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Source: World Policy Journal, Vol. 26, No. 2 (Summer, 2009)

Published by: Duke University Press
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M Alternatives
US global, local, political
^^^^H u Encourages interdisciplinary ^^^^^^^m
^^f^^Ê conversations and stimulates ^^^^^^^B
^H ^H challenging, critical writings ^^5?!^^p
^^■^^1 on the political." I rEE^í- - I
^^^^^^H - Angharad Closs Stephens I .^..i~Jz^- I
^H'^^l Alternatives explores the l£^^^r;.. ■
^H ^^H possibilities of new forms of ■■■■J^hmV
^^^^^^| political practice and identity ^^HRiKIMV
^^^^^^| under increasingly global conditions.
^^^^^| Specifically, the editors focus on the changing
^^11 relationships between local political practices and
H 1^1 H identities and emerging forms of global economy,
H^^^l culture, and polity.

^V^H^I • Volume 34 (2009) • Individuals: $62

^|B^i^l • Published quarterly • Students: $32
^H^^B^I • ISSN 0304-3754 • Institutions: $134 (Base Rate)
^^^^^^H For subscriptions outside the US, please add $18 postage.
^^^^^^^H Free sample issues are available upon request
Kl '
^^H ^^^

^^^^^^^^| then on Alternatives.

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Year One for

Obama Admini
"One way to guess what Obama migh
-The Philadelphia Inquirer

From crime to schools to foreign policy, President Oba

to address this year. Fortunately, the new issue of
Ideas offers essays from some of the country's lead
new administration's biggest challenges, including M
regulation, James Traub on democracy promotion afte
on progressive bioethics, and Ron Brownstein on th
Democracy is the only quarterly dedicated to putting fo
the progressive spectrum. Pick it up at your local book

Visit us at
To read us in print, call 888-238-0048 for a subs
or ask for us at your local bookstore.


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^^^■■jH The International Spectator is the journal of the Istituto
^^H||H Z' ! ".". ...L.'..!',,., ,, Affari Internazionali in Rome, Italy's leading foreign affairs
HEcB^H ",'"i. ""',", ..'.' ..r.'l,

HEpSfl y/í..

^BÜpXfl :::.'■.:_:
^mn ';:::,;::■:::- ^;zz"" a'ms to provide academics, practitioners, opinion- and
^E^Ktifl decision-makers, and interested laymen with thought-
^E~H^H ■■•••-■-•
|9C3 '.-- r.;.; :r •

^EzK^fl ...._,,.., two kinds of articles published - the shorte

^^^^^^H ''^"'"'. ...._,,.., '"" ] topics of major current interest, and the mor
HHHHH ' and scholarly "essays" - undergo rigorous p
^^^^^^" based on initial in-house screening and anony
Tu« iMrttrif jMran tf the referee¡n9 by at least two reviewers. Authors
timan nun intuglili around the world, particularly European, Nort
Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries.

Editor: Ettore Greco, Geographically, The International Spectator covers areas

Istituto Affari Internazionali, ' °f ongoing international concern with an emphasis on
R0me ' regions and countries adjacent to Italy, especially the
Balkans, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. The focus
is on all aspects of international politics, economics and
security affairs in these areas.

Submissions Details:
Submissions to the journal may be submitted, along with
author's cv, details of the author's affiliation, full mailing
address and other contact information, to the editorial
office by email:

Subscription Information:
Volume 44, 2009, 4 issues per year
Print ISSN: 0393-2729 Online ISSN: 1751-9721

Institutional (print and online): $428, £258, €341

Institutional (online only): $407, £245, €324
Personal (print only): $77, £46, €61


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^M Brent Scowcroft Robert Gallucci Geoffrey Wheatcroft David Kay H
H Paul Pillar Milton Bearden Leslie Gelb MinxinPei Richard Betts H
^fl JohnBolton Paul Collier Stephen Walt Raymond Bonner H

■ Meet The I
I Economists I
^H How the Thinkers Followed the Herd ' ^M
^^H Barry Eichengreen ^H

^H iiMPf jrlMi

^H Don't Miss
^M Daniel D

^H H

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^HmB^I "Indispensable reading for those who care
^ffmjHBl^l about the planet and its people. "
^^^^^^^^9 - Bertrand Ramcharan

^^^^^^^ A Review of Multilateralism
^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ and International Organizations
^^^^^^^^fl Barry Carin, Jan Aart Schölte, and r^~-~-- - - _
^^^^^^^^| Gordon Smith, editors ^^^j|j^^^^^^ - - _
^^^^^^^^H Global Governance provides a fK^^^SH^^^H
^^^^^^^^| much-needed forum for practitioners cjife!!!!l?jJ!BBHBB
^^^^^^^^H and academics to discuss the impact iBlFHKfiBi **k ■
^^^^^^^^| of international institutions and ^^BÊÊÈXMI^èË
^^^^^^^^M multilateral processes on: J^^^gHBjfB
^^^^^^^^H • economic development ^B^HJlBJ|||jJHfl
^^^^^^^^H * peace and security ^^^^^^^^^^^M
^^^^^^^^^Ê • human rights '^^^^^^^^Sí^
^^^^^^^^H * the preservation of the environment

^^^^^^H "For all interested in leading-edge

^^^^^^H thinking on the topic of better-governed,
HI^^^IH more-balanced globalization. "
H 4^ H »Inge Kaul
^M publishers ^B Published in association with the Academic Council on the United
^^^^^^H Nations Systems (ACUNS).
^Q^fflH^H • Volume 15, 2009 (4 issues)
HDBDH «Individuals: $62
■■MHH • Students: $32
^^^^^^^H •Institutions: $134 (Base Rate)
^H^^M • ISSN 1075-2846
HH^^^IH^H For subscriptions outside the US please add $ 1 8/year for postage.

^^^^^^^^^^^^H To order online, go to

^^^^^^^^^^^B click on Journals and then Global Governance.

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New Book from the S3Q
Tom Palmer has been long involved in fighting the battle of
ideas- in confronting collectivism, extensive government intervention,
and the suppression of human freedom and economic prosperity.
This book should be read by all who care about freedom.
-VACLAV KLAUS, President of the Czech Republic

Tom Palmer has been one of liberty's most eloquent and learned spokespersons for many years.
The essays are independent of each other. . .you can sit down and read one here, one there, without
needing to know also the hundred or two hundred pages in between. I guarantee you a good read

-JAN NARVESON, University of Waterloo; author, The Libertarian Idea

£|fSSESS^^^^^^^^^^^^^S9L Drawing on his extraordinary

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H interdisciplinary learning,
^^^^^^W^^U^^^^^^^^^^^^^H Palmer offers a sociologically,
^^^^^^^^f^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H institutionally, and historically
^^^^^^^Hj^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^l informed libertarianism- one
^^^^^^^^HHHHBH^^^^^^^^^^^H that is true to the rich legacy and
^^^^^^^^^^B^§^^ra^BB^^^^^B tradition of classical liberalism.
^^^^^^^^^^B^fy|^^^^H^^^^H -JACOB T. LEVY, McGill University

^^^^I^^^IHHHKIÌI^^IHI^^h^^H 1 A E nrren fr°m his perspective

^^^BH^^^^HH|^^S^H|^^^^HH^^H lili ^ scholar, journalist, and
^HHS^IS^^^^Ï'^ïyH^BSSB^^H ■ ■ activist, Tom Palmer's
^m ^m ^m m |a| |_ 1 I v | ^^^B incisive articles range ^^^Hj^^H
^H mm ^7 m m ^9 WU I L^ I ^^^H in subject from the ^^^|^^^|
^B m^ H B 1 ^n l^i I m L.^^B theory of justice, Klf^^^H
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B multiculturalism, ^^'Ol^^l
'«iäiii^^B ■■ W' Hh HH I I I I Ti ^^m and democracy, to ^HImJ^H
^^H^^H Hfl & V JEM HH I I I I m A ^^H limited government, ^flüHUH^fl
1^^^^|LJ^hJh^M^^H0^L^^^H^hJ^Hí^^H globalization, property rights,
i^^^^MslSlaMSllMjìjljEJ^Ì^ censorship, individual liberty, and
^^^^^^^^^^^H^^^^UU^^^y^^^^^^^^^H more.
«HHHHHHHIHI^HIfl hardback: $29.95 e-book: $14.00

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A European
Perspective on
Foreign Affairs

Reading IP-Global Edition is essential

if you want to feel the pulse of the debate
on the issues that really matter
for the transatlantic relationship and beyond.

Carl Bildt. Foreign Minister of Sweden

Within a short period of time,

IP-Global Edition has established itself
as a major voice in the
international policy debate.

Jaap cie Hoop Scheffer. NATO Secretary Generai

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Providing clear, incisive, and dynamic examination

of contemporary international issues

Your source for intellectual debate on

the challenges facing world leaders and citizens

Past Contributors

Joseph Stiglitz Richard Holbrooke

Jimmy Carter Robert Jervis
Jeffrey Sachs John McCain
Mikhail Gorbachev Paul Wolfowitz
Madeleine Albright Milton Esman
Fareed Zakaria John Bolton

Former leaders of

U.S.S.R. Norway
France Hong Kong
WHO Israel
Czech Republic South Africa

For subscriptions and advertisements contact

Brown Journal of World Affairs


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The Gravest Threat to
Global Security is
Nuclear Proliferation
Sound policy depends on sound information and analysi
Ambassadors, policymakers, scholars, students, experts, and the press rel
Arms Control Today for its original news reporting, groundbreaking ana
feature articles, and in-depth interviews with key figures such as Mohamed
Hans Blix, and Ambassador Nabil Fahmy.

"All of us here at the NuclearThreat . „ ^ _H I

Initiative appreciate [ACAs] continued /'X 1 YÌ S v^ 001X01 "^ 1
efforts to educate and inform policymakers .- «*•« ^^^rru^rfiT^YI^yiiVV^ I
and the public about today's global V^A"^ X |
nuclear threats/' WÈÊÊÊÊÊÊIÈÈËËÊÊÊÊÊÊÊM ■■■■■H
■■■■■H M^MllWfiliiltiP Knviuuning^^^^^^
a Workl Knviuuning a W
- NuclearThreat Initiative Co-Chairman Sam Nunn. KS^EE3ES^SlBÌ!liÌSsS!}lH lht"m**M4"i*">"a"<*tèw^w
^Hnjj^^^TW'^^^|HHHHH KlimiiiMion or Irrdc'arKi«

'Arms Control Today is truly an excellent hI^HÉÉHÉHÉHÉ ^N^TiS^n

reporter of arms control news and analysis. j|i^HI^B|^^^^^^^H |
/ACT /s certainly the best journal in the ^^^^H^^H^H t^j^t^"1"
field for this purpose." ^^^^HHBhU^^^B
-George Bunn, former first general counsel for I^^^H^B^^K&^^^^HS i«^»»' <«**-• ä«**t
^^9BH[|^H^^BV^P9|fVBPBMP||PSI^^Hi isrí-ftsNf scwwt
the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency. ■^^^3EBhHhHHHmIHS »«»^«»*rrr»«iiNy»r

Be ■= Illll-

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aMBS^^2^ "^ Independent Review does not

n^4 ^K^f<^&^V£ accept pronouncements of government
Spnnf:"'w ^^^^^^^jggj^J^^^^^^^ officials nor the conventional wisdom at
^^^^HV9(JP|Pipi^^^B face value. "
^^^^Hp^l^ÏKmlJI^^^H - John R. MacArthur, Publisher, Harper's

^^^ For even greater savings, subscribe online and pay now
^^^ to receive 2 free issues. That's 6 issues for the price of 4.


A Journal of Political Economy
ioo Swan Way, Oakland, CA 94621-1428 • 800-927-8733 • 510-568-6040 (fax)

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world leaders speak out

^_: ^_. m*F'S^ HHPI^H Nicolas

^_: ^KSPKI ^_. ^^^ ^HBJBH Sarkozy
^^^^B^^*^H ^B|K»La- !mBB >^X^ Merkel

Castro HH^^^RBÉr ^^^^H^JIH

^^^^^^^^ , ^^^^^^ " Otto
^^^Hi^mi^H ^^^^^^^^ - MBBB^^i» '"*v Von Habsburg
^^^^^^^^^^m ^^p, ^« Nelson
^^^^^^^^^^^H ^B^BÄÖSI. 4V? ^^ Mandela

^^^^P^^^^^^^^^l [*• " ^w'-^Ïk ^^■P^ ^^^WjJBi9^K£^^l tf^^^lm .^^^^^B Lama

flfl^^^^^^P SSL Jt^lB Netanyahu

^/¿[P Hosm
B^r -^^^HP Mubarak
José Manuel

politique internationale
f/ìe journal of record for oil those interested in global issues
Founder and Director : Patrick Wajsman

11, rue du Bois de Boulogne 751 16 Paris (France) • Tel.: 33(0) 1 45 00 15 26 • Fax: 33(0) 1 45 00 16 87

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■ JM TheFletcher ■
ft/ I School í
T U f T S U N I V E R S ! T Y

What do the former CEO of Xerox,

the Foreign Minister of Indonesia
and the President of The Julliard School
all share?

The Fletcher Connection.

Hr ^HHBP^/ÉM^yp^y * ^ 'JÊÈ ^e Fletcher Connection is our aitimni network that

^^^^fe^iC^jr - " • . , jmB| tepreseiits the highest levels of leadership in the world,
|HHpP?2Í^P^ : ;:.|¡|{ÉBm ranging from htmdreds of sitting ambassadors to
wS$mJÊÊ/^* gm^Ê MJmJSÊÈÊ^^m. caPta^Ets °f industry, problem-solvers of today's most
|M||i» íJÈÈÈÈKf ''^^■HHRr P1888^ Esties, respected voices from distinguished
HBKjiPji "Upi^W^^ ^H^^B^Es me<^^a outlets and institutions, and heads of global non-
BRW®*E*^f ¥ á^^HBB^a^H proiit organizations. Working together, Fletcher School
' iiilK::!:^::: ^k^^^^^^Ê^ÊI^Sm a^ttmt^ have forged lasting solutions to the world's
flH9| , ^jBI^^BBf W^^H most pressing issues.
^^^^^^^WfMS^^^^^^^^KÊÊ^^^Ku^ ■ :^H Experience the world at Fletcher.
^^^^HHHtfH^^^^^^r^^^dkBn^k^^^B Contribute to the world with Fletcher.

^ ^^^^^Hk|^^^ e- j^H Master of Arts in Law mà Diplomacy (MAID) Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
H| ^^B^^^HB^' ^' jiSl^H ^^^ûf International Business (M(B) Master of Arts tMA)
|Bk ^^B^mi^^' * ^' ^¥3^^H Giobai Master of Arts Program (GMAP) Executive education
^^B^i: b^Érl^*. A- ?í wt*JÈ^^^m ^ast€rô^aws<fllinterna^ona^aw^^) Summer School

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Kim, Fidler, and Ganguly imagine Eastphalia as
the new global order.

Muhammad Yunus offers a new model for capitalism

in a time of crisis.

Michael Daxner finds Afghanistan at a lethal


Maurice Strong faces down our environmental


Marina Ottaway trolls for democracy in the

Arab world.

Paul Hockenos sees familiar faces in the rebirth of

Germany's left.

Aurelia George Mulgan asks why Japan is a tottering


Portfolio: McKenzie Funk follows the trail of

climate change refugees.

Reportage: Ruthie Ackerman uncovers the trials of

rebuilding Liberia.

Coda: David A. Andelman wonders

why it's so hard to say goodbye. W#RLD
publisher of

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