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Multiple choice: Choose the correct answer that corresponds to each questions given.Write the letter of your
choice on the space provided for before the number.

___1. PECs stands for:

a.PersonalEquipement Community c. Personal Entrepreneur Competencies
b.Proper Entrepreneur Compare d.None of the above
___2. They are those with skills and capabilities to see and evaluate business opportunities.
a.PECs c.Analyst
b.Entrepreneur d.Organize
___3.The following are importane attributes of a good entrepreneur, except:
a.Concept Development c.Disciplined
b.Confident d.Has the Initiative
___4. One of the important attributes of a good entrepreneur is Hardworking, which means:
a.Havesellf reliance in one’s ability and judgement
b.Workingdeligentlyand being consistent about it
c.Nothing is permanent but change
d.None of the above
___5. One of the important attributes of a good entrepreneur is Profit-Oriented, which means?
a.An entrepreneur takes the initiative
b.Workingdeligently and being consistent about it
c.Enters the word of business to generate Profit or additional Income
d.None of the above
___6. Committed is one of the important attributes of a good entrepreneur, which means:
a.Entrepreneur assume full responsibility over their business
b.Agent of economic change
c.Workingdeligently and being consistent about it
d.None of the above
___7. What important skill of a successful entrepreneur is where a day-to-day business transactions, and you
need to deal with people.
a.Excellent planner c.Sound decision maker
b.Profit-Oriented d.Possesses people skill
___8. The following are important characteristics of a successful entrepreneur, except:
a.Excellent planner c.Possesses people skills
b.Ability to accept change d.Sound decision maker
___9. The following are important characteristics of a good entrepreneur, except:
a.Confident c.Has the initiative
b.Excellent planner d.Profit-Oriented
___10. As an entrepreneur, if you always stick to the plan and fight the temptation to do what is unimportant.
What kind of attributes of a good entrepreneur do you have?
a.Committed c.Disciplined
b.Creative d.Has the Initiative
___11. It is a managerial tool used to assess the environment.
a.Scanning c.Environment
b.SWOT Analysis d.Objectives in selling
___12. SWOT in SWOT Analysis stands for:
a.StrengthWeaknessessOjective Threads c.Satisfactory Weaknesses Overview Thurst
b.Strength Weaknesses Objects threat d.Strength Weaknesses Opportunities Threats
___13.Where should you look closely to be successful in any kind of business ventures?/
a.Needs and wants c.Environment and Market
b.SWOT Analysis d.Objectives and Selling
___14. The following are branded food product, except for:
a.Penshoppe c.CDOkarne Norte
b.Maggi d.PureFoods
___15. The following are brands for clothing goods, except for:
a.Mr.Lee c.Converse
c.HTC d.Levi’s
___16. Bench is under what category?
a.Vehicle c.Clothing
b.Technology d.Foods
___17.The following are different cellphone/gadget brand, except for:
a.Cherry Mobile c.Lucky Me
b.Huawei d.HTC
___18. It refers to a process of making a new product to be sold by business of enterprise new product.
a.Product development c.Concept development
b.Generating Ideas d.None of the above
___19. It involves modification of an existing product or its presentation or formulation of an entirely
new product.
a.Concept Developing c.Formulating Ideas
b.Product Development d.None of the above
___20. Which statement best describes Product Development?
a.A process of a new product c.Refers to identifying market opportunities
b.Involves modification of an existing product d.All of the above
___21. It is a critical phase in developing a product.
a.SWOT Analysis c.Concept Development
b.Analyzing Competitive products d.Selecting a product
___22. The following are different stages in concept development, except for:
a.Generating Product concept c.Perform economic analysis
b.Innovation d.Plan the remaining development product
___23. What stage of concept development which entrepreneurs can easily Identify customer’s needs?
a.Generate product concept c.Identify Customer’s needs
b.Refine product sopcifications d.Establish target specification
___24. How many stages does a concept development have?
a.8 stages c.9stages
b.4 stages d.7stages
___25. What is the first stage you should undergo in Concept development?
a.Analyze competitive products c.Plan remaining Development product
c.Select a product concept d.Identify customer’s need
___26. In what stage does “Plan the remaining development project” is located?
a.1st stage c.6th stage
b.4 stage d.Last stage
___27.To know the different reasons of customers when buying a product.
a.USP c.Empathy
b.Finding value d.Innovation
___28. Among the following, which is not included in Unique Selling Proposition.
a.Use Empathy c.Discover customer’s genuine reason
b.Examine existing goods d.Identify customer’s need
___29.Which of the following statement best describes the term “Use Empathy”.
a.Put yourself in the shoes of your customers
b.A competitive entrepreneur always improve their products
c.Make some effort to find out
d.None of the above
___30. It is one of the considerations in generating ideas for business where in you need to
examine the goods and services.
a.Examine the present needs c.Examine the availability or goods
b.Examine existing goods and services d.None of the above
___31.What is the practice of creating a name, a symbol or design that differentiate product or
services from the rest?
a.Branding c.Originality
b.Symboling d.Style and Design
___32. Look and listen to what the institutions and communities are missing in terms of goods
and services.
a.Examine the present and future needs c.Examine existing goods and services
b.Concrete of selecting a business a business ideas d.None of the above
___33. You can pick up new business from magazines such as Newsweek, reader’s digest, and etc.
a.Present and future needs c.Internet surfing
b.Read magazines and other publications d.None of the above
___34. Needs for the products and services are refers to as market demand.
a.Examine the availability c.Examine how the needs are being satisfied
b.Examines the customers wants and desires d.None of the above
___35.What will you do to examine the materials or skills are available in the abundance In your area?
a.Examine how the needs are being satisfied c.Examine available resources
b.Examine existing goods and services d.None of the above
___36. What should you do to pick up new business ideas?
a.Read Magazines c.Read Articles
b.Surf to the Internet d.All of the above
___37. It is the brain of the computer where most of the “computing” takes place.
b.Monitor d.HDD
___38. This is commonly known as the physical equipment that makes up the computer system.
a.Printer c.Chasis
b.Hardware d.System Unit
___39. What is the main purpose of the left mouse button?
a.To execute a command c.To serve as abort button
b.To repeat the last command d.To serve as pick button
___40. Among the following softwares, which is not an application?
a.Adobe Photoshop c.Flash
b.AutoCAD d.Linus
___41. It is a set of programs, procedures and related documentation associated with a computer system?
a.Operating System c.Software
b.RAM d.Optical Drive
___42. What computer hardware will you use to type information?
a.Keyboard c.Digitizer
b.Mouse d.Tablet
___43. It is an output device that used to print information?
a.Plotter c.Optical drive
b.Monitor d.Printer
___44. A Graphic tablet used for sketching new images or tracing old ones.
a.Digitizer tablet c.Optical Disk
b.Plotter d.HDD
___45.What is the purpose of using the Mouse?
a.Used to play games c.Used to pick objects
b.Used to control cursor d.All of the above
___46. What will app will you use to create a powerpoint presentation?
a.Microsoft c.AutoCAD
b.Apache d.ORACLE
___47. Which of the following is one of the several ways in launching CAD?
a.Click the Program c.Menu browser
b.By opening the drawing file d.AutoDesk
___48. When performing the AutoCAD application there are some procedures to be followed, which of
following choices best describe in performing the CAD?
a.From the start menu – Clickstart>Programs>AutoDesk>AutoCAD from the computer
b.From the start menu – Clickstart>AutoDesk>AutoCAD from the computer
c.From the start menu- AutoDesk> AutoCAD from the computer
d.None of the above
___49.Which of the following is the meaning of CAD?
a.Computer-Aided develop c.Computing-Aided Denom
b.Computer-Aided Design d.Computer-Aided Designed
___50. Which of the following choices is true about the AutoCAD working environment?
a.It comes with a widerange of features used in different aspects
b.Its composed of Menu bars, Filename, Drawing toolbars etc
c.It has widerange of modifying toolbars
d.All of the above
___51.It is the name of the current file you are working on.
a.Filename c.Command line bar
b.Ribbon d.Toolbars
___52. It is a client software that let users read or scan documents on the World Wide Web.
a.Ribbon c.Menu Browser
b.Modifying Toolbars d.Menu browser
___53. What CAD working environment will you use to modify to suit the images you need?
a.Dialog Box launcher c.Modify Toolbars
b.Crosshairs d.Status bar
___54. It is a tool that allows you to search for a particular data or document in a help file or to web.
a.Toolbars c.Command line bar
b.Search box d.UCS
___55.It is where you enter the commands from the keyboard.
a.Toolbars c.Command line bar
b.Search box d.UCS
___56. What CAD working environment will you use to provide direct access to common or defined
set of commands like New, Open and Save.
a.Menu bar c.Info bar/Tray setting
b.Quick access toolbar d.Ribbons
___57. What are the two coordinate systems?
a.Cartesian and Tracking coordinates c.Distance coordinates and above
b.Polar and Cartesian coordinates d.Ange and Units coordinates
___58.This command allows you to create a type of spline knows as NURBS.
a.Spline command c.Ellipse command
b.Arc command d.Donut command
___59. Among the following basic drafting tools are correct, except for:
a.The line command c.Pickbox command
b.Polyline command d.Rectangle command
___60. What are the three object selection commands?
a.The crosshair, fillet and array c.Crosshair,Windowing and Pickbox
b.Harmony,The crossing, Highlights d.Crosshairs,Pickbox,Highlighted objects
___61.This command allows you to mirrior selected objects in your drawing by picking them and
defining the position.
a.Copy command c.Chamfer command
b.Offset command d.Mirror command
___62. What command will you use to create new object parallel to or concentric with a selected object?
a.Offset command c.Chamfer command
b.Copy command d.Trim command
___63. It is short term for orthogonal, which means either vertical or horizontal.
a.Ortho mode c.Snap mode
b.Node mode d.Orthon mode
___64. It has a regular pattern of dots displayed on the screen which acts as a visual aids.
a.Drawing Grid c.Osnaps
b.Drawing Aids d.Graphing screen
___65. In function keys, using F4 will alow you to to toggle?
a.ISOPLANE c.Tablet mode
b.Running object d.Grid mode
___66.Statement that best describes the Enter Key.
a.Cancels the dialog box
b.Used to paste copied text from the clipboard
c.Ends a command, or will repeat the previous command if blank.
d.None of the above
___67. What is the importance of using the key CTRL+X key?
a.Allows you to Reverse the last action
b.Cuts the object to clipboard
c.Creates a new drawing
d.None of the above
___68. What is the importance of using the key F8?
a.Toggles ORTHO MODE
b.Toggles GRID mode
c.Toggles Dynamic UCS
d.Toggles OSNAP
___69. What is the importance of using the key CTRL+4?
a.Toggles groups
b.toggles the clean screen
c.Toggles tablet mode
d.Toggles the Sheet set manager
___70. This special function key allows you to move to next layout to the left of the current tab.

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