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Synopsis of school mangement system

Synopsis of school mangement system

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1 Title of the project

3 Introduction of the project

4 Objective of the project

5 Scope of the project

6 Report of the project

6 Modules of the project

7 Input data and validation of the project

8 Features of the project

9 Software Requirement Specification

10 Identification of need
Inroduction of the project school management system:-

The title of the project “School Management System” This project will
handle whole the activities of the school. SMS has most of the facilities that a
modern school requires to computerize its day-to-day jobs. It provides facilities to
keep the records of student, fees, teaching and non-teaching staff with all their
required details along with all required transaction handling. It has facilities to
generate various types of reports, which are required by the management during
normal business operations to operate the business effectively.
Objectives of the project

This project is based on the RDBMS technology; the main objective of this
project is to computerize the manual system & reduce the time consumption.

In other words we can say that our project has the following objectives:-

 Make all system computerize

 Reduce time consumption
 Reduce error scope
 All system management are automated
 Centralized database management
 Easy operation for operator of the system
 No paper work requirement
Scope of the project

It may help collecting perfect management in details. In a very short

time, the collection will be obvious, simple and sensible. It will help a
person to know the passed year perfectly and vividly. It also help in
current all works relative to School Management System. It will be also
reduced the cost of the collecting management & collecting the
management & collection procedure will go on smoothly.
Our project aims at business process automation, i.e. we have tried
to computerize various processes of School Management System.

 In computer system the person has to fill the various forms &
number of copies of the form can be easily generated at a time.
 In computer system, it is not necessary to create the manifest but
we can directly print it, which saves our time.
 To assist the staff in capturing the effort spent on their respective
working areas.
 To utilize resources in an efficient manner by increasing their
productivity through automation.
 The system generates types of information that can be used for
various purposes.
 It satisfy the user requirment