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Career Objective:
As a part of professionally managed company with scope of challenging career, opportunity for learning excellence and
continuous improvement coupled with growth and individual development.
Professional Profile:
 A qualified B.E. from Andhra University [1st Division in 2004] with more than 13 years of rich experience in Project
Execution, Installation, Calibration, Testing, Commissioning, Maintenance of Instrumentation and Control System.
 Presently working in Vedanta Ltd, Goa, (450 m 3 Blast furnace, 75 m2 sinter plant,100 TPD ASU Plant (gas separation
Oxygen and Nitrogen)) under Hofincons Infotech and Industrial pvt ltd as Lead Engineer (Electrical &
Instrumentation) from August 2016 to till date
 Worked in Fernas construction India Pvt Ltd under OPAL (ONGC Petro Additions Limited), Dahej as Manager
(Instrumentation & Control) for Erection from July 2015 to July 2016.
 Presently working in Vedanta Ltd, Goa, (450 m 3 Blast furnace, 75 m2 sinter plant, 100 TPD ASU Plant (gas separation
Oxygen and Nitrogen)) under Mck Kutty Engineers pvt ltd as Deputy Manager (Instrumentation & Control) from
August 2012 to July 2016.
 Worked in Neelm Power Plant, Uttam Galwa Steels Ltd, 2*30 MW, Khopoli, Raighad (DT), Maharashtra under
ENMAS O & M pvt ltd, as Asst Manager (Instrumentation & Control) from June 2011 to August 2012.
 Worked in Bhadhrasree Steel and Power pvt ltd (DRI plant), Koppal, Karnataka, as Manager (Electrical and
Instrumentation) for Erecting, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance from March 2010 to June 2011.
 Worked in BS Sponge pvt ltd (DRI plant), Raigarh, Chattisgarh as Manager (Electrical and Instrumentation) for
Operation and Maintenance from May 2007 to March 2010.
 Worked in Popuri Steels pvt ltd (DRI plant), Bellary, Karnataka as Sr Engineer (Electrical and Instrumentation) for
Erecting, Operation and Maintenance from June 2004 to April 2007.
Trainings Undergone:
 DCS: YAKOGAWA CS3000, ABB DCS Using AC 800M.
 PLC: SEIMENS (S7 400 H, S7 300, S7 200), ABB, MODICON and AB.
 AC Drives (VFD): SEIMENS (MM440, MM420), AB, ABB (ACS 800,550), YASKAVA and TELEMECHANIC.
Core Competencies:
Project Planning & Management
 Handling project activities involving working out various requirements with respect to utilities, machines, manpower &
monitoring overall project operations for ensuring timely completion.
 Ensuring site operations are carried out smoothly with commissioning & procurement operations.
 Implementing financial projections, preparing budgets and performing extensive project costing.
Operations & Maintenance
 Effective preventive maintenance schedules of various machineries and instruments to increase machine up time and
equipment reliability.
 Proactively identify areas of obstruction / breakdowns and take steps to rectify the equipments through application of
trouble shooting tools.
 Executing cost saving and energy saving techniques / measures and modifications to achieve substantial reduction in
O&M expenditures and work within the budget.
Instrumentation and control
 Reviewing Drawings, layouts, Diagrams, Technical specification, cable scheduling, cable Laying & Loop checking, I/O
list, loop diagrams for Erection and commissioning.
 Design, planning, implementation, Calibration, Commissioning & Maintenance related in the Projects and performing
Automation projects in order to minimize breakdown of machines of continuous running plant.
 Performed RCFA of defects while developing and improving the process by taking CAPA any reoccurrence and defective
 Implementation of Kaizens, TPM, Quality, Safety, Environmental and 5s management systems.
 Responsible for monitoring of day to day operations/ activates, trouble shooting and documentation.
 Maintaining the IMS activities i.e. SOP, SMP, Generation of checklists & maintenance as per checklist, Spare parts
management and Implement cost effective maintenance solutions to control maintenance budget.
 Have knowledge on Hazard identification & Risk Assessment, EHS system,
 Knowledge on SAP for maintenance system and procurement modules.
Commissioning / Testing / Quality
 Handling commissioning, inspection tests of numerous plants & equipments for ensuring completion of projects within
stipulated time / cost parameters for determining the effectiveness of equipments/ plants.
 Providing technical inputs & developing master specifications with needs assessment.
 Conducting Internal Audits and ensuring compliance to ISO standards.

Process Enhancement & Cost Saving Initiatives

 Identifying areas of improvement, recommending process modifications and equipment calibrations to enhance operational
efficiencies of the systems.
 Reviewing the operational practices, identifying the areas of obstruction / quality failures and work on system and process
changes for qualitative improvement/ energy conservation.
Job Description:
Project, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance of 450M 3 BLAST Furnace and 75M2 SINTER Plant,
100TPD (Oxygen and Nitrogen) gas separation plant.
 Experience in Logic design, Commissioning and Troubleshooting of PLC Siemens (S7400, S7300, and S7200), WINCC
SCADA using communication protocols including TCP/IP, PROFIBUS, RS-232/485 and OFC’s.
 Commissioning of VFD drives for Belt conveyors and Weigh feeders.
 Erection, Commissioning, operation and Maintenance of field instruments in Blast Furnace, HBS, GCP ,Blower and
PCI(Pulverized Coal Injection)
 Commissioning, Calibration, operation and Maintenance of pollution controlling Equipment in ESP, ASH handling
system, De-dusting Systems.
 Commissioning, Calibration, operation and Maintenance of Flame Monitoring and Flare Monitoring system.
 Erection, Commissioning, Calibration, Troubleshooting, operation and Maintenance of Monitoring field instruments of
Process ON Stream Analyzers (OSA) like Continuous Emission and Air quality Monitoring System (CE&AAQMS),
Flame monitoring systems, and Gas Analyzers.
 Commissioning of UPS, Instrument Panels, Electrical panels, PLC Panels, Fire Alarm Protection System and EPABX.
B.OPAL (ONGC Petro Additions Ltd), Dahej, Gujrat
 Checking Incoming materials as per PO and approval of the same from consultant (EIL).
 Represent Company during weekly meeting concerning schedule plan activity and project plan on all tools and
equipment needed for construction.
 Responsible for all field quality verification and inspection activities according to method of statement, inspection and
test plans such as cable pulling and termination of Instrument cables, installation of cable tray, installation of field
mounted Instrument, witness calibration check of Instrument to higher accuracy and standards for process control
measurement in gas plant, etc.
 Responsible for the preparation of all inspection report prior for the acceptance of the client.
 Review of all instrument accepted documents such as Instrument data sheet, vendor drawings, Instrument and Piping
diagram with latest revisions, quality control inspection report documents signed by QC inspector and Owner
 Responsible for punch list clearing to ensure that the installation of instruments are complete and accepted by the client.
 Review all Subcontractor Technical Documentation Circulation prior approval to all concerned lead official.
 Monitor all subcontractor activity priors for deadline start of Instrumentation Workload.
 Coordinate with Construction Supervisor project plan drawing review-having AFC drawing officially approved
 Ensure instrument equipment works complied with project specifications, company procedures, method statements and
quality assurance and controls documentation.
 Witness repair and calibration of instrumentation, commissioning of the following equipment: Smart Flow, pressure,
temperature, level transmitters, different control valves, pressure gauges and Fire & Gas alarms.
 Digital controllers Fire & Gas detection/protection systems.
ESD (Emergency shutdown), Pneumatic and hydraulic shutdown panels and control systems.
 Project Duties included review of loop folders for final acceptance by the QA/QC Dept. before transferring to
 Inspection of vendor skids before final acceptance by client.
 Follow all safety practices and procedures and corrected unsafe work practices
 To ensure that all works are in compliance with the requirements of Client specifications/scope of work/codes/standards
and approved ITP/documented procedures.
 Inspection in installation of field instruments based on instrument installation and hook-up details.
 Informing client inspector on the activities ready for inspection (RFI), as per ITP requirements.
 Knowledge of International Standards applicable in O&G Industry like ISA, ISO, API,AGA, etc
 To possess required set of skills, knowledge, expertise, work experience as required to perform the job effectively.
 To resolve quality related problems and implementing the root cause/CA/PA analysis and documentation.
 Involved in Activities of Pre-commissioning & commissioning of Process and Non process Systems
 Involved in Erecting and Commissioning of TFMS of Propylene and Naphtha etc.
 Involved in Erecting and commissioning of Flare system
 Erecting of Gantry system and Automation instruments.
 Erecting and commissioning of water Complex
 Erecting and commissioning of HC Detectors, Open path Detectors Hydrogen and CO Detectors.
 Erecting of Instruments under Battery limits of Hydrogen unit , Boiler unit and Nitrogen separation Plant
 Erection done for RIM Seal Foam , Erecting and commissioning of Various types of skids
 Erecting of Gas Analyzer System
 Erecting and commissioning of AAQMS system
 Erecting of Equipment based on FF and Heart based PT, TT, FT LT,ROV Etc.

C.UTTAM GALVA STEELS LIMITED, Khopoli, Raigad (DT), Maharastra

Operation and Maintenance of 2*30 MW THERMAL POWER PLANT.

 Operation and Maintenance of field instruments with Boiler, STG, ESP, FOPH ,ASH Handling system, Coal Handling
Plant ,DM water system, CW, IDCT,ESP, Ash Handling System and De-dusting system.
 Commissioning, Calibration, operation and Maintenance of control valves (Electric and Pneumatic).
 Calibration, Troubleshooting, operation and Maintenance of Monitoring field instruments of Process ON Stream
Analyzers (OSA) like Continuous Emission and Air quality Monitoring System (CE&AAQMS), Flame monitoring
systems, and Gas Analyzers O2(Zirconium) , NOX and SOX.
 Experience in commissioning, operation and Maintenance of pollution controlling Equipment like ESP, ASH handling
system, De-dusting Systems.
1).BHADRASREE STEEL AND POWER LIMITED 2*100 TPD, DRI Plant, Koppal, Karnataka.
2). BS Sponge pvt Ltd, 3*100 TPD, DRI plant, Raigarh, Chattisgarh
3). Popuri Steels Limited, Bellary, 2*100 TPD DRI plant, Bellary, Karnataka
 Erection, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance of Relay testing of switch gear Electrical items in MCC, PCC, and
APFC Panels using ACB, VCB, and MCCB etc with performing of FAT, SAT.
 Erection and commissioning of VFD for Belt conveyors, Compressors and weigh feeders.
 Experience in Operation, Maintenance and commissioning of PLC, LT Motors, Transformer (2MVA) 33KV/415, DG set
(750 KVA) and Screw Air Compressors.
 Erection, Operation and Maintenance of field instruments of RMHS Belt conveyors safety instruments, Weigh feeders,
PT, control valve actuators, Thermo couples, RTD’s.
 Commissioning of pollution control Equipments like ESP, De-dusting, Ash Handling plants and CEMS.
 Improving production targets by saving power and implementing Automation projects.
 Improving life of equipments using SOP and SMP.
 Good Communication, Leadership and motivation skills
 Can work independent as well as team.
 Hard worker and quick learner.
 Knowledge sharing with Superiors and subordinates.
Personal Details:
Father’s name : Dhanamjayam.P
Date of birth : 06/06/1981
Marital status : Married
Passport no : H3563149
Nationality : Indian
Languages known : Telugu, English, Hindi,
Permanent address : Amodhagiripatnam (vil),Jandrapet (PO), Prakasam (DT), A.P, PIN: 523165

I hear by declare that the above mentioned details are true to the best of my knowledge.