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(12) INTERNATIONAL APPLICATION PUBLISHED UNDER THE PATENT COOPERATION TREATY (PCT) (19) World Intellectual Property Organization International Bureau. 29 April 2010 (29.04.2010) (61) International Patent Classification BUSB 9/08 (2006.01) BOSB 9/01 (2006.01) 21, International Application Number: PCT/US2009/005740 (22) International Filing Date: 22 October 2009 (22.10.2009) 25) Filing Language: English (26) Publication Language: English G0) Priority Data: GY/107,374 22 October 2008 22.10.2008) US 61/143,910 12 January 2009 (12.01.2009) US 61/176,194 7 May 2009 (07.08.2009) US GU251.597 14 October 2009 (14.10.2009) US (71) Applicant (or all designated Staes except US): GRACO MINNESOTA INC. [US/US]; 88 11th Avenue NE, Min- neapolis, Minnesota 58413 (US). (2) Inventors; and (75) Inventors/Applicants_ (or US only): THOMPSON, David, J. [US/US]; 6/0 Graco Minnesota Ine., 88 11th ‘Avenue’ NE, Minneapolis, Minnesota SS4i3 (US), HORNING, Jerry, D. 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TAM, Jimmy, ‘Wing Sum [US/US]; c/o Graco Minnesota tne., $8 11th Avenue NE, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55413 (US). Agents: KOMAREG, Stephen, M. et al; Kinney & Lange, P.A., The Kinney & Lange Building, 312 South Thind Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota 85415-1002 (US), Designated States (unless otherwise indicated, for every ind of national protection available): AE, AG, AL, AM, AO, AT, AU, AZ, BA, BB, BG, BH, BR, BW, BY, BZ, CA, CH, CL: CN; CO, CR: CU, CZ. DE, DK, DM, DO, DZ, BC, EE, EG, BS, Fl, GB, GD, GE, GH, GM, GT, HIN, HR, HU, 1D, IL, IN, IS, 1, KE, KG, KM, KN, KP, KR. KZ, LA, LC, LK, LR, LS, LT, LU, LY, MA, MD, {Continued on next page] a < e S 6 & x g s S a Z (64 Title: PORTABLE AIRLESS SPRAYER (57) Abstract: A handheld airless uid dis pensing device comprises a pump, a dive ‘clement und an orifice element, The pump dlirwetly pressurizes a fi, The drive rent supplies power to the pump, The ori- fice element is connected to the pump and atomizes tn-thinned architectural coating to ‘8 particle size of no greater than approxi mately 150 microns. The pump generates orifice pressures up to approximately 2.48 MPa and the orifice has an area of approxi- mately 18.7 mm2. In one embodiment, the pump, drive element and orifice element are intograted into handheld housing. In one ‘embodiment, the pump comprises 8 recipro- cating piston fluid pump comprising atleast two pumping chambers configured fo be ac tated out of phase by at least one piston. In another embodiment, the reciprocating pis ton Mluid pump comprises two pistons hay- ing different displacements that are linearly ‘setuated by a wobble assembly driven by & pear reducer and an eletrie motor. WO 2010/047800 A2 INNING HIN 000/00 00 HA i ws, ME, MG, MI, MN, MW, MX, MY, MZ, NA, NG, NI, NO, NZ, OM, PE, PG, PH, PL, PT, RO, RS, RU, SC; S SE, SG,'SK, SL, SM, ST, SV, SY, TJ, TM, TN, TR, TT, TZ, UA\UG, US, UZ, VC, VN, ZA, ZM, ZW Designated States (unless otherwise indicated, for every Kind of regional protection available: ARIPO (BW, GM, KE, LS, MW, MZ, NA, SD, SL, SZ, TZ, UG. ZM, ZW), Purasian (AM, AZ, BY, KG, KZ, MD, RU, TI, ‘TM), European (AT, BE, BG, CH, CY, CZ, DE, DK, EE, FS, FI, FR, GB, GR, HR, HU, MC, MK, MT, NE, NO, TR), OAPL (BF, BY, ML, MR, NE, SN, Published: without international search report and 10 be republished ‘ypon receipt of that report (Rate 48.2(a)) 10 1s 20 25 30 35 WO 2010/047800 PCT/US2009/005740 PORTABLE AIRLESS SPRAYER BACKGROUND The present invention is related to portable liquid dispensing systems. In particular, the present invention relates to portable paint sprayers. Paint sprayers are well known and popular for use in painting of surfaces, such as on architectural structures, furniture and the like. Airless paint sprayers provide the highest quality finish amongst common sprayer system due to their ability to finely atomize liquid paint. In particular, airless paint sprayers pressurize liquid paint to upwards of 3,000 psi [pounds per square inch] (~20.7 MPa) and discharge the paint through small, shaped orifices. Typical airless spray systems, however, require a large stationary power unit, such as an electric motor, a gasoline motor or an air compressor, and a large stationary pumping unit. The power unit is connected to a stationary paint source, such as a 5 gallon bucket, and a spray gun. Thus, such units are well suited for painting large areas that require high quality finishes. It is, however, often desirable to paint smaller areas for which it is not desirable or feasible to set up an airless spray system. For example, it is desirable to provide touch-up and trim areas having finishes that match the originally painted area. Various types of handheld spray systems and units have been developed to address such situations. For example, buzz guns or cup guns, as they are commonly referred to, comprise small handheld devices electrically powered by connection to a power outlet. Such units do not provide professional grade finishes because, among other things, the low pressures generated and inferior spray nozzles that must be used with the low pressures. There is, therefore, a need for a portable, handheld spray device that produces professional grade finishes. SUMMARY The present invention is directed to a handheld airless fluid dispensing device comprises a pump, a drive element and an orifice element. The pump directly pressurizes a fluid. The drive element supplies power to the pump. The orifice element is connected to the pump and atomizes un-thinned architectural coating to a particle size of no greater than approximately 70 microns at Dv(50). The pump pressurizes the fluid at the orifice element to approximately 2.48 MPa and the orifice has an area of approximately 18.7 mm?*. In one embodiment, the pump, drive clement and orifice element are integrated into a handheld housing. In one embodiment, the pump comprises a reciprocating piston