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Sarvepali Radhakrishnan Rajasthan Ayurved University, Jodhpur is the first Ayurved

University of Rajasthan and is the second University of it's kind in India,

funding agencies for research

General Information on Research & Development Funding Schemes of Central Government


Web addresses of some Ayurveda and health related organizations; institutes are
enlisted with important contents on respective webpage. It may be useful for
students and researchers to access required information.

Dr. Medha Dhurandhar, HBCG,

Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC),
Pune University Campus, Pune, Pin: 411007, India.
Phone no.:- + 91-020-25704222 / 224 / 225,
Fax: +91-20-2569-4004.


Prof. Ikhlas A. Khan

Director (FDA Program)

Asst. Director NCNPR

Research Professor and Professor,

Department of Pharmacognosy
NCNPR, School of Pharmacy,

University of Mississippi, MS 38677, USA

Phone: 662 915 7821

Fax: 662 915 7989


Dr. Larry A. Walker

Director, NCNPR


Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

and Professor of Pharmacology, School of Pharmacy

University of Mississippi, MS 38677, USA

Phone: 662 915-1005


Dr. Troy Smillie

Senior Scientist, NCNPR

School of Pharmacy

PO Box 1848, University of Mississippi,

MS 38677, USA

Phone: 662 915-1168

Fax: 662 915-7062


Dr. Surinder Kumar Sharma

Adviser Ayurveda

Department of AYUSH

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India

Red Cross Building

New Delhi-110001, India

Phone: 011-23328576 (O)

0124-2461423 (R)

Fax: 011-23328576

Dr. Syed Shakir Jamil

Director General

Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine


61-65, Institutional Area, Janakpuri,

New Delhi-110 058, India.

Phone: 011- 09811540540 (M)


Dr. Ram Vishwakarma


Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine

(Council of Scientific & Industrial Research)

Jammu 180001, India

Phone: +91 191 2569111 (O)

Fax : 0191-2569333, Cell: 09419182833

Mirror Centre CRISM

Dr. Y S Bedi

Scientist G

Head Plant Biotechnology Division

Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine,

Canal Road, Jammu – 180001

Phone: +91 191 2569030 (O)

Fax : 0191-2569333, 2569030


Funding Agencies :

Funding Agencies Gadade Dipak D. Shri Bhagwan College of Pharmacy, Aurangabad

What is funding agency? :

What is funding agency? Govt. or Non-govt. body providing monetory grants for scientific research Areas- Science
and Technology, Social sciences, etc.

Which are different funding agencies? :

Which are different funding agencies? All India Council for Technical education(AICTE) Council of Scientific and
Industrial Research (CSIR) Defence Research and Dvpt. Org. (DRDO) Department of Atomic Energy (DAE)
Department of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoepathy (AYUSH) Department of
Biotechnology (DBT) Department of Coal (DOC) Department of Ocean Development (DOD) Department of Science
and Technology (DST) Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) Indian Council of Medical Research

Which are different funding agencies? :

Which are different funding agencies? India Meteorological Department (IMD) Indian Space Research Organization
(ISRO) Ministry of Comm. & I. T. (MOCIT) Dept. of I.T. Ministry of Environment and Forests (MOEF) Ministry of Food
Processing Industries (MFPI) Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources (MNES) Ministry of Power, Central
Power Research Institute (CPRI) Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment (MOSJE) Ministry of Water Resources
(MOWR) Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA) University Grants Commission (UGC)

AICTE Schemes/Fundings :

AICTE Schemes/Fundings Research Promotion Schemes - Thrust areas Nationally Coordinated Projects By the
networking with IIT/IISc/IIM/NIT or nationally reputed institution (Rs. 5-10 lakhs)

AICTE Schemes/Fundings :

AICTE Schemes/Fundings Scheme for Modernisation & Removal of Obsolescence in Tech. Education (MODROB)
up to Rs 15 lakhs National Doctoral Fellowship Scheme - Scholarship @ Rs.12,000/- per month per candidate. -
Contingency grant of Rs.25,000/- per annum - Overhead charges of Rs.20,000/- per annum to host institution Only in
recommended institutions

AICTE schemes/Fundings :

AICTE schemes/Fundings Career Award for Young Teachers Upto 10,50,000/- Scheme of Entrepreneurship Dvpt.
Cell Upto 2.5 lakhs Staff Dvpt. Programme – upto 7.5 lakhs Seminar Grants Travel Grants

CSIR schemes/Fundings :

CSIR schemes/Fundings

AYUSH schemes/Fundings :

AYUSH schemes/Fundings Development of AYUSH Institutions Quality Control of AYUSH Drugs Development of
AYUSH Hosp. & Dispensaries Up gradation to Centers of Excellence Public Health Initiatives scheme Promotion of
International Co-op. in AYUSH Extra Mural Research projects on Indian Systems of Medicine Assistance for
Exchange Programme / Seminar / Conference / Workshop on AYUSH

ICMR schemes/Fundings :

ICMR schemes/Fundings Short Term Visiting Fellowships Ad-hoc Research Schemes Task-Force Projects
Research Fellowships/ Associateships - Junior Research Fellowships - Senior Research Fellowship/Research
Associate Emeritus Medical Scientist Scheme Centres for Advanced Research ICMR Postdoctoral Research

ICMR schemes/Fundings :

ICMR schemes/Fundings Research Fellowships/Associateships Thrust Areas

DST schemes/Fundings :

DST schemes/Fundings Pharmaceuticals Research and Development Support Fund (PRDSF) Programme Soft Loan
for Pharma Industrial R&D Projects Science & Engineering Research Council Intensification of Research in High
Priority Areas (IRHPA) Nanoscience & Technology Initiative (NSTI) Ramanujan Fellowship JC Bose National
Fellowship Ramanna Fellowships Swarnajayanti Fellowships

DST schemes/Fundings :

DST schemes/Fundings Fund for Improvement of S&T Infrastructure in Universities and other Higher Educational
Institutions (FIST) Fast Track Scheme for Young Scientists (FTYS) Better Opportunities for Young Scientists in
Chosen Areas of Science and Technology (BOYSCAST) Women Scientists Programs Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan
Yojana Assistance for Conferences in Abroad Seminar/Symposia Grants Drugs & Pharmaceutical Research

DST schemes/Fundings :

DST schemes/Fundings PRDSF/ Drugs & Pharmaceutical Research- upto Rs. 150 crores Dvpt. of infrastructure,
mech. & linkages to facilitate new drug dvpt. Stimulate skills of HR in R&D for Pharma. Improve nations ability in
critical areas of health health requirements

DST schemes/Fundings :

DST schemes/Fundings PRDSF/ DRUGS & PHARMACEUTICAL RESEARCH- Expenditure Sharing

DST schemes/Fundings :

DST schemes/Fundings Soft Loan for Pharma industrial R&D Loan amount up to 70% of the project cost Loan will be
an unsecured carrying a simple interest of 3% on reducing amount Repayment of loan will be in 10 annual equal
installments after the project period Who can submit a proposal? Areas of research support

DST schemes/Fundings :

DST schemes/Fundings

DST schemes/Fundings :

DST schemes/Fundings Kishor Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research
(INSPIRE) Indo – US research fellowships Indo- German research fellowships (DAAD) Indo- Swiss research
UGC schemes/Fundings :

UGC schemes/Fundings Junior Research Fellowship Research Associateship (RA) Part-Time Research
Associateship For Women Funding for Major and Minor Research Travel Grant Scheme P G Scholarship and Post
Doctoral Fellowship For SC/ST Candidates Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship for SC/ST Research Fellowship in

UGC schemes/Fundings :

UGC schemes/Fundings Major Research Project in Sciences including Engineering & Technology, Medical,
Pharmacy Agriculture etc. - Rs. 12 lacs. Major Research Project in Humanities, Social Science, Languages,
Literature, Arts, Law and allied disciplines - Rs. 10 lacs. Minor Research Project - Rs. 1 lac.

UGC schemes/Fundings :

UGC schemes/Fundings

DBT schemes/Fundings :

DBT schemes/Fundings Tata Innovation Fellowship Eligibility: Ph.D degree in Life Sciences, Agriculture, Veterinary
Science or a Master’s degree in Medical Sciences, Engineering; or an equivalent degree in Biotechnology/related
areas Fellowship: Rs. 20,000/- in addition to regular income + Rs. 5,00,000/- contingency

DBT schemes/Fundings :

DBT schemes/Fundings Ramalingaswami Re-entry Fellowship Eligibility: Ph.D. degree or equivalent in life sciences/
agriculture, bioinformatics or M.Tech. in engineering or technology/ medicine etc. and have adequate professional
experience Nature of support: Fellowship: Rs.75,000/- (consolidated) p.m. Contingency: Rs.500,000 p.a.



What is research proposal? :

What is research proposal? Detailed plan of action for scientific inquiry Systematically presents the research problem
Indicates the significance of the problem Contains methods to test hypotheses Provides timetable/outline for project
Provides estimated cost investment Preliminary step of research work It synthesizes current knowledge, indicates
gaps in knowledge, and specifies a plan to address the problem

Before you start writing… :

Before you start writing… Identify problems and your needs What areas need further exploration? Will my idea lead
to greater understanding or fill gap of knowledge? What you expect from project? Do you seek fellowship or
emoluments from funds or want to develop facility at your orgnization? What will duration of project? How much
resources (budget) will be involved in project?

Before you start writing… :

Before you start writing… Focus on your research project… What is topic of research? What is its importance to
industry /society? Do I have necessry skills & knowledge? What is novelty and rationale of your research? What are
your objectives and goals? What are hypotheses and research methods? Which are statistical validation tools? What
is type of research? (Expt. /clinical research) Will my study have patentability or publication ability?

Before you start writing… :

Before you start writing… Which funding agency will be interested in funding this study?

Components of Research Proposal :

Components of Research Proposal Title Page of Research Summary/Abstract Introduction Background Goals and
Objectives Plan of work/Outline Methodology Budget Appendices Selected References

Title of Research Project :

Title of Research Project Check specifications of funding agency (if any) It should be clear, unambiguous and focus
reflection of project Use only single sentence with min. words 1.Formulation development & Evaluation of fast
dissolving tablets of Granisetron HCl using different superdisntegrating agents 2. Fast dissolving tablets of
Granisetron HCl Include signature of key peoples of organization [and collaborating group (if any)]

Summary/Abstract of Project :

Summary/Abstract of Project Check specifications of funding agency (if any) Describe briefly purpose, background,
hypothesis(es), importance, methodology and expected outcomes Describe briefly probable contributions to field
knowledge and health outcomes from research

Introduction/ Background :

Introduction/ Background Statement of problem Scope of problem (Why it is widespread, serious and important)
Review of relevant literature (Papers/Patents) Rationale based on literature review Scientific significance &
uniqueness Novelty and originality Relationship with thrust areas of agency Long term uses & contribution to field

Goals and Objectives :

Goals and Objectives Goals- What is to be accomplished largely? (Non-measurable) Objectives- What is to be
accomplished specifically? (Very measurable, focused & feasible)

Plan of work/Outline :

Plan of work/Outline Project broken into several smaller time -bound steps/ tasks
Methodology :

Methodology Working Hypotheses Institutional Approval Research Design Sampling plan Variables Data collection
Statistical Considerations Probable limitations & Alternate methodology

Budget :

Budget Financial plans and priorities for a specified time frame Funding requested for each year Justification for
requested funds Personnel (salary and benefits), Consultants (salary), Equipment, Materials, Communication
(telephone/ postage), Travel, Rental of facilities, Evaluation, Indirect costs, Other expenses, etc.

Appendices (Not limited to following points) :

Appendices (Not limited to following points) Brief biodata P.I. and Co-P.I. Reprints of publications/patents Equipments
(Available and required) No objection certificate/ Endorsement of host organization/ Govt. bodies IAEC/CPCSEA

Selected References :

Selected References Vancouver System Ref. cited in text with superscript Arabic no. Ref. list numbered
consecutively as given in text Author, Initials., Title of article. Title abbreviation of Journal Year; Volume number
(Issue/Part number): Page numbers. Parkin DM, Clayton D, Black RJ. Childhood Leukaemia in Europe after
Chernobyl: five year follow-up. Br J Cancer1996;73(6):1006-12

Selected References :

Selected References Harvard System Ref. cited in text with primary author's last name and year of publication Ref.
list is arranged alphabetically by author’s names. Author, Initials., Year. Title of article. Full Title of Journal, Volume
number (Issue No.), Page numbers. Annas, G.J. (1997), 'New drugs for acute respiratory distress syndrome', New
England Journal of Medicine, vol. 337, no. 6, pp. 435-439.

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