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Concursul de admitere, sesiunea iulie 2011

Facultatea de Mecatronică şi Sisteme Integrate de Armament

Varianta A
Proba: ,,Limba Engleză”

I. Reading comprehension

 Read the texts below and, for items 1 to 15, choose the correct answer from among
the four given choices. Mark your answers on the answer sheet.

The population of the world has increased more in modern times than in all other
ages of history combined. World population totaled about 500 million in 1650. It
doubled in the period from 1650-1850. Today the population is more than 5 billion.
Estimates based on research by the United Nations indicate that it will more than double
in the 25 years between 1975 and the year 2000, reaching 7 billion by the turn of the
No one knows the limits of population that the earth can support. Thomas Malthus,
an English economist, developed a theory that became widely accepted in the 19th
century. He suggested that, because world population tended to increase more rapidly
than the food supply, a continual pressure was placed on resources. Malthus cited wars,
epidemics, and other disasters as the usual limitations of population growth.
With recent advances in science and technology, including improved agricultural
methods and great steps in medicine, some of the limiting factors in population increase
have been minimized, with obvious results. International organizations have
recommended programs to encourage general economic development in target areas
along with a decrease in birth rates to effect a lasting solution.

1 The passage discusses

A. Thomas Malthus’ economy
B. the United Nations’ history
C. the increase of the population of the world
D. population pressure
2 By 1850
A. the population decreased
B. the population diminished
C. the population doubled
D. the population developed
3 Estimates of the United Nations indicate that the population
A. will be the same between 1975 and 2000
B. will be more than 1 billion between 1975 and 2000
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C. will be more than double between 1975 and 2000
D. will be less than 1 billion between 1975 and 2000
4 According to this passage, by the turn of the century the earth population
A. will be 500 million
B. will be 7 billion
C. will be 5 billion
D. will be 2 billion
5 Who was Thomas Malthus?
A. A scientist
B. A doctor of medicine
C. An economist
D. A United Nations’ representative
6 Thomas Malthus’ theory
A. improved living conditions in the 19th century
B. prevented population growth in the 19th century
C. increased food supply in the 19th century
D. was widely accepted in the 19th century
7 Malthus cited as the usual limitations of population growth
A. epidemics
B. wars
C. wars, epidemics, and other disasters
D. other disasters
Some of the limiting factors in population increase have been minimized
because of
A. great steps in medicine
B. recent advances in science and technology
C. minimal agricultural progress
D. engineering advances
9. International organizations have recommended
A. programs to encourage general economic development
B. birth rates
C. target areas
D. war solutions

Although most universities in the United States are on a semester system, which
offers classes in the fall and spring, some schools observe a quarter system comprising
fall, winter, spring, and summer quarters. The academic year, September to June, is
divided into 3 quarters of 11 weeks each beginning in September, January, and March; the
summer quarter, June to August, is composed of shorter sessions of varying length.
Students may take advantage of the opportunity to study year round by enrolling in all 4
quarters. Most students begin their programs in the fall quarter, but they may enter at the
beginning of any of the other quarters.

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10. Most universities in the United States
A. are on a biannual system
B. are on an annual system
C. are on monthly system
D. are on a semester system
11. A quarter system comprises
A. fall, winter and 11 weeks of summer
B. summer, fall, and winter
C. fall, winter, spring, and summer
D. fall, winter, and spring
12. A semester system offers classes
A. for 11 weeks
B. only in winter and summer
C. in the fall and spring
D. for handicapped students
13. Students may
A. study more than 4 quarters
B. enter the spring
C. enroll in all 4 quarters
D. have no opportunity
14. Most of the students begin their programs
A. in the summer semester
B. in the winter semester
C. every month
D. in the fall quarter
15. You may find this passage
A. in a guide to universities in the US
B. in a fashion magazine
C. in The Financial Times
D. in a travel brochure

II. Grammar and vocabulary

 Items 16 to 20 are incomplete sentences. Choose among the four variants given
under each sentence the one word or phrase that completes the sentence correctly.

A home computer ____ an opportunity for convenient and efficient work at

A. to be providing
B. provides

3 din 8
C. having been provided
D. being provided
The wheel, which ____ important for 4000 years, is one of mankind’s first
A. will remain
B. is remaining
C. remaining
D. has remained
As soon as children have mastered the basics, their advanced development
becomes ____ .
A. easier
B. more ease
C. the easy
D. more easiest
Some psychologists believe ____ is a close correlation between stress and
A. there
B. than
C. then
D. they
Goddard ____ the first rocket to fly faster than sound in the first half of the 20th
A. will develop
B. developed
C. should develop
D. develops

 Each of the sentences from 21 to 25 contains one error. Identify the error from the
four underlined words or phrases.
In its natural pures forms, carbon appears as either diamond, graphite,
or amorphous carbon.
The Bering Strait, which separate Asia from North America, was once
probably crossed by hunters.
When you will buying a winter coat , it is very important to try it on with
heavy clothes underneath.
Anyone reproducing copyrighted works without permission of the authors
is broken the law.
25 Niels Bohr, Ernest Rutherford, and another physicists were
4 din 8
responsible for the development of quantum physics.

 From 26 to 30 you have the four variants derived from the word written in capitals
at the end of each line. Choose one variant that best fits in the gap. Only one variant
is correct.

26 He felt they expected him to give the ____ . JUSTIFY

27 The music was so ____ that we couldn’t hear each other. NOISE
28 I am sure that our team can win this ____ . COMPETE
29 The ____ of your English is surprising. FLUENT
30 He worked for a while as a ____ for an important newspaper. REPORT

 In items 31 to 35 each sentence has a word or phrase underlined. Choose among the
four variants the one word or phrase that is the best substitute for the underlined
word or phrase.

31 For 300 years quinine was the only remedy for malaria.
A. solvent
B. treatment
5 din 8
C. bacteria
D. plan
32 The wide plains of Illinois were originally forest lands of oak and conifers.
A. obvious
B. coarse
C. general
D. large
33 The comic book developed from the newspaper comic strip.
A. wrote
B. returned
C. read
D. evolved
The Postal Service’s Express Mail Service guarantees two-day delivery of all
packages under 70 pounds
A. more than
B. rather
C. less than
D. therefore
The Black Warrior River, which flows 178 miles through Alabama, is part of
an inland waterway between Mobile and Birmingham.
A. runs
B. start
C. rises
D. climbs

III. Writing
This is a letter inviting your friend Chris to spend the weekend at your place.
Choose among the variants offered, the one that best fits the context, completing thus
the whole letter.

36 __________
A. Dearly,
B. Dear Chris,
C. Darling,
6 din 8
D. My sweetheart,
37 __________
A. What are you?
B. What do you do?
C. How are you doing?
D. How are you?
38 I’m glad ____ and visit us next weekend.
A. you will come to
B. to come
C. that you can come
D. if you shall be coming
39 My brother and his girlfriend ____ since there are lots of rooms in our house.
A. which are also coming
B. is coming, too
C. they will come also
D. are coming, too
40 And we have a tent, too, ____
A. on condition of warm weather.
B. if the weather stays warm.
C. even if the weather is warm.
D. unless the weather stays warm.
41 The best way to get here ____ the Holyhead train from Euston Station.
A. takes
B. is to take
C. will take
D. has to take
42 You must ____ at Conway.
A. to get
B. got of
C. getting to
D. get off
43 ____ at the station.
A. Is meeting us
B. Should meet me
C. We’ll meet you
D. You can meet with me
44 Well, ____ for now.
A. that is
B. all are
C. that all are
7 din 8
D. that’s all
45 __________
A. Good wishes,
B. Wish for the best,
C. Best wishes,
D. Wishing best,

Toate subiectele sunt obligatorii.

Punctajul acordat: câte 0,2 puncte pentru fiecare răspuns dat corect (0,2 puncte x 45
întrebări = 9 puncte).
Media probei de concurs se calculează înmulţind numărul de subiecte rezolvate
corect cu 0,2 puncte, la care se adaugă un punct din oficiu.
Timp de lucru efectiv – 90 minute.


Varianta A
a b c d a b c d a b c d
1 16 31
a b c d a b c d a b c d
2 17 32
a b c d a b c d a b c d
3 18 33
a b c d a b c d a b c d
4 19 34
a b c d a b c d a b c d
5 20 35
a b c d a b c d a b c d
6 21 36
a b c d a b c d a b c d
7 22 37
a b c d a b c d a b c d
8 23 38
a b c d a b c d a b c d
9 24 39
a b c d a b c d a b c d
10 25 40
a b c d a b c d a b c d
11 26 41
a b c d a b c d a b c d
12 27 42
a b c d a b c d a b c d
13 28 43
a b c d a b c d a b c d
14 29 44
a b c d a b c d a b c d
15 30 45

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