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CS21 Programming I (MATLAB) Online Spring 2011

Jackie Horton 321 Votey Hall


CS21, Programming I, teaches problem solving, and the problem solving process, in the context of high level computer programming. This section of CS21 uses MATLAB as a vehicle to introduce the elements of computer programming. Topics will include: variables, selection statements, repetition statements, functions, flow of control, simple input/output and basic data structures. Throughout the course, good programming style will be emphasized.

This course assumes no prior programming experience.

General Course Information

Course Title: CS 21, Programming I (MATLAB)

CRN: 92995

Credits: 3

Start date: January 18, 2011 End date: May 4, 2011

Catalog Description: Introduction to algorithmic problem solving. Designed to provide a foundation for further studies in computer science. Credit not given for more than one in the pair CS 11, 21.

Prerequisite: Math 10 or a strong background in secondary algebra and trigonometry.

Required Textbook: MATLAB: A Practical Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving, Stormy Attaway (ISBN: 978-0-7506-8762-1)

Required Software: Matlab & Simulink Student Version Release 2010 (or newer) Adobe Reader & Adobe Flash Player (free)


Programming Assignments 50%



Final Project


Class Participation


Programming Assignments

Programming assignments will be released on the website with a clearly indicated due date. Homework will be submitted electronically via Blackboard. The homework dropbox will accept homework until 11:59pm.

Late assignments will be accepted until midnight on the following day, subject to a 20% penalty.

Programming assignments can be very time consuming. Due dates are strict, plan your time accordingly.

You may contest a grade for a period of one week from the time the grade is posted on the web site.


Unless otherwise states, each module will have a quiz associated with it.

Quizzes are taken online and may consist of any type of question (short answer, multiple choice, true/false, etc)

Quizzes are open book, open notes, feel free to use the computer. You may NOT use the help of any other person, directly or indirectly.

Quizzes will have a “close date” by which you must complete the quiz

Class participation

This grade will be based on your active participation on the discussion board of this course.

Check it often

You may ask questions, answer others’ questions, post a “cool, check this out”, or even a “why didn’t this work?”

Academic Honesty

ALL work is to be an individual effort.

Working together is not permitted!

Please review UVM's Code of Academic Integrity. If you have any questions, please contact Jackie.

Communication with Instructor

email - by far your best alternative!

Yahoo IM: jackielredmond

Skype: JackieLHorton (the “share your screen” option makes remote assistance very easy!)

PhoneMail - OK when I'm on campus, but I don't always check it when I'm off campus.

Course Discussion Board

In person - if you're nearby, feel free to stop in.

The teaching assistant will also be providing assistance. Hours and mode of communication will be posted on the website.