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कृ ष वै ा नक चयन म डल

कृ ष एवं कसान क याण मं ालय

कृ ष अनुसंधान भवन – I, पूसा, नई द ली - 110012
(Department of Agricultural Research and Education)
Krishi Anusandhan Bhawan – I, Pusa, New Delhi - 110012

वेश प / Admission Certificate

भा.कृ.अनु.प.- रा ीय पा ता परी ा(II) - 2018 / ICAR - NET(II) Examination - 2018
आपको उपरो परी ा म अंत रम आधार पर वेश दया जाता है
You are hereby provisionally admitted to the above examination.

परी ा क त थ/Date of Examination : 28-Dec-2018

परी ा का समय/Time of Examination : 09.00 AM-11.00 AM
रपो टग समय/Reporting Time : 08.00 AM

पंजीकरण सं./Registration No. : 402033

अनु मांक/Roll No. : 3291800212

पासवड/Password. : B1E430

परी ाथ का नाम/Name of the Candidate. : RAMEEZ KADARBHAI BLOCH

पता का नाम/Father’s Name . : KADAR SIDIK BLOCH

ज म त थ/Date of Birth. : 18-Sep-1989

वग/Category. : Other Backward Class

शारी रक वकलांग/Person with Disability. : No

लग/Gender. : Male

वषय (कोड सं या)/

Discipline (Code No.).
: Animal Nutrition (18)

परी ा के (कोड सं या)/

Examination Center (Code No.).
: Rajkot (29)

परी ा क का नाम और पता/ Address of Sunshine Group of Institutions

Examination Center.
: Behind Kataria Automobiles, New 150' Ring Road, Kalawad Road,
Mota Mahuva, Rajkot - 360005
नोट 1 : यह भी सलाह द जाती है क आप समय रहते परी ा के को जाकर दे ख ल ता क अं तम समय म तलाश करने म कसी कार क परेशानी नह हो|

नोट 2 (केवल द ांग के लए): नदश म उ ल खत द तावेज क जांच के प ात् इस कार के उ मीदवार को 20 (बीस) मनट त घंटा का अ त र समय दया जाएगा|

(Ved Prakash)
परी ा नयं क
Controller of Examinations
कृपया व तृत अनुदेश दे ख । / Please see detailed instructions.
The candidates must read the following instructions carefully.Candidates Roll Number and Center for the Examination
are given on the Admission Certificate. Candidates are required to check all the details of the Admission Certificate
carefully and bring discrepancies, if any, to the notice of the Board immediately through Email addressed to:
Candidates must ensure that they fulfill all the prescribed eligibility conditions such as qualification, specialization
prescribed for the discipline, age, category, etc., as per the Notification for the Examination. Candidates are advised to
read the Notification for ICAR-NET (II)-2018 Examination dated 24.10.2018. If at any stage, it is found that a candidate
not fulfilling the above criteria has taken the Test, the Board, at its own discretion will take necessary action as deemed
fit, including cancellation of candidature, debarring from appearing at any other or all the Examinations being conducted
by the ASRB, in addition to any panel/legal action as may be considered necessary.
Scribe facility to eligible category candidates shall only be provided on prior request of candidate at least 15 days before
the Examination. No request for scribe shall be entertained after stipulated period. The assistance of a scribe, if any,
shall be arranged by the Centre Supervisor for the candidates as per provision given under Appendix-III of the
Examination notification. No attendant coming with the candidate will be allowed to enter the examination hall where
the candidate will be taking the test.
The candidate must bring the original certificate together with one photocopy of the certificate issued by the competent
authority on the basis of which the concession for Visually Divyang / Orthopedically Divyang candidates is sought which
would be checked and verified with the original and a copy thereof would be taken from him/her, without which the
concession of extra time i.e. 20 minutes per hour) and assistance of Scribe would not be allowed.
1. The candidates must bring the printout of Admission Certificate to the Examination center to secure Admission.
Entry in the Examination Centre/ Hall without Admission Certificate is not permitted.The candidate must
necessarily carry/ bring along two passport size photographs and an Original Photo ID like driving license,
Voter-ID Card or Aadhar Card or College ID Card to prove identity with this Admission Certificate.
2. The candidates are advised to report for appearing in the examination only for the venue and slot allotted as
mentioned in the Admission Certificate as they will not be permitted to appear at any other venue/ centre.
Candidates are also advised to carry their valid photo id proof along with two passport size photograph for
appearing in the said examination.
3. No candidate shall be allowed to get registered for taking the Examination at the center after the reporting time
mentioned in this Admission Certificate. Candidates reporting after the reporting time will not be allowed to take
the Examination under any circumstances. They are, therefore, advised to reach the Examination center well in
4. The candidates shall be allowed to carry only pen/pencil inside the Test center. The candidates should not
bring any other article(s) such as book(s), note(s), loose sheet(s), pager, mobile, Bluetooth device or any other
electronic/ communicating device(s), etc. into the Examination center. There is no arrangement for safe
keeping of these items at the center and hence the candidates are strongly advised not to bring along these
items with themselves to the Examination center. The candidates will not be allowed to enter the examination
premises with any of the above mentioned banned items.
5. No candidate shall copy responses from any other candidate, nor permit his own responses to be copied, nor
give, nor attempt to give, nor obtain, nor attempt to obtain irregular or unfair assistance/resort to unfair practice
of any description.
6. No candidate shall be allowed to leave the Examination Center until completion of the Examination.
7. The candidates after finishing their Examination shall continue to be seated on their seat and patiently wait until
asked to leave.
8. Silence must be observed in the Examination Center. Smoking in the Examination Center is strictly prohibited.
9. The candidates must abide by all such instructions as may be given by the Centre Supervisor/Invigilator of the
Examination. If the candidates fail to do so or indulge in disorderly or improper conduct, it will render them liable
to expulsion from the Examination and/or such other punishment as the ASRB may deem fit to impose at its
own discretion.
10. The Center of Examination shall not be changed under any circumstances.
11. Answers to all questions are to be marked on the computer provided in the Centre only. The Question Paper
consists of 150 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with four alternate answers. The Correct answer is required to
be marked at the place provided on the computer only. All questions are compulsory. There is negative marking
and 0.33 (1/3) marks will be deducted for every wrong answer. Please refer to the Notification of the
Examination for detailed Plan of Examination.
12. Virtual nonscientific Electronic Calculators are available on their systems. No calculators will be allowed to be
brought by the candidates. Paper for rough work will also be provided by ASRB at the examination center, which
will have to be returned compulsorily to the Invigilator after the examination.
13. A candidate may be stopped from taking the Test for any of the following reasons:-
Creating disturbance.
Attempting to take the Test on behalf of someone else.
Talking to other Test taker(s).
Attempting to tamper with the computer system – either hardware or software.
If found with pagers, cell phones, concealed microphones, wireless devices or any other
material/communicating device that may aid in answering the questions.
14. The Test is a computer based online Test at a workstation, of 120 minutes duration.
15. No break is permitted during the Online Test.
16. The candidates are advised to get familiarized with the examination venue / location well before the examination
day/time to avoid last minute difficulty in locating it.
17. Candidates are required to quote the Roll Number, Name and the year of the examination, Discipline and Centre
of Examination in all future correspondence with ASRB.
18. Travelling and other expenses shall be borne by the candidates themselves. The Board does not make
arrangements for travelling, boarding and lodging of the candidates.
19. Candidates are advised to visit the NET(II)-2018 link available on the website: regularly for
updates. No other form of communication shall be entertained.


The questions will appear in English and Hindi. Every question is followed by 4 answer options. Choose the
option that is most appropriate. Indicate your answer by clicking on the circle/button adjacent to the option you
think is right.
You can go to any question directly by clicking on the question number, which will appear at the bottom of the
screen in Orange color. The answered question number will be marked green color.
If you are doubtful of the answer for a question, you can mark a question for review without answering and such
questions will be indicated with ‘ ’ under the question number. This question number will appear in Blue color.
To unmark this, you have to click on “unmark review” button. If you have answered a question and would like to
review the answer at a later stage, Click on the review button below after clicking on the answer option. Such
question numbers will be indicated in Red color with a “ ”. To unmark this, you have to click on “unmark review”
If you want to change your answer to any question, you may select the question and change the answer by
clicking on the appropriate answer.
If you want to unanswer any previously answered question, you may select that question and reclick on the
answered option.
Timer display at the top of the screen indicates the time throughout the Test.
The Test closes automatically once the allotted time of 120 Minutes are over.
In case you finish your Test before allotted time, you will get a confirmation page which will give you two options-
Either to go back to the Test for review or to complete the Test.
In case you want to review the answers in the remaining time, you can do so else you may complete the Test and
Ensure that you click on “submit” as a sign of completion. Please be sure before clicking ‘submit’, you have
completed the Test. Once you submit, you will not be able to go back to the Test.
Once you complete the online Test, you should be able to see the screen indicating completion of Test with a
thank you note.
Raise your hand on completion to notify your having completed the Test.
Candidates are informed that they may bring to the notice of the Board any discrepancy about the questions
asked in the Examination by logging into the link “Representations regarding NET (II) Examination-2018”
available on the NET(II)-2018 link on within two days from the day of the Examination upto
17.00 hrs (e.g. if the Examination date is 27.12.2018, representations can be registered only upto 17.00 hrs on
29.12.2018 and not thereafter, since this is a computer based system). Representations can be registered
through this link only which will seek authentication by way of your Roll No. and Date of Birth entries. These will
automatically be collated.
Question Paper will be available in bilingual form (Hindi and English). In case of any discrepancy between
English and Hindi version, the English version will prevail.
Candidate should ensure that they appear for only one discipline during the entire examination cycle, In case
they appear for more than one discipline, their candidature for the whole examination process will be