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Chairperson text

1) Assalamualaikum W.B.T and a very good morning to our

Principal, ___________________________________________,
First Senior Assistant, Puan Hjh. Shamsiah bt. Hj. Sidek,
Senior Assistant Responsible for Student Affairs, En. Zainuddin bin Basiran,
Senior Assistant Responsible for Co-curriculum, Tn. Hj. Ramlan bin Pit,
Senior Assistant Responsible for Pre-University, Pn. Fadzilah binti Mahadi,
Master teachers,
All Heads of Departments, teachers and fellow friends.

Today, we meet again in our weekly assembly. Just to remind all of you here, this is the 2nd
week of ________________________. Therefore, throughout this week, our assembly will be
carried out in English.

2) To begin our assembly, I would like to welcome ________________________ to recite the morning
…Thank you to ________________________

3) Now, I would like to call upon two representatives to lead us for the National Pledge and in
singing two songs, the Johor State Anthem followed by the School Song.
…Thank you to ________________________ and ________________________.

*To all students, please sit down and put your bags aside if you are holding them.

4) Next, I would like to welcome the teacher on duty for last week to present his / her report.
…Thank you to ________________________ for the report just now.

5) *(IF ANY)
Next, we proceed our assembly with the prize giving ceremony. Hence, I would like to
welcome ________________________ to give the presents and certificates to all the winners.
…Thank you to ________________________.

6) Teachers and friends, the assembly will not be complete without the words from the school
teachers. Without further ado, let me invite our respective Senior Assistant Teacher
______________________________________ to give his / her speech.
…Thank you ________________________.
7) Next, I am honored to call upon our beloved Principal, ______________________________ to give
her speech. Please welcome.

…Thank you to ________________________.

8) For today, I will read out some announcements. Please pay your attention.
 The first announcement is…..
 The next announcement is…
 Then…
 And lastly…..

9) We shall end our assembly today by reciting Surah Al-Asr and Tasbih Kifarah for Muslim
I would like to thank all teachers and students for your presence this morning.
With that, we end our assembly.
Students, you may go back to your class silently.
Thank you.