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Brandeur Solutions – An Introduction
Our company is an AOP formed under the laws of Pakistan. It is an active tax filer with both SRB and
FBR registration for GST. The company has been operating since September 2014. Initially the
company was a sole proprietorship formed back in October 2011. In the last 7 years of our
operations we have shown consistent growth and have managed to work with some of the best
clients in Pakistan.

The two main partners in the company are:
• Anas Kamdar has been associated with the marketing industry since 2007. He started his
career with Starcom Pakistan as a media buyer looking after accounts such as Nokia, P&G,
Meezan Bank, Askari Bank, Mezan Oil to name a few. He also worked for AXN Pakistan & PTV
News, looking after the Southern Region before moving on to Brandeur Solutions. Anas looks
after the Client Management and the Financial Management of Brandeur.
• Muhammad Kamran has been associated with this sector for over 15 years now. He started
off as an activity supervisor and learned the ropes enabling him to traverse upwards. His
firsthand experience over all the facets of activation gives him an edge over the competition
with unique solutions and efficient operations. He looks after the operations of the company
with special focus on execution.

We also have a third director on board Muhammad Kashif. A graduate from IBA, Kashif has been
affiliated with the communication industry for over 25 years. Having worked on both sides of the
table, his understanding of Media and Communications has few parallels. He has worked on blue chip
accounts including P&G, Nokia, Tetra Pak, PTC, HUM TV, ARY Group, Express Media Group besides
being consultant to various TV & Radio channels. As part of Brandeur Solutions he is responsible for
Brand Strategy and Communication Standards.

Events and Activations
Operating within the ambit of Below the Line (BTL), Brandeur Solutions provides services to brands
for their direct to consumer communications. For reference, all marketing effort done to promote a
brand/product on ground comes under BTL for e.g. Store Activity, School/College/University Activity,
Exhibitions, Shopping Mall Activity, Brand Launches, Traders Gatherings, Annual Gatherings, Annual
Conferences etc.

Events and Activations is a specialized field allowing the clients to present their offerings directly to
the consumers and/or stakeholders. It allows for instant feedback and product off take. All brands,
including those providing B2B solutions, rely on BTL for their brand growth.

Our Clientele
Brandeur Solutions provides services exclusively to corporate clients.

Our clientele includes Coca Cola, Reckitt Benckiser, Shan Foods, Dalda Foods, Peek Freans, OLX
Pakistan, Tapal Tea Limited, Cookania, Habib Bank Limited, Faysal Bank Limited, United Bank Limited,
Primatics Financial, Central Depository Company, Syngenta International, Pharmevo, OBS Pharma,
Jubilee Insurance to name a few.

The Process
At Brandeur Solutions we have formulated a process that benefits the clients and at the same time
provides us the required control over the activity. The process starts with a brief from the client. The
brief may be written (formal) or verbal (informal). Based on the brief we plan out an activity or event
for the client. Our plan along with the cost is presented to the clients. After discussions/negotiations
the plan is finalized and the cost is locked. Based on the finalized activity plan and cost the client

issues a work order (also known as job order or purchase order). This document is legally binding on
both parties and serves as the basis of execution criterion and invoice control.

Depending on the scope of the activity the time period from the final approval to the final billing and
payment stretches between 60 to 90 days. For activities that are longer than a month, the industry
standard is to bill on a monthly prorate basis. Since the cost implication is also spread across such
activities the 90 days mark stays intact.

Financial Requirement
In order to ensure smooth operations, we require funds to execute the activity as per agreed
guidelines. This requirement varies from 40% to 60% of the activity. The variance in requirement is
due to the nature of the activity. An activity that does not require too many temporary workers or
immediate open market purchase and depends on our regular vendors allows us to cover much of the
cost through credit and thus reduces the overall cash requirement.

The absolute amount, of course, depends on the overall cost of the activity. Generally speaking we
would be looking for funding for activities with total invoice amount of about Rs. 10 million and

We want to establish a funding line amounting to Rs. 20 million. This amount would not be
transferred to our accounts. Rather it would be made available to us based on the project and the
cash requirement.

Our Proposal
The first element that we would like to discuss is the security of the investment. We offer three
pronged approach to ensure maximum security. These are:
1. Client Profile
As a policy we only work with clients that have a positive reputation in the market. In the
past we have refused work from clients that are not good paymasters. Even though we
verify our clientele before accepting work, we offer a second level of verification to the
investor. Hence at the time of fund requirement we would provide the details of the clients.
If the investor lacks confidence in the client, the funds may be withheld. We would however
require a session to discuss the same and an opportunity to clear the name of the said client.
2. Work Order
We will provide the copy of the work order for verification of the job and the fund
requirements. Since we require the original for our invoicing process we could show it to the
investor, however the submission would be either a scanned copy or a Xerox.
3. Post Dated Cheques
Based on the time period the funds are required for, we are willing to provide postdated
cheques to the investor. This would serve as a commitment from our end for the repayment.
The cheques would be provided based on the funds required and the interest amount.
4. Legal Contract
In order to provide legal cover, we are willing to sign a contract. The contract would cover
the responsibilities and indemnities of both the parties. It would also cover the process for
fund issuance and repayment to provide legal recourse to the investor.

Finally we are willing to offer 2.5% interest on a monthly basis. The interest would be paid on the
amount being utilized and for the period it is utilized.

This document serves to provide the basic understanding of business and our proposal. We would
recommend that we have a detailed session to address any and all queries and to formulate the
details of investment and returns.