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Kit-to-Stock with SAP ERP & EWM

Requirement: Support a KTS (Kit-to-Stock) process with SAP EWM

Solution: Standard setup for KTS process
System: ECC 6.0 EH7, EWM 9.3 (installed on separate Server)

Customizing in ERP
Production Scheduling Profile –
“Kit to Stock in EWM” Indicator should be maintained for the production scheduling profile.
“WM Request” has to be maintained as ‘2’ then only deliveries will be created:

Note: Remaining settings in ECC are not process specific (e.g. delivery category
determination, etc.) so not mentioned in this document.

Master data in ERP

Material master & Bill of Material
Customizing in EWM
Delivery type & Item type mapping:

Successor Delivery type & item type determination:

Note: If the successor document (Inbound Delivery or ODO) item type is determined
incorrectly for example IDLV or ODLV instead of IKSR or OKSR then the system cannot
create a VAS Order because these deliveries do not contain the PPO (Manufacturing Order)
Reference. So we either have to make the above settings or maintain the PPO reference
document in the determined item type.

Warehouse process types & Determination of Warehouse Process types:

Define external process step for kitting:

Storage type, section & bin:

Define Work Center:

Work center master data attributes:

Master data in EWM

Packaging Specification
Example process
Step1: Create a Production Order
Step2: Deliveries in EWM
Check the deliveries created in EWM based on the production order (respectively based on
the ERP deliveries)
Inbound Delivery

Outbound Delivery

Note: The VAS Order is the link between the inbound delivery & the outbound delivery.

Step3: Provide the components for the outbound delivery

Step4: Kitting

Click on the VAS work center as mentioned above

‘Start’ the process and click ‘end’ button once the kitting is done (if variances exist we can
use exception codes – we will discuss exception handling in a separate blog post).

The start date & time can for example be used in labor management to calculate the
efficiency of worker (we will cover this topic an a separate LM-related Blog post).
Click on ‘Post Components’ button to post GI for the components which have been
Note: System will allow to post over / less quantity here.
So the components are consumed now and not visible in work center tree any more. The
consumption step can also be automated via backflush withdrawal (flag has to be set on
component product master).

Check the ODO status to find that GI is completed:

Click on ‘Post Kit’ to receive the kits (GR posted against the ID):

Now create a HU & Pack the kit and do the putaway:

Check the MMBE Stock & Material Movement in ECC: