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Lesson Planning Form

Activity: Gym Lesson Title: Badminton Lesson Date: Week of 4/22

Name of Activity Specialist: Francess Gideon Grade Level: K-2nd

Goal/Objective: Demonstrate the correct use of forehand and backhand grips when holding the racket. Promote
teamwork and cooperative skill building.


Routine Stretching* Choose 2 or 3 students to lead warmup/exercises

Arm Circles, Neck Rolls, Jumping Jacks, Calf Stretches, Jog-N-Place, Sprints, push-ups, calisthenics etc.

Time: 5 min

Review: Basketball review- talk about boundaries, sportsmanship and what we learned about playing
structured sport

Time: 5 min

Mini- Lesson - Directions/Instructions/Lesson Introduction

Fitness Circus- • Designate game boundaries with cones for students to play tag. Be sure the area is safe for
students to run, stop, chase and dodge, such as grass etc.
• Set up 4-6 cones around the gym ( or other play area)
• Designate each cone as a different circuit station (jumping jacks, push ups, etc.)
• Divide the students equally into two groups.
• One half of the students will divide among the different circuit stations.
• The other half will stand around the perimeter of the circuit stations.
• On your signal students at the circuit stations will begin exercising and those around the perimeter will begin
jogging for 45 seconds to 1 minute.
• On your signal the two groups will quickly change positions, with the joggers dividing equally among the
circuit stations and the rest of the class preparing to run at your signal. Allow for time to change stations and a
brief rest (15-30 seconds)
• Attempt to do the Fitness Circuit 5-6 times or as time allows.

*Water and Bathroom break if needed

Time: 15 min

Main Activity

Balloon Tap- • Class is broken up into groups- depending upon the size. Each group will have on balloon. They
must begin “tapping” the balloon with their hands to avoid the balloon touching the floor. Can tap balloon with
one hand or both. Count how many time balloon is tapped without hitting the floor/ground.
-Learning over and under hand taps
• Progression – trying to tap the balloon with their racket hand only.
Progression – complete the same exercise using rackets.
Progression- expanding or downsizing groups depending on lesson.
(Kindergarten will have only use balloons for Badminton lesson, not shuttlecocks. 1st and 2nd grade will have 1
or 2 balloon/ball lessons before transitioning to shuttlecocks

Time: 30 min

Closing/Wrap-up Discussion/Reflection/Cool-down Activity

Review Skill/Activity


Why was the balloon effective? Why wasn’t it?

How many times were you/your team able to keep the ball in the air without it falling

Time: 5 min
Supplies Needed:

Role of Group Leader/Assistant Teacher:

 Behavioral Management when a student decides to disrupt the class

 They will support students by giving them positive motivation during the drills

 Take attendance

 Go with students to get bathroom and drink water.

 Assist with equipment/ blowing balloons

 Distribute and collect equipment

 Move and monitor safe space

Follow-Up Notes/Extension: