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Lesson Plan

Teacher: Date:16.05.2018 Time: 10.20-11.05 Place: Scoala

Silvia-Alexandra Pantazi Gimnaziala Ioanid

Level of Course: No. of Students Length of Observer:

Starters Present: Observation: 45’

Subject: No. of Registered: 15 Room: class II A

Listening: Uncle Fred and me

Main Aims (What will the students have achieved by the end of this lesson?):
By the end of the lesson students will be able to identify gist and detail information in the context of a
story about hobbies.

Sub Aims (if any):

- give clear instructions

Personal Aims (What are you trying to improve in your teaching?):


Assumptions (eg. The students may be familiar Materials (eg. Handouts from…./course book…):
with/have difficulty with...):
Flashcards with pictures and words
The Sts may be familiar with some of the new Storyfun for Starters pages 22-25
vocabulary. CD

Anticipated Problems (Think about language Solutions:

problems as well as practical problems):

Some Sts might not understand complex I will demonstrate the activity.
Some Sts might have problems with reading the I will try to help them spell these words.

Timetable fit (How is this lesson linked to your previous and/or future lesson?):
This lesson continues the previous one in terms of outdoor activities.

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Lesson Plan

Stage Aim Procedure Interaction Time Observer’s Comments

1. Routine: To make Sts feel at T and Sts sing together their “Hello T-Sts 5’
ease. song”. Then T asks them how they are S-S
3. Lead in: To pre-teach T shows the pictures with lake, rain, T-Sts 10’
vocabulary walking, uncle, guitar and conveys
essential for the meaning, working on pronunciation S-S
tasks in order to as well.
prevent them from
getting ‘blocked’ What’s missing: Sts close their eyes. T
and get Sts turns a card. When they open their
interested in the eyes, Sts take turns guessing what is
story the card that has been turned.

T pronounces the words and asks Sts

to repeat, first in chorus, then
individually after each flashcard that
had been guessed. (T uses various
techniques of drilling)

T shows Sts the cards with words.

After eliciting the answers, T tells Sts
to match the pictures with the words.
Disappearing drill (only with the

Professional Language and Teacher Training Centre

Lesson Plan

Stage Aim Procedure Interaction Time Observer’s Comments

4. Prediction task To continue to T shows the Sts some pictures and T-Sts, 5’
motivate Sts and asks them what they can see in each of S-S
make them curious them.
about the story
T asks Sts to match the pictures 1-7
with the text so that they can create
the story. T gives Sts the pictures. Sts
work in pairs.
5. Listening for For Ss to practice Sts listen to the recording and check if T-Sts 5’
gist listening for gist. their predictions were correct.

6. Listening for For Ss to practice Running dictation: T places the text at S-S 10’
specific listening for the front of the room. T-Sts
information specific Sts work in pairs. One St is the writer
information. and his partner is the runner. When
time starts, one runner from each
group goes to the text and memorizes
the missing words. He or she then
returns to the writer and whispers
these words to him. The writer fills in
the missing gaps.

T reads the text so Sts can check their


Professional Language and Teacher Training Centre

Lesson Plan

Stage Aim Procedure Interaction Time Observer’s Comments

7. Production To personalize Speaking: Sts work in pairs and S-S 10’

information interview a colleague. Questions
about hobbies:
What are your favourite sports?
What do you do with your family?
What are you favourite outdoor
Check whole class: T elicit some
answers in order to praise Sts

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