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Name of Candidate:RIKA JENNEJ YEE DELENA MTI Candidate Official No:

Contact No:09153812710 Name of Organization (If any):

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Project  Initiated Project
Project Title:#SHAREILOILO: Promoting the Preservation of Ilonggo Culture, Arts, & Heritage

Brief Description:
Iloilo is, in one word, beautiful. It is blessed with an abundant land and sea, a rich cultural heritage, and is a hub for brisk
economic activity. It is the cradle for many great Filipinos, even heroes like Graciano Lopez Jaena. The people are friendly,
loving and hardworking.

And I am proud of Iloilo --- we have the best of almost everything.

Every Ilonggo teenager should discover the beauty that is in Iloilo and learn to appreciate every aspect of the community as a
source of inspiration and identity. This is my advocacy --- to propagate the beauty in Iloilo.

To help me out in promoting Iloilo, I will seek the support of the media, as well as our schools, to spread the word about the
beauty of Iloilo, the place, the people, its history, its culture and to play the big part of this project called #SHAREILOILO:
Promoting the Preservation of Ilonggo Culture, Heritage and Arts.

The primary activity of this project is the Heritage Trail. This will showcase the richness of Ilonggo’s identity through tourism
and curriculum-based programs. This will focus mainly on the following aspects:
1. The Arts are the physical results of our creative impulse. The various art forms represent an outlet for creative
expression which is both influenced by our culture and, in turn, influences it.
2. Culture is how we express who we are, as a member of a group. Through arts activities, festivals and events, through
food and traditions — our culture makes us feel connected and welcome, and proud of our home and city.
3. Our Heritage is woven through our buildings and artefacts, and through our stories inherited from past generations
which connect us with the present and which we preserve for future generations.

Since Iloilo has been acknowledged as one of the significant geographical sites of the country where major cultural
infrastructure existed, it is imperative to sustain programs on Arts, Culture and Heritage that will guide advocates and
foundations in its future planning and also engage with and consider implications for greater Philippines taking account of
this broader role.

In line with the numerous projects of Iloilo on culture, arts, and heritage, this project proposal will link to existing
organizations to further contribute to the realization of our common goal---promote Iloilo.

In addtion, this project will involve the creative industries to further promote the toursim of Iloilo. This will cover both
traditional and new disciplines as diverse as game development and graphic design, fashion and filmmaking, performing arts
and publishing, architecture and advertising, media and music, comedy and craft. As to promote this project, this will include
activities that are commercially-driven and community based, from experimental to export-intense.

Aside from the creative communties, this project will also involve educational institutions to include in their curriculum the
awareness to Iloilo Culture, Arts, and Heritage. This will foster organized educational trips to accommodate all students from
various parts of Iloilo and even nearby provinces.

Lastly, it is important that Ilonggo youths of today should know the very essence of being an Ilonggo. By participating in this
Trail, together we become part in connecting the culture, arts, and heritage to the new trends, and further educate the youths
and tourists about Iloilo. Hence, this Project.

Category (Please check one only)

Culture and theArts, Peace, and Human Development


 Education and Technology
Environment, Disaster Risk Reduction, and Climate Change Adaptation
 Health, Nutrition, and Well-being
Livelihood and Entrepreneurship
Project Launch Date &Date of Completion: February 20, 2018 – February 20, 2019 (on-going)


Entries shall be judged on the basis of the submitted project
● The project entry to be submitted must be a recently entry.MTI focuses on projects that meet the following criteria:
concluded project/an ongoing program or a proposed ● IMPACTOF THE PROJECT ENTRY ON STAKEHOLDERS
project. The project should also be under one of the five ● HARNESSING THE SPIRIT OF VOLUNTEERISM AND CITIZENSHIP
categories. (involvement of the community, especially the youth in planning,
implementing and evaluating the program or project)
● CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION (introduction/application of new
technologies, uniqueness of services or products, promotion of
unique or indigenous ways or materials)
● EFFECTIVE USE OF RESOURCES(financial resourcefulness,
networking with similar organizations, identifying local


Describe your project entry. (Limit to 500 words and in one page). Answers can be written in English or
The Culture, Arts and Heritage Trail is a unique tourism project which will guide everyone through cultural,
arts, and heritage experiences. The trail showcases the significant importance of the Iloilo’s culture, arts, and
heritage and will enable students, visitors and residents to design customized itineraries for their ideal
vacation or educational trips. They can choose from heritage elements such as museums and historic sites,
performing arts venues including festivals, special events, theatre and music or visual arts with galleries, craft
shops and artisan studios.
This trail guide provides a detailed listing and description of a wide variety of authentic arts and heritage
properties across Iloilo and allows visitors to experience the rich culture and history of Iloilo Province as they
follow specialized scenic trail drives.
The Trail will be also using an official transport to bring all the visitors from one place to another. The
transport will be enclosed for film viewing which will showcase the Iloilo’s cultural history. The presentation
will initially use technology to help visitors have the best possible tourist experience. This will provide the
visitors about the information of the location that will be visited, including the important facts on culture, arts
and heritage or the local cultural tourism products before arriving the site.Upon arrival to the site, visitors
will be warmly welcomed with arts and cultural exhibitions and creative performances from the local


Give a brief background of your project entry. State the reason/s why you choose this project. (Limit to
250 words and in half a page).
Iloilo is one of the most interesting and sought-after provinces in the Visayas. Iloilo also considered as one of
the fast growing and developing province right now. In fact, Iloilo is the best performing city and won
numerous awards since then.

Aside from knowing and being proud of its economic progress, I wish more and more Ilonggo youths could
understand the beauty of Ilonggo culture, arts, and heritage and the fact that this is a source of so much
inspiration and identity.

This is one goal I would like to share with every Ilonggo teenager. To push the cultural education and
information out to the Public and Private schools in Iloilo province as well as to the tourists and the general

To do this, I will seek the support of the media – writers, broadcasters, and journalist whom I considered the
keys in the dissemination of information. Media has such powerful tools of words, image, and thought that
can truly change consciousness and mindset of teenagers like me.

I opted to focus on this advocacy because if Teenagers like me were informed about how to look and
appreciate art, museum, designs, heritage sites, and traditional practices, then everyone would become more
intimate with the Ilonggo culture, which is the DNA we carry around us as a people.

This informational project will help us young generation to develop a full awareness and understanding of
beauty as we define it. See the richness of our Ilonggo traditions that are dying because of everyone wanting
to just be global at all costs and we are so much influenced by the pop culture.

On the one hand, as part of the continuing tourism projects of Iloilo, here are the reasons why this project is
being proposed. To improved management and use of culture, arts, and heritage assets,this project will
contribute towards the achievement of the following targets:

Objective 1. Growing Prosperity - throughtourism industry by showcasing Iloilo’s rich culture,

arts, and heritage.

Objective 2: Fostering Creativity - using film, television, audiovisual and digital content - which
will significantly grow and expand Iloilo’s share of thenational feature film industry.

Objective 3: Creative Education - improve learning outcomes in the arts and other curriculum
areas that utilize enterprise education.

Objective 4: Building Communities- by building local infrastructures relevant to culture, arts, and
heritage; and maintain these infrastructures to develop and support sustainable communities in

Who are the beneficiaries, how many, and how did they benefit? (Limit to 250 words and in half a page).

The following are the beneficiaries of this project:

1. Local government unitsand local barangays where the heritage is located. There will be an increase
number of tourists that will visit their place. In effect, more people will get to know the richness of
their local culture and arts.
2. Folks in the communities who will be part of heritage trail. They will showcase their culture and arts
through performances and exhibitions.
3. Youths who will participate in all the cultural presentations and arts exhibitions. They will serve as
performers and local tour guides, hence, increasing their awareness about their local cultural
heritage as well.
4. Indigenous community helping out in the exhibitions as performers or ushers. They will serve as
direct personalities to entertain questions from the visitors, telling about the way of living they have
had before and how it affected them through the test of times. By giving them spot in this project,
they will also feel proud of their identity.
What is the process of implementation? Who are the people/institutions/organizations will be/involved
and what will be/were their roles? (Limit to 250 words and in half a page).

The following are the processes of implementation:

● Present the project proposal to advocates of culture, arts, and heritage to foundations and tourism
● Tap leading foundations or organizations on culture, arts, and heritage to partner with and to help
out in drafting the heritage trail accordingly.
● Inform local tourism offices about the project to prepareexhibitions showcasing culture and arts of
the locale.
● Coordinate with educational institutions to include in their curriculum a field trip on heritage trail.
● Coordinate withTV and radio stations as wellas writers to promote the Iloilo heritage trail to the
● Launch a series of workshops called #ShareIloilo: Promoting the Preservation of Ilonggo Culture, Arts,
and Heritage.
● With four partner groups: Department of Tourism Iloilo, Museo Iloilo, Iloilo Arts Council and the
Iloilo media, with a clear objective of addressing a gap today: to share information and on writing
about Ilonggo culture, arts, and heritage.
● With the proliferation of vlogs and online social media, the students and visitors who will be part of
this advocacy or who will be participants of the heritage trail, truly hold power in this information
age we are in by posting photos and sharing their experiences online about their heritage trip with
hash tag: we connect, we get involve, we share Iloilo (#weconnect-wegetinvolve-weshareIloilo).

What resources did/will you use for this project? How was the group able to raise funds for the project?
* (Limit to 250 words and in half a page).

This project will raise funds through the following:

1. Road shows and exhibitions by youth, such as: concert for a cause, art exhibits for a cause.
2. All participating LGU will contribute in the infrastructure and signage for the heritage trail.
3. Organize interschool Music and Arts Festival for a cause.
4. Ilonggos around the world will be tapped to sponsor this project.