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Big Idea (What is the overall theme of the Learning Center?

): The
overall theme of the learning center is Plants. Students will learn how
to use a homemade clinometer to calculate the height of a plant and
students will know how photosynthesis helped that plant get to that
height (how photosynthesis helps the plant grow).

Essential Question (What are the questions you would expect

students to be able to answer when they finish the activities in your
learning center?): How does Photosynthesis explain the growth of a
plant and how can you calculate the growth of a plant?

TEKS Content Essential Centers Technol- Assess- Student

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Area & n Rubric Portfolio
Student Scale
G.5.A Math- Using a Students will start PowerPoint: Rubric is Students
Geometry- homemade by creating a giving attached products will
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Class Code: google
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QR Codes
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Links to
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BIO.9.B Science- How does While watching The app Science Students will
Biology-Diego photosynthesis the video-time “Picture teacher will take a
Contreras affect the lapse students this” create a elongated
growth of a will create a Link to similar rubric rectangular
plant? paper band picture this: to the one piece of
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plants paper.
Link of the


Materials Needed:

Math Materials needed:

● Plant-Ponsettia
● Paper Plates
● Straws
● String
● Washer tool
● Ruler/Protractor
● Pens or Pencils
● Paper
● Tape measure
● Tape
● Laptop
● Phones of Students

Rubric for Math:

4 3 2 1
Completion All parts of All parts Some parts Few to no
of the of the of the parts of the
questions problem problem problem problem
are are are are
completed completed completed completed
and neatly
Pictures All All Some Few to no
pictures pictures pictures pictures
requested requested requested requested
by the by the by the by the
teacher teacher teacher teacher
were were were were
submitted submitted submitted submitted
of product
Accuracy Each step One step Several Entire
of the of the steps of the assignment
problem problem problem was
was was contained incorrect
completed incorrect errors
and correct
Steps Every step Most steps Few steps None of the
was were were steps were
completed completed completed completed/
thoroughly thoroughly thoroughly no work
with work with work with work was shown
shown shown shown

Science Materials:
● Color Pencils
● Pencils or Pens
● Ruler
● Paper
● Elongated rectangular piece of paper
● Scissors
● Laptop