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REPUBLIKA NG PLLIPINAS KAGAWARAN NG EDUKASYON REHIYON XI SANGAY NG LUNGSCD NG DABAW LuNgsoo NG Daeaw TIN: 000-853-958 www. deped-davaocity.oh Tet, Nos, 224-3274/224-0100/221-3811/227-4726 DIVISION MEMORANDY No. Ly ELEMENTARY AND SECONDARY SCHOOL HEADS MARIA INES C. ASUNCION, CESO_Y Schools Division Superintendent Implementation of Department of Education People’s Freedom on Information | Menual of 2015, 25 JAN ota Pursuant to the guidelines set under DepED Order No. 72, s. 2026 and Regional Memorandum No. 07,5. 2018 Implementation of Department of Education Pecpie’s Freedom on Information (FO!) Manual of 2016, you are hereby directed to submit your designated FO! Receiving Officer (RO) and FO! Decision Maker (DM) in your respective cistricts/schoals. It further irectad that submission should adhere to the prescribed format School: District/Cluster: ~~ Contact Number | ContactNumber | NAME Position Designated as (landline (Mobile) (Item) | Direct access) FOI Raceiving Officer | [Fol Decision maker Submit the hard copy to the office of the Administrative Officer V through the Records Section and the electronic copy via email to on or before January 30, 2018, [Attached is the Regional Memorandum and its enclosures for your reference For your guidance and strict compliance. FeshO/eep/namo_fol Republika ng Pilipinas KAGAWARAN NG EDUKASYON DepED TANGGAPANG PANREHIYON XI sacs Wor vats Lungsod ng Debaw January 8, 2018 REGIONAL MEMORANDUM. 10. 00} __, 5.2018 IMPLEMENTATION OF DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION PEO! FREEDOM OF INFORMATION (FO!) MANUAL OF 2016) To: Schools Division Superintendents Chiefs of Divisions /Units/Sections 1 Tne Department of Education People’s Freedom of information Manual and implementing Details enclosed in DepEd Order No. 72, s. 2016 shall be actively implemented in alllevels. 2. All schools division offices (SD0s) and each public school shall assign one FOI Receiving Officer {RO) and one FOI Decision Maker (DM) to attend to all requesting parties who would ask for access to information from the Department. For the Regional Office, the FOI RO is Or. Maria Gemima V. Galang, Administrative Officer V of the Public Affairs Unit, and the FO! DM is Dr. Mariblance Cornelia Piatos, OIC-Chief of the Administrative Division. 3. The schools division offices shall consolidate all the schools’ list of FOL ROs and DMs and submit the copy together with the schools division’s assigned FO! RO and DM te the Office of the Regional Director anc submit the same copy via email to not later than January 15, 2018. The list shall include the name, position, name of schoal/division, and contact number (preferably mobile number for direct access). 4, Attached are the communication flow chart of people's FOI in the Regional Office {Attachment 2), sample template of form to be filled up in case the walk-in client has no written request (Attachment 2), and cover letter of documents to be released (Attachment 3). The schools division offices and all their schools may create own communication flow and template as long as it adheres to the guidelines in the Manual 5. For strict compliance and wide dissemination, ATTY. ALBERTO T. ESCOBARTE, CESO III | Director IV, Ince As stated Reference: Dect Order No. 72. 5, 2016 To be indicated inthe Peroetvol ade Fo RO0S/move Co ‘atyochment 1: Coxtmnurication Flow COMMUNICATION FLOW CHART OF PEOPLE’S FREEDOM OF INFORMATION FOR NOT READILY ACCESSIBLE INFORMATION Oren iyea es Coden a Tauern Talc etee elie ne FOL RECEIVING OFFICER: cee conctcs Not later than the next day upon receipt of request_ ieee uae Beene Mites org eee ae [eu eaiieioka mokes eric baci Poe ee eis ce ner etree fee Ee ences ae ena: coat irae too eae tar ise (eC Rue ae Bh) egies eye in een ne in Not ater than 15 working days. | upon receipt of request Cc Within 15 calender dys | {f denial is sustained the level me ] erst ee THESECRETARY. | FOR READILY ACCESSIBLE INFORMATION | Wet oe ou : ae eae ms, i 19 petotmance indicatars Peo hee Sa one Ce ye ie ee eae - 7 Ais of newly approved drivate senocls and cthier matters ee ‘ a Se ae aurict esta Coenen Se Oey ee Pe Seiler te ee He a eee a ee a ce ee PG Wel ane a atecei lo} Peete een Tie ce a fete iets zerot Tire tea, feceimibsaen) [ee ge | 2) a i Coe ose eonGiGiiso(e Peek Mier ii Cue ngage eae ere fen) Vein 25 working dys upon receipt of request