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Name: Jamie Kaminscky

Mr. Brandes/Ms. Baker

English 4/US Government
October 23, 2018
25 points
My Political Profile

1. Parties:
Democratic -86%
Socialist -83%
Women's Equality -84%
Libertarian -36%

2. In each of the following categories, list the political parties with whom you agree or strongly agree. The
symbols indicate the party names and are identified in your list at the top of your result.

A. Foreign policy - Women's Equality, Democratic, Socialist

B. The economy-Women's Equality, Democratic, Socialist
C. Health care-women's equality,Democratic,Socialist
D. Social policy- Women's Equality, Democratic, Socialist, Libertarian
E. The environment-Equality, Democratic, Socialist
F. Science-Women's Equality, Democratic, Socialist

3. Themes:
A. Individualism vs. Collectivism- Collectivism
-I side strongly with Collectivism because if a government is formed,it should be in charge of
protecting and respecting its citizens.
B. Progressive vs. Traditional
-I believe in more progressive views because if nothing changes,nothing gets better,and we need new
ways to work with things in life and in government environments.
C. Tender vs. Tough- extremely tender
-For small time criminals, I side more with tenderness because i believe in the power of rehabilitation
and reform
D. Democracy vs. Meritocracy
-Democracy is ideal in the face of proper education, so the power of a mall group of people is not
overwhelmed against the populations ideals.
E. Big Government vs. Small Government
- Extremely big government, because small government groups may be able to be more easily swayed
by manipulation through financial of informational incorrectness,so a large population of highly
qualified individuals is ideal in my opinion.

4. My political profile most likely shows I'm a sensitive and caring person, with ideals that want
the best for everyone. I have differing opinions sometimes with being more a pessimist about the
human psyche, but usually this is very aligned with my political stance. Nothing exactly surprised
me about my political beliefs from this test, I just realised how much I have no voters say in the
upcoming elections, which is very disappointing.
The most important issues I focus on is protections and need based equity for all citizens, and
as long as the nation runs more as a business, some people have to leave their ideas behind for a
more progressive world. Several instances of misinformation lasts for a long time, and the power
of money over the lives of others still is involved in politics. There is no one way to fix things so
it is perfect for everyone, so I am aware of multiple sides that could argue against mu political