple look like?
261--We maintain our professional arrangement,
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

262--as you suggested, which I will honor.

263--You still trust me?
264--What choice do I have?
265--- You didn't hurt me- [Dog barks]
266--or discard me like you said you would.
268--I'm glad I didn't have to.
269--Yes, we'll agree to simplify.
271--[Engine starts]
272--[Car departs]
273--Sorry I'm a few minutes late, Frank.
274--Please, have a seat.
275--[Phone beeps]
276--I have a pretty good idea whyyou asked for this meeting.
277--- Have you and the President had a chance to speak?- We have.
278--- Is he leaning one way or another?- He's torn.
279--- And what about you?- I'm a little less torn.
280--My instincts tell me it's a mistake.
281--You wanna convince me otherwise?
282--Well, look, if your instincts tell you thisis not the way to go, I'm not about to...
283--Frank, I'm gonna ask youtwo very direct questions,
284--and I would appreciate direct answers.
285--When you got my son into college,
286--were you anticipating a moment like this?
287--I don't follow.
288--Honestly, Frank?
289--Was I antici...
290--I would be happy to answer youdirectly if I knew what you were asking.
291--All right. I will askyou my second question.
292--Do you want the VicePresidency for yourself?
293--I would serve at the pleasureof the President. That was his...
294--you proposed this idea so thatyou can take Matthews' place.
295--- I did not say that.- But it is what you want.
296--- What I want is in the...- The President makes you v.P.,
297--he keeps you on the ticket in 2016,
298--and you use that as aspringboard to run in 2020.
299--Tell me that trajectoryhas never entered your mind.
300--[Chuckles] Well, Linda, I make a habit
301--of considering all trajectoriesin any given situation.
302--But that's a practicalexercise, not a personal one.
303--So you refuse to admit it.
304--Admit it's what I want? That's irrelevant.
305--You're the one who askedfor this meeting, not me.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

306--This meeting's abouttrying to solve a problem,

307--not fulfill some personal ambition.
308--But if both could beachieved, you wouldn't object.
309--I think this is a sound course of action
310--regardless of who the Presidenttaps to replace Matthews.
311--I must gamble everything I have right now.
312--If I'm honest, she may use it against me.
313--If I'm not, she won't lift a finger.
314--I've used the same tactic myself.
315--Once someone is exposed,
316--they're at your mercy.
317--She wants to hear me say the words.
319--I want to be the Vice President.
320--And, yes, I helped yourson get into college
321--in the hopes that youwould return the favor.
322--But I can't force you to do so, Linda.
323--But I also think that wewould make a formidable team.
324--Look what we've been able to accomplish
325--even when we've beenat odds with each other.
326--Now put your mind to what wecould accomplish if we weren't.
327--Thank you for taking the time, Linda.
328--[Door closes]
329--I'll call you back. How'd it go?
330--She's holding her cardsvery close to the chest.
331--- Any word from Peter?- Nothing.
332--Christina said he wouldn'tleave the apartment.
333--But I called the doorman, andhe said that Peter was gone.
334--- Where?- He doesn't know.
335--He needs to officially withdrawto put pressure on Walker.
336--- I'm trying to track him down.- Why'd you let him out of your sight in the first place?
337--I thought he was showering. He disappearedwhen I was on the phone with you.
338--There was a plan here, Doug.He explodes, he withdraws,
339--we put him back together,and he quietly goes away.
340--[Female reporter] Russo hasmade no public appearances
341--since allegations that he was inebriated
342--during a radio interview on WZPZPittsburgh yesterday morning.
343--Sources among the Democraticleadership have suggested
344--that the party is currentlyconsidering options to replace Russo.
345--Meanwhile, Republicancandidate Jack swofford's lead
346--has jumped to a 24-point margin,
347--according to an overnightCNN poll of registered voters.
348--The swofford campaign is also reportinga sharp spike in contributions...
349--nearly half a milliondollars in the last 20...
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

350--I saw that this morning.

351--Francis got Peter to run.
352--Do you know him well?
353--We weren't close.
354--Do you need to make calls? 'CauseI can head into the other room.
355--I don't think so. Thanks.
357--Where are you going?
358--To the lab. I should've gone in today.
360--- Adam...- Just go. Go. Leave.
361--How long do you think thiscan possibly go on for?
362--We have never spent morethan 48 hours together.
363--Maybe there's a reason for that.
364--A part of me still loves you.
365--Which part?
366--I can't be just a pit stop, Claire,
367--- or some sort of escape...- Oh, come on. You're more than that.
368--- ... or a top-up on whatever Francis can't provide.- Oh, fuck off!
369--He's my husband, Adam.
370--We've gone through morethan you could ever imagine.
371--I envy your free spirit,and I'm attracted to it,
372--but not all of us have that luxury.
373--Which is what I find sofrustrating about you, Claire.
374--You... you had a choice.
375--You chose not to be free.
376--No. What I chose was a man Icould love for more than a week.
377--I shouldn't have said that. I...
378--At least you're being honest.
379--I can't live moment tomoment like you, Adam.
380--I have a history with Francis,I have a future with him,
381--and it's bigger than a moment.
382--Then you should kill it...
383--whatever part of you still loves me.
384--If you can't,
385--I will.
386--- Adam...- No.
387--[Door opens]
388--[Tires screech softly]
389--[Phone beeps]
390--[Line ringing]
391--- [Sarah] Hello?- Hey. Hey, sweetie.
392--How's it going? I'm...are you with your mom?
393--She's downstairs. Youwant me to go get her?
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

394--No. No. I just wanted to call

395--and say, uh,
396--you know, hey to your...uh, your brother and you.
397--Is he... is he there?
398--He's in his room, I think.
399--Okay. You wanna go get him?
400--Hold on.
401--[Gunfire on TV]
402--He says he doesn't want to talk to you.
403--Wh... why not?
404--We've seen the news, dad.
405--There were all sorts of TVcameras at our school yesterday.
406--Mom's making us stay home this week.
407--I want you to do something.I want you to go to, uh,
408--your bedroom window and look out.
409--You see that black car?
410--- Yeah.- That's me.
411--You shouldn't be here, dad.Mom would be really angry.
412--Well, we don't need to tell her.
413--[Chuckling] Right?
414--It'll just be... it'll just be, uh...
415--it'll just be our little secret.
416--Your voice sounds weird,
417--like it did on the radio.
418--You... you heard that?
419--I have a computer.
420--Uh, [Sniffles]
421--I'm sorry.
423--Sometimes your dad makes mistakes.
424--- I better go.- No.
425--I don't like to hear yourvoice when it's like this.
426--It makes me sad. Bye, dad.
427--Sarah, please...
431--[Line ringing]
432--[Christina] Peter?
434--Where are you?
435--I'm, uh...
436--Mm. I'm not...
437--I'm not... I'm not doing so well.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

438--Where are you, Peter?

439--- I'm in my car.- Are you driving?
441--Tell me where you are.
442--I'm outside my kids' house.
443--- You mean Madeleine's?- Yeah.
444--I need you to stay right there.
445--Okay, Peter?
446--You'll stay there?
448--Peter, are you still there?
451--[Engine starts]
452--[Police radio chatter]
453--I'd like to turn myself in.
454--For what?
455--A few months ago,
456--I was pulled over for drunk driving.
457--They let me go. I should've been convicted.
458--Well, if you were let go, sir,we can't arrest you for it now.
459--Well, I drunk drovehere. Arrest me for that.
460--We can put you in a detox tank...
461--I wanna be formally arrested.
462--My name is congressman Peter Russo.
463--I was arrested in Januaryon Michigan Avenue.
464--Please have a seat, Congressman.
465--I gotta make a few phone calls.
467--- [Line ringing]- [Phone ringing]
468--[Ringing continues]
469--[Phone chiming]
470--- Have you found him?- [Doug] I'm in front of his ex-wife's house.
471--But Christina said he called from there.
472--- He's not there?- No.
473--But his phone is. I found it by the curb.
474--So we have no way to contact him?
475--Not unless he reaches out to us.
476--This isn't good.
477--Want me to alert the authorities?
478--- Let's give him a little longer.- [Phone beeps]
479--- [Lucas] How long did it last?- About six months.
480--- He was older.- A lot?
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482--Was he a journalist, ordid he work on the hill?

483--[Sighs] I'd rather not say.
484--All right.
485--He was someone I lookedup to... for a while.
486--Why did it end?
487--He has a wife.
488--We both knew it was gonna end eventually.
489--I mean, it was really...
490--it was fucked up.
491--The first night we spent together,
492--he told me he was gonnahurt me and then discard me.
493--And when it ended,
494--I told him that he'd done neither.
495--But... it does hurt.
496--I won't hurt you.
497--Yeah, you can't promise me that.
498--Yes, I can.
499--- Has anyone else seen him?- No.
500--He's in an interrogation room by himself.
501--I never should've got mixedup with this fucking mess.
502--We're way behind regret time, Barney.
503--Just have your guys keep him out of sight.
504--I'll need a back exit.
505--- I got him. Thanks.- Yeah.
506--Come on.
507--Hey, Peter.
508--Where's your car?
509--It's down the street.
510--I'll drive you home. You go backto mine, have Meechum let you in.
511--- This way?- Yeah.
512--What were you thinking, Peter?
513--I need to takeresponsibility for my actions.
514--By getting yourself thrown in jail?
515--Real responsibility.
516--Like... like they talkabout in the meetings,
517--not the lies we told for the campaign.
518--What you just did was extremely reckless.
519--I don't care.
520--I'm making a statement tomorrow, Frank.
521--- About pulling out of the race?- Mm-mm.
522--That's not enough. I...
523--I need to stop hiding.
524--Well, let's work together on the language.
525--I have to do it on my own.It's gotta be my own words.
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526--Look, Peter, this isn't justabout you anymore, all right?

527--- Let me help you.- I don't want your help.
528--I didn't never ask your helpwhen you... I got arrested.
529--When did your help ever help me?
530--You can live your life the way you want to.
531--I'm done being told how to live mine.
532--Well, there has to be away to take responsibility
533--without shattering everything.
534--Are you at least willingto have that discussion?
535--[Garage door opening]
536--- Do you want me to come upstairs?- No.
537--I know you're in a lot of pain, Peter.
538--But I don't want you tofeel any pain tonight.
539--Here. You can start fresh tomorrow.
540--Go ahead. I won't judge you.Hell, I'll even join you.
541--Just relax.
542--You're home now.
544--Whatever it is you have to face tomorrow,
545--you don't have to face it now.
546--Right now it's just you and me.
547--The rest of the world doesn't matter.
548--Your children, Christina...
549--they will forgive you,
550--because you're loved, Peter.
552--I failed myself.
553--I failed my family.
554--I failed the campaign.
555--No, you haven't, Peter.
556--May I?
557--You know, when Claireand I were first married,
558--we talked about having children.
559--I told her flat out I didn't want any.
560--It was selfish but honest.
561--I didn't have aparticularly happy childhood.
562--I suspect you didn't either.
564--You see, no person avoids pain.
565--And I just didn't think it was right
566--to bring a child in knowing that.
567--But now when I think back, I...
568--I realize that was cowardly.
569--I see you,
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

570--and I think, well, there's a brave man,

571--far braver than me.
572--[Whispering] I'm so tired.
573--When I... when I think about... when I...
574--I'm so tired.
575--You should close your eyes.
576--Let it all go.
577--We have all the time in the world.
580--[Wiping bottle down]
581--[Engine starts]
582--[Keys clatter]
583--I walked back.
584--Whatever happens in the next few hours,
585--whatever you hear,
586--we will never speak of it.
588--I heard from Lindaabout a half an hour ago.
589--The President wants to meet with you.
591--About what?
592--I don't know.
593--[Walker] Frank.
594--Now, when you brought upthis idea, I wasn't sold.
595--It struck me as bothdesperate and careless.
596--But then Linda laid out all the pros,
597--and they clearly outweigh the cons.
598--I explained our reasoning to Jim and hopedhe wouldn't think I was off my rocker.
599--I did at first, but the Presidentmade some very good arguments.
600--It's a bold move, Frank.I'm very impressed.
601--Well, thank you, sir, forbeing open to the idea.
602--And thank you, Mr. President,for taking the risk.
603--We'll need to work this out step by step.
604--- The execution has to be perfect.- Where are things with Russo?
605--- Any word from him yet?- We're still trying to locate him.
606--- Well, is there any cause for worry?- It's been two days.
607--I am a bit worried, I have to admit.
608--I mean, this must be an extremelydifficult moment for him.
609--We're hoping he'll reach out shortly.
610--Let's get our people on it.I wanna know where he is.
611--Now, once he withdraws,we have to move quickly.
612--We'll make a jointstatement, as you proposed.
613--It's a clear message, I think.
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614--Pennsylvanians matter to us, andwe're not gonna let them down.

615--[Walker] That's right. I'll say that Jim'san invaluable asset to the White House,
616--but that I have greatadmiration for the sacrifice
617--he's willing to make forthe people of his home state.
618--And you should not accept hisresignation until he's elected.
619--- That will show your continuing commitment to him.- I think that's a good idea.
620--[Matthews] As long as I can devotemyself wholly to the campaign, I agree.
621--Now, should Jim win, we'll need tonominate a Vice President immediately.
622--Linda, you're puttingtogether a list of names?
623--Yes. And you can begin the vetting process
624--as soon as you narrow down the choices.
625--I already have a shortlist of top contenders.
626--- [Walker] I want your input on that, Jim.- [Matthews] More than happy.
629--[Garage door opening]
630--We can use the existing infrastructure.
631--Are you okay with Nash Aarons?
632--I like Nash, but I'll want tobring in some of my own people.
633--Well, that won't be aproblem. Nash is a team player.
634--And we can reallocate some of yourexisting 2016 reelection funds...
635--Excuse me. Linda.
636--Peter Russo is dead.
638--He was found in his garagewith the car still running.
639--I'm so sorry, Frank.
640--- May I have a moment, sir?- Of course.
641--I will get more informationand start drafting a statement.
642--Let's reschedule.Whenever is best for Frank.
644--[Female reporter] CongressmanPeter Russo was found dead
645--early this morning in the parking garage...
646--- why didn't we break this?- ... Of his apartment building in Washington D.C.
647--U.S. Secret Service Agentsdiscovered his body after reports
648--- ... that Russo had been missing since Saturday.- Fuck!
649--His body was transferredto the D.C. coroner's office
650--where an autopsy is expected toconfirm his death as a suicide.
651--- [Chimes]- A junior congressman from Philadelphia...
652--- Zoe.- ... Russo was 36 years old...
653--- Look at this.- ... And is survived by two children.
654--- I gotta get to the office.- [Male reporter] Russo was in the midst of a heated battle
655--for the governorship of Pennsylvania.
656--He was last heard publicly duringa morning political radio show
657--on Pittsburgh station WZPZ.
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658--Now, during the interview, he slurredhis words, he sounded disoriented...

659--- Christina.- ... Leading many to believe
660--- ... that he had relapsed...- Can you get me a train back to D.C.?
661--Right here on this TV station
662--for all your late-breaking details
663--about this major news story:
664--The suicide of congressman Peter Russo.
666--- [Reporters chattering]- [Cameras clicking]
667--[Chattering stops]
668--[Francis sighs]
669--I find it very difficult to expresseverything that I'm feeling right now,
670--and I know Claire feels exactly the same.
671--[Claire] Peter was very special to us.
672--A sort of magnetic presence
673--that electrified everyone he touched.

House Of Cards 2013 S01E12

1--Hey. Excuse me. I'm Paul Capra.I'm here to see Christina.

2--Oh, right this way, Mr.Capra. She's expecting you.
3--- Paul.- Hey, Christina.
4--Hi. It's good to see you.
5--- Yeah, you too.- Can I get you anything?
6--Nah. I grabbed somebreakfast on the way down.
7--- Okay. Have a seat.- All right. Thank you.
8--I asked you down here becauseI spoke to D-Trip and the D.N.C.
9--We'd like you to run for Peter's seat.
10--As you probably know,
11--the election's been set forthe first week of February.
12--You want me to run?
13--With your stature in the community,
14--your grass roots organizing experience...
15--Christina, hold on.
16--I know it's a lot to consider.
17--It's only been a month.
18--Well, we still have to govern, Paul.
19--I thought you asked me down here
20--because you wanted to talk or something.
21--I do. About the election.
22--I mean about Peter.
23--How come you didn't go to the funeral?
24--I couldn't.
25--How you been holding up?
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

26--I'm all right. It's been hardkeeping the office on track.

27--Jesus. Screw the office.
28--What about you?
29--You're allowed to grieve, Christina.
31--there are 600,000 people counting on us.
32--I can't let my feelingsget in the way of that.
33--Will you hear me out aboutrunning for Peter's seat?
34--[Papers rustling]
35--[Rustling continues]
36--Well, you've passed the vettingprocess with flying colors.
37--- Is there anything we might have missed?- No, sir.
38--Tell me about your experience
39--as the chair of theoversight reform committee.
40--It's been very rewarding.
41--What are the biggestchallenges you've had to face?
43--[Clock ticking]
44--Well, I suppose a roomfilled with 435 big egos
45--isn't the most hospitableplace for oversight.
46--- [Chuckles]- [Chuckles]
47--[Clock continues ticking]
48--Do you want to be Vice President, Tabitha?
49--It would be a great honor, sir.
50--We'll be in touch.
51--- That's all?- Mm-hmm.
52--- For the time being.- Thank you, Mr. President.
53--[Door opens, closes]
54--We have to cross her off.
55--I agree. She could puta crack addict to sleep.
56--Then what is she doing on the goddamn list?
57--Tabitha's a very gifted legislator.
58--I don't want peoplewho make sense on paper.
59--I need at least one viable option.
60--The two of you created this list and haveproceeded to cross off every name you've put on it.
61--It's just a first pass, sir.We need time to fully vet all...
62--Jim is gonna win this thing inPennsylvania, and we're no closer
63--to naming his replacementthan we were a month ago.
64--Let us take another crack at it andgive you a few more names to consider.
65--- I just want one name.- We'll have something for you by tomorrow morning.
66--Thank you, Mr. President.
67--[Door closes]
68--He's ready to say yes to anything.
69--Yeah, for this to work, I don't think youcan be there. Not when I first mention it.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

70--I agree. You bring itup in your morning brief,

71--and when I show up, I'll act surprised.
72--Assuming he's open to the idea.
73--Look, all we have to do tomorrowis plant the notion in his head.
74--I'm sure you'll be persuasive.
75--- [Line ringing]- [Paul] Hello?
76--- Mr. Capra?- Yeah. Who's this?
77--Janine Skorsky from Slugline.
78--We spoke when I wrote the piece
79--about Congressman Russo's passing.
80--I'm done giving interviewsabout Peter, okay?
81--He was a troubled guy. End of story.
82--This is not about his death.
83--I'm calling you because mysources at the D Triple C
84--are telling me that youmight be running for his seat.
85--I'm not talking about that.
86--But you did have a meeting this morning
87--with Christina Gallagher, correct?
88--I'm driving right now. I reallyshouldn't be on the phone.
89--If you do run, I would liketo know about your involvement
90--in the closing of thePhiladelphia shipyard.
91--That decision was made in Washington.
92--The association wasn't consulted.
93--Forgive me. I find that hard to believe.
94--I read all of the transcriptsfrom the brac commission.
95--Congressman Russo didn'tgive any testimony.
96--So are you saying that he didn'tconsult with you once before you...
97--somebody was strong-arminghim, okay? It was politics.
98--Do you know who would've pressured him?
99--Look, I don't know. He justsaid people up the food chain.
100--Did he say anything more specific about...
101--you know what? There's traffic. I gotta go.
102--- Mr. Capra, I would... [Stammering]- [Click]
103--Should I be prepared to do press?
104--- If he's amenable.- [Sighs]
105--What do you think our chances are?
106--Better than 50-50, if I had to say.
107--We won't announce untilafter Matthews wins, though.
108--I hate to admit it, but I'm nervous.
109--So am I.
110--It's just the last time,we found ourselves...
111--that's my fear too.
112--All right. You call me, either way.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

114--In no more than nine hours.

116--[Door opens]
117--Linda's been in there far too long.
118--If the President takes this muchconvincing, it doesn't bode well.
119--I can feel it... his hesitationon the other side of that door.
120--I know it's pointless to worryuntil I know what cards I'm holding.
121--- Perhaps he just got interrupted by some...- [Door opens]
122--He wants to tap Raymond Tusk.
123--- What?- He thinks it's a bold idea.
124--It's an idiotic idea. Theman's never held public office.
125--That's one of the things thePresident said he likes about him.
126--The President wants to nominate amultibillionaire in a struggling economy?
127--- He'll alienate half the country.- Which is exactly what I said,
128--but he made it very clear he doesnot want me to fight him on this.
129--- So you didn't mention me at all?- I never had the chance.
130--His mind was made upbefore I could say a word.
131--Well, we have to unmake it.
132--Well, you can try, but if you do,
133--my guess is he's gonna cut youout of the process altogether.
134--He seemed adamant.
135--We should go in there.
136--- Mr. President.- Morning, Frank.
137--Will you give us a few minutes, Linda?
138--Of course.
139--[Door closes]
140--Linda fill you in?
141--I think Raymond Tusk
142--is an exciting, bold idea.
143--Well, I'm glad you agree.Linda didn't think so.
144--He's a proven businessman.Brilliant, but down-to-earth.
145--Do you know him personally?
146--I met him briefly once at a fund-raiser.
147--Last night when I called him was the firsttime we had a meaningful conversation.
148--Did he seem open to the idea?
149--I sensed a good deal of reluctance.
150--He wanted a few days to consider.
151--Well, good. That gives ustime to start vetting him.
152--He's clean. I had him vetted last year
153--when I was considering himfor secretary of the treasury.
154--And did he say why he's reluctant?
155--No. Didn't give a reason.Just wanted to mull it over.
156--I want to send someone to St.Louis to speak to him in person,
157--convince him to accept the nomination.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

158--And who are you thinking about?

159--I'd send Linda, but there's somuch work for her to do here,
160--and, well, she can be abrasive at times.
161--Yeah, she can be a bit tough.
162--I want someone with gravitas.
163--Birch is a possibility, but he'snot always been our strongest ally.
164--I'm not sure I would trustBob with something like this.
165--I would be happy to go myself, sir.
166--I can use a light touch andgive him the respect he deserves.
167--Good. I'll let hispeople know you're coming.
168--- Thank you, Mr. President.- Thank you, Frank.
169--[Automatic dialing]
170--[Line ringing]
171--[Claire] Tell me, Francis.
172--It's good we were prepared for anything.
173--I have to fly to St. Louis tonight.
174--"Somebody was strong-arming him,"
175--and when I asked him who, he said, quote,
176--- "people up the food chain."- It's Washington.
177--Congressmen get strong-armed all the time.
178--My gut says it was Frank Underwood.
179--He had nothing to do with Russobefore the shipyard closing,
180--and then suddenly he's propping him up?
181--That doesn't mean he was...
182--Let's cut the bullshitonce and for all, Zoe.
183--I know he's been feeding you your stories.
184--I don't want to screw you over, butI'm not gonna stop digging on this.
185--I won't say he was a source.
186--But you do know each other.
187--Show me your notes, and I'll talk to him.
188--These are the notes from the Capra call.
189--And these are the transcriptsfrom the brac hearing.
190--When they got to the Philadelphiashipyard, Russo doesn't say anything.
191--[Claire] That's fine.
192--Yeah, I would just putboth of them in that file.
193--Claire, I just got a callfrom the P.R. office at Sancorp
194--saying they wanted to senda film crew to take footage
195--of our filtration project in Botswana.
196--Right. They're just usingthat for promotional material.
197--Sancorp fought us on the watershed bill.
198--They helped us get thefilters out of South Sudan.
199--I thought that was the state department.
200--No. You remember Remy Danton?
201--You met him in your office
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

202--right after you started working here.

203--- The lobbyist.- I asked him for his help.
204--We're just returning the favor, that's all.
205--Claire, they're againsteverything we stand for.
206--It's harmless. They'll send the video
207--to a few of their investorsand make some commercials.
208--This makes me veryuncomfortable... the idea...
209--they are sending the film crew, Gillian,
210--so please work with them on that.
211--One of my colleagues islooking into Peter Russo.
212--The assumption is you strong-armedhim into closing the shipyard.
213--Where does your colleagueget their information?
214--I don't know.
215--Allocating the D.O.D. budgetis always a free-for-all.
216--Did you pressure him?
217--There were certain peoplethat were gonna benefit
218--from the base closingsooner rather than later.
219--I didn't strong-arm Peter.
220--I advised him to trade in alosing hand for a winning one.
221--How did he stand to win?
222--He made allies out of enemies.
223--That's a very valuable thing in Congress.
224--I wish I could give you something juicier,
225--but the shipyard closingwas just politics as usual.
226--I assume your colleague is Ms. Skorsky.
227--Does she know we're talking?
228--No. Of course not.
229--Be in touch.
230--More than you ever wanted toknow about Raymond Alan Tusk...
231--the companies he controls,political contributions.
232--A GQ article entitled"Backwoods billionaire"
233--is about his humble midwestern lifestyle.
234--- Jesus.- There's also a copy
235--of the financial disclosure requirementsand details of the blind trust.
236--I think the trust iswhere you want to focus.
237--Could Linda be behind all this?
238--To what end?
239--To get you out of town for a few days
240--while they continue the searchwithout your interference.
241--The President has no reason to mistrust me.
242--Unless Linda told him youwant the vice presidency.
243--No. She's in way too deep.
244--We misjudged her on thesecretary of state nomination.
245--That was different. She blindsided me.
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246--Now she knows my eyes are wide open.

247--Do you want the gaffneybag or regular business?
248--Regular business. Tusk candress down if he wants to,
249--but I'm representing the White House.
250--Oh, and get Walter Doyle onto Tusk.
251--- Let's see if we can dig up anything.- I'll call him right now.
252--And keep your eye on JanineSkorsky while I'm away.
253--She's been prying into Russo.
254--- What does she know?- She knows the right questions to ask.
255--I want to make sure shedoesn't get the right answers.
256--I'm on it.
259--What was that?
260--Mccuddin Air Force Base.
261--Brac hearing.
262--Was there on April 12th.
263--David Rasmussen steppeddown less than a week later.
264--Womack takes his place. So maybe...
265--Wait. Slow down.
266--McCuddin is in his district.
267--Is that the shipyard thing?
268--[Buttons clicking]
269--Janine, call me back.
270--I think it was Womack who pressured Russo.
271--Russo was probably just earninga favor he could cash in later.
272--I'm around.
274--Did you ever have tofight her to kill a story?
275--- Janine?- Yeah. When she worked for you.
276--Only when I knew she was wrong.
277--She's trying to draw upthis whole conspiracy thing
278--with Russo and Frank Underwoodand the whole shipyard closing.
279--But I'm pretty sure she's wrong.
280--Pretty sure isn't the same as certain.
281--- No. I am certain.- How do you know?
282--- I have sources.- Underwood?
284--No. Never mind. I'll figure it out.
285--- Mrs. Tusk?- Jean, please.
286--You must be Frank. Come in.
287--So nice to meet you.
288--The guest room is this way.
289--It is very kind of you tohave invited me to stay here.
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290--[Chuckles] Why waste thetaxpayers' money on a hotel

291--when we have a perfectly good bed?
292--Well, both they and I are very grateful.
293--I'm sorry Raymond isn't awake to greet you.
294--- He goes to bed at...- I know he's an early riser.
295--I understand.
296--Would you like a wake-up knock?
297--No. I have an alarm on my phone.
298--Sleep tight.
299--Thank you so much.
300--[Wood creaking]
302--[Voices whispering]
304--I would say good morning, butit's the middle of the night.
305--- It's a pleasure to meet you.- And you too.
306--Was I making too much noise?
307--No. I smelled bacon.
309--Coffee? Booze?
310--At 2:00 A.M., you can go either way.
311--Just water for now.
312--It's filtered. Your wife would approve.
313--You ever been to St. Louis before?
314--Just the airport.
315--What do you think so far?
316--Well, I've only seen your neighborhood
317--and whatever I could see outthe window on the interstate.
318--Good enough. It's all pretty much the same.
319--- * * [Tune on phone]- Excuse me.
321--[Speaking in Mandarin]
322--Listen, um, I still haven't showered.
323--My mind is on China here.
324--Uh, what do you say you get a few more zs
325--and we try this again in afew hours with our clothes on?
326--Sounds like a plan.
327--Meet me at my office at 9:30.
328--I'll have a driver pick you up.
329--Can I ask why you do that?
330--- Do what?- Tap your ring like that.
331--I've seen you do it onTV. Two taps every time
332--you get up from a table or leave a lectern.
333--Something my father taught me.
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334--It's meant to harden your knuckles

335--so you don't break themif you get into a fight.
336--It also has the addedbenefit of knocking on wood.
337--My father believed that success
338--is a mixture of preparation and luck.
339--Tapping the table killsboth birds with one stone.
340--Your father was a peach farmer?
341--Yes, he was. Not a very successful one.
342--- Lack of preparation or lack of luck?- Lack of both.
343--He was better at givingadvice than following it.
345--- [Speaking in Mandarin]- [Bird squawking]
346--- [Continues in Mandarin]- [Squawking continues]
347--[Security device beeping]
348--[Phone beeps]
349--[Line ringing]
350--Miss? Miss, your card.
351--Thank you.
352--Ms. Gallagher, my name's JanineSkorsky. I'm a reporter at Slugline.
353--- I wrote the profile on Congressman...- I remember.
354--- Do you have a minute?- If this is about Peter, I...
355--No. It's about Paul Capra.
356--We know that he might be runningfor Congressman Russo's old seat.
357--I can't comment on that.
358--We're just trying to do some background
359--on the shipyard closing last April.
360--Listen, I just want to eat my breakfast.
361--[Quietly] We have sources thatare saying that the Congressman
362--was being pressured by someoneto not fight the closure.
363--- Who?- That's what I'm trying to figure out.
364--This is completely offthe record, I promise you.
365--- Hi, Christina.- Doug, hi.
366--- How you holding up?- I'm okay.
367--I'm... I'm good.
368--I saw you sitting overhere. You mind if I...
369--No. Please.
370--Ms. Skorsky, right?
371--I believe we spoke a few timeswhen you used to work at the herald.
372--Whenever I could get past
373--the press office gauntlet to you.
374--- We do like to run a tight ship.- Mm.
375--So what brings you to the capitol?
376--I was just asking Ms.Gallagher who's running
377--to fill the vacant seatin Pennsylvania's 1st.
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378--Well, the honest answer is we don't know.

379--Thank you for your time, Ms. Gallagher.
380--Anyone starts harassing you
381--with questions you don't want to answer,
382--you let me know.
383--I'll handle them.
384--You got enough on your plate right now.
385--Thanks, Doug. I appreciate that.
386--Hang in there, okay?
389--Uganda, Peru,
390--Nepal, Indonesia...
392--Well, you are quite the well traveled man.
393--No. I'm the man who stays at home.
394--Jean brought those back for me.
395--- Mr. Tusk, I am...- First names.
396--After all, we have broken bacon together.
397--We can safely assume that we're familiar.
398--Raymond, I realize thatyou are a very busy man,
399--so I'm gonna cut right to the chase.
400--The President sincerely would like you
401--to become the next Vice President.
402--That part I already knew.
403--And I'm here to convince you to say yes.
404--Another thing I already knew.
405--Well, I don't know that I can tellyou anything you don't already know.
406--- But perhaps you can tell me what your hesitation is.- [Phone ringing]
409--Now, I understand youmight have some concerns
410--- about the financial disclosures leading...- [Phone ringing]
413--I have eight people representing me
414--at eight simultaneous meetings
415--in six time zones right now.
416--I sit here and answer their questions,
417--provided they come in the form
418--of a single yes or no proposition.
419--Well, then, let me give that a try.
420--Would you like to be the Vice President?
421--Yes or no?
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422--[Phone ringing]
424--Hold on a minute.
425--I am very sorry.
426--Let me have 20 minutesto wrap up these meetings.
427--And then what do you saywe get out of the office
428--and away from this damn phone?
429--Meet me at my car.
430--Betty can tell you where it's parked.
431--Go ahead.
432--He's deflecting.
433--What I can't tell is whether it's because
434--he's inclined to say no orwants to be wooed to say yes.
435--Either way, I'll have to easehim into the conversation,
436--not be so blunt.
437--[Sighs] This trip maytake longer than I thought.
438--[Woman] We've looked throughall the file cabinets.
439--[Christina] They're not on his computer?
440--[Woman] Not with theCongressman's handwritten notes.
441--[Christina] All right.I'll check his office.
443--There is a comfort to these woods.
444--Like they're my backyard.
446--Well, they are my backyard,in a way. I own them.
447--How much land?
448--Six thousand acres.
449--You think I could get a tour ofyour fulton plant while I'm in town?
450--If you'd like.
451--But I don't know why you'd want to be there
452--when you could be out here.
453--I've never seen a nuclear plant.
454--Not much to see.
455--Steel, concrete, a lot of steam.
456--The President hasn't exactly been
457--a big supporter of nuclear power.
458--Is that, uh, part of your hesitation...
459--that fear that the administration...
460--He's just being savvy.
461--Nuclear energy is a tough sell after Japan.
462--But it's the only option we have right now
463--that doesn't completely trash the planet.
464--The argument against nuclearpower is an emotional one.
465--And you don't makedecisions based on emotion.
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466--Decisions based on emotionaren't decisions at all.

467--They're instincts,
468--which can be of value.
469--The rational and the irrationalcomplement each other.
470--Individually, they're far less powerful.
471--And which category do your thoughts
472--on the vice presidency fall into?
473--[Bird singing]
474--Do you hear that song?
475--It's a hermit thrush.
476--[Bird continues singing]
477--Can't see him.
478--"Solitary, the thrush..."
479--"The hermit, withdrawn to himself,
480--avoiding the settlements,
481--sings by himself a song."
482--- Do you know the poem?- No, I don't.
483--It's Walt Whitman.
484--It's about the death of Abraham Lincoln.
485--He's over there somewhere.
486--Yes, I know the damn poem.
487--We studied it at the Sentinel.
488--I said to my Professor,"why mourn the death
489--of Presidents, or anyone for that matter?
490--The dead can't hear us."
491--And he asked me if I believed in heaven.
492--I said no.
493--And then he asked if I had no faith in God.
494--I said, "you have it wrong.
495--It's God who has no faith in us."
496--Deeper into the woods.
497--I think you're being paranoid.
498--He came up right after Isat down. It was creepy.
499--- I'm telling you, it was womack.- Is that what Underwood said?
500--He didn't name names. But who else?
501--What's the big deal?Congressmen trade favors.
502--One of these congressmen committed suicide.
503--I think you're stretching here,Janine. To try and connect...
504--I have gone after big fish before.
505--I know what it feels like to be watched.
507--Underwood's educationbill went to the floor
508--just three days after womackbecame majority leader.
509--You leaked the education bill. Andthen there was the Kern article.
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510--- Those were two completely different stories.- Wait. What was the guy?
511--Uh, what was his name?He's the one who told
512--that Kern wrote the articlefor the school paper.
513--- Roy Kapeniak.- You should go talk to him.
514--- There's no link.- Except you.
515--Underwood's been using you, Zoe.
516--Don't you want to know why?
517--- [Phone ringing]- Hi.
518--[Woman] Remy Danton's on line two.
519--He says it's important.
521--- Hello, Remy.- Hey, Claire.
522--I got a call from the P.R. team at Sancorp.
523--They said Gillian Coleisn't being cooperative.
524--Hasn't gotten back to them, you mean?
525--No. Told them point-blank shedoesn't want the film crew there.
526--I'm looking at an e-mail.She wrote that they would be
527--disruptive to the projectand local community.
528--Is that her, or is that coming from you?
529--No. I made it very clear thatI wanted her to work with them.
530--Well, it seems likeshe's doing the opposite.
531--I will speak to her,
532--and then I'll sort things outwith the P.R. team personally.
533--- Thank you, Claire.- You bet.
534--Is Gillian at lunch?
535--She didn't come in yettoday. She's not feeling well.
536--Let me know when she gets here.
537--- What time is your flight?- [Zoe] 6:40.
538--We should get going.There's gonna be traffic.
539--Almost ready.
540--I've been thinking.
541--The, uh, older man you were with.
542--Was it Underwood?
543--So, what this is really aboutis covering your own ass.
544--- That is not true.- You don't want anybody to know you were sleeping with him.
545--Not exactly objective reporting, is it?
546--Don't fucking lecture meon journalistic ethics.
547--How many of the stories you brought meat the herald were because you were...
548--I'm not gonna have this conversation.
549--Fine. Maybe you shouldtake a cab to the airport.
550--Don't punish me for being honest.
551--You haven't been honest. I had to ask.
552--- And you still haven't given me a straight answer.- Yes.
553--It was him.
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554--I... I don't know if I can do this, Zoe.

555--- Do what?- You fucked a Congressman to get ahead.
556--I'm not the first person to everdo something like that, Lucas.
557--But I'm not sleeping withthose other people, am I?
558--What, so you just hate me now?
559--No. I probably love you.
560--That's the fucking problem.
561--Let's go. I'm parked illegally.
562--So I hear you went stompingthrough the woods today.
563--We did, and then Raymond was kind enough
564--to arrange a tour of the fulton plant.
565--And I'm sure you were wondering,
566--"when is this old fool gonnaget around to brass tacks?"
567--I'm here to simply answer questions.
568--I figured that you would makeup your mind when you're ready.
569--There are two minds here.
570--We know all about the blind trust.
571--Does it concern either of you?
572--The words "blind" and "trust"
573--are not among my favoritesin the English language.
574--But I have no problem with it in theory.
575--Not managing our assets for a few years
576--could unburden us froma great deal of stress.
577--Well, then, what doesyour reluctance stem from?
578--Why do you think the President wants me?
579--Well, I can't speak on hisbehalf, but if I were to...
580--Aren't you here to do justthat... speak on his behalf?
581--If I were to speculate, I thinkthe President would prob...
582--Speculation is a poor form of investment
583--and an equally poor form of politics.
584--Tell me what you know.
585--I don't know what you mean.
586--Well, what do you think I should do?
587--You, personally, Frank Underwood?
588--My opinion isn't what matters here.
589--It does to me. Should I do it? Yes or no?
590--Well, there's a great numberof things to consider...
591--And I'm sure you've considered them all.
592--Yes or no, Frank?
593--No, I will not answer that question.
594--- Because you think I shouldn't.- Because it's not relevant.
595--All right, then. Letme ask you another way.
596--- Would you take the job?- It hasn't been offered to me.
597--What if it were?
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598--[Sighs] I have a distaste for hypotheticals

599--just the same as you havea distaste for speculation.
601--All right, all right.
602--That's enough business for now.We can discuss it more tomorrow.
603--[Train horn blaring in distance]
604--[Dogs barking in distance]
605--[People chattering]
606--[Men arguing]
607--[Distant clatter]
608--[TV blaring]
609--- [Barking]- Oh!
610--Get in. Get in there, Bruce.
611--Sorry. Sorry to bother you, ma'am.
612--Um, I'm looking for Roy Kapeniak.
613--I thought his trailer was overhere. Am I in the right place?
614--You're in the right place a month ago.
615--He got evicted.
616--He was shootin' off hisgun too much in the yard.
617--- Do you know where I can find him?- Why?
618--I'm a relative. His... his niece.
619--Skipped town is what I heard.
620--Had a girl livin' withhim. Maybe she knows.
621--- Name was Echo.- Echo?
622--That's what she went by, at least.
623--Works at the titty bar over on 40.
624--- Highway 40?- Mm.
625--Across from the Burger King.
626--Okay. Thank you.
627--♪♪ [Hip-hop blaring]
628--- Girls get in free.- Oh.
629--- I'm looking for Echo.- Who?
631--♪♪ [Continues]
632--Roy was a fucking wacko.
633--I was stupid to livewith him as long as I did.
634--- Do you know where he is now?- I don't know, and I don't care.
635--He ever talk about the article I wrote?
636--All the time. He had it framed.
637--Bet it's still in the trailer ifit's not in a junkyard right now.
638--Did he say why he called me?
639--- Did he ever tell you?- I was there.
640--- Where?- When the guy showed up.
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642--I won't name names.

643--Fuck Roy Kapeniak.
644--You don't owe him shit.
645--Some guy who said he was a Congressman.
646--Was it...
649--He was younger, tall,
650--not much hair, pretty good-looking.
651--- Yeah, that was him.- You're absolutely sure?
652--He brought bourbon, blow,stayed the whole night.
653--The whole thing was his idea.
654--What, to say that Kern wrote the editorial?
655--That guy didn't writeanything. It was all Roy.
656--Okay, look, I know I saidthat I wouldn't name names,
657--and I won't if that's what you want.
658--But you could be famous overnight.
659--- Talk shows, TV, the whole country...- No way.
660--You wouldn't have to dance anymore.You could do whatever you want.
661--Don't use my fucking name, okay? Ialready said more than I should have.
662--♪♪ [Continues]
664--[Phone chiming]
665--- Stamper, it's midnight.- Two things, boss.
666--First, Janine Skorsky ambushedChristina this morning.
667--I intercepted her beforeshe could ask too much.
668--- Should we be worried?- I can keep this contained, sir.
669--- I just wanted you to know.- All right. What's the other thing?
670--Doyle came back with his research.
671--I just e-mailed it to you.
672--The President told you he andTusk didn't know each other, right?
673--Yeah. He said they met once,I think, at a fund-raiser.
674--That would appear to be a lie.
675--All right. I have it in front of me now.
676--Doyle catalogued all theinstances he could find
677--in which the two of them were inthe same city at the same time.
678--Items in red are eventsthat they both attended.
679--And he found something else.
680--Back in Walker's private sector days,
681--he was the C.E.O. of Pioneer Airlines.
682--Guess who owned a third of thestock when it was sold to united?
683--Raymond Tusk.
684--My guess is that he and Walkerknow each other quite well.
685--All right. Let me look thisover. I'll call you back.
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687--I'm being played.
688--But why?
689--[Bird squawking]
690--[Tusk speaking in mandarin]
691--- Did I wake you again?- No.
692--I'd like to talk.
693--Give me a moment.
694--[Speaking in Mandarin]
695--- [Squawking softly]- [Tusk continues in Mandarin]
696--[Phone beeps]
697--Carolina Parakeet.
698--You're wrong, but you're close.
699--This is the Sun Conure.
700--They look very similar,
701--but the Carolina Parakeet is extinct.
702--Was killed off becauseit was considered a pest.
703--Interesting species, though.
704--Voracious appetite.
705--And he was poison. Cats who ate him died.
706--This bird is not the onlything you've misidentified
707--since you've been in St. Louis.
708--You and Walker are old friends.
709--I wasn't sent here to vet you.
710--Very good.
711--Tell me why I am here, then.
712--So I can vet you.
713--For the vice presidency?
714--The President values my advice,and he tends to follow it.
715--Like when I advised him notto make you Secretary of State.
717--That was very bad advice.
718--Yes, it was.
719--One of the larger mistakes I've made,
720--and I very rarely makemistakes of any size.
721--You've proven yourselfto be quite difficult.
722--Kern, the teachers' strike, now Matthews.
723--You attribute all that to me?
724--If I had to guess.
725--A smart man once said to me thatspeculation is a poor form of politics.
726--Why don't you stick towhat you know, Raymond?
727--What I know is you are extremely effective
728--at what you set your mind to.
729--That is valuable to me,
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730--and I've already told Garrettthat it could be valuable to him...

731--somebody at his side with onefoot in the executive branch
732--and one in the legislative.
733--He is very open to the idea.
734--My turn to speculate.
735--Your recommendation...
736--comes at a price.
738--I have something that you want.
739--- You have something that I want.- [Chuckling]
740--Have I said something amusing?
741--Oh, I've just sat too manytimes on your side of the table
742--not to enjoy the irony offinding myself on this side of it.
743--Would you like to hear what I want?
744--I don't shackle myselfto people I don't know.
745--What I want is one favor.
746--One and only one.
747--Which is?
748--I need to be certain you'll grant it
749--before I'll take the riskof being more specific.
750--A blank check.
751--Of sorts.
752--You would never grant anyone a blank check.
753--No. But I'm not sittingon that side of the table.
754--We still believe inhandshakes where I come from.
755--Do they still mean anything in Washington?
756--- Who are you calling?- Car service to get me to the airport.
758--I will tell the Presidentthat I want until Friday
759--to think things over beforeI make my recommendation.
760--Let me know if you change your mind.
761--And let me arrange the car for you.
762--Hi. I'd like to arrange a car, please.
763--[Bird squawking]
764--[Toilet flushes]
765--- How are you feeling?- Better than yesterday.
766--But I might take off earlyif, uh, the nausea comes back.
767--I find it interesting that you stay home theday after you blow off the sancorp people.
768--You weren't feeling sick, Gillian.
769--I find it extremely offensive that you'daccuse me of hiding behind my pregnancy.
770--You knew what I wanted.
771--The Botswana project is mine.
772--Under my umbrella, using money I raised.
773--You promised me autonomy.
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774--Um, excuse us for a moment, please.

775--I promised to empower you.That's not the same thing
776--as you doing as you choosewithout consulting me.
777--I'm not gonna allow a project I've putalmost three years of my life into...
778--your project wouldn't be happeningif it weren't for sancorp.
779--I didn't ask for their help.
780--How about consulting mebefore you struck a deal?
781--Let's get something very clear.
782--I run the organization. You work for it.
783--Our agreement is an affiliation, Claire.
784--- Worldwell isn't your vassal.- Yes, it is, entirely,
785--if we're going to be blunt about it.
786--That's not what youproposed six months ago.
787--It's what you signed up forwhen you signed the contract.
788--There was a good faithunderstanding that...
789--And you dissolved thatgood faith by disobeying me.
790--- Disobeying you?- Yes.
792--I threaten you, don't I?
793--Nothing about you threatens me.
794--But maybe you shouldtake a leave of absence.
795--Are you firing me?
796--That's up to you, butright now you should leave.
797--[Door opens, closes]
798--[Janine] Did you get her on record?
799--[Zoe] No. She wouldn'ttalk to me otherwise.
800--[Janine] We need hard proofthat Underwood was behind it.
801--[Zoe] This whole thing ismaking me really nervous.
802--[Janine] That you'll be exposed?
803--[Zoe] Not that.
804--It's Francis.
805--If this really goes as deep as wethink, and he's already watching you...
806--- You think he's dangerous?- I know he is.
807--Then that's why we have to keep going.
808--- He crushes people...- [Door opens]
810--- Hey, Callum.- Hey.
811--- [Door opens]- Look, if you weren't afraid, you wouldn't be doing your job.
812--- [Door closes]- The only articles that I have ever written
813--that truly matteredscared the shit out of me.
814--We need to know about anythingthat might've happened with Russo.
815--Something Underwoodcould have held over him.
816--We have to go back to Christina Gallagher,
817--see if she'll give us something.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

818--It can't be me. If I goback for a second time...

819--I'll do it.
820--You honestly had no idea thatthe President and Tusk were close?
821--[Linda] He never showedup once on any call sheet,
822--phone log or schedule during thecampaign or since we've been in office.
823--I'd love to believe you, Linda,but I'm finding it very difficult.
824--What would I gain bykeeping you in the dark?
825--I am as shocked as you are, Frank.
826--Well, don't let on that you know.
827--- Of course not.- What's the President saying?
828--He wants to meet with you Tuesdayto get your report on Tusk.
829--- That's a farce.- Should I come up with a reason to delay the meeting?
830--- No. Maybe we'll learn something. What time?- 2:00 P.M.
831--- All right. I'll be there. Thank you, Linda.- [Phone clicks]
832--- We have one week.- To accomplish what exactly?
833--To force Tusk's hand. Hewants me beholden to him? No.
834--We have to make him come crawling to me.
835--What's his weakness?
836--His fortune.
837--Wouldn't you say that's his strength?
838--Not if it's slipping away.
839--- How do you make 40 billion disappear overnight?- We can't.
840--But maybe we can create theillusion that it's in danger.
841--The brief you gave me on his assets.
842--How much of his total networth is... in nuclear power?
843--About a third. Sixteen reactorshere in the states, 37 worldwide.
844--Well, that's what we hit him with.
845--We go after his nuclear interests.
846--Even so, he's got 25billion in other investments.
847--Doug, this is a man who builthis fortune from nothing.
848--The money doesn't mean anything to him.
849--It's what it represents.
850--- Which is what?- His life's work.
851--Get Remy Danton on the phone. Setup a meeting as quickly as you can.
852--You got it.
853--Tusk understands the differencebetween power and money.
854--That's precisely what makes him dangerous.
855--He doesn't measure his wealth inprivate jets but purchased souls.
856--I've worked too hard to getwithin arm's reach of the prize
857--only to have my hand cutoff just before I seize it.
858--Zoe Barnes, here tosee Christina Gallagher.
859--I'm sorry. I don't see an appointment.
860--Oh, there must be amistake. I have an 11:30.
861--One second.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

862--- [Phone ringing]- My name is Zoe Barnes.

863--I work at Slugline. You spoketo my colleague Janine Skorsky.
864--- Miss...- Oh, we're fine, thanks.
865--You can't just come in here...
866--there are things youdon't know about Peter.
867--- I wrote the article about Roy Kapeniak.- Please leave. Right now.
868--It was Peter who convincedhim to talk to me.
869--What? I don't... I don't understand.
870--- Why would he...- Somebody pressured him to do it.
871--The night of January 24th. That'swhen he went to speak to Kapeniak.
872--Do you remember anything strangearound the time of the inauguration?
873--- Anything that could have been held over him?- No, I don't.
874--If he was mixed up in things that inany way contributed to his suicide,
875--wouldn't you want to know?
876--I'm not trying to cause you any more pain.
877--I just want the truth.
878--And you deserve that more than anyone.
879--- What was the date?- The 24th of January.
880--[Keyboard clacking]
881--[Mouse clicking]
882--[Keyboard clacking]

House Of Cards 2013 S01E13

1--Sync & corrections by owenlee []

2--What was that?
3--The faucet.
4--It wouldn't shut up.
5--- Did you sleep last night?- No.
6--I'll call Nancyand tell her to call a plumber.
7--[Door closes]
8--Absolute discretion.Can I count on that?
9--- Always.- Raymond Tusk.
10--The President wants to tap himas the new V.P.
11--- You and I cannot let that happen.- Why not?
12--Because a third of his fortuneis tied up in nuclear energy.
13--Sancorp does not want a pro-nuclearbusinessman in the White House.
14--The market is shiftingtoward natural gas anyway.
15--But Tusk wants to stallthat shift or reverse it.
16--Vice President doesn't havethat kind of influence.
17--This one would.He and Walker are very close.
18--And it's in neitherof our best interests
19--to seep Sancorp's positionin the marketplace diminished.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

20--- What's the ask?- Tusk won't accept the nomination

21--if he thinkshis holdings are at risk.
22--Sancorp needs to initiatea hostile takeover.
23--He's worth three timeswhat sancorp is.
24--I'm talking aboutthe subsidiaries.
25--We go after the companies thatrefine and ship the uranium,
26--- the support system that...- Come on, Frank.
27--There's stockholdersto take into account,
28--a huge financial exposure.
29--We just need to distract him.
30--Send a few token salvos andintimate there's more to come.
31--All I'm askingis that you speak to your client
32--and see if this is something theymight be willing to consider.
33--The Presidentannounces Tusk on Friday,
34--so we don't have a lot of time.
35--- I'll make some calls.- Thank you, Remy.
36--[Door opens, closes]
37--If he doesn't deliver,I'm an invader without an army.
38--If he does,I've got a fighting chance.
39--I just didn't feel that we could worktogether constructively any longer.
40--I think that'sa perfectly legitimate reason...
41--Of course it is.
42--But what you can't do isfire someone for being pregnant.
43--Is that what she's saying?
44--Ms. Cole claimsthat you said,
45--quote,"I need employees, not mothers,"
46--and, quote,"go focus on your baby."
47--Can I see that?
48--That's completely false.I...
49--- I never said that.- She claims you did.
50--It's her word against mine,right?
51--Well, juries are very sympatheticwith expecting mothers.
52--This is extortion.
53--We don't want thisgoing to trial, Claire.
54--You and your husbandare public figures.
55--This will resultin some very bad press.
56--I suggest we go back to themwith a settlement offer.
57--- We need the arrest record.- There isn't any.
58--- They let him go.- Then we need to know who got him off.
59--If Underwood was involved,
60--we are talking abuse of powersand corruption.
61--I checked.
62--There's no files,no mug shot, nothing.
63--Then we need to find the copwho pulled him over,
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

64--or somebody who saw himcome into the station.

65--But D.C. cops...they look after each other.
66--We need to be careful.
67--Do you have any sourceson the force?
68--Not that I would trustwith something like this.
69--You know, Lucas started outon the crime beat.
70--I can see if he knows anyone.
71--- Would he help us?- I don't know.
72--- Maybe.- Help out a competitor?
73--We... stayed in touch.
75--You've gotta be kidding me.[Chuckles]
76--This town is way too incestuous.
77--I know it's a lot to ask.
78--I'm still trying to wrapmy head around the affair, Zoe.
79--If you could just give me acontact and maybe vouch for me...
80--Did you waitto bring this up until now
81--because you thoughtit'd be harder for me to say no?
82--- What do you mean?- In bed, right after we...
83--You don't actually thinkI would do something like...
84--- It sure seems that way.- This is huge, Lucas.
85--I'm trying to avoidfucking up what we have...
86--Whatever that is... and you'remaking it really hard for me.
87--I don't know that I'll ever be thekind of person that makes it easy.
88--I'm not looking for easy. ButI don't need to be reminded of him.
89--- I can't erase what I did.- I know you can't.
90--But this is reallyfucking manipulative.
91--Did you meanwhat you said the other night?
92--That you probably...
93--I don't know what to dowhen I hear something like that.
94--That's why I was so quiet whenyou drove me to the airport.
95--I was angry.I just blurted it out.
96--I wish I hadn't.At least not like that.
97--I'm not trying to take advantageof you because you did.
98--- He hasn't said a word.- And you haven't brought it up?
99--I just asked him if he was stillconsidering Tusk.
100--He said yes, but that he wantedto speak to you first. That's it.
101--I wish we knewif they'd spoken at all.
102--Well, he has a private line.I can't track those calls.
103--- Frank.- Mr. President.
104--Tell me about St. Louis.
105--He's a hard man to read.I did my best to probe him,
106--but I don't think I left anywiser to which way he's leaning.
107--I must say, though, I think he isby far and away the best candidate.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

108--Why do you say that?

109--Doesn't it make sense for you tonominate someone you know so well?
110--I don't know him.That's why I sent you to St. Louis.
111--Forgive me, Mr. President.I didn't mean it that way.
112--I meant that the worldknows so well.
113--You, me, everyoneknows Raymond Tusk.
114--We don't need to convince anyoneof his worthiness.
115--But you saidhe still seems ambivalent?
116--Which is why I think you shouldmake a personal overture.
117--Invite him to the White House.
118--Well, I don't wantto appear desperate.
119--I agree with Frank.
120--Inviting himis a very good idea.
121--If you're serious about Tusk,you should wine and dine him.
122--Make him feel very special.
123--I'm sure we can find timein the schedule.
124--- Let's give him a few more days.- We have less than a week, sir.
125--I wouldn't waitany later than Friday.
126--We can make Friday work, sir.
127--All right. Well,let's see if he's available.
128--[Knocking on door]
129--- What are you doing?- Shh.
130--- Give me your phone.- Why?
131--Just give it to me.
132--[Quietly] Have you noticedanything weird in here?
133--Stuff moved around?Anything missing?
134--- No.- Anyone following you?
135--What did you find out?
136--This is serious, Zoe.
137--It goes way up,as high as the commissioner.
138--I had to beg my contact at Metroto give me this.
139--No record of Russogetting pulled over,
140--but he remembers there was acall girl brought in with Russo.
141--That's a fileon one of her previous arrests.
142--I've investigatedpolice cover-ups before.
143--I got death threatsfor a year.
144--Are you willing to takethat risk?
146--[Frank]How long?
147--[Remy] The next board of directorsmeeting is three weeks from now.
148--That is too late.Remy, look,
149--the President is gonnanominate Tusk in a week or less.
150--I've urged Scott Cunninghamto call a special meeting,
151--but that doesn't happenovernight.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

152--There's a lot of machinery ina corporate attack like this.

153--I want to meetScott Cunningham myself.
154--I'm not sitting you down withScott. You know the rules.
155--These are extraordinarycircumstances.
156--Frank, Sancorp's officers
157--do not meet with politicians,period.
158--You talk to me,I talk to Scott Cunningham,
159--and vice versa.That's how it works.
160--All right, Remy.Whatever you think best.
161--I'll call youwhen I know more.
163--Of all the things I hold in highregard, rules are not one of them.
164--I will not place my fate solelyin the hands of the middleman
165--if I can go directlyto the supplier.
166--Book a flight to Atlanta.Tomorrow morning. Let Meechum know.
167--Yes, sir.
168--She grew upin Lynchburg, Virginia,
169--went to Lorimer High School
170--until she dropped outsophomore year,
171--and then after that,there's no public record.
172--But all it says hereis that she was fined $300
173--for loitering on April 2012.
174--One of ushas to go to Lynchburg.
175--- Parents, classmates, teachers...- I'll do it.
176--Okay. Well, then, you and Ihave to call escort services.
177--I'm willing to lend a hand, but notby making cold calls 12 hours a day
178--just to get hung up onby hookers.
179--Where was she arrested?
180--- Connecticut ave.- [Janine] 2460.
181--That's the addressof the district grand hotel.
182--[Man] I'm not a fanof surprise visits, Frank.
183--[Frank]Remy wouldn't arrange a meeting.
184--Remy Danton existsso we don't have to meet.
185--I needed to speak with you.
186--There's a congressionaltravel report
187--that puts youon a trip to Atlanta
188--the same day I was pulled outof an investors' briefing.
189--Those are the sort ofcoincidences we want to avoid.
190--Were you briefing your investorson Raymond Tusk?
191--Meechum can be trusted.
192--Why would I be speakingto them about Tusk?
193--- I thought Remy filled you in.- No.
194--He didn't say anything about thevice presidential nomination?
195--He didn't. And I have afeeling I'd rather not be told.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

196--Trust me,you want to know.

197--I've appeared in front ofgrand juries before, Frank.
198--It's much easierwhen you can tell the truth.
199--Please, don't put me in aposition where I have to lie.
200--If Tuskhas the President's ear,
201--you will see this administrationshift its support
202--toward nuclear energyand away from natural gas.
203--His subsidiaries and his suppliers.Go after them.
204--Frank, we should endthis conversation right now.
205--He will not acceptthe nomination if his assets
206--are in a blind trust and hecan't fight off the threat.
207--- Okay, we're done.- Scott...
208--I don't wannahear another word.
209--Go back to the airport.
210--Figure out a good reason youneeded to be in Atlanta today.
211--You can pull over at the nextcorner. I'll have my car pick me up.
212--♪ When sunny gets blue ♪
213--♪ Her eyes get grayand cloudy ♪
214--- One last one?- Another.
215--♪ Begins to fall ♪
216--♪ Pitter-patter,pitter-patter ♪
217--♪ Love is gone, so... ♪
218--- Can I get you something?- White wine.
219--[Man]Put that on my tab.
220--- Thank you.- My pleasure.
221--They're about to calllast call.
222--That's all right.I don't have much of a tolerance.
223--[Bartender]One more?
224--No. I'm good.
226--You should head upstairs.
227--I was waiting for you.
228--- Is that the new faucet?- Yeah.
229--How'd it go?
230--Not good.Remy's up to something.
231--He's not returningmy phone calls.
232--What can I do?
233--Tell me whatyou were dreaming.
234--Oh, it was so awful, Francis.
235--He's not lettingme sleep either.
236--Yeah. It's not him.It's the kids.
237--I was playing with themin the backyard,
238--and the girlwas climbing on the vines,
239--and I kept telling herto stop and get down, and...
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

240--The vines just took hold of her,and they wouldn't let go.
241--And she was screaming so loud,
242--and I just kept pullingharder and harder,
243--and she just ripped in half.
244--Come here. Come here.Okay.
247--[Phone chiming]
250--You wait until after 2:00 inthe morning to return my call?
251--You tryingto get my voice-mail?
252--[Remy] The conversationswe're having
253--we can't be havingon cell phones.
254--Where are you?
255--Claire is sleeping upstairs.
256--You shouldn't have goneto see Cunningham.
257--He says you didn'tbring up Tusk.
258--You really thinkhe'd admit to that?
259--If we go through with this,it's insider trading.
260--He didn't strike me as a man hearingthe news for the second time.
261--You want to believe I'm playing games?I can walk away from the whole thing.
262--But I'm all you've gotright now.
263--I'm the one doing youand Sancorp a favor,
264--not the other way around.
265--I can tellwhen I'm being used, Frank.
266--- I just want to know what for.- I don't use people
267--unless I can throw them awayafterwards.
268--I'm trying to strengthenour partnership.
269--Smells an awful lotlike bullshit.
270--Don't condescend.
271--Eight yearsI worked on your staff
272--and never once made it furtherthan your front doorstep.
273--Well, now I'm inyour living room, Frank.
274--It's not becauseof what you taught me,
275--it's because I finally woke upto what my value is
276--and how undervalued I wasslaving away for you.
277--This is business.Keep your sob story to yourself.
278--I want to maintainthe influence
279--that I have worked to achievein the White House,
280--which translates into the influencethat you have in the White House,
281--through me.
282--I'll get in touchwith Scott again tomorrow.
283--See if we can push thisforward faster.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

284--Thank you, Remy.

285--But you gotta let medo this my way.
286--The messagewas very clear.
287--She doesn't want a settlement,no matter what the figure.
288--Even if we give herworldwell back?
289--She wants to go to court.
290--They said we can expecta formal summons next week.
291--- This is ludicrous.- Her lawyers agree.
292--They'd much prefer a settlementtoo, but she's not playing ball.
293--I'll keep pushing them.But in the meantime,
294--you should start gathering all thecorrespondence you ever had with her...
295--E-mails, notes,every scrap of paper.
296--Okay. Thanks, Oliver.
297--All I'm trying to dois find her.
298--I've got an arrest recordfrom April 2012,
299--and I know she was pulled overwith a client in January.
300--That girl.She had so much potential.
301--Why did she drop out?
302--Like I said,it's an ethical breach for me
303--to discuss anythingthat has to do...
304--I spoke to her parents.
305--Her father was very combative.
306--Was there trouble at home?
307--The father... did he...
308--I won't speak about Rachel.
309--Can you talk to meabout your job in general,
310--the sorts of cases you dealwith in an abstract way?
311--When I'm concernedabout a student,
312--especially if there's possiblecriminal activity involved,
313--it's my dutyto contact the D.A.'S office.
314--Now, if the D.A.Pursues charges,
315--the student has to testifyagainst their own parent.
316--That's a difficult decisionfor a young person to make.
317--Extremely difficult.
318--It could be easierto run away.
319--It's set for tomorrow.Tusk lands at 7:30
320--and then heads straight to the whitehouse for dinner with the President.
321--- Is it on the official schedule?- No.
322--- We need it to be.- Well, I can't do that.
323--The President specifically askedthat I leave it off.
324--Actually, that's good.We can make that work.
325--Can you set up a meetingbetween Birch and the President?
326--About what?
327--So he can give him his two centsabout who he will nominate.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

328--I don't think we wantBirch getting involved.

329--- He'll never get the chance.- What are you planning?
330--Can you set up a meetingfor later today? Yes or no?
331--I'm sure I can squeeze it in.
332--Good. I'll talk to Birch.Get him on the phone.
333--This has to stay off the books,just like the dinner with Tusk.
334--- Okay.- And finally,
335--do you have a schedulerthat you can fire?
336--[Phone chimes]
337--[Automatic dialing]
338--Janine, I've gotsomething for you.
339--What is this?
340--The President's O.T.R. schedulebetween now and Friday.
341--- How'd you get this?- It doesn't matter.
342--Look who he's meeting withthis afternoon.
343--- Bob Birch.- And look at Friday night.
344--Raymond Tusk. These aren't thecraziest meetings for him to be having.
345--Then why aren't theyon the official schedule?
346--He's considering themfor Vice President.
347--I'd say that's reason enoughto keep them secret.
348--Get this out, right away.
349--Mr. speaker, I'm hearing that you're gonnabe considered for the vice presidency.
350--Slugline is reporting that you'reheading to the White House right now.
351--- I'm, uh... no.- You're not headed to the White House?
352--Yes. The Presidentjust wants my input.
353--But there's the possibility that youmight be under consideration yourself.
354--Not that I'm aware of.Excuse me.
355--- How did the schedule get out?- It got leaked, sir,
356--by someonein the scheduling office.
357--- On purpose?- Accidentally.
358--A wrong attachmentto an e-mail that went wide.
359--Well, whoever it was,I want them out.
360--I already let them go.
361--- Is, uh, Birch here yet?- He's waiting outside.
362--Well, cancel the meeting.Tell him something came up.
363--- I don't want to feed the frenzy.- Yes, sir.
364--[Door closes]
365--Give me the private line,please.
366--There are three satellite truckson my street.
367--I'm trapped in my own home.
368--Somebody inthe scheduling office fucked up.
369--Are you seriouslyconsidering Birch?
370--Absolutely not.
371--We are losing controlof the process, Garrett.
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

372--Every time I've spoken to you,you've never spoken back.

373--Although givenour mutual disdain,
374--I can't blame youfor the silent treatment.
375--Perhaps I'm speakingto the wrong audience.
376--Can you hear me?
377--Are you even capableof language,
378--or do you only understanddepravity?
379--[Door thuds]
380--Peter, is that you?
381--Stop hiding in my thoughtsand come out.
382--Have the courage in deaththat you never had in life.
383--Come out, look me in the eyeand say what you need to say.
385--There is no solaceabove or below.
386--Only us...Small, solitary,
387--striving,battling one another.
388--I pray to myself,for myself.
389--[Intercom buzzes]
391--Who is it?
392--My lawyer saidI shouldn't be talking to you.
393--- Mine said the same thing.- I'm not gonna change my mind, Claire.
394--I made a mistake. I got upset,and I acted impulsively.
395--I was the onewho made the mistake
396--by partnering with youin the first place.
397--Well, then,can we please both admit
398--that it wasn't meant to be,and we can find an amicable way...
399--- No, we can't.- What do you want?
400--To send a message.
401--Organizations like yoursget 90% of the grant money,
402--then cozy up to corporate sponsorswho destroy the environment.
403--The things you're claimingare lies.
404--I never mentionedyour pregnancy.
405--I got in touchwith Evelyn Baxter.
406--Remember her?We had a long conversation.
407--It seems that you have a history ofaxing people who disagree with you.
408--She'll be testifyingon my behalf.
409--So will eight of the peoplethat you made her fire.
410--If you want an apology,I'm here to offer you one,
411--and to give youwhatever you think is fair.
412--This case is gonna get national attentionbecause of who you're married to.
413--I'll have a platformto say what I want to say.
414--That's worth morethan anything you could offer.
415--Listen, I know we havedifferent philosophies,
纸牌屋第一季 House of cards Season 01 英文剧本 由 EN580 淘宝店 编辑整理

416--but what we're trying to achieveis exactly the same thing.

417--We shouldn'tbe fighting each other.
418--Do you feel that?The kicking?
419--I won't let people like you fuck upthe world my child has to live in.
420--If I have to tell a few liesto do that...
421--At least I learnedone valuable thing from you.
422--♪ Call me ♪
423--♪ Irresponsible ♪
424--♪ Call me ♪
425--♪ Unreliable ♪
426--♪ Go on and throw in ♪
427--- What can I get for you?- Glenlivet, neat.
428--♪ Well, do myfoolish alibis bore... ♪
429--The lawsuit?
430--And other things.
431--What other things?
432--You know,I cannot guarantee you
433--that all of thisis gonna succeed.
434--Oh, it's not that.
435--You can tell me,or I can keep guessing.
436--You'll roll your eyes.
437--Not at you.
438--I was thinking aboutwhen one of us dies.
439--Whether it's you firstor me...
440--Well, if it is me,and I'm sure it will be,
441--you won't be alone for long.
442--No. I mean,what will we leave behind?
443--We've accomplisheda great deal.
444--And I intend for usto accomplish a lot more.
445--But for whom?
446--For each other.
447--But if we're not...
448--Ah, I'm being silly.
449--Have you ever been published?
450--Many times.
451--I guess that'sa stupid question.
452--You don't seemlike a starving artist.
453--- Don't judge a book by its cover.- [Chuckling]
454--You have a nice laugh.
456--It's very attractive.
457--Are you staying at the hotel?
458--You want to come upto my room?
459--That depends.
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460--Well, how muchwould that cost me?

461--That seems about right.
462--Close your eyes.
463--Put out your hands.
464--Now open them up.
465--I'm trying to findthis woman.
466--If you make mepull out my badge,
467--I have to take you in.
468--But I don't wantto do that.
469--Let's not make a scene.
470--I used to see her around.
471--She left the business, though.We haven't really kept in touch.
472--Any idea where she might be?
473--A friend of minesaw her waiting tables
474--at a restaurantin Georgetown.
475--I guess the questionI'm trying to ask is, um...
476--Is it even worth that step?
477--The bottom line is that for a womanyour age, it's extremely hard.
478--Have you ever had a miscarriage?
479--No. I, um...
480--I've been late before,but I don't...
481--You know, I don't know.I don't know exactly.
482--Have you had any abortions?
484--That can make itmore difficult.
485--I'm not trying to dissuade you,
486--but please make sure you thinklong and hard before you decide.
487--But it's possible?
488--Assuming you and your husbandfit all the criteria?
489--Yes, it's possible.
491--[Francis] What?Well, that's hardly my problem.
492--- No, you get on it. It's...- [Knocks]
493--I have to call you back.What is it?
494--Sancorp's stock.
495--It's up 35%in the last four hours.
496--It's all overthe financial news.
497--Tusk is making a play.
498--Get Remy on the phone.
499--Congressman Underwoodon line three.
500--I was just about to call you.
501--I need to meet with Tusk beforehe sees the President tonight.
502--- He's already here.- At the White House?
503--He decided to come ina few hours early.
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504--His plane landedhalf an hour ago.

505--- Do you know where he is?- I don't know.
506--He had his own car pick him up.I just found out.
507--Remy's not in his office.I left word there and on his cell.
508--Look, you need to call me the momentyou know where he is.
510--It's just the lunch menu right now.I hope that's okay.
511--Yeah. That's fine.
512--Your serverwill be with you shortly.
513--Is Rachel working?
514--Uh, no. I don't thinkshe's scheduled till Sunday.
515--Stephanie will be with youthis afternoon.
517--Should we come back Sunday?
518--I'll be right back.
519--Excuse me.Can I help you with something?
520--Yeah. I was just lookingfor the bathroom.
521--[Inaudible dialogue]
522--Unless you want to usethe restroom in the office.
523--- Who are you calling?- Rachel.
524--[Continues dialing]
525--[Line ringing]
526--Rachel Posner?
527--My name is Zoe Barnes.
528--I'm a reporterat
529--I know about Peter Russo.
531--- [Beeps]- [Mouths word]
533--[Phone clicking]
534--Come on, Rachel.
535--You shouldn't havementioned Russo.
536--- She'll write back.- I wouldn't if I was her.
538--How much do you know?
539--That you were with himwhen he was pulled over.
540--- Who else knows?- Just me.
541--I can keep it that way,but I need more.
542--- There is no more.- You're lying.
543--Yeah, I was with himwhen he got pulled over.
544--They took him awayand let me go.
545--I don't knowwhat happened to him.
546--He was never charged.
547--You know more than me, then.
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548--No one ever cameto talk to you?

549--- About what?- To keep you quiet.
550--You don't kiss and tellin that business.
551--Not evenwhen it's a congressman?
552--Especially whenit's a congressman.
553--Frank Underwoodnever approached you?
554--Who's that?
555--You're too smartto play dumb, Rachel.
556--You know who that is.
557--Name rings a bell.
558--I try not to follow the news.
559--Too many familiar faces.
560--How about Douglas stamper?
561--Never heard of him.
562--I've told youeverything I know.
563--I know aboutwhat your father did.
564--If you don't help me,I'll write about Russo.
565--I'll writethat you were a prostitute,
566--and I'll write aboutwhy you left home.
567--Go to town, bitch.
569--She mentioned both youand your boss.
570--- What exactly?- She didn't say.
571--All she seemed to know was that I was inthe car with him when he got pulled over.
572--And you didn't admitto more than that?
573--No. I said everythingexactly like you told me to.
574--- You really think I'd spill my guts?- Calm down.
575--Why didn't you tell me he was gonnahurt himself? I never would've done it.
576--How could I have known?
577--- I just want all this to go away.- It will.
578--All of it.
579--I promise.
580--[Car engine starts]
581--[Automatic dialing]
582--[Line ringing]
583--Do you want meto order you dinner?
584--- Where's Doug at?- I don't know. He left early.
585--- Call him for me, will you?- Yes, sir.
586--Thirteen minutes from now,
587--Tusk will meetwith the President,
588--if he isn't there already.
589--You've never been an ally,have you?
590--Pressing on with your slow,incessant march.
591--Time would've killed Russoif I hadn't,
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592--just as itwill kill me someday.

593--Kill us all.
594--Sir, I just gotDoug's voicemail.
595--I wonder where he's at.
596--[Phone chiming]
597--Well, maybe this is him.
600--Sorry, Frank.I had to trade up.
601--Sancorp's a big fish,but Raymond Tusk is a whale.
602--Can I get you something,Frank?
603--Nothing right now.Thank you, Freddy.
604--I'll leave y'all to it.
605--I hope you don't mind that Remy toldme about this little secret of yours.
606--I wanted a placewhere you'd feel comfortable.
607--Shouldn't you beat the White House?
608--How could I pass up the chance toeat the best ribs in Washington?
610--Remy told you about Sancorp.
611--As of closing bell today,I own 3%.
612--By the end of next week,I'll own over ten.
613--Enough to make surethey can't cause me any trouble.
614--A valiant effort, though.I respect that.
615--So why are we here?
616--I told you I'd give you untiltoday to think things over.
617--- I'm a man who keeps my word.- And I'm still not interested.
618--You wanted me to be morespecific back in St. Louis.
619--That would be a good start.
620--Why did Britain go to warwith China 150 years ago?
621--I'm in no mood for riddles.
622--Humor me a moment.
623--- Opium.- It was bigger than opium, Frank.
624--That was simply the excuse.
625--Peking wanted to call the shotsinstead of the west.
626--It's the same problemwe're facing now.
627--But nobody wants a trade war,much less a military one.
628--And what's your opium?
629--Samarium-149.I need it for my reactors.
630--China controls 95%of the world's supply.
631--And you're worried about the imbalancein our currency, our foreign debt...
632--- All of it.- You already have the President's ear.
633--Trade tariffsare controlled by congress.
634--You have a lot more influencethere than Garrett does.
635--It's the reason I wanted you tostay there in the first place.
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636--And what exactlywould you want me to do?

637--Well, that partI don't know yet.
638--We'll have to wait and see howthings play out with the Chinese.
639--I've already told youI will not do a blank check.
640--I must say I'm surprised,Frank.
641--You have a reputationfor pragmatism.
642--And I also have avoided areputation for indentured servitude.
643--I never make an offermore than twice, Frank.
644--Tell me now if I can counton your cooperation.
645--You're not offering cooperation,you're demanding tutelage.
646--So let me make youa proposal.
647--I am absolutely willingto work together as equals.
648--I will take your opinions seriously,just as the President does.
649--But I will notbind myself to them in advance.
650--If that doesn't interest you,fair enough.
651--Good luck finding a vicePresident in the next four days
652--who will proveas pragmatic as I.
653--You can't purchase loyalty,Raymond.
654--Not the sort I have in mind.
655--If you want to earnmy loyalty,
656--then you have to offeryours in return.
657--And if we can agree to that...
658--Well, you're a manwith imagination.
660--If stamper was there himself,
661--this goes much deeper than a lost arrest file.
662--Well, let's think about this. What did Russo gain him?
663--A mansion in Harrisburg.
664--Uh-uh. Underwood thinks bigger than that.
665--- Then what?- I don't know.
666--He controls Pennsylvania.
667--He has influence in the White House.
668--Walker needs the state for reelection...
669--No. No, it can’t just be Walker.
670--The President backstabbed him
671--for the secretary of state nomination.
672--It has to be something else.
673--The President would owe him.
674--But what?
675--They already meet once a week.
676--The education bill? I mean, what?
677--What specifically?
678--He could be after the V.P. nomination.
679--That doesn't make sense, though.
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680--The V.P. slot is on the table because Russo tanked.

681--Underwood wanted him to win.
682--Unless he didn't.
683--Maybe he wanted Russo to self-destruct.
684--To force Matthews to run.
685--Exactly. And then next week, when Matthews wins...
686--The President taps Underwood.
687--Mr. President.
688--Mr. Tusk.
689--Thanks for coming on such short notice.
690--Have a seat, Frank.
691--I have a confession to make.
692--Raymond and I have known each other for years.
693--We don't publicize it, but he’s been a trusted advisor to me.
694--And I sent you to St. Louis so he could spend time with you,
695--give me his two cents.
696--On what, sir, if I may ask?
697--Offering you the vice presidency.
698--I told the President that, uh, in my humble opinion,
699--both he and the country would be well served
700--by a man as experienced, intelligent, and loyal as you.
701--So I'm officially asking, Frank.
702--Sir, I... I don't know what to say.
703--Say yes.
705--It would be a great honor, Mr. President.
707--I take care of my own,
708--and you've proved yourself to be very valuable.
709--I would like you to be part of my security detail
710--once I get confirmed.
711--That's the Secret Service, sir.
712--I'm capitol police.
713--Then I'll put you on the Secret Service.
714--If you're interested.
715--I'd be more than interested, sir.
717--And I'm extremely grateful.
718--Keep being valuable.
719--That's the best way to show your gratitude.
720--I will, Mr. Vice President.
721--Did the plumber finally come?
722--No. I fixed it.
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724--So proud of you, Francis.

725--I didn't do it alone.
726--I got here as quickly as I could.
727--Is something wrong?
728--I need you to be completely honest with me, Christina.
729--About what?
730--The other day, when I said that you should tell me
731--if anyone from the press started harassing you...
732--Zoe Barnes?
733--You said you wanted to talk about something on the phone.
734--Oh, no. That can wait.
735--No. Come on. Tell me.
736--I, um... earlier today...
737--The rowing machine, I saw, is broken. a
738--Oh, it's my fault. The cable broke.
739--I haven't been able to replace it yet.
740--What about going for a run with me?
741--She's trying to smear congressman Underwood.
742--It's a coordinated campaign by everyone at Slugline.
743--But she knew things.
744--Like what?
745--About Peter.
746--Something to do with Kern losing the nomination.
748--Want me to drive alongside you, sir?
749--No. You stay here.
750--Yes, sir.
751--You ready?