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Micro 32bits SP RACING F3_EVO_Brushed Flight Control Board for Small FPV Drones

by Makerfire
2 reviews

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    1, F3_EVO_Brushed is the optimized version of SP RACING F3 EVO. It is a 32-bit brushed flight controller based on SP RACING F3 EVO
    2, The perfect power input scheme enables the flight controller to support 1S (4.2V) and 2S (8.4V) power supplies. 2S power supply can bring
more violent flight experience. Independently designed circuit structure, built-in pressure booster technology, either 1S or 2S power input,
UART1/2/3 output 5V, DSM output 3.3V.
    3, Using STM32F303CCT6 + MPU6500, advanced F3 hardware platform to ensure more stable flight
    4, With a large current NMOS tube, the working current can up to 10A per road. And each motor is equipped with a freewheeling diode.
    5, Support PPM, SBUS, DSM receiver signal input.
    6, With battery voltage detection and buzzer interface.
    7, Support almost all coreless motors, including the 1020 and other giant coreless motors.
    8, PCBA's dimensions: 25mm * 25mm, 3mm middle fixed hole;
1, The battery voltage selection, the default is 1S (4.2V); When using 2s, please disconnect the short contact of 1S, and then short-circuit the
two pads 2S. It is forbidden to short the three pads together at the same time.
2, The propeller must be removed during flash flight control or debugging.
3, The default version for flight control is Betaflight F3_EVO_Brushed 3.0.1 program, if re-flash the firmware, Please enter set
motor_pwm_rate=10000 in the CLI command line of the CF/BF configuration software and enter Save command to save.
4, Please set the maximum throttle value to 2000, which can effectively increase the flight time.
Receiver configuration:
1. The DSM receiver is directly soldered in the DSM interface 3.3V, GND, RX3. and CF/BF software to configure UART3.
2. The PPM and SBUS receivers are soldered to UART2's GND, +5V, RX2; SBUS signal is configured in CF/BF software with UART2.

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So much power
Todd Speck on Aug 26, 2018

This board is the best addition to my custom build's. Super stoked I found this one. sure hope you keep making it. Big kudos Makerfire! I
will def. be ordering more.

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Awesome flight controller

Todd Speck on Jun 09, 2018

Super nice board. I made myself a ripper. 7.4, 65mm blades, Tattu 300 mah, carbon frame, Radiolink At9s, R6dsm. It hums so
nice...Stoked to add this one to the collection. Next one is gonna be a 1 cell ripper.

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Q Thanks for the quick answer, I just got this controller and looking forward to get it going so I'll try Flysky then. One last question, does it
comes with a 5v output for a camera?
A Hello CESAR, Yes, it supports 5v output for camera, we just updated a picture in product description, please check it back, thanks.

Q Can I use a Bayang receiver? Any manual or extra instructions for this model? Thanks
A Hello this is not work for Bayang, you many want to try this?


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