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Q1. Role of feedback and coaching for monitoring staff performance

The purpose of feedback helps managers to improve the productivity of employees and to
develop employees’ capability to perform and to correct poor performance. As stated by Qiu
et al. (2015), the feedback from employees helps in identifying their learning process as well
as gaps in their learning process. Hence, further monitoring programs can be carried to fulfil
the needs and requirements. The staff performance can be monitored by carrying out certain
works based on to further functioning can be done.
Q2. Grievance procedure in hospitality workplace
The grievance procedures in hospitality industry help to direct and guide behaviour of
employees in workplace. The framework helps to allow for notion of organisational justice
and reciprocity mediations that are needed for best approach grievance and disciplinary
procedures. In accordance to Ibeogu & Ozturen (2015), the grievance procedures include
writing letter to employer setting out details. After it meeting is conducted with employer in
order to discuss any kind of issues. Finally employer makes decisions which are needed to
make them work in an advanced ways.
Q3. Hospitality Industry Award (2010)

Overtime of more than 2 hours without When required to work overtime for more
notification than 2 hours without being informed.
Employees will be paid a daily tool
allowance up to prescribed limit per weeks.
The wages are not paid as it is not informed.
Apart from it $ 20.00

A cook who is required to use their own When cook is required to use their own
tools tools, the employer needs to pay allowance
of $1.55 per day or maximum of $7.60 per

An employees required to start earlier with Employer requires an employee to start

their shift before their normal method of work before their normal starting time and
transport is available method of transport to work. In accordance
to Kozica & Brandl (2015), this clause


applies where employer provides transport

for employee to get to work. The wages that
are paid to employees are $8.00

Full time Staff member is working remotely The minimum wages that can be paid
and is required to stay overnight. employees are $3.00 to each employee.

Part time and casual catering employee’s The employees can be carried which are
laundry reimbursements needed based on it evaluation with $6.00 in
better ways.

Q4. Action taken by supervisor during performance appraisal

Supervisor can develop Individual Development plan for evaluating employee performance.
Involvement of employee helps in designing IDO that helps in strengthening the requirement
based on its mission and vision can be fixed (Nikpeyma et al. 2014). The cross training,
mentoring, seminars as well as self-development plans that helps to make them to take
proper actions in order to evaluate work in better ways.
Q6. Priorities to conducting performance appraisal
During conducting performance appraisal it is necessary for preparation of appraiser and
appraise. The appraiser needs to be aware of discriminatory legislation that helps to tackle
any kind of issues (Bednall et al. 2014). The skill benchmarking tool can be used which helps
in presenting some schemes based on its performance appraisal can be achieved.
Q7. Steps taken for conducting a formal counselling session with staff members
The steps that can be taken for conducting formal counselling they are as follows:
● Informing team members regarding their performance which has been coaching
discussion. The employees are needed to participate in such actions.
● The work that are provided to each of the employees are needed to be done as well as
homework are needed to be given to employees (Iqbal et al. 2015)
● Performance counselling can be done as it helps them to increase their performance
● Creating performance action plans
● Follow up with the employees as it helps them to manage their records based on it
further actions can be taken.
Q8. Five potential solutions to staff performance issues


The potential solution to staff performance issues helps in improving employee performance
in organisation. The solutions are as follows:
● Communicate with employees for analysing their expectations. For instance, it can be
stated that employer needs to communicate with employees as it helps them to
analyse issues that are faced by employees based on it further actions can be carried
(Cravens et al. 2015).
● Regular timely appraisal can ensure employees for conducting performance appraisal
with regularly keeping goals in front of daily tasks. It is also needed to conduct
employees appraisal based on it further actions can be carried in an advanced ways
based on it further strategies can be made.
● Employees need to develop priority in which they need to work. For instance it can be
stated that employees need to set up their priorities as it helps them to perform well
and achieve their goals.
● Improving moral of employees for better work performance. For example: moral
values of employees can be encouraged as it helps them to carry out the work based
on it salary level encourages employees to participate in work and give their best
Q9. Describe types of assessment procedures
Self-assessment is a process that is looking at oneself for assessing aspects for the importance
of one’s identity. It also helps to motivate that staff evaluation with self-verification as well
as self enhancement can be done.
Peer Assessment
Peer assessment is educational activities that are carried for students to judge the performance
of their peers and based on its implementation with learner activities can be concerned.
Team Assessment
Team assessment is a kind of exercise that helps employer to evaluate team’s strength as well
as weakness. The team assessments are based on particular theories that help in driving an
effective teamwork (Elliot, 2015).
Q10. Process for follow when performing performance appraisal interviews
The processes that can be followed by employer during conducting interviews are as follows:
● The appraisal process begins with the establishing the performance standards based
on it further actions can be carried based on its evaluation can be done in done in an
advanced ways.


● Communicating performance expectations with employees helps in analysing

employees demand. Communication helps in transferring of information that is taken
place which is needed to be taken for obtaining in better ways.
● Measuring the actual performance as it is necessary based on its employees is
measured on the ground of basic information from it various sources.
● As stated by Heywood et al. (2017), comparing actual performance with standards are
needed to be compared with predetermined standards based on it actual performance
that helps in enabling the required for employee concerns.
Q11. Process used to give and receive feedback during performance appraisal
The processes that can be used to give and receive feedback during performance appraisal
such as:
● Ask for often feedback: often feedback helps in analysing the performance appraisal
and evaluation can be done.
● The process can be achieved based on its evaluation can be done by team leaders with
every 10 minutes to share and celebrate their achievements, 40 minutes for discussing
current challenges, 10 minutes for team leads to share feedback as well as 10 minutes
for giving feedback to team leaders.
● Buffer’s 10 core values that help in offering and receiving feedback that is crucial for
identifying employee’s requirements.
Q12. Importance to identify mean average in team performance review
The importance helps in identifying mean average as it helps in analysing performance
review. The performance review based on its evaluation can be done as it is necessary based
on it functioning can be evaluation has been carried as it helps in identifying its requirements.
In accordance to Grootenboer (2017), the evaluation on the ground of performance can be
done and total output has been performed as it helps in making them work in better manners.
Encourage an employer to provide references
The managers needs to analyse the work based on its evaluation has been mentioned based on
it functioning has been carried in an effective ways. References regarding company policy
have been mentioned as it follows to make it work in an advanced ways.
Q13. Role of recruitment agencies
The recruitment agency helps in intermediary in between company and job seekers who are
looking for vacancies. Recruitment agency is a company which work as middle man.
Recruitment agencies help in analysing database of candidates for enabling sometimes to fill
positions without even advertising.


Important to chart data within performance review and two different ways
The chart data helps in identifying the issues based on it further evaluation can be done in an
advanced ways. As stated by Yinghui & Wenlu (2015), the chart data focuses on gaps in
employee’s performance. The 2D performance review chart helps in presenting data which is
crucial to make them work in an advanced ways. Pie chart is another type of chart data as it
helps in presenting data in better ways.
Q14. Relationship between job description and interview questions
Interview question is based on the job descriptions. The job description is based on job role
and based on it selection is done. As per example for operations manager job role the
technical knowledge are provided. In relation to job description selection is done.
Productivity indicator and make an effective productivity indicator
The productivity helps in revealing indicator of several economic indicators that helps in
offering dynamic measures based on its evaluation can be done. The economic growth,
competitiveness and living standards are within an economy (Budworth et al. 2015). It helps
in raising productivity for measuring as it helps in principal economic. Developing
conceptual framework has been identified the gaps as the entire ratio can be analysed.
Q16. Three reasons that are undertaking performance appraisal with staff
Performance appraisal helps to make each and every employee to feel valued as it is
necessary for making them to work in an effective ways. In addition it also helps in setting up
gaps based on its employees performance can be enhanced. Another factor helps in resolving
grievances as it is necessary to make them work in an advanced ways.
Q18. 3 Different arrangements that are needed to make interview process and applicant
starting employment
Pre or during interview
During or pre interview of employment certain arrangements are needed to be carried such as
panel in interviews. The candidates has been interview which are needed to be carried
according to it evaluation can be done on the ground of its functioning. As stated by Mwema
& Gachu (2014), questioning set has been identified as it is necessary based on its entire
management can be done. Apart from it practical arrangements such as arrangement of
rooms, venue location are managed. Note taking as well as meals are also provided.
Employee enhances performance

Advice On training and development Advice regarding certain changes such as in


opportunities working skills based on its entire function

can be done in an advanced ways (Fang et
al. 2015).

Key performance requirements and Key performance indicators have been

conformation of organisational objectives carried which helps in managing the
performance among employees.

Ensuring adequate resource applied Resources that are needed to be provided to

employees as technical guideline, enhancing
communication skills as well as on the
appraisal in payrolls.

Opportunity to discuss work challenges Open discussion area in which employees

can present their ideas based on it entire
functioning has been done in an advanced

Providing confirmation and corrective The confirmation regarding work as well as

feedback making them work in an advanced ways.

Support with different interpersonal The interpersonal situations has been carried
situations as it manages the record based on it different
entire role has been managed in an advanced

Q20. Two different people or department to consult for identifying staffing needs
Human resource department’s helps in identifying the requirements as it make them work in
an advanced ways. Human resource department helps in managing people as it is necessary
for analysing employees requirement based on it working environment is provided (Naeem et
al. 2017).
Company administrative department’s helps in following up laws based on its employees’
rights and working hours can be fixed.
Q21. 3 positive elements


In the specific elements that has been professional phone manner, good computer skills as
well as attention to details. These three elements have been managed records of employees as
well as enhance the employee performance appraisal.
Q23. 4 changes needed for job advertisement to make effective
Use of social media can be used for job advertisement. As the world is going globally that has
been encourages job advertisements in detailed manner.
Use of official websites is necessary for making advertisement necessary as it is crucial to
make job seekers to get attracted (Cogin, Ng & Lee, 2016).
Recruitment agencies can play effective role for job advertisements as it make them work in
an advanced ways.
Job advertisement in newspapers as it helps in spreading vacancies as it is crucial to make
them work in an effective way.
Q24. Advantages and disadvantages of each of the following
Internal recruitment
● Increases moral values of employees
● Less paperwork is needed for encouraging employees.
● Lack of diversity has been faced by organisation
● Stagnation can be faced by employees as well as employer
Newspaper advertising
● Newspaper carried out the news all over the world
● Newspaper provides information as well as general knowledge
● There are limited readership which effect on spreading news
● No control over advertising placements
Recruitment agencies
● Knowledge of markets help employer in affecting that are needed to be worked in an
advanced ways.
● Help employer to make his brand and based on it recruitment can be done.
● Candidates are not confirmed about the job placements


● Recruitments agencies with sympathetic with situations invest in helping in issues.

Group interview
● Quick selection of candidates can be done.
● Maximum of candidates can be interviewed as it helps in analysing the different
selection groups.
● It creates competition among employees
● Lack of creative approach impact on evaluation
Assessment centre
● Training can be done with employees
● Promotion of candidates can be done in better ways.
● Assessment centre is highly costly
● High experienced managers are required for evaluating the candidates
Q25. Purpose of the following
Administrative document
The purpose of administrative records helps in presenting housekeeping functions such as
facilities as well as financing can be done.
Interview sections
The main purpose of interview sections is based on employer’s perspectives to get insight of
employee’s personality, capabilities, achievements as well as competencies (Price et al.
Interviewer details
Interviewer details helps in identifying records and it is also crucial for selecting employees.
Selection panel, core sheets and recommendations
The selection panel has been identified and based on its entire performance appraisal can be
managed. In accordance to Warke & Kamath (2016), the core sheets helps in managing
records based on it identification of employee’s requirements can be identified.
Records of interview
The records of interview helps in identifying necessity based on its basic necessities can be
done. The records helps in identifying their background entire ratio has been mentioned.
Q26. Undertaking the selection process checks performed before selection is made


Before selection of employees their educational background are needed to be used as it helps
in making them use in an advanced way. As stated by Iqbal et al. (2015), their
communication skills can be identified; in addition to it their technical knowledge is also
recorded. It helps in making them use in an effective ways.


Interview strategies
● Prep questions in advance has been mentioned as it helps in setting up needs of
employees based on its entire requirements can be managed.
● Choosing right interviewer is crucial helps in making them work as it is required to
identify and make them work which is needed for selection of right candidates.
● Listen to interviewee needs for selection can be done
● Avoid tried and true is needed make them work as it helps in make them work
because this is needed as it is required to identify their in an advanced ways.
● Practical information is needed to be carried as it is required to analysing its
efficiency to entire role in functioning ways.
Two tasks for interviewee was successful
● STAR method can be used as to helps in interviewing is needed as it make them work
as it is managed for taking successful interview process.
● Interviewing process helps in identifying them wok as it is needed for interviewing.


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