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Office of the Boulder County Coroner 5610 Flatiron Parkway, Boulder, Colorado 80301 - 303.441.3535 - Fax: 303.441.4535 Mailing Address: P.O. Box 471 - Boulder, Colorado 80306 - ywww.bouldercount Name: Polfuss, Logan Autopsy Report # 2018-1578-A Date of Birth: 08/11/1995 Age: 23 years Investigation # 2018-1578-A Date and Time of Pronouncement: 10/19/2018; 1000 Hours Identified by: Tattoos Date, Time, Place of Autopsy: 10/19/2018; 1230 Hours Boulder County Coroner's Office Pathologist: Daniel Lingamfelter, D.O. Assistant: Katie Becker OPINION DIAGNOSIS: 1. Multiple blunt force injuries: A. Superior parietal subarachnoid hemorrhage and comminuted fracture of the C7 vertebra. B. _ Bilateral pulmonary contusions, thoracic inferior vena cava laceration, sternal fracture, and multiple rib fractures. C. Left hemothorax (900 ml) and bilateral renal pallor. D. Fractures of left tibia and left fibula. E. Bilateral conjunetival and periorbital petechiae. Il, History that the subject fell while skydiving, IIL. History that the subject was not using proper equipment, did not have his equipment up to standards, and id not have enough personal free-fall experience for the type of suit used, per information provided by the Federal Aviation Administration. TOXICOLOGY: Negative. CAUSE OF DEATH: Multiple blunt force injuries. MANNER OF DEATH: Accident, Ewa R. HALL Daniel Lingamfelter, D.. Coroner Forensic Pathologist Polfuss, Logan Office of the Boulder County Coroner 2018-1578-A. PERSONS PRESENT AT AUTOPSY Kayci Vigil, Boulder County Coroner Pathology Technician; Tahlia Cristobal, Boulder County Coroner Death Investigator; and Detectives Steve Ainsworth and Sam Yaffe, representing the Boulder County Sheriff's Office. GROSS EXAMINATION: GENERAL EXAMINATION ‘The body is that of a normally-developed, well-nourished, adult White male who weighs 195 Ibs, is 69 inches in length, and appears compatible with the reported age of 23 years. A Boulder County Coroner identification tag is around the right ankle. The body is received clad in two gray shoes, two black socks, a pair of gray jeans, a black watch- like device around the right wrist, two black gloves, a gray short-sleeved t-shirt, a pair of multicolored shark-print underwear, and a gray identification band around the left wrist. The body is accompanied by multiple items of skydiving gear including an orange parachute and a blue jumpsuit (see property inventory list). Personal effects include a white cell phone and a Wisconsin driver’s license. A tox box is completed and sent to the Federal Aviation Administration. Multiple radiographs are taken and examined, EXTERNAL EXAMINATION There is good preservation in the absence of embalming. Rigor mortis is fully developed in all extremities and the jaw. The body is slightly warm to touch. Readily unfixed dark pink-purple lividity extends over the posterior body surfaces, except in areas exposed to pressure. The deceased has dark blond, slightly wavy scalp hair averaging 5 inches in maximum length. The irides appear blue, and the corneae are clear. The ears, nose, lips, and extemal auditory canals are unremarkable. The mouth has natural teeth in good condition. The decedent has a blond mustache. The external genitalia and perineum are unremarkable. 6 inch dark ink tattoo of a written passage beginning with “If the adventure...” is on the inferolateral left chest. A 3 % inch dark ink tattoo of a heart, infinity symbol, and “A+L” is on the upper posterolateral right thigh. Besides the evidence of injury to be described, the remainder of the external examination of the body is unremarkable. Polfuss, Logan Office of the Boulder County Coroner 2018-1578-A EVIDENCE OF INJURY MULTIPLE BLUNT FORCE INJURIES 1. Head and neck: Bilateral superior and inferior bulbar and palpebral conjunctival petechiae are present. Bilateral periorbital petechiae are identified. ‘No subscalpular or subgaleal hemorthages are present, Focal superior parietal subarachnoid hemorrhage is identified. No epidural or subdural hemorrhage is present. No skull fractures are present. No grossly apparent cerebral injuries are identified. No external injuries of the neck are identified. Internal examination reveals an anterior comminuted fracture of the C7 vertebra, with generalized prevertebral fascial hemorthage. The hhyoid bone and larynx are intact. The tongue is normal. W. Trunk: ‘A.1/8 inch dark red abrasion is on the lateral upper right chest. A 1/16 inch dark red abrasion is immediately superior to the right nipple. A 4 inch area of dark pink-red abrasions is in the midline of the lumbar back, An 8 inch area bearing sparse dark pink-red abrasions extends from the right lumbar back to the superior right buttock. Bilateral pulmonary contusions are present. The thoracic inferior vena cava is lacerated. Bilateral renal pallor is noted. The left pleural cavity contains 900 ml of frank blood. The other body cavities contain no abnormal collections of fluid. The sternum bears a transverse fracture at the level of the 4" ribs. The left 1" and 2” ribs bear paravertebral fractures while anterior fractures of the left 2" through 6" ribs are identified. I. Extremities: A.1/8 inch dark red abrasion overlies the proximal interphalangeal joint of the right 5" finger. ‘The feet are covered in petechiae. Open, complete fractures of the distal left tibia and left fibula are present.