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Rornualdez hails

fellow Tingog
Partylist norn-in6es
By Ryan Second Nominee. A the opportunity to serve
Ponce Pacpaco com-
iormeryouth leader, come! you t waj,, I believe
munity volunteer and we need to embrace with
TINGOG PARTYLIST po[tical consultant, Aci- a deep sense oldut]. That
First Nominee and in- dre hailed from Barugo, is why when Tingolnom-
cumbent Leyte Fi6t Dis- Leyte inated me to its fust seat -
trict Rep, Yedda Marie Jaime "Boy" Co, en- - I readily dccepted the
Romualdez has lauded hepreneur and commu- chatlenge, knowing that
her fellow nominees, cit- nity volunteer from Javi- if we work together as
ing thetu integrity, com- er, Leyte, as Third Nomi- hard as we did in the last
petence/ and dedication nee. Co became one of the tluee years -- we can do so
in public 6ervice, key movers during the much more, not only for
"I have always been relief operations after the the First Dstrict of leyte
part of Tingog. In the three 2013 Super Typhoon but for the rest of the re-
years that I had the op- Yoldnda (Haiyan). gion," thelady solon add-
portunity of representin g Aleis Yu, pharmacist ed.
the First District of Levre and commr-rnity leader_ In a nutshell, Romual-
in the House of Rep're- from Basey, Samar, as dez maintained that fin-
sentatives, Tingog has al- Fourth, Nominee. Jenifer gog party[st is running
ways been one of our Padual, community lead- forCongiess"becauseoui
stlongest if not our forc- er and human resource people -deserve
our lair
most, partneG and allies, management profession- share -- so that they will
in serving not only the ai ftom Cuiudn, Eastem have anequal oppoi.tunij
First Dstrict which I reo- Samar, as Fifth Nominee. ty to get but oi poverty
resented, and also the reit 'FRUITFUL TERM into a better and brightei
of tlie tegion " said Ro- IN CONGRESS' tuture."
mualdez, the chairperson _ Meanwhile, Romual- "This is what we hope
of the House Committee dez expressbd confidence to accomplish: LeWe aild
on Accounts. in her three-year stint in Samar cohprise 46; of the
Romualdez said Tin- the lTth Con"gress, country'spbpulation.
-lasi But
gog is composed of "very "Wehad ahuiffultem in the i0 yeats, we
competent team of nomi- inCon$ess, with thebills have been receivinq a lit-
nees" who are all frorn we passed, with the tle $an 1./. share;f the
Eastem Visayas. projects implemented national budget - fund-
"We know the people and the leadership role ing that could-have made
and their concems. We ate thal was given to us. De- more schools ard hospi-
more than willing to be spite being a first termer, tals, or build the need'ed
their voice in Congress," we were able to deliver infrastructure, or start up
said Romualdez who is sLrong resulhs, positivel) sustainable livelihood.
also a registered nurse. impacting the quality of Tingog could make that
Last October 12, 2018, life in our district, of happen - a louder and
the Party Leadership Ple- course with the help of dear voice for the people
num selectud the follow- our partners, including of Samar, \orthein 5a-
ing nominees: p Jud e Tingog," she said. mar, Eastern Samar,
Acidre, one of the prom-
. "A lothasbeen accom- Leyte, Southern Leyte,
ising young leadirs in plisled, yet so much re- and Biliran in Congreisl '
Eastern Visayas, as the mains to be done. When the Tingog nominee said.
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