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general information disclosure requirements to issuer

information of letter of Agency information disclosure


information disclosure of insider transactions

prohibit insider transaction behavior

Margin rule
sustained information disclosure: periodic report, include:
report (last 2 financial year balance sheet , last 3 financial year income statement ,Marking the finan
financial year,publicity accountants change situation )
quarterly report (Its quarterly report is due within 35 days of the end of its first 3 fin
immediate rep
is requested within 5 or 15 days of the occurrence of an event of a special nature not previously repor
change of the control right of the issuing company, the change of the company's major asset purchas
bankruptcy or bankruptcy management procedures, the financial statements of the acquired enterpris
circumstances of the resignation of directors caused by policy disputes, the change of auditors, and th
year plan.)

Clear legal disclosure detail

the fairness and impartiality of the election of directors
report on the company's operations.

Publicity Changes in the rights and interests of insider dealers in companies: Every executive and dire
owner of direct or indirect rights and interests with more than 10% of any equity securities, shall subm
securities they own to the Securities Committee and the Security Exchange on the effective date of th
securities or when they directly or indirectly own more than 10% of the securities of the company, and
from the date of the change in interest, continuously submit a report on any change in the holding pro

(1) By formulating an internal personnel reporting system, each director, executive, or income owner
report of his securities. The public can analyze the future price fluctuation of the securities issued by t
the internal reports submitted by the insiders, provide an estimated price for their investment, ensure
symmetry of the information of insiders and external personnel, and at the same time. It prevents insi
advantage of insider information to enter the market prior to others.

(2) It stipulates the responsibilities of insiders who should submit reports to engage in short-term exch
scope of statutory insiders including senior managers, directors and 10% of the beneficial owners of a
equity. At the same time, the statutory insiders who engage in short-term trading of stocks (any perio
required to hand over the profits to the issuer. 1
(3) It is explicitly p
insiders to "short selling".

Restrictions on the amount of credit available for the purchase or holding of exempted securities shall
high amount of the following amount:

(1) 55% of the current market price of the securities.

(2) 100% of the minimum market price of the securities in the previous 36 months, but not more than
market price. It is illegal for a pit trader, broker or dealer to "directly or indirectly" provide loans to cus
exempt securities in violation of Federal Reserve rules. If pit trader, brokers or dealers do not require c
loans to customers, it is also illegal.
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