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‘count SUBJECT Conditions in Rumanian Prigono/Torvure/lanes f 25X1 Avoroved Sec nsnrGROUURRAD CM ROPEEGONTERDpseO0NRG007S LLY 5 25K1 si CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY REPORT NO} INFORMATION REPORT 65 yo, are oiste. AS’ sun 1952 No. OF PAGES 3 TRY Romania Prominent Pricoxors/Detaile on Jilava and Aiud Prisons PLACE No. OF ENCLS. 25X1 Acquire] MUISTED BELOW oaTe SUPPLEMENT TO ACQUIR REPORT NO. 28x1 DATE of ‘THIS I$ UNEVALUATED INFORMATION “ordinarily, political prisoners im Rumasia are transferred fron other prisons end placas of axest to the ilava! prisons after beiag subjected Boia relatively brief period of questioning end torture. The prisoners sent to Jilava daclude both those who have already been sentenced end fhoge who have not, Before finally coning to these terrible uatergrouad prisoss vhich are sot far from Bucharest, they are either questioned by the Pgecuritatea'y the Rumanian Secret Police, or by the Secret Service of In- fornation-the § I-vwith offices in the forner 'Valneson' berreck of the capital. (a) Plogeing the victim on the soles of hts fei (b) subjecting the victis to so-called Mane)? courses: he ia mde to run arowad in the aude 4a the interrogation room for 24 to 60 hours without stopping at.all. (e) Beating the victim with au iron bar om the soles of hie feet while he has Bie ives = (@) ‘cracking! the victim up: his hands are tied to hiv knees, he is suspended JO GROSS! Sohne, “aah aon sine to tine he Se ando to fall on the gromd vith a tersidie thai He) meetra tye op ohosta tho victia te made to Lie on the floor and a Light ates" hoe saace’ one hens, "Ben tg oF tatoo sete Reve Beating er i with thelr clubs for houre on end. (d) Pushing pins wader the prisoner! nails. eS S CUSSIFICATION swam 28X1 ame eR Te = i 3. 8. ™ do. r u sm 25X1 ‘Approved For Release 2003/09/29 : CIA-RDP80-009268003800020007-3 ~2- (g) Beating the victin om hts testicles: They are put into @ aarrow sack and held to a special board, thex beater rythmtcally with a pliable metal wate. "me head of the 'Securitates!, a Russian by the anne of Sergin Nikolov-Wikolekt, Personally takes part iu the dorturiag of those political prisoners vio had once bees inportant people. ‘at the § $1 pricom In Bucharost, a woll-imova petty police officer, Marculescu, Personally tekes charge of the torturing of the prisoners. He is about 55 years old and cas be Tecogatzed ty the walte lock in hie othervise chestaut colored hair, When both the § § I and the ‘Securitates! axe through with 1a terrogating the political prisoners, they have then transferred to Jilava. There 1s also a special section there for yonea political prisomers. "Upon fivet entering the Jileva prisoa butldings, the prisoners ars stripped. naked, aad eli parts of their body, especially those places wiere they could possibly hide something, are thoroughly searched. This searchiag 1s done by militianen recrutted fron enoag the gypetes of Jilava. Anoxg then is the sadistic couender, Maronet, who alveys takes part ia the searching of the prisoners. at the present time, thore are 2,500 prisoners at Jilava, Anoag then are the following fairly well-bxows people: Kikal Maxotlescu, one-tine Mintater of Foreign Affaire. Mikal Romicosms, @ former Mtaiute ox Canil, former director of the 'Resitza! netal esteblishuents. Goneral Coroana. Crteoghelos, engineer and foraer Strector of the teleptons company. Bebe Fundracas, fomer nerchant. ‘Titel Petzesca, head of the no-longer existing Social Democratic Party. Prof Motes, © eocialist--there are aleo a aunber of other socialists interned at Jilave. Comnender Calix Botez, a fomor naval attache, "In the prieva section for wuzon there wore three wonen awaiting transfer to ‘the Miclea prison: Mrs Pla Bratiany, wife of the fomer Prine Minister, Ione] Bratians, Mrs Sinous Catargl, ant Kee Arlette Oopos. ihe voran's goction ot Jileva is guarded by armed youon cuarde vio carry, Soviet-nede pistols of the 'Balalaical type. "Mme Jilave prison autloritics are extrenoly severe sad bratal, Last Christmas the political prisoners, wmting to celebrate, began to sing carole but their Joy was sot to last Zor long. The Militie Gomaxter Meromet punished then by aking then go out naked in the corridors, ‘Thea he and two other ailitiazen, Tanandi end Sabo, whipped then uatil their blood ran, "Jtlava is a prison cexter where people wio are arrested are tried and fron ‘there sent to various other prisoue to fulfill their sextences. Students are usually seat to the prisos of Pitesti, workers to that of Gueria in Trassyl- vania, so-called 'war criminals’ and political prisoners who have comitted ‘serious' crines are sex? to tho prisox of Aiud. Womex prisoners, xo otter on what basis they have been convicted, are transferred to the prison of Mislea, in Muntonte. saozal 28X1 Approved For Release 2003/09/29 : ClA-RDP80-00826A003800020007-3 . ‘Approved For Release 2003/09/29 : CIA-RDP80-00926A003800020007-3 a = Li. "gone_of the prigozers seat up to the Atss prison (ether than those sestoned ir Geveeraph 6) ) ae Stefea Bestolu, fomer Minteter. Cheorehe Copows, = Sumer Leader of the Hational Feseant Party. Atta Goastatatinessa, a former Minister Tie Lazar, former Deputy of the Battousi Peasants, Dr Tle Radulescu, a journalist. Remus Georgoscu, former meaber of the National Peasant Party. Wentfor Robo, a foraer depaty. tAnong thowe prisovers vio had been takon to Aisi aad then drafted tato the force! Inbor brigades working om the Daxibe-Black §ea Oanal are Major Din Yastlin, Frasla Musteons-Rama\e oxi others. Last Hoverber, a aumber of civil~ fans aad nilitary prisonore wore frassferred froa Jilava to Atut vhore they were made to york in the mearty lead mines, Anoag them ware the universit; 25X1 2S. "AL Aiud, all the prissasra waar a striped walform, They are interned tn the acloue pricce tuilMinge accotlag to tne way their ‘orinos! aro classified. In the of4 prison leacwe ap 'Sarca’ there are 300 military ext political prisoners of a coxtain category kept a solitary coafiament, In sections T lad 2 of the poiscn, compoesd of three floors, the prisoaera Live together, 20 of then ia every coil. Ta the basaceat there are 400 celis vuere special Duaishsents are adsinietered, Jour husdred wilitiacoa keep order vithia ‘he Bails of the Aiud prion Dotidings, walle e very strong corps frum the romilar Tet cnards the Dulldiase from the outeide, ‘Theze are tn aGAition, nachine~ fan poste all crount, Heguler wilitery patrols keep a struag watch over all Ns Rezoote excund the prio Daildives as well as All the roads leading to aad from he tows of Alsi. LA, Fat the begining of Inst month, asarly al! cf the 200 commen crimiaals kept Ge Aiud were traneferved to tho pricos of Marginer! no that they could be gut te wrk at the local muatttoas faotory. 15, "At the beglneing of lest Favraary, the prisons at Afud wore equipped vith Mellaiesar! steltert aad other facilities, ‘Twice or three tines @ mouth Sov, the prisoners have to take part x air-redd exerct 16. "Prisoners are ebeolutely forbidden to recetws visitore or to correspond with mangers of teetx families. Oaly oxce, last Hovenber, were they allowed Yo write a fev Lines hora an@ ask for overcoats. They have only a tex-aiaste walk whew that te allowed then, They are made to walk ta thetr prison yard Yericlenses thols ata down, thelr hande claaped debiad then, forming @ circle Vith each’ man £0 eters away from the other." - eae sora 25x1 ‘Approved For Release 2003/09/29 : CIA-RDP80-00926A003800020007-5