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Tina Louise (Ginger of Gilligan's Island) Like You've Never Seen Her Before

Film and TV Icon Tina Louise, best known for her role as Ginger on "Gilligan's Island," plays the
matriarch of a family that is crumbling. She is the glue that holds together a family comprised of a
son (Stephen Baldwin) who has struggles in all facets of his life, and her husband (veteran actor
Burt Young) is well-intentioned, but clearly, it is Tina's character (Rose Goodwin) that is the head of
the clan. When she becomes ill, the Goodwin family has to consider life without her.

New York, NY, February 01, 2019 --( TV and film Icon Tina Louise is simply amazing as
"Rose Goodwin" in the newly released family drama "Tapestry." Known to the world as Ginger the
Movie Star, on Gilligan's Island in the 1960s, Tina has been in countless television roles but prior to
"Gilligan," Tina was a Golden Globe Award winner in the theatrical film "God's Little Acre" Ms. Louise
has been away from the screen for some time now; the Manhattan resident has plenty of interests that
keep her busy. But she shows the talent that made her a Golden Globe recipient and a working actress
well beyond her escape from Gilligan's Island, as she plays the matriarch "Rose Goodwin" in "Tapestry"
(which is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.)

As Rose, Ms. Louise is the strong, loving mother of Ryan (Stephen Baldwin). Ryan's life is coming apart
at the seams and Rose is watching him struggle, as she deals with her own impending death. Veteran
character actor, Burt Young rounds out the family trio as Rose's husband Ian, who has lost his faith and
relies on his wife to hold the family together.

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