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Band 3

Performance Use knowledge acquired through listening, speaking,

Standard reading and writing.
Descriptor B3 DT1
Writing speeches
Evidence B3DT1 E1
Able to write out a speech on a particular topic:
 using the correct format
 in paragraphs
 in not less than 120 words

Sample Instrument

You have won the Best Student of the Year award. The principal has asked you to give
a speech on your achievement during the school assembly.

Write out the speech:

 using the correct format
 in paragraphs
 in not less than 120 words

You may use the notes given below:

1. learn to say “thank you”

2. pleasant and good manners
3. respect everyone
4. grateful to teachers and parents
5. a sharing and caring person

Sample Answer
A very good morning to the principal, teachers and my friends! I am extremely
honoured and thankful to the school for presenting me with the Best Student of the Year
award. On the request of our principal, I would like to share my thoughts on the qualities
of a good student.

My dear friends, being a model student is not really difficult at all. All it needs is
just good values, good manners and self-discipline. Always remember, as students, you
should at all times respect all your teachers and the other students in the school. There
is a saying that goes like this, “Respect others before you expect others to respect you”.
Clearly, being respectful to people who are younger than you or even to those who do
not like you would not make you lose pride. Rather, this would make others like you and
most importantly, you can make the world a better place to live in.

Next, learn to say thank you. It is nice to say thank you to people who have
contributed to you in some way or other. Imagine seeing the smiles on the faces of all
those whom you thank. Your teachers work hard to educate you and your parents work

even harder to give you a good life. So, you must always be grateful and say thanks to
those who have helped you.

My dear friends, don’t forget, self-discipline is of utmost importance. It will make

you a better person. You must show that you have values like punctuality and
trustworthiness. Only then will others believe in you.

You must be sharing and caring students. This is something that I learnt from my
parents who said, “Always care for those who are weaker than you and those who may
not be as good as you”. So, help people who need your help and you would be

Last but not least, you need to do well in your academic studies. This would
show that you are hard working. Also, never be arrogant and a show-off.

I believe that all these put together has helped me win the best student of the
year award. My dear friends, it is not difficult to be an outstanding student. In a way all
of us are unique. So, have a positive attitude, work hard and leave the rest to God.

Thank you.