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Kaparkan Falls

Recently A tourist spot have been discoveredand become popular in the philippine. It became popular
because of its unique and natural beauty.Through the rock formation as it if it was a terraces with a
numerous different sizes of pools and depths. From the province of abra, in the municipality of lagayan
and the barangay of bai, there lies the one of the hidden treasure of abra, the famous kaparkan falls or
the mulawin falls which has been the target destination of most of the tourist not only fellow filipinos
but also the foreign tourist. But, many were confuse as to if where is really the destination of the
kaparkan falls, in the official map of the cordillera administrative region, when the mayor of lagayan
(honorable luna) took the papers concerning to where is the location of the kaparkan falls because it has
been a rumors that the Caganayan which is the neighbor of the lagayan said that it was the caganayan
whic is the location of the kaparkan falls, but the result was it is the lagayan where the real destination of
kaparkan falls particularly the barangay of bai. Unfortunately, up until now the location was in caganayan
abra, that's becaus, caganayan propose a hearing, they did not give up unto where is the real destination
of kaparkan falls,the caganayans had their right also because the kaparkan falls is just the boundary of
the caganayan and barangay bai of lagayan. the officials in the barangay of bai did not attend in every
hearing, they lose in the hearing and thats wy the location and the fist to contact about every tourist
who wants to visit kaparkan particularly the vloggers is the caganayan, but the management was from
the bai, the highest staff, who are staying and taking care of the kaparkan falls was from the barangay of
bai. Many also wonder as as to why is it also called mulawin thats because it was there they had shoot
the filipino movie Mulawin. The eldest also pronounce kaparkan as kapalkan because they cant
pronounce the letter r so they just say it as kapalkan.

during the rainy season, many tourist are coming and having their visit in the kaparkan falls, because
only if rainy seasons will the water flow from the top mountain like of the water terraces of the
kaparkan. There are two ways in reaching the kaparkan falls, its either through walking or through riding.
in walking, you have to start walking at the barangay bai, from there you have to walk at 10 kilometer for
3hours, passing the mountain areas, and the slippery mud, the sharp rocks, for better walk trip start it at
5 am in the morning or any hours in the morning so that the heat of the sun wont ruin your walking trip.
(Insert Photos)For the tourist who dont know the way to kaparkan, there are also tour guide in the
barangay, many youths are available in touring the tourist for it will be an extra income for them,
because the tour guides are not free, they have to pay, for their service. The next is through riding, from
bangued to kaparkan falls, it will take 5 hours in travelling the 40 kilometer distance.

When you arrive, you have to go down for a walk to reach the small cottage, the cottage of the staffs and
management who are responsible in maintanance of the kaparkan fallls, staying in there is not easy,
there is no source of electricity, so using phone is just for taking pictures.

The coolness of air, and the sound of falling waters from the top through the numerous pools in different
shape and sizes up to the river.

And the giant Balete tree in the center, which lives a thousand years.

And the water, that feels like an ice water, for it is cold, super cold.
From the top, down to the giant falls, passes thrugh the blue lagoon. With the depth, that reaches
human height.

There are many tourist indeed that the beauty of it will never fade, because it is a natural beauty, natural
that no one can change. The beauty of kaparkan that everybody tempts to try, that even foreigns flew
from the other side of planet just to see the said beauty.

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