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Language and Catechetical Institute Tutoring Partnership Weekly Assessment

Adapted from the Ohio Department of Education’s Strategies for Diverse Learners Using the UDL Model

Focus on English Language Learners(ELL)

Please save the document and type your responses in the boxes below. Please use as much space as you feel is necessary to explain your experience.

Discuss the cultural background Leonid is a seminarian from Ukraine. His bishop sent him here along with his colleague to learn
of the student. Explain how you will use English. I understand that the language in Ukraine is vastly different from English, even the
their cultural knowledge and experiences alphabet!
as teaching/ learning resources (for
and for other students).
*You may consider filling this out after a few sessions and
then return to reflect upon what worked and didn’t.

What is the level of students’ heritage Leo’s English language skills are still at a beginner’s level, although he does know a lot of basic phrases and
(native or home) language skills in all four vocabulary, enough to have a bit of a conversation with him. He can pronounce words well (if they are
communication modes (listening, speaking, already words he knows how to pronounce), and his writing is still at the beginning stages. When we first
reading and writing? How do you think met our LCI students we were given paragraphs about our students. His was a few sentences, but they
you will use their strengths and build upon were still enough to know his name and where he was from. His reading is good, although he does need
their weaknesses? help with some of the pronunciations at times. His listening skills are good as well, although sometimes I
*You may consider filling this out after a few sessions and have to repeat some phrases if I speak too quickly or if he does not understand everything I said.
then return to reflect upon what worked and didn’t.

Consult with the students’ English as a

Second Language (ESL) teachers or
tutors(Dr. Healy) and
share ideas on how to support the students’
learning in both the content classroom and
the ESL classroom
Please upload the document and complete each section after your tutoring session. You will be required to submit both templates into the Blackboard shell at the end of the semester.

Date Time Multiple Means of Representation: To provide students various Multiple Means of Action and Expression: To provide options Multiple Means of Engagement: To tap individual learners' interest
ways of acquiring information and knowledge for students to demonstrate what they have learned challenge them appropriately and motivate them
to learn

02/08/2017 8:00- This was my first tutoring session with Leo! We Leo brought his textbook and we worked on Leo is a very good student! He almost always had
9:00 decided on this day when he found me in the his homework. There were various activities the correct answers and normally only struggles
computer lab and figured out which day and time such as filling in the blanks for words ,reading with spelling. He would put down the answer and
would work best for us. It worked really well comprehension, and verb tense agreement. We I would tell him if it was correct or not. If he had
because we were able to meet at this time nearly also worked on a crossword puzzle. question, I would answer it. I would also explain i
every week this semester. Leo brought his if needed. I helped him on the crossword too
textbook and we worked on his homework because the words were a little challenging to find
together because that was what he expressed to (even for me) but we were able to complete it.
me when I asked him what he would like to work
02/15/2017 8:00- For our second tutoring session we met again to We had more blanks to fill in, matching, a I enjoyed meeting with Leo for the second time!
9:00 work on homework. crossword puzzle, and we had a conversation. He often asks questions about proper
pronunciation, so I help him with that when
necessary. Overall, his pronunciations are good bu
I’m glad to help him with the words he needed hel
pronouncing. He is very good with asking
questions and is very precise.

03/08/2017 8:00- This week I worked with Leo on a few different Leo worked on a “Mock Mad Libs” activity I Leo enjoyed the Mad Libs activity!! He took the
9:00 activities I put together for him which all involved prepared. It included a paragraph with missing “silly” route for some of the blanks to fill in and
writing, reading, listening, and speaking. words (the parts of speech were under each the story made sense while at the same time had
blank) and Leo would have to fill those comical aspects to it. I think it was definitely a
missing words in. I also included a word bank success and I’m grateful to have done it with him.
under each parts of speech so that he could Additionally, Leo learned some more vocabulary
choose from several different words. from this activity.

After that, we had discussion questions. We I also enjoyed the discussion questions I prepared
would take turns asking each other questions for Leo. I was able to learn a bit more about him
and answering them. and we enjoyed discussing the various topics such
as favorite seasons, foods, super powers, and time
We also played a categories game in which I travel.
gave him a list of different categories such as
food and sports and he would fill in all the ones The categories game was beneficial because I saw
he could think of. how many words Leo already knew for them and I
I thought of more words for him to fill in when he
Lastly, I gave him a short essay assignment to couldn’t think of any more.
take home and complete on his own.

03/22/2017 8:00- Leo brought his textbook and we worked on his The activities in his textbook included similar Working with Leo was beneficial as usual. We had
9:00 homework. activities that we usually would work on such a conversation and he was able to learn more
as reading comprehension, matching, and verb vocabulary from that. We also worked on
tense. pronunciations, verb tense, and spelling.
04/26/2017 8:00- This evening, on our 9th tutoring session, we I gave Leo a couple of tips on what he could I had trouble understanding where he received the
9:00 worked on a thank you note for a Bible that Leo say in the thank you note and I helped him with Bible from and a couple other details so that was a
had received. his spelling. little difficult for me when it came to writing his
thank you note because I would’ve liked to know
more context so I could give him more help on
what to say. He did have some ideas of his own fo
his thank you note as well.
Adapted from Ohio Department of Education, Lau Resource Center, March 2011